Topics regarding layoffs at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

Topics regarding layoffs at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

I'm confused

Did layoffs happen or not? I haven't heard anything at work but that wouldn't be the first time considering the overall lack of communication and transparency at this place. In any case, I would really appreciate it if somebody could confirm if... —  read more 

Left and Never Looked Back

When R&D managers started to leave, that’s when I knew it was time for me to leave too. Luckily, I found a much better position down the street. For the first time in many years, I look forward to work again. Also, for the first time, I get to use my... —  read more 

Salary and Inflation

Anyone hear anything about our salaries and inflation? I feel like their options are A) just ignore it or B) give everyone raises to match inflation (or more likely a raise but not as much as inflation). But if they try to go the raises route they... —  read more 

Product quality

Of course, the competition will take all the talented engineers because they are not valued at all here. Neither the talents nor their ideas are recognized and so then what quality of product can you expect? There are no quality products here... —  read more 

Get Ready to Jump

Talked to a former HPE coworker and friend last week. He said that he and a couple others recently jumped off the crazy train called HPE. He told me that there is no future for many at HPE so things must be getting desperate there. The board should... —  read more 

October layoffs follow-up

The last layoffs I can recall were in October. Does anybody know how are affected people doing? How many were able to find a new job by now and how many are still looking? I'd just like to know how hard is it really to land a new position these days... —  read more 

Fidelma Russo at HPE

What'd ya think? She was the person who was widely credited with destruction of the Symmetrix product line in the now defunct EMC.. Did she get kicked away from VMWare or she left on her own volition? I doubt it is the second..

Damage control person

In past posts I have referred to someone I call the damage control person. It’s my theory that this person tries to shape public opinion on sites like this one as part of their job working for HPE. If this is the case, the ethical thing to do would... —  read more 

Small cuts

I wonder if and to what extent small cuts may already be happening here that we don't know about at all because they are not that big? I'm not saying anything, it would just be interesting to know what's going on under the radar.

Sinking ship

The situation is getting worse here month after month. I hope that in 2022 I will not be here but in another company. There seems to be nothing more we can hope for?

Vaccine mandate

Will they really follow through with placing people on leave dec 8th ? Only providing a 40 day heads up for those without vaccine to figure it out. There’s many reasons beyond the political lens to why someone may be hesitant or unable to vax up ... —  read more 

WFR Oct 18, 2021

Today my number came up. No regrets after 39 years of service. Would have been nice if I could have worked another 2 years but it is what it is. At least my boss told me the reason I got laid off was because of my salary and she had a number to hit... —  read more 

I'm exhausted

I need to know if this is a company-wide issue or simply an issue with my manager. I've been swamped with work for the past several months, having to do my usual plus a bunch of stuff dropped on me out of nowhere. I'm talking about things I was never... —  read more 

Vaccine Mandate Email

After receiving the message today about return to office vaccine requirements, and seeing other companies move towards vaccines as a condition of employment for all employees - Where do you think we are headed?

Closing a of a site

Long time site 25+ years in Carrollton Texas just north of Dallas TX will be closing its doors before end of 4th qtr. Retaining a handful of HPE and letting go of the rest including many subcontractors. Shame to see more and more places closing and... —  read more 

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