Topics regarding layoffs at Maximus Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Maximus Inc.

Maximus shares tanking

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Laid off without warning.

I got the boot from Maximus without any notification at all. I was one of a hundred or so who was laid-off because the student loan forgiveness was extended until 09.01.2022. What I do not understand is why Maximus did not offer us jobs with one of... —  read more 

Welcome former Navient employees

"So, we're preparing our staffing to ensure that we're answering the phones on time and continuing the same level of risk outreach that have been provided historically by the Navient team. We're very committed as a company to a borrower centric model... —  read more 

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Maximus Federal in Largo, Maryland

Human Resources just laid off the entire call center. Effective July 1, 2020 employees at the call center will not have a job. They’re offering incentives to stay until July. Poorly managed by senior staff.

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More work and less pay

his company was once a decent place to work. I am a long-timer, but it’s not my intention to whine about the “good old days”. However, I don’t think anyone can argue the fact that this company changed a lot recently, and not for the better. Don’t... —  read more 

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We are understaffed as it is!

I've heard there were more layoffs recently (we did not get hit) and that there might be more soon and I have to ask - who do they expect to do the work if they keep cutting people? We are severely understaffed as it is! People are being laid off... —  read more 

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Texas staff have been provided notice of possible layoffs and been waiting for months....,Morale is at its lowest and employees are hesitant of reporting everyday hostile environment and the moonshining side brand name replica business. No place... —  read more 

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