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Great company

Atos-syntel great company. They let you work from home. I'm in Arizona in the U.S. They work with American Express here. I've worked for them for 4 years and love it. First job out of college. I left the midwest for this job and paid all my moving... read more

ATOS UK IT staff layoffs

Seems Atos UK are getting rid of 150 UK technical jobs , i myself are one of the victims. Glad to see the back of the company badly managed and pretend to be ahead if the curve, in reality treat employees as robots. Truth is they are overstretched in... read more

bad acquisition all set to sink ATOS

bad acquisition all set to sink ATOS . Financials which formed the basis behind the takeover price seem be suspect so are the digital capabilities of syntel. The automation capabilities are only confined to ppts and some amateurish code chunks copied... read more

Syntel employees

Will Atos let go or fire Syntel employees? I'm American and have been working in Syntel almost 3 years. Are we safe? I work with American Express in Arizona. Syntel eventually paid 5000 in moving expenses to move me from another state. They are not... read more

ATOS Buying Syntel

Should we expect layoffs soon? What about SYntel's back office? Also what geographies will be affcted?
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Atos moving positions offshore

As former mgmt I was told to start moving any position off shore (US). This included any supervisor or mgmt positions that by contract does not have to be onsite or US based. It a damn shame that they had profitable accounts that could easily support... read more

Lying about layoffs

It's a shame as Atos Origin was a great place to work at one time. However, Atos continues to acquire competitive companies and then Celebrate with extensive LAY-OFF's shedding long term skilled and dedicated resources to accommodate the acquisition... read more

ATos - Pune India. Non marathis being laid off

ATos - Pune India. Non Marateeis being laid off on silly pretext like asking for work from home etc. When questioned the HR says non Marateeis are by default considered temporary contract staff and once local staff learn their skill they should be... read more

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