Topics regarding layoffs at HCSC (Health Care Service Corporation)

Topics regarding layoffs at HCSC (Health Care Service Corporation)

Looks like BAU

Judging from what I've been reading, the new head of HR will bring nothing new to the company. And he certainly is not coming to help us but to protect the company. In other words, just BAU.

Anthem Merger

Heard from a source that HCSC and Anthem are close to a merger, does that explain the reduction in spending that we have seen this year ? Did any for-profit and non-profit Blues merge in the past ?

What is next?

It was announced not too many days ago that Dan McCoy is out as Texas plan President. What does this mean for people working for the plan? Do any plan employees think they know why he was sent packing?

Egos Over Employees

It is my direct experience that everything now is geared toward keeping leader egos happy. In my department we had a glimmer of hope that our own leadership would help us overcome the leader egotistical b—s— that is rampant in the company and... —  read more 

HCSC workers should form a union

HCSC workers should unionize. This is ridiculous that no information is shared with the everyday workers. Only the directors and executives get the golden parachutes when they are dismissed. 20,000+ walking out would make our voices heard.

No communication

I am disgusted by the lack of real communications from anyone in leadership. I know that when there are big events taking place, they cant talk about some things. There are considerations at the national level if the company is merging with a... —  read more 

Layoffs Poorly Thought Out

What a disaster these layoffs are. Continuity of service was definitely not planned out. Departments have been disassembled and teams reporting to new management that is still kept in the dark on how to move forward. So many unanswered questions and... —  read more 

400 jobs lost

Source below... Chicago-based Blue Cross parent company eliminating 400 jobs The Chicago-based parent company of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois is eliminating about 400 middle management positions, the company confirmed... —  read more 

Gimme a break

Oh, well... The company plans to add about 1,000 jobs in customer and provider service, technology and digital capabilities. No additional reductions are planned at this point, Thompson said.

Director level lay offs

I’ve heard that between 2-400 level director level jobs will be cut. Everyone is talking about it but is it going to happen? The rumor is that people who have been there a long time will be cut to make room for fresh approaches. If it’s going to... —  read more 

HCSC Merger happening?

I am hearing of a merger happening from outside sources. We have had an approval of second round layoffs that are going to happen. Is anthem the merger? Weird email from HR about dress policy a lot of elevator talk about all of this. Seems like... —  read more 

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