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HCSC is toxic

We were forced to "train" people and say they were qualified when they weren't. Now I am seeing job posting that are remarkably similar to jobs that were eliminated but with slight twists that make it impossible to get rehired. Yes, @LRPvnWL-2Bwre... read more
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Forced to Train replacement

My question to the Dearborn Life HR person...........if my job is getting eliminated, why do I have to train a HCL replacement? No answer. They put HR people who had no clue what was going on to tell us we where getting fired. They read from a... read more

Lay offs Jan 2017

BCBS TX just laid off people on yesterday, 1/9/17 in the Enterprise Medical Clinical Operations area. This affected clinicians such as nurses and/or social workers. Everyone informed budget had to be cut and this was a business decision.
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Early Retirement

HCSC is offering an early retirement program to the older folks who meet the requirements (over 50, 15+ years of service). It's "voluntary", but in the message, they clearly state that "if you don't take this, your job is getting eliminated anyway... read more

sad days

A large portion of the employees being replaced are walking out the door with irreplaceable experience. You are going to 'get what you pay for' HCSC. Replacing one 'warm body' with another doesn't mean you are going to have the same dedication and... read more


Yes, they are cheaper, work around the clock, no holidays, paid vacation, zero benefits, most of the time they are younger, inexperienced a/or foreign. Quality of service means nothing in a world of convenience. I don't want to ever hear anybody in... read more

The ship is started sinking

Regarding the newly announced layoffs/outsourcing plan, my two cents. We all know the ones who survive layoffs will probably not be the best and dedicated workers, but the best a---kissers. And I doubt this HCSC is going to be exception regarding ... read more

70% of IT being cut

We believed that new leadership will bring changes. And changes we got. The 70% of HCSC's IT Infrastructure workforce will be laid off, jobs going off-shore. And as if staying without a job is not humiliating enough, the ones leaving will probably be... read more

HCSC plans to have 540 laid off in IT

In the grand schema of things, it's not much for us (about 2% of the total headcount at HCSC) but this is huge as these are well paid jobs and this is another hit to the local economy. We'll see what happens in 2017 as more and more cuts may be... read more

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