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Corp Accounting Layoffs

It looks like there might be some corporate accounting layoffs today. This is just based on what is happening around me.

Advice from a fifty something....

I am telling you all right now, if you have debt, get rid of it. NOW. Anyone who is living paycheck to paycheck and in debt because of mortgage, cars, student loans, credit cards, you need to sell that home you can’t afford and downsize. NOW. If you... read more

Working at McDonalds would be better than this

Xerox has become such a toxic company with all the uncertainty, stress, politics... I've found myself considering handing in my resignation and applying for work at McDonalds, just so I can enjoy a peaceful and frustration free life at least for a... read more

Rumors on leasing unit sale

There are rumors in Europe about De Lage Landen (DLL) as buyer of the leasing unit. Anyone else heard the same thing? What about in the US?

GIS website updated to reflect change to XBS This update occurred within the past week. The site now has the Xerox "look". So far, it appears the GIS senior leadership team has been left intact. Let's hope it stays that way!

Mike & Sean wear clown shoes.

The American operation is in complete disarray with no realistic path to correction. American leadership is disrespected for good reason. The American operation will continue to shrink as Canon, HP, Ricoh and KM run circles around xerox products... read more

New Xerox but Global still selling Japan inc.

I’m pretty sure the rest of the office technology world is laughing as Xerox CEO says there is no more global imaging. Last I checked, global imaging still does 1/3 of its revenue from businesses selling products other than Xerox. Imagine the... read more

Xerox and Global

I wonder when Mr Feldman will take a look at the very high priced global field executives who make $800k + to help global be global. Eliminating revenue generation positions to allow overpriced fake executives to coast in an unaccountable reckless... read more

Steve B comp plan

) On June 21, 2018, Xerox Corporation (the “Company”) announced the appointment of Steven J. Bandrowczak as the Company’s new President and Chief Operations Officer, effective June 25, 2018. A copy of the press release announcing the appointment is... read more

John V comp plan

EX-10.4 6 d430950dex104.htm EX-10.4 Exhibit 10.4 EXECUTION VERSION XEROX CORPORATION May 14, 2018 John Visentin Dear John, Xerox Corporation (the “Company”) is pleased to extend to you an offer of employment as Vice Chairman of the Company’s Board of... read more

Xerox Channel leader leaves the company

The departure of the Xerox Channel chief was explained by the called-off merger with Fujifilm and the ongoing restructure within the company. What can the workers expect? Is there a possibility that this spills over on lower levels, resulting in more... read more

Any layoffs so far?

I know somebody mentioned layoffs that happened on 12/31, but have there been any layoffs so far in 2019? And if not, when can we expect them? Not having any layoffs chatter is just making me more nervous, like something big is coming our way and... read more

Xerox XBS

Based on the Mike Feldman webcast yesterday... Global Imaging is no more.... The new unit is now called XBS. What does this mean for the cores? God knows... Yet, they did manage to be creative and they screwed up our health insurance plans as well as... read more

Global imaging

It’s over Name change announced Health care plan combined 401k reduced 40 cores to ? 25 Centralized service hr it Accounting billing going offshore Real estate closing Sales compensation changing Management compensation reduced

Xerox promises.

I took the VRIF at 59 with the understanding that they would provide a health care supplement ($290.00 monthly) until 65. Well Friday I called to ask why i hadn't received the supplement for the January insurance payment. ($719.00 monthly) They told... read more

2019 Kickoff

This thread is about kickoff 2019 and is a place to share your thoughts on division and team kickoff. Did executives provide you with a sound vision and strategy for the year? Did they increase your comfort level with job stability? And for upcoming... read more

Xerox remaking itself

Will this do us any good in the end, though? As they start 2019, Norwalk-based Xerox and Stamford’s Pitney Bowes continue to remake themselves by relying less on old-line technologies and shifting their focus to digital services... read more

Unused vacation

Any chance somebody here can tell me if unused vacation is paid if you decide to quit on your own? I know it used to be the case, but with all the changes that have been implemented at Xerox lately - and none for the better - I wouldn't be surprised... read more

John V

Many have commented on John V lack of vision and strategy. His educational background is rather weak and he lacks any advanced degree. It’s not unprecedented, but disconcerting for someone to be selected ceo of Xerox. Ultimately, he’s just a talking... read more

2019 Labor Clap Back

Remaining Employees should simply do less work. Leave on time. Don’t put in extra hours. Don’t get me wrong, be kind to your coworkers when possible and continue with quality. There’s no need to add further stress. Xerox will never repay you for your... read more

Unemployment question

I know some states allow for unemployment in addition to severance, but I just heard that the moment you receive a job offer that unemployment stops. Is this true? Literally any job offers stops the payments immediately? So what happens if an... read more

Xerox January layoffs

January is getting closer and there is still very little info about layoffs. Do we know anything new? Do we even know for sure there'll be layoffs in January?

My New Year's wish

I hope that 2019 is the year when Xerox starts treating its employees with dignity and respect once again. I know it's most likely just a pipe dream, but this company used to stand for something and people loved working here. Today, fast food... read more

another box checked

severence package reduced -check layoffs- check reduced 401K company match-check more layoffs- TBD vacation reduced-TBD

Change the mindset, change the game folks!

Swim upstream! Today’s X-Men stick two fingers up at industrial age karma, they take none of that by-gone era’s baggage, they evolve fast by stripping non-value out of the equation and they do it one baby step at a time, but many baby steps every... read more

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