Topics regarding layoffs at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

Topics regarding layoffs at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

HPE's Strong Culture

is as strong as a used car lot. Sales bullying. Constant escalations. Squeezing people until they offshore their jobs. If Alan May wants a reality check, ask anyone in a customer facing role in the US that is not sales.

A CEO doing layoffs

Back in the day, meaning like 4 years ago; a company going through a layoff was an EMBARRASSMENT. It was a point of FAILURE. I remember sitting with colleagues and making plans to host networking events across the street from competitors that were... — read more 

Juniper acquisition

How do HPE acquisitions work? Are we going to be affected by cuts if Juniper is acquired or will cuts be strictly on their side? Will it affect us in any other way? I'm sorry if this is something that's common knowledge, but I haven't been here long... — read more 

Cost of Living

I find it interesting that we can get told multiple times in multiple all hands meetings that they do not look at cost of living increases when determining salary ranges and raises but my coworkers in different cities get paid more than me because of... — read more 

Bonuses (if wfr'd end of FY23)

Was wondering if folks wfr'd at the end of FY23 are receiving FY23 bonuses? I was wfr'd and read in the wfr documentation that we would be eligible for the FY23 bonus. I would think this would be paid out Dec. 29 or 30? Is anyone able to confirm

HP CFO is joining us

Apparently, Marie Myers is moving to HPE to be “a part of the next big thing.” Who wants to bet that the "next big thing" is going to be preceded by more layoffs - and major ones at that - to be able to finance the said thing? I might be paranoid... — read more 

Insider HPE Stock Sells

Do a quick Web search and see how the Exec's have been selling their stock all of FY23 and have not made any stock purchases. This may suggest that leadership is less than optimistic about the company's future performance. My guess is cutting your... — read more 

These WFRs - are different.

The farewell messages hitting my inbox last week and this morning are unlike past rounds. Not just the Quantity - but the Quality. The amount of talent leaving is unbelievable, it will leave a huge gap for the company.

HPE has nothing to offer

Way back when, you could build a career at a tech company. HPE was a leader in the industry. They incubated top engineers who then created market leading products. Now HPE chases the market. It waits to see which startups gain traction and then... — read more 

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Life after Layoffs

I just learned of a Dell employee that took his own life. It’s still unconfirmed but there are multiple people providing details that he was part of a recent layoff. As HPE employees brace themselves for impact, I wanted to reach out in case anyone... — read more 

a tip

Here's a tip... In Outlook check your manager's and team member's calendars for meeting availability on Monday morning, if you see your manager's day blocked full of 30 minute meetings then those represent layoffs about to happen. Gives you a good... — read more 

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