Topics regarding layoffs at Xerox Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Xerox Corp.

Xerox Employees VS HCL

Are any of you that were transferred to HCL seeing a difference in your workload or treatment compared to your Xerox counterpart? Example - You're doing 80% while your Xerox counterpart does 20%. Have any of you heard of going back full time - 40... —  read more 

XRX Earnings Are Out

XRX beats Wall Street EPS & Revenue estimates, but hardware sales (ESR) we’re down 15% and PSR (post sale) we’re down 20%. That 20% PSR reduction will have future financial implications for years combined with a BB rating and outlook remains... —  read more 


I am on leave, xrx uk have put me on furlough for my leave period (I wont get my leave back) This is also against Gov guidelines, 'Employers should no put employees on furlough just because they are on holiday'

To the Xerox board

What value has Johnny Stevie Mary Joanie and Mikey created. What value has been created by the destruction of Global Imaging Systems What acquisitions have been done Change of business model implemented Is there one idea that has... —  read more 

Union at Xerox?

Is there currently a union within the company and how would somebody join, if not how do we look into starting one, there is NO protection for the workers.

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October 1

September my core Service Management switched over to Xerox, we had a IRIF at executive level, laid off sales and logistics. Let's move on to October 1. Service techs are switching over to Xerox and will eventually be separated from their cores. ... —  read more 

F l_l C l this place

This is the worst company. Oh, and there are gonna be more layoffs and if your furloughed you’re almost certainly not coming back. And if your getting fed up, time to start moving on. Cause it’s gonna get worse.

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Health “benefits”

Did you know: In USA you can save a ton of money by signing up for the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) coverage. I saved $200 per month , have better coverage options and lower deductible. Act soon during open enrollment as US executive branch... —  read more 

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