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HPE Workday

Anyone else has issues with logging into HPE Workday - sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. The support always tells me there are no issues but I suspect that. Anyone else has the same problem?

Why is Aruba doing so bad ?

Aruba wireless has been losing market share for over a year. Its behind on both 802.11ax ("gen 6") and cloud management. Execs provided a lame "sales execution" excuse in post earnings analyst conference. For the first time ever, total networking... read more

HPE board of directors - Meg is out

Meg Whitman will not stand for re-election to the board of directors at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, the company said on Thursday. ...the company also announced on Thursday that Jean Hobby, most recently the chief strategy officer at consulting firm... read more

HPE gives up performance ratings

This year, we say goodbye to performance ratings (Accelerating, Driving, and Stalled). Hello Continuous Feedback. It appears it became too much of a burden to continue with employee performance ratings. It also makes no sense as pay raises usually... read more

Interesting Article

"Employees are more likely to resort to unethical behavior when they’re rewarded based on how their performance compares to their coworkers, according to research published in the journal Human Resource Management. "... read more

Tis' the season...

… for annual performance reviews. Curious what you all are seeing for raises or bonuses this year?

HPE extend Infosight to data center servers

HPE has announced that InfoSight – its cloud-based AI management tool – is being extended to HPE ProLiant Servers, Synergy compute modules, and Apollo systems Thought that this extension was a good move, but I would like some more thoughts on this... read more

I miss...

...all the activity. That was entertainment at the finest when HPQ/HPE were still together.
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HPE moving near HPI

Just can't cut the umbilical cord between companies or HPE is like that lost puppy... "I can't quit you" HPE to HPI.

is the Fremont office still around?

I was wfr'd a few years ago from the Fremont office. I've since moved away and work at a much nicer place. Did the Fremont office ever move to San Jose or Milpitas? Are they looking to consolidate all California offices?

Are layoffs starting up again?

I was under the impression there would be no more layoffs for the year, as even Phil said in the last all employee meeting their budget was done for 2018, so no more cuts to be made. I'm hearing now that they are about to start back up again with the... read more

What does HPE stand for?

HPE is an not an acronym, it's a brand name. Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company, commonly referred to as HPE is a large American enterprise IT company with the headquarters based in the Bay Area (Palo Alto). HPE was founded on 11/1/15 as part of... read more

Calling customers to switch to AMD- smart move?

Am I the only one thinking this is not a smart move? HPE is the only big company in the server market that’s free falling, with the market share rapidly dropping, and large attrition of qualified workers. With that sort of under performing we... read more

Still Lying After All These Years!

Do you recall “Still Crazy After All These Years”, as sung by Paul Simon? Lyrics at https://www.paulsimon.com/track/still-crazy-after-all-these-years/ FYI… Well now Emperor Nero Antonio and His HR flunkies have (figuratively) sang us a song that... read more
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Don't get too comfortable

I know we haven't seen any major layoffs for a few months now, but I think it's far too early to become optimistic. We're nowhere close to originally announced savings, and I'm afraid that it's just a matter of time before anther major layoffs... read more

Has the atmosphere improved?

I've been given a rather generous offer to return which has left me pondering whether to accept it. Under Meg Whitman's leadership, HP/HPE was a company that was repeatedly reorganizing, spinning off, and laying off. I could not see a future with... read more

What's the minimum notice for quitting?

I know the usual is two weeks, but I'd rather not tell my manager until I really have to. I want to make his life just a little bit more harder after the hell he put me through in the past several months. Are there any repercussions I could face if I... read more

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