Topics regarding layoffs at Huron Consulting Group Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Huron Consulting Group Inc.

Life Sciences all but Gone

CIS deloitte picked up most of the people otherwise the consultants have moved to other life science firms. Huron moved LS into higher ed so when they closed LS it would not be as pronounced and identifiable to the public. Huron is not in this space... — read more 

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So guess what happens next?

We can vent as much as we want. Nothing is going to change!!!!! Sorry to be the party p--per. This is Huron's corporate culture. As long as leadership is incentivized to manage P&L by downsizing, nothing will change. Current model is if revenue is... — read more 

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No experienced personnel left

After attending healthcare meeting in Texas it is evident this practice is doomed. No experienced personnel left that can contribute knowledge to a project. RFP responses are fabricated based on the past. Clients will start asking if Huron's current... — read more 

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Sinkin' Ship

Another layoff and nothing look good for the future. If you haven't gotten out please turn off the light! This company is going no where fast!

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Layoffs again June 4 2016

More talented people let go. Management lacks leadership and direction. High client fees and company does not know how to compete with innovative clients. Anyone who is talented is looking for other opportunities. Those that will be left are just... — read more 

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