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Are layoffs still taking place?

I know about yesterday's layoffs at HPE, but I'm not sure if they are still taking place. Haven't heard from my wife the whole day, and now I am starting to get worried. Hopefully I am just being paranoid and it's just a busy day after a big round of... read more

HPE is laying off now

I was one of thousands laid off yesterday. Get a new job now. Let's be done with this dumpster fire.

Meg leaving?

Rumour has it that HPE will use the analyst call this week to announce Meg's departure, which would explain her recent stock dump. Anyone else heard this?


I learned a long time ago that at HP(E), if you have a problem, you're the problem, so don't have problems.

HPE Layoffs, Today, December 2017 / February 2018

I’ve heard about people receiving notices today, I was not affected, my team and group are fine (I think). I’ve heard about immediate WFR’s taking place – folks are notified about December 2017 departure date – I’ve heard that there is another round... read more

Is HR at HPE useful at all?

Anybody here had previous dealings with our HR? My direct superior has been making my job a living nightmare, the harassment never stops. This has been going on for at least a year, but it has worsened in the past few months. I am not sure if... read more

HP Offers That 'Cloud Thing'

Take 2 minutes to watch this video on HP; it's pretty funny and some of us HPE folks need a laugh right now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ntPxdWAWq8

COBRA Premium Payment Automatic Deposit

I need to have HP Enterprise Services fill out an IRS Form 3881, ACH Vendor/Miscellaneous Payment Enrollment, so that the Department of Treasury can deposit money in ES' account to cover part of my COBRA insurance premiums. Has anyone else done this?... read more

Another major sell-off dropped HPE stock price??

https://www.nystocknews.com/2017/10/12/insider-activity-increases-for-hewlett-packard-enterprise-company-hpe-with-the-sale-of-1-49-million-shares-by-margaret-whitman/ Meg and Henry Gomez sold off their stock options. HPE price dropped significantly... read more


OO is one if the best product that HPE got through acquisition, to date it's still the best orchestrator on the market. Too sad to see what's happening to OO team. I hope you guys will find a safer and better place soon.

Goodbye Old World, Hello New

The future is now, and now is software defined, with seismic market shifts to a cloud based service consumption model on the cheapest bare-metal hardware supplied by a big brand low cost producer such as Huawei. Don't believe me? - who in the year... read more

All Very Predictable and Borning

The entire tech industry got fat and bloated. Executives grew by purchasing companies, not by enhancing services. Surprised? Hurd gutted R&D and now the company is lagging in many ways. Who knows what the future will bring. IBM is not what it was... read more

Even cutting part-time gigs!

Was just told that a part-time (10-15 hours a week) position that I'd been contracted for has been eliminated because the manager has been told to "lower spend" for Q4. Just a couple of weeks ago the manager had been told to ramp up spending so that... read more

cloud seduced or what?!

I read these threads as I am really worried about my future. Some are very very good because they are considered and objective, some are clearly a little "tainted" shall we say. So I decided to do a little mystery shop. Simple question to HPE online... read more

Where to go from HPE?

A serious question for those who keep saying to move on: where? I've been trying to move on for a while now, with no luck. All other tech companies are in the same shape as HPE, to a bigger or lesser degree. Layoffs are happening left and right, just... read more

Inventory of phones email

My coworkers and I just received an email asking for an inventory of our phones. To top it off this whole timecard change (with the failed notification by HR that only went out selectively) is spooky.

Layoffs will not help HPE compete

http://www.sfgate.com/business/article/What-HPE-s-layoffs-mean-for-the-company-s-12221723.php However, even if the layoffs help the company reduce costs in the short term, Ponvert said he is skeptical the cuts will actually help the company compete... read more

Morale and productivity in the gutter

I see people around me really upset. Have lost employee morale. Not at all a right place to work. Everyone i am seeing is now fearful and wants to quit the company by making alternative arrangement ASAP. All the talented workers are already been... read more

CE Megathread - Welcome to the Boiler Room.

We have been through a lot. I've seen more use of partners and contractors for cases. We don't backfill positions of those who have quit on their own. Click never works properly. Dispatch is set up to fail. Customers are increasingly specific in... read more

Times long gone

I am very sorry to hear about the layoffs. Times have changed and the executives were not able to steer the company in the right direction. Now, the worker will pay for mistakes made by the executive line up. I worked for HP back when their were no... read more

I was WFR'd in 2015

I was WFR'd in 2015 under the premise that I retired. What bothered me most is that once I signed up for WFR, which was before the split I could not or would not be able to apply for a position with HPE. I spent 40 years of my life working for... read more

Nobody is even trying to defend HPE anymore

what is ultra-concerning about the posts here is no one, not a single person, is putting up any form of defence position in support of the company. I was talking to a long term customer who summed up the problem - they simply said they no longer... read more

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