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Everyone’s happy?

I have left XRX a year ago but still check this site once in a while. I noticed that most of the posts are now related to ex-GIS/XBS and that we don’t hear much from folks in Norwalk or Webster. Does this mean that things are improving for you guys?... —  read more 

HCL Canada Severance?

Can anyone comment on severance from HCL Canada yet? Trying to understand if they are offering more favorable than the minimum one week per year. The employment contract we signed last March seems pretty specific about protecting HCL from anything... —  read more 

XBS Cores

When will there be more layoffs for XBS cores and their presidents?

Xerox Canada

So how are things over there ? I've heard they were letting people go... Do you have anything about St-Laurent and Saint-John ?

HCL can’t handle it

Good Morning, just found out at COM that HCL is struggling with the transfer and handling of taking over. March 2nd was supposed to be last day... however... they said they have to extend because the error rate is in the 80th percentile. This... —  read more 

HP Says It's You Not Me

HP tells shareholders that Xerox proposal is bad, promises to reach out to Xerox to discuss a combination that would be good for both companies. Icahn acts like he's hell bent on JohnV running the combined company. Let's see if an HP counter offer... —  read more 

XRX is overvalued, book value $1

XRX book value was in the $3 range before the Mulcahy turnaround. That was SO long ago it seems, and sold quite close to that before “popping” back based on actual technical fundamentals. However that was before 2 activities that affect BVPS (book... —  read more 

Just Reported - Herve Tessler to Retire

Another Xerox guy is on his way out. Herve Tessler, President of EMEA and the one in charge as EMEA had a poor performance in 2019 has now been shown the door under the guise of retirement. After Mike F's demotion and now this, there are few Xerox... —  read more 

Lawsuits against HP begin

Most likely response to HP again rejecting Xerox offer and trying to play defensive with poison pill. Same happened at Xerox with the Xerox defensive of Fuji merger. Game of chess amongst the big players.


Has anyone who has been laid off by HCL been hired back their core?

HCL Performace Reviews

With the 1 year mark approaching of when the rebadging happened I am wondering for those who are going to be staying on with HCL have you heard anything on performance reviews and raises? In our original HR meeting when we were rebadged they said... —  read more 

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Anybody understand the purpose of “leveling” that changes the job code of an employee with fewer than 8 direct reports from “manager” to “individual contributor”?

4 business days.

What will you do in the next 4 business days? Wait for the next HP rejection? Explore opportunities? Feel sorry for yourself? Update your resume? Try to help “your company”?

I hear, I think, rumor has it -

Colleagues- I am begging you to please refrain from saying - “I hear that ....”. Really? You heard that! From who? The rep that hasn’t hit quota in 10 months? From the admin team member who p–poos everything that is new and different, or from... —  read more 

Buy HPQ now!

Once the HPQ report is out and the street sees where XRX is (no life raft), HPQ will get a bump. The rumored buybacks will lift it as well.

HP will NOT join Xerox

This is the end of Xerox. HP will announce their intention to do a stock repurchase on Monday the 24th to stop Xerox from pursuing them. Result, Xerox is left without option #2 and collapses from drastic cost cutting and outsourcing of key employees... —  read more 

Successes of over 50 ex-Xeroid job seekers

I see a lot of people who are afraid to leave because of their age. I also know a lot of older job seekers who are very happy with their post-Xerox positions. If you have a success story please share it so that others know there’s hope for a life... —  read more 

Icahn wants to create a company with monstrous debt

From The Motley Fool (February 13) Xerox claims that the combined company would generate "at least" $2 billion in synergies within the first 24 months and that merging the two printing businesses would create a more formidable player via economies... —  read more 

60 Day Notices

I heard more cores received 60 day notices this week. Does anyone know which cores and we’re all their departments affected?

Check your W2s

I don't know what's going on with the payroll department but they have no idea what they are doing anymore! I've heard a lot of people are waiting for their W2s still or that they were informed their W2 was wrong and to wait for another one. I've had... —  read more 

Short XRX

Irregular accounting practices, misleading receivables, hidden churn rate. Zero investment in strategic initiatives. Telling the street that EPS vs PE is sustainable and to ignore fundamentals. Only a fool would be long XRX, and Motley isn’t. Wake up... —  read more 

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