Topics regarding layoffs at HCSC (Health Care Service Corporation)

Topics regarding layoffs at HCSC (Health Care Service Corporation)


Hit me like a wall this week, how depressed this company makes me and how sad I am on the days I am expected to be in the office. It is an antiquated method of working. Our offices are dull and ugly. There is no life in them. My boss is passive... —  read more 

More people quitting...

More people quit our department immediately after bonuses this year than ever before! Of course they will not be able to hire folks to replace their years of knowledge, especially with the low pay being offered to new empoyees. The question is why... —  read more 

Hours cut

People whose hours have been cut have little motivation to work here. My hours are also cut, but I am expected to work as if they weren't cut. Do they really think that someone will put in the same effort after that?

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It's not worth it.

I've had enough and decided I don't want to be overworked anymore. Ever since I changed my approach to working here, I have to admit that everything got much easier. I love my job and what I do, but I've convinced myself 1000 times that it's not... —  read more 


I’m curios why union representation is only in certain locations anyone know? Also I am wondering if anyone else is noticing that annual performance reviews are curved downwards but executive bonus are up ??

Stuck in the past

There are fewer and fewer of my colleagues here. People go to companies that have a better leadership, to companies that are not stuck in the past. What is leadership hoping for anyways? Do they really think they will find adequate... —  read more 


Today’s town hall. A joke. Leadership didn’t listen to employee feedback. The ceo’s sorry behavior is flying in the face of dangerous virus variants. There is nothing inspiring in this message. If I hear one more time how successful we are, I’ll yak... —  read more 

Return to Office

It is ridiculous that a health carrier is mandating a return to the office. We will have been working and doing our job from home for 18 months but come September it is sitting in a cubicle with the non-stop interruptions that come from working in... —  read more 


HCSC sold their TMG Health division to Cognizant. They still are all tied together and they are b-ms. They discriminated against my disability and fired me. HCSC is a Blue Cross affiliate. Cognizant does their call centers. Cognizant also does... —  read more 

I just quit

This company is run by nothing but fear. Management kept intimidating me with job insecurity and the fear of whether I’ll have a job the next day kept being thrown in my face. I have never in my professional career been subject to such humiliating... —  read more 

WFH Policy

Is the WFH policy of living within 100 miles of your home office new since Covid? Every job posting that is eligible for telecommute seems to have that listed now. Is the goal to bring back people to the office full time at some point?

Leaders lie

They lied about the survey. They do not care about any employee. They care about butts in seats and do not trust employees. Why? This feels like an office from our grandfathers era. Why does face time matter to these old men? They never spend time... —  read more 

Lack of flexibility?

I have worked in other companies and when I compare my experience here and there - HCSC is not very flexible company. Someone else noticed this as well, even after all the chaos with Covid, the working conditions here did not become any more... —  read more 

The Crains Article

Executives and board members make extreme salaries and get ludicrous benefits with David Lesar being the biggest thief. Our employees barely get by while the executives and board people get richer and richer. The heads of the company are stealing... —  read more 

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