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A facade called Deloitte consulting !

I was hired by Deloiite and within a year they laid off. The only project they put me was in a different technology for which no time, no training, no advance prep was provided. Obviously then performance gets affected and pressure on the project was... read more

Federal Government Services

Things are picking up again, we had a ton of people on the bench - now, let's hope things do not go south again in three weeks.
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Deloitte Acquisition

Hi everyone, Recently i heard that Deloitte will acquire a new company that are based on providing IT Security Consulting. How true is this, do we need to gear up for a new round of layoffs due to this?

Deloitte US jobs in SAP fake ?

Deloitte gives an illusion that IT demand is healthy in their offices by advertising large nunber of job openings but in reality their market share is rapidly declining since salaries are very very low and Deloitte has many many ongoing layoffs at... read more

USDC Orlando

Are they done with layoffs for this year? Or should we still be concerned? There is a ton of anxiety.

Laid off after 11 yrs

YE Utilization of @70%, 2 PE's with both rated 2.. average firm activities for this fiscal.. assigned year end rating of 4.. "inconsistent performance" as conveyed by the PPD over the phone. Historically, my year end ratings last few years... read more

I got laid off last week

What really bites is that the P/D from your network doesn't even try to give you a call or heads up. The P/D who does sit down with you gives some boilerplate speech, which mines talked about being on a PIP, which I was def not. I got laid off last... read more


I've heard of multiple levels being affected by the cuts - One in the BA/C range and one in the M/SM range.

Deloitte S&O Layoffs 2016

So, yeah, it happened to me. I was in what I understand was a second wave of layoffs, and the Partner and HR rep doing mine indicated they had been at it a while. I know it is happening in S&O, it seems mainly Public Sector. The market has been super... read more

How many Partners at Deloitte Consulting

How many Partners does Deloitte Consulting have. I saw a number specifying 7,000 but it looked a bit too much, I was expecting to see something in a 2,500 to 5,000 range.

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