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Ernst and Young Laying Off Great People and Keeping Their High Paid Partners Who do Little For The Partnership

How much longer will clients be willing to pay longtime Partners their $1m-$2m salaries at EY who no longer deliver any value? Time for the good old boys and girls club to be sent packing. It’s the delivery staff who brings value to the clients.The... —  read more 


EY has suspended all separations until July so we’ve at least got a month before heads start rolling. Unless they change their minds of course. My impression is that they view retention as a good strategy for when the market rebounds. They talk... —  read more 

EY UK Redundancies

Why no posts on this? This has been going on for a while and it's affecting EY UK. Who has a list of people affected and how big was the impact?

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Are you still hiring at E&Y...

Not an E&Y layoff related topic - here it goes anyway... It has been over 4 weeks since my in-person interview, the internal recruiter told me the team was "excited" to bring me on, and yet... no offer sight. Has anyone actually gotten hired after... —  read more 

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Layoffs in Canada

Do you guys have any info about planned office closures in Canada? I heard that some offices might be consolidating and wanted to see if anyone has more info.

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Ernst and Young salaries

Is there any solid source of info on E&Y salaries? I've tried Glassdoor but numbers are all over the place. I am interested in Analyst, Consultant, Manager and Partner compensation levels in the West - total package, so Salary, Bonus, Stock Grants —  read more 

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deloitte sap manager salary

not and e&y info but i am assuming things are similar - i am with deloitte, new manager, sap practice (FICO) and i make around 135K, i am located in california, while this is deloitte specific it is also dependent on geography and your skill set... —  read more 

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Partner Salary - UK only

I heard that on the audit side partners take home around ₤600,000 - I'd assume this an average compensation. Hang in there for a few years and you are set.

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