Topics regarding layoffs at KPMG LLP

Topics regarding layoffs at KPMG LLP

Ongoing layoffs

Is there any way to know if all 700 people who are getting cut here have been notified already or not? There is so little detailed info outside of "KPMG is cutting employees" that it's making me nervous. I'm hoping it's already over but I can't find... —  read more 

Is it 5% or 5,000?

I've seen people mention 5% and I've also seen people say that 5,000 employees are affected. Which one is it? We have more than 200,000 employees. Five percent of that is 10,000, which means that five percent of the entire workforce would be above... —  read more 

Prepare for layoffs

Our own survey shows that more than half of companies plan to have layoffs in the next six months. What are the chances that we are in the "no layoffs" group? Slim to none. I'm preparing for cuts the best I can, and I'd advise everybody to do the... —  read more 

Is PIP survivable?

Every person I know who was put on PIP has been fired at the end of it. This includes people who shouldn't have been put on PIP in the first place as well as those who have worked hard and improved immensely. If people like that are getting fired... —  read more 

This is going to be massive

Following Deloitte, KPMG explores sale of restructuring arm [] On the back of a number of accounting scandals involving the Big Four, the UK’s audit watchdog of the Financial Reporting Council has effectively banned Deloitte, KPMG, EY... —  read more 

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KPMG severance package

What does the package look like for IT staff? Does it come with any kind of extended medical coverage? I haven't heard anything about more layoffs, I'm asking just in case - just to make sure that if something happens I know what kind of level of... —  read more 

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The 2020 interns were virtual and it was only for 2 weeks but everyone got FT offers for next year

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1400 or 4%

Per Business Insider (link below)... KPMG just axed 1,400 US jobs across tax, audit, and advisory businesses and is also cutting some workers' pay KPMG, one of the so-called Big Four accounting firms, laid off 1,400 of its 35,000 US employees... —  read more 

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I was laid off today and will receive a severance of 4 weeks. Some colleagues who have been with the firm several years only got 6. This is very low when you consider mass layoffs. There’s an option to sign a release agreement which gives 10% bonus... —  read more 


On a firmwide call yesterday KPMG said they were doing better than their worst case scenario projections, so there's that I guess.

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Impacts so far - KPMG US

KPMG US 50% reduction in draws for partners through Sept. 30. No variable compensation in FY 2020. Hiring freeze. Reduced capital investment. No Encore awards in FY 2020. No summer gifts to employees in FY 2020.

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I can confirm Lynne stated in the latest video update that “our partners are doing everything possible to avoid layoffs” and that a “reduction in force will be the last resort.” 50% reduced partner draw for the rest of the fiscal year (through... —  read more 

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Major layoffs at KPMG

This time it's South Africa, nearly 400 people will be cut. This seems to be specifically related to corruption scandals, so whether this will spread to other countries is doubtful but remains to be seen... —  read more 

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Move to Deloitte or PWC now

Just because we use the term "big 4" doesn't mean that they are in the same category. To be honest, working for KPMG or EY is like being om a minor league baseball team that doesn't even have a good pro team. Please understand this is not intended to... —  read more 

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