Topics regarding layoffs at HCSC (Health Care Service Corporation)

Topics regarding layoffs at HCSC (Health Care Service Corporation)


People who are moving from Cigna have been told that their salary will be no less than it has been at least for a year. I think our salaries will drop after that time. In various roles, can you provide around about of what can be expected? Ranges?... — read more 

Current Cigna MA Employee

What can we expect? I work in care management and of course there are a lot of questions among our staff. Would be interesting to hear what the rumor mill is pumping out about the transition that may inform what kind of choices we make as far moving... — read more 

2024 Rumor Mill

Any word on our API in March? I had heard late last year that it was looking like we were going to do pretty well. Think they're going to go harder on RTO this year? Any chance of a RIF anywhere? Just wondering what people have been hearing if... — read more 

Stakeholders are clowns

I worked at HCSC in the Portfolio Management Consultant (PMC) role for several years and left for a higher position with a competitor---it took me nearly a year to find something else but I finally did it. I couldn't stand the way the stakeholders... — read more 

Glad I left

I quite for another job a few months ago. One regret, should have done it sooner. New employer is fantastic. No DEI. Culture of performance and merit. Directors and VPs who know what they are doing and we respect them. If you are on the fence... — read more 

RTO Enforcement

Executive leadership has pulled reports of badge swipes (of non telecommuters) to identify employees who are out of compliance. Managers then are required to have documented coaching with the employee & outline the assigned in office days. What is... — read more 

Layoffs are not inevitable

The company had a great year. Most of us got better bonuses than expected given the board voted to give us more. There are always restructures based in business needs at a given time but that does not lead to layoffs. It means people will move under... — read more 

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