Topics regarding layoffs at Ernst & Young

Topics regarding layoffs at Ernst & Young

EY layoff continue

100' of higher level, older, long time core business services employees were laid off effective today. Many of us are over 50 and had 25+ years of service with retirement in our sights. Just horrible, after being told in December lay offs were over... —  read more 

We're all gone

EY has eliminated the entire ESS. We where all invited to a town hall. Some were offered early retirement, And the rest have been sold off to another company. With "guaranteed 12 months employment" whatever that means. It just sounds like they want... —  read more 

Final Day

Today is my final day after exactly one year as a manager at EY. During my “Performance Discussion” the script that was read said that I was substantially below expectations for my grade. However I had not received any negative feedback, and had not... —  read more 

E&Y is a circus... CPA EXAM CAREER JOBS PARTNERS CORNER OPEN ITEMS LATEST E&Y SEPTEMBER 23, 2020 Layoff Watch ’20: Apparently It’s Doomsday for Some at EY (UPDATE) by JASON... —  read more 

Ernst and Young Laying Off Great People and Keeping Their High Paid Partners Who do Little For The Partnership

How much longer will clients be willing to pay longtime Partners their $1m-$2m salaries at EY who no longer deliver any value? Time for the good old boys and girls club to be sent packing. It’s the delivery staff who brings value to the clients.The... —  read more 


EY has suspended all separations until July so we’ve at least got a month before heads start rolling. Unless they change their minds of course. My impression is that they view retention as a good strategy for when the market rebounds. They talk... —  read more 

EY UK Redundancies

Why no posts on this? This has been going on for a while and it's affecting EY UK. Who has a list of people affected and how big was the impact?

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Layoffs in Canada

Do you guys have any info about planned office closures in Canada? I heard that some offices might be consolidating and wanted to see if anyone has more info.

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Ernst and Young salaries

Is there any solid source of info on E&Y salaries? I've tried Glassdoor but numbers are all over the place. I am interested in Analyst, Consultant, Manager and Partner compensation levels in the West - total package, so Salary, Bonus, Stock Grants —  read more 

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