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Atento Layoffs 2020

This is a master thread about Atento Layoffs 2020? Any news or rumors?

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Do you still hire?

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Atento Layoffs 2019

If there are Atento Layoffs in 2019 what departments and positions will be affected the most?

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Atento Layoffs 2018

Do you know if large layoffs are planned for this and next year? What are your thoughts, I am especially interested in Luxembourg.

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Atento Layoffs 2017

I never knew that executives can be so sneaky, to tell you one thing and then to hit you with something else - the mood is pretty bad here in Luxembourg.

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Atento CRM grows, no job cuts

Atento is really good on the outsourcing side, CRM and other - things are improving and nobody can complain about job cuts

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