Topics regarding layoffs at Xerox Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Xerox Corp.

No reason to stay

I got a decent offer last week and while I was weighing it against my current job, I couldn't find one reason to stay at Xerox, other than that pay at the new position is slightly lower (single-digit lower, nothing drastic). I'm trying to figure out... —  read more 

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JCS Promoted

Good. Now lets consolidate sales channels reducing competition and trimming tons of unneeded fat. While we are at it, cut senior executive salaries, add more field technicians, bring back manufacturing and customer service to the US, and while I'm... —  read more 

Remember Wim Appelo?

In my recollection he was one of the better Supply Chain VP's Xerox had....

June and Third Quarter

June is only a few days away which means third quarter is only a little over a month away. With MF retiring, the numbers being down because you can’t cash in on backlog orders, layoffs are coming. Buckle down and May the odds ever be in your favour. —  read more 

Huge layoffs imminent

Don’t worry if you are a part of the layoffs. Novatech, UBEO, and Flex are hiring. Pay increases probable, quality of life improvement is guaranteed. At a bbq earlier this afternoon, someone heard I work at Xerox and asked me about the Xerox... —  read more 

Mandatory overtime

I'm sick of it. My free time is priceless. This time I am willing to risk my job by refusing mandatory overtime. So far I have tried to politely raise the issue with my boss, but to no avail. Has anyone managed to refuse mandatory overtime while... —  read more 

Bye bye lump sum

Lump sum option is in the way out. The economy tanking is only going to accelerate the xerox free fall. When they don't think twice about nixing retiree benefits and slashing headcount, pension funding is not going to be a priority.

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