Topics regarding layoffs at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

Topics regarding layoffs at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

Layoff Antonio Neri

Maybe Antonio should be laid off. But it should done the same way that he laid off tens of thousands, with “compassion”, “empathy”, “heart”, and with no chance of being rehired by hpe again.

My HPE Story

I left HPE in 2020 because managers began to leave R & D groups. I was lucky to get a package. I was determined to stay in my home and not relocate and find a job locally. I avoided oil-related companies but I finally found a job that I really... —  read more 


"Fear will keep the local systems in line. Fear of this battlestation." Governor Tarkin, Star Wars, a New Hope And as it applies to HPE. "Fear will keep the employees in line. Fear of layoffs." Carly Fiorinna, Mark Hurd, Meg Whitman, Antonio Neri —  read more 

Major Reorg

I was notified on DDay, 10/17 that I was WFR’d. No rhyme or reason on rationale used to decide who was let go. Suppose I drew the short straw. Get your resume ready. If you made it this year, it will probably be next year.

WFRs Monday 10/17

Monday 10/17 will be the day that WFRs will happen. That gives HPE 2 weeks until the end of the fiscal year to get you off the books. As usual this will be a stealth operation and you won't know these people are gone unless you personally know them... —  read more 

Voluntary separation

Is there any chance that they will offer a voluntary separation package? I'm only asking because someone here mentioned this as a possibility, although I sincerely doubt it. Sounds too good to be true.

Hoping for a package

It might sound strange but I think there are many people who do everything they think could put them on the layoff list. Package would be the best way out for many. The work here no longer gives any satisfaction, the pay is not adequate. Honestly... —  read more 

October Is Coming!!!

And it's not going to be good US employees, mark my words. Antonio and senior management have been planning this for a while and WFR will be a harsh reality for many. This a warning to get yourself ready so that it won't be such a shock. Get that... —  read more 

Will HPE win this case?

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has come out swinging two months after a $30 million verdict against it in a long-running case, saying claims by Oracle it directly infringed copyrights in the Solaris OS are not backed by enough evidence. Full article:... —  read more 

Internal job

I am interested in the experiences of internal candidates. Do internal candidates have a better chance of getting a coveted position? I’m afraid of getting rejected, because then I would very likely have to quit. I'll appreciate any advice.

It can only get worse

For a long time I thought that the leadership would finally come up with some good plan for this company but I no longer have any hopes that this will happen. Unfortunately, I do not see that they have any plan other than cuts and more cuts. Looks... —  read more 

Expect more cuts

Last year due to covid & supply chain issues HPE moved from compensating sales upon order shipments to compensating upon bookings. It's probably the only reason that the mass exodus didn't happen last year. Problem is, this strategy is draining free... —  read more 

Ugly FY2022Q2 earnings

HPE once again drops the ball for their investors, just when I thought they were on the road to slight recovery. How does this company operate with nearly 10k more people than their HP Inc. counterpart, yet accomplish about 267% less revenue? If I... —  read more 

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