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Audit - Cuts Happening Soon (Texas)

Employees have been told "If you don't like public accounting, let us know and we'll help you find a job elsewhere". Vacant audit positions across the country have been mentioned in case employees wish to transfer. Cuts will be happening very soon as... —  read more 

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On a firmwide call yesterday KPMG said they were doing better than their worst case scenario projections, so there's that I guess.

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Impacts so far - KPMG US

KPMG US 50% reduction in draws for partners through Sept. 30. No variable compensation in FY 2020. Hiring freeze. Reduced capital investment. No Encore awards in FY 2020. No summer gifts to employees in FY 2020.

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I can confirm Lynne stated in the latest video update that “our partners are doing everything possible to avoid layoffs” and that a “reduction in force will be the last resort.” 50% reduced partner draw for the rest of the fiscal year (through... —  read more 

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KPMG layoffs 2019 NOW

Feb. 2019. Advisory across the country. They will never stop. Advisory is never KPMG’s favorite child. Looks like they have been doing the advisory layoffs every 2 years.

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Major layoffs at KPMG

This time it's South Africa, nearly 400 people will be cut. This seems to be specifically related to corruption scandals, so whether this will spread to other countries is doubtful but remains to be seen... —  read more 

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Move to Deloitte or PWC now

Just because we use the term "big 4" doesn't mean that they are in the same category. To be honest, working for KPMG or EY is like being om a minor league baseball team that doesn't even have a good pro team. Please understand this is not intended to... —  read more 

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Former Sr Associate

Yup lot of folks have been laid off in credit risk and mortgage and consumer lending practice. Including executive level folks like 1 Director Hemanth Brindavan and One Managing Director Anita Agarwal....

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This is from last year

Old news but very interesting indeed: The reduction in the number ‎of partners at KPMG follows a fall in profit to £383m in the year to 30 September, with a modest rise in revenue meaning it was overtaken by EY to become the smallest of the quartet... —  read more 

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FYI - SRED = The Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Program is a federal tax incentive program, administered by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), that encourages Canadian businesses of all sizes, and in all sectors to conduct... —  read more 

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KPMG is a weird beast and cannot be defined - each group is different, each geography is different, some folks love it, some folks hate it

KPMG is a weird beast and cannot be defined - each group is different, each geography is different, some folks love it, some folks hate it. it really depends how you are aligned and what your skills are. one rule of thumb here is to stay chargeable -... —  read more 

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