Xerox Corp. Layoffs

Topics regarding layoffs at Xerox Corp.

Townhall comments

What happened at the town hall? I assume that no one admitted that offshoring went too far, that buybacks were ill-advised, or that Wall Street was intentionally misinformed about business strategy.

Analysts need to follow up

In what world does “we have double digit growth in our pipeline” pass muster without follow up by the investment community? It’s almost like everyone is afraid to ask John V questions. Maybe intentional use of an ambiguous term.

Xerox shortcomings

I decided to start a list of things making Xerox fail. It is essentially run by Icahn. The company officers just take orders. Not really independent. Employees not respected. Business model unsustainable, now accelerated by... —  read more 

KPP bonus payout----HCL

For those of you asking prior, if you got in your offer letter last year the addendum about the KPP bonus, it was paid out in yesterdays payroll, I was pleasantly surprised!! Say what you want about them but damn they came through with stay bonuses... —  read more 

The Xeroxtitanic has Sunk

I’m sorry folks. It’s done. Carl Icahn bought the company hoping for an HP/Xerox or viceverca merger. Didn’t happen. Then Covid hit.This is now a dead company walking. All talent is walking away or fired. Customers are leaving in droves. Revenue is... —  read more 

Reduced hours?

Has anyone the US who is still with Xerox Direct or XBS (not HCL or a third party) and exempt had their hours and pay reduced? Heard a rumor it might be coming and wanted to see if its already happening.

401K fees

I noticed that fees were taken out in April and again in July. Why is this happening, I don't recall seeing any mention of this.

XBS raises

So what’s the deal with raises? Seem to remember an email mentioning a possible in July. Hmmm? Haven’t had a raise on 3 years. And the last two have been pure he**. We’re just supposed to work ourselves to death with nothing in return. ... —  read more 

ESI, Lewan and RK Dixon

How are the cores doing? I hear that a lot of people are leaving but when I check the career pages they’re barely hiring. Does the hiring freeze prevent replacing lost employees? When will the hiring freeze be over? How are things going at those... —  read more 

Xerox Hacked Based on the photo with the HCL logo: I think I know how they were hacked. Considering I don't see a dump of files I assume Xerox or... —  read more 

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