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I miss...

...all the activity. That was entertainment at the finest when HPQ/HPE were still together.
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HPE moving near HPI

Just can't cut the umbilical cord between companies or HPE is like that lost puppy... "I can't quit you" HPE to HPI.

is the Fremont office still around?

I was wfr'd a few years ago from the Fremont office. I've since moved away and work at a much nicer place. Did the Fremont office ever move to San Jose or Milpitas? Are they looking to consolidate all California offices?

Are layoffs starting up again?

I was under the impression there would be no more layoffs for the year, as even Phil said in the last all employee meeting their budget was done for 2018, so no more cuts to be made. I'm hearing now that they are about to start back up again with the... read more

What does HPE stand for?

HPE is an not an acronym, it's a brand name. Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company, commonly referred to as HPE is a large American enterprise IT company with the headquarters based in the Bay Area (Palo Alto). HPE was founded on 11/1/15 as part of... read more

Calling customers to switch to AMD- smart move?

Am I the only one thinking this is not a smart move? HPE is the only big company in the server market that’s free falling, with the market share rapidly dropping, and large attrition of qualified workers. With that sort of under performing we... read more

Still Lying After All These Years!

Do you recall “Still Crazy After All These Years”, as sung by Paul Simon? Lyrics at https://www.paulsimon.com/track/still-crazy-after-all-these-years/ FYI… Well now Emperor Nero Antonio and His HR flunkies have (figuratively) sang us a song that... read more
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Don't get too comfortable

I know we haven't seen any major layoffs for a few months now, but I think it's far too early to become optimistic. We're nowhere close to originally announced savings, and I'm afraid that it's just a matter of time before anther major layoffs... read more

Has the atmosphere improved?

I've been given a rather generous offer to return which has left me pondering whether to accept it. Under Meg Whitman's leadership, HP/HPE was a company that was repeatedly reorganizing, spinning off, and laying off. I could not see a future with... read more

What's the minimum notice for quitting?

I know the usual is two weeks, but I'd rather not tell my manager until I really have to. I want to make his life just a little bit more harder after the hell he put me through in the past several months. Are there any repercussions I could face if I... read more

Deja vu all over again

"Selecting the salesperson (Phil Davis) instead of the engineer (Ana Pinczuk), indicates that HPE thinks that their problem is merely one of sales and marketing." Kind of like when Carly replaced Lew Platt as CEO. Didn't work then, won't work now... read more

Favoritsm was the key

I was laid off before the merge to Micro Focus and I had many co-workers who undermined me and tried to micro manage me with harrasment daily. I was never recognized for my work not once and I gave my all and did what the manager wanted. I believe it... read more

Surprise, Surprise! More Layoffs Coming Your Way!

Management has THREE passes scheduled, for refining their layoffs planning cycles! The more cycles of planning, the more layoffs! (If they were planning to lay off a mere 10 people, can you imagine more than 1 round of planning?). I have it from good... read more

Bullying @ HPE

On the bullying, just some suggestions... Find out in your state, is it legal for you to tape-record (or otherwise auto-record) conversations in which you are a part of. In some states (Illinois for example) you have to ask the other person's... read more

Forcing people to quit

Lately it feels like HPE has given up on layoff in exchange of forcing people to leave on their own. Bullying at workplace is out of control, and there are zero repercussions for main offenders. I've seen two people quit in the past month due to... read more

Q3 WFR's , but none this 4th of July week!

Just, thinkin again ... It's Monday and I have to do somethin. No WFR's this morning due to holiday on Wednesday. USA only. But, Monday the 9th or the 16th, could be another round. It fits the two week rule. Just splanin... It could be another Epic... read more

VOW Time!

Don't forget to respond to the VOW - looks like they "want to hear from us" (But, do they want to know how we really feel!?!)

Layoffs "working better than planned"

Anybody worried about the fact that HPE executives are boasting the fact that reducing headcount is working out much better than they expected? If this becomes a go to tactic to improve business (even if I firmly believe that any gains are only... read more

Former HPE Employee looking for W2

Let go in January of 2017. ADP site shows 2015, 2016, but no 2017. Paper copy received in the mail was accidentally destroyed and now I need it. Of course I’m in a time crunch, so the email route that takes days to weeks for a response is not... read more

MEG brings down HPE

Seems to be the only TECH company laying off...Thanks MEG....I was rehired!!! then get WFR'ed...Hope HPE goes down...Grew up at HP with Bill and Dave...God bless Bill and Dave...

Root Cause? Yer Mama Didn’t Raise You Right!

Root Cause? Yer Mama Didn’t Raise You Right! Whoa, people! Two whole days, and no fresh new posts at all?!? Whazzzup with that??! … Lemme stir it up a bit. There’s been a lot of posts here about bad office politics at HPE, mostly-probably caused by... read more

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