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Sales Team takes a hit

Exclusive: HPE takes giant axe to sales teams – Blocks and ... which would include layoffs. An HPE spokesperson said: “As we've previously announced, we are focusing our investments and realigning our workforce to... —  read more 

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Lee Hecht Harrison Evaluation

I just wanted to give my honest opinion of Lee Hecht Harrison. That's the company hired by HPE to assist former HPE employees in finding a new job after layoff or accepting an early retirement package. LHH rewrote my resume but cut out a lot of... —  read more 

Pack it in...

How many rounds? How many holidays corrupted? This place reeks of mismanagement and lack of vision. HPE could have been a market leader and set trends for decades to come. But, numbnuts and unqualified execs fleeced the company. And continue to... —  read more 

I hope people are prepared

It's not easy finding a new job right now. Not because people are bad at what they do, but because there're so many people being laid off in the entire industry that those rare companies that are hiring really can choose the cream of the already... —  read more 

Best workplace

https://fortune.com/best-workplaces-for-women/ It must be great to work for a company that priorities inclusion, but has zero job security. I guess they have to put a positive spin on things somehow.

European SimpliVity layoffs.

Approx 20 which is virtually the entire legacy team in Europe given At risk notice today, Simplivity is no longer a strategic product and not profitable and will be supported out of the cheaper Geo's.Great commitment to those who brought the... —  read more 

Dan, Dan, the Bread Man

So Dan Belanger couldn't bake up a good quarter for North America so he's been sacrificed as an offering for the pending quarterly announcement gods. Once the Q3 numbers are released on the 25th plan on more layoffs through Q4.

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