Topics regarding layoffs at Grant Thornton LLP

Topics regarding layoffs at Grant Thornton LLP

Brad's Memo

To my teammates, As the COVID-19 global pandemic continues to grow, we are continuing our work to balance our three Purple Chips: To take care of our people To be there for our clients and To keep our business strong As you’ve heard me say... —  read more 

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Furloughing some recent new hires where market demand has fallen significantly, eliminating a small number of internal roles, and downsizing the Workplace Solutions team (including some executive assistants)...

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Brain exodus has begun

CEO Preber and Senior Leadership Team is running amuck trying to shore up Earnings per Unit. The firm was hit hard by a sizable litigation judgment and the government shutdown in the fiscal year than ended on July 31, 2018. As such, they decided to... —  read more 

400 laid off

Heard that GT laid off 400 people about two weeks ago. The company axed the entire forensic accounting group. Layoffs in other areas, including partner levels.

A Bad Year...

Back in March there was a handful of layoffs out of Grant Thornton U.K. and now it seems the fun is coming to America... First, a tipster informed us of a shake-up in the Northeast Region, with the Westborough, MA office closing up and possibly... —  read more 

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