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Who is buying who?

Anthem has a larger membership and is for profit. HCSC reserves dwarf Anthem’s at $19 billion dollars in 2019. Or is Cambia/Regence blue cross on target for a merger?... —  read more 

HCSC workers should form a union

HCSC workers should unionize. This is ridiculous that no information is shared with the everyday workers. Only the directors and executives get the golden parachutes when they are dismissed. 20,000+ walking out would make our voices heard.

How long will we have an Interim CEO

It’s been over 6 months and still no discussion on when they look to have a permanent CEO. Hope this guy isn’t drawing CEO pay and his Board pay since we’re so worried about budget (with 16+ billion in reserves).

No communication

I am disgusted by the lack of real communications from anyone in leadership. I know that when there are big events taking place, they cant talk about some things. There are considerations at the national level if the company is merging with a... —  read more 

HCSC Merger or Aquistion will most defintely happen

Phase 1 Get rid of CEO, CFO and Board President then promotes long time protégé to President, Phase 2 Interim CEO also from Board with track record of reorganizing companies prior to merger/acquisition, Phase 3 trimmed financial/actuarial positions... —  read more 

Anthem Jobs in HCSC states

Search anthem jobs and then search within the 5 HCSC states. Jobs populate and anthem doesn’t offer blue products in these states. Signs on the wall. You read it here.

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This is why this is happening

The purpose of the layoffs is to reduce the higher paying jobs and those close to retirement in order to hire millennials at less then half the salary. But as we all know, you get what you pay for. A lot of amazing talent is sent packing. Any similar... —  read more 

Layoffs Poorly Thought Out

What a disaster these layoffs are. Continuity of service was definitely not planned out. Departments have been disassembled and teams reporting to new management that is still kept in the dark on how to move forward. So many unanswered questions and... —  read more 

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Layoffs will continue through February?

Somebody wrote layoffs will continue through February - is this true? And if it is, what exactly does "through" mean? They will stop at the end of January or they will continue through to the end of February? If it's the second one, I'm not sure... —  read more 

Layoffs at sr dir and exec dir levels Only

The layoffs ARE at director sr dir and exec dir levels. That's it. Right now no one at lower levels unless they are being terminated for reasons other than needing to thin out the layers on the upper level. I mean if someone is being let go due to... —  read more 

400 jobs lost

Source below... Chicago-based Blue Cross parent company eliminating 400 jobs The Chicago-based parent company of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois is eliminating about 400 middle management positions, the company confirmed... —  read more 

Gimme a break

Oh, well... The company plans to add about 1,000 jobs in customer and provider service, technology and digital capabilities. No additional reductions are planned at this point, Thompson said.

Retail Business Laid Off

This has yet to be verified but I heard that the entire retail area has been let go. Would appreciate any details that could back this up.

Director level lay offs

I’ve heard that between 2-400 level director level jobs will be cut. Everyone is talking about it but is it going to happen? The rumor is that people who have been there a long time will be cut to make room for fresh approaches. If it’s going to... —  read more 

HCSC Merger happening?

I am hearing of a merger happening from outside sources. We have had an approval of second round layoffs that are going to happen. Is anthem the merger? Weird email from HR about dress policy a lot of elevator talk about all of this. Seems like... —  read more 

December 2019 layoffs

A new CEO, then a re-org with little information, finally layoffs. They are trying to trim the salary before end of quarter, very heartless and very myopic.

Made $4.1 billion last year Zero taxes paid

a not for profit company. haha. Employee benefits are horrible. Insurance deductibles about $8000. cannot afford medications. terrible working conditions. Treat retirees awful bad. They should be ashamed of their greed.

HCSC is toxic

We were forced to "train" people and say they were qualified when they weren't. Now I am seeing job posting that are remarkably similar to jobs that were eliminated but with slight twists that make it impossible to get rehired. Yes, @LRPvnWL-2Bwre... —  read more 

Forced to Train replacement

My question to the Dearborn Life HR person...........if my job is getting eliminated, why do I have to train a HCL replacement? No answer. They put HR people who had no clue what was going on to tell us we where getting fired. They read from a... —  read more 

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Lay offs Jan 2017

BCBS TX just laid off people on yesterday, 1/9/17 in the Enterprise Medical Clinical Operations area. This affected clinicians such as nurses and/or social workers. Everyone informed budget had to be cut and this was a business decision.

Early Retirement

HCSC is offering an early retirement program to the older folks who meet the requirements (over 50, 15+ years of service). It's "voluntary", but in the message, they clearly state that "if you don't take this, your job is getting eliminated anyway... —  read more 

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sad days

A large portion of the employees being replaced are walking out the door with irreplaceable experience. You are going to 'get what you pay for' HCSC. Replacing one 'warm body' with another doesn't mean you are going to have the same dedication and... —  read more 


Yes, they are cheaper, work around the clock, no holidays, paid vacation, zero benefits, most of the time they are younger, inexperienced a/or foreign. Quality of service means nothing in a world of convenience. I don't want to ever hear anybody in... —  read more 

The ship is started sinking

Regarding the newly announced layoffs/outsourcing plan, my two cents. We all know the ones who survive layoffs will probably not be the best and dedicated workers, but the best a---kissers. And I doubt this HCSC is going to be exception regarding ... —  read more 

70% of IT being cut

We believed that new leadership will bring changes. And changes we got. The 70% of HCSC's IT Infrastructure workforce will be laid off, jobs going off-shore. And as if staying without a job is not humiliating enough, the ones leaving will probably be... —  read more 

HCSC plans to have 540 laid off in IT

In the grand schema of things, it's not much for us (about 2% of the total headcount at HCSC) but this is huge as these are well paid jobs and this is another hit to the local economy. We'll see what happens in 2017 as more and more cuts may be... —  read more 

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