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It's coming and will be big...

Compute down 19%, Storage off 16%, High Performance Compute and Mission Critical Systems down 18%, Intelligent Edge down 2%, Advisory and Professional Services off 8%, and Financial Services down 5%

Today's quarterly results were simply pathetic.

Revenue of $6.95B (-8.1% Y/Y) misses by $260M... blaming "microenvironment” issues... Come-on. That might be kind-of accepted for Q2, but for Q1? Our "Leaders" don't have a clue of where this ship is going. I thought our HP, Inc. peers were doomed... —  read more 


Where do I get it? I left in June 2019.

Aruba lays off security sales team

Huge surprise, Aruba buys Niara, ends up k–ling clearpass security because Meraki is eating thier lunch. After a few good years looks like Aruba had lost its mojo

Mark Hurd died?

Apparently Mark Hurd has passed away https://www.thelayoff.com/t/11AK0x1C#replies

Layoffs in Houston

So, Hotard's flight to Taiwan is taking its toll. All groups in Houston that report to Kuo will be moved to Taiwan within a year. Oct 7, the bloodbath started.

Hiring Freeze - layoff getting planned ?

Just heard we have a hiring freeze now ..same like Cisco SJ - who did major layoff this week. Is layoff in line for HPE also ? whats happening suddenly ..all stuff at higher managment changing.


I heard R&D for the entire ProLiant server portfolio is being moved overseas. It's there any truth to this? —  read more 

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The Goliath's prophecy came out to be true after all: HPE transitioning into a Services company in the next 3 years.

The prophecy's last step is finally became a reality at HPE Discover. Once HPE fully transitions to a Service company (goodbye in-house and even subcontracted WW manufacturing and supply chain), its streamlined vertical business model will be very... —  read more 

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HPE Workday

Anyone else has issues with logging into HPE Workday - sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. The support always tells me there are no issues but I suspect that. Anyone else has the same problem?

Why is Aruba doing so bad ?

Aruba wireless has been losing market share for over a year. Its behind on both 802.11ax ("gen 6") and cloud management. Execs provided a lame "sales execution" excuse in post earnings analyst conference. For the first time ever, total networking... —  read more 

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