Topics regarding layoffs at ACS

Topics regarding layoffs at ACS

Office worker

At 56 years of aged I was hired, did not think I would ever find a job. I worked here for four years, then at 60 I was in the last group of layed off with many many others. For me the lay off package was much more than I ever expected. I ended up on... —  read more 

Work at home only perk.

We lost the contract with Americhoice, transferred over to TMHP, pay was low here, things improved up until 2015 later in the year pay started decreasing.. suppose to be transferred again to Accenture would be offered hourly instead of piece rate... —  read more 

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The only reason

The only reason I'm still here is they pay on time. Otherwise, I would run as far as I could. I can't imagine the work environment with a worse culture then the one I am witnessing in ACS. They lack in everything, from decent managers and a decent... —  read more 

Such a bad enviroment

Texas support tech here, as I'm leaving, I might say a few words about ACS. The worse employer I ever worked for. Such a bad pay, and I hardly seen any raise for the last five years. If you are not very well connected, you can only dream about... —  read more 

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