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The I-con playbook

From Pan Am to Hertz, see the future of Xerox. Gouge the company with fees. Raid the pension. Saddle the company with unsustainable debt. Below snippet is from EpsilonTheory dot com on the Con's latest victim. "·Per the 2019 10-k, Hertz paid... —  read more 

Just another sign ...

This will not be a surprise to anyone here. Another view of the health of a large company: open job postings. There are always people leaving, so if you aren't hiring, you are shrinking. And if you expect to have any growth areas, you would expect... —  read more 

Naresh Rumor Mill

Word on the San Jose streets is that Naresh will be “out” within 30 days. As one having been on the receiving end of naresh action, I can say this is plausible if not likely.

Last Day at Xerox

After 25 years of dedicated service my departments employment was ended today here in Webster NY. Although I have another job lined up, I feel bad for my my fellow coworkers that do not. With an already saturated job market due to Covid, I wish them... —  read more 

Why morale in XOG is at an all time low

Anyone who has worked with XOG remembers the old days when XOG was the power house of technical skill and took great pride in the technical work. Today, XOG is just answering calls and redirecting them. The level of technical service is lowering... —  read more 

Good news?

HCL layoff

HCL 60 day notice sent out last night to extended employees after already receiving reduced hours notice.

Benefits cost more on furlough???

I just checked (Friday evening) on the benefits site and it now has a section on what you want to do with your benefits during this furlough. I made a print out of my benefits before all this hit and it is now 23 dollars more for the same... —  read more 

Furloughed on Monday

Northern Virginia service tech, furloughed on Monday. Told they were only retaining 3 techs but come to find out it was only 3 techs, for now, furloughed. Either another outright lie or another half-truth, which has been the norm since we merged. If... —  read more 

My company is banning copiers from all offices

Ex - Xeroid here. Left last new company told us that part of the return to office policy will be the removal of all printers from the office. All print will be done from our business centres. No printers, no scanners. Our contract is... —  read more 

Know your worth

Before he died, a father said to his son; “Here is a watch that your grandfather gave me. It is almost 200 years old. Before I give it to you, go to the jewelry store downtown. Tell them that I want to sell it, and see how much they offer... —  read more 

Call center

Get prepared call center at Saxon July will be your last month there. In addition 1 more from accounting, billing, and 2 more sales reps.

How many?

How many furloughed people have already decided not to return on their own? I'm not talking about having a furlough turn into a lay off (which I've heard already happened to some people,) but simply people getting a taste of life outside of Xerox and... —  read more 

May 18 furlough? > please update here

many posts have said there will be a furlough of as many as 50% of service technicians today. please update information as you hear it within this thread. i heard a call was scheduled at my core this morning. i will post when i hear what is... —  read more 

How disgusting is Xerox HR!!!

How disrespectful can this company be. At this point in this game we are starting furloughs? Businesses are opening back up... so at the sacrifice of our customers we are letting go of half our techs. The one department that is leaned on for... —  read more 

HCL not fools, Xerox is though

So Xerox offshored most functions thinking it would save them big $ Then offshore needed 3 people to do just sub par work of 1 U.S. worker The payroll grew and grew as they still need onshore workers because let's face it, you get what you pay for... —  read more 

XBS Core Check on Monday Layoffs

Please respond with names of cores impacted by the Monday layoffs. Was it limited to sales and operations? How many people? Any additional layoffs on Tuesday?

Reorganizing everyone?

A months ago we lost the last of our accounting staff, then our admins and nothing but customer complaints about HCL . Now we lost our president and are under the com doc president as of two weeks ago. Now today more people let go. Anyone else... —  read more 

Black Monday

or those of us wondering how long we could continue keeping full staffs under low sales without layoffs, it ended TODAY. Multiple departments at my core did layoffs this morning.

3D product manager

So, there is a posting for Senior 3D product manager. This opens many questions below. It is sourced in Cary NC. Seems to indicate NC is more than a destination for not yet laid off IT staffers. It causes one to wonder: why now? Is this... —  read more 

July layoffs

July 1st starts new era at several xbs cores. What do you think is going to happen?


What are the chances xerox direct employees will have a IRIF or VRIF?

Xerox Releases First-Quarter Results

Financial Results • $173 million of operating cash flow from continuing operations, DOWN $49 million year-over-year, and $150 million of free cash flow, DOWN $57 million year-over-year • Adjusted operating margin of 4.7 percent, down 630... —  read more 

HCL changing working hours by 30%

Rebadged employees were just got told that our 40 hour work week will be reduced by 30% to 28 hours a week for 90 days. Because xerox is cutting HCL funding.

Fuji and supply chain

There is much talk that we have lost new product development from FX going forward. I also recall reading a press release that said we can continue to get this from FX, even after the agreement expires. Can anyone explain this with a reference?... —  read more 

No News?

What happened to that systematic text message that was supposed to go out Monday? The only thing sales got was their car allowance cut away. What's next?

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