Topics regarding layoffs at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

Topics regarding layoffs at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

Hoping for a package

It might sound strange but I think there are many people who do everything they think could put them on the layoff list. Package would be the best way out for many. The work here no longer gives any satisfaction, the pay is not adequate. Honestly... —  read more 

October Is Coming!!!

And it's not going to be good US employees, mark my words. Antonio and senior management have been planning this for a while and WFR will be a harsh reality for many. This a warning to get yourself ready so that it won't be such a shock. Get that... —  read more 

Will HPE win this case?

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has come out swinging two months after a $30 million verdict against it in a long-running case, saying claims by Oracle it directly infringed copyrights in the Solaris OS are not backed by enough evidence. Full article:... —  read more 

Internal job

I am interested in the experiences of internal candidates. Do internal candidates have a better chance of getting a coveted position? I’m afraid of getting rejected, because then I would very likely have to quit. I'll appreciate any advice.

It can only get worse

For a long time I thought that the leadership would finally come up with some good plan for this company but I no longer have any hopes that this will happen. Unfortunately, I do not see that they have any plan other than cuts and more cuts. Looks... —  read more 

Expect more cuts

Last year due to covid & supply chain issues HPE moved from compensating sales upon order shipments to compensating upon bookings. It's probably the only reason that the mass exodus didn't happen last year. Problem is, this strategy is draining free... —  read more 

Ugly FY2022Q2 earnings

HPE once again drops the ball for their investors, just when I thought they were on the road to slight recovery. How does this company operate with nearly 10k more people than their HP Inc. counterpart, yet accomplish about 267% less revenue? If I... —  read more 

I'm confused

Did layoffs happen or not? I haven't heard anything at work but that wouldn't be the first time considering the overall lack of communication and transparency at this place. In any case, I would really appreciate it if somebody could confirm if... —  read more 

Salary and Inflation

Anyone hear anything about our salaries and inflation? I feel like their options are A) just ignore it or B) give everyone raises to match inflation (or more likely a raise but not as much as inflation). But if they try to go the raises route they... —  read more 

Product quality

Of course, the competition will take all the talented engineers because they are not valued at all here. Neither the talents nor their ideas are recognized and so then what quality of product can you expect? There are no quality products here... —  read more 

Get Ready to Jump

Talked to a former HPE coworker and friend last week. He said that he and a couple others recently jumped off the crazy train called HPE. He told me that there is no future for many at HPE so things must be getting desperate there. The board should... —  read more 

October layoffs follow-up

The last layoffs I can recall were in October. Does anybody know how are affected people doing? How many were able to find a new job by now and how many are still looking? I'd just like to know how hard is it really to land a new position these days... —  read more 

Fidelma Russo at HPE

What'd ya think? She was the person who was widely credited with destruction of the Symmetrix product line in the now defunct EMC.. Did she get kicked away from VMWare or she left on her own volition? I doubt it is the second..

Damage control person

In past posts I have referred to someone I call the damage control person. It’s my theory that this person tries to shape public opinion on sites like this one as part of their job working for HPE. If this is the case, the ethical thing to do would... —  read more 

Small cuts

I wonder if and to what extent small cuts may already be happening here that we don't know about at all because they are not that big? I'm not saying anything, it would just be interesting to know what's going on under the radar.

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