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It's been quiet, is anything big coming?

The last few months it's been quiet. I'm sure there have been some reductions, they must have been pretty small to keep mostly under the radar. In years past, November has been the month when the hammer falls. There isn't much time left in the month... read more

Is it just me?

Or does it seem that everyone hate working at this black hole of a company? Why do they treat people like dog sh-- everyday? ‘‘Tis the season, for layoffs. Merry merry
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Anyone heard anything recently on the possible sale of XFS?

Get it over with

How many of us are hoping layoffs come sooner rather than later? I'm not hoping to be laid off like some people are, but I'm so tired of constantly having an ax hanging over my head. Get it over with already, so I can either return to work as normal... read more

Layoffs are guaranteed

Guaranteed to have layoffs. I survived 8 of them over the last 17 years. Most "re-structuring" layoffs occur between late October and mid-December. To appease shareholders or potential buyers. Other minor layoffs occur throughout the year as they are... read more

Any news on layoffs before Christmas?

Just wondering if anything new has surfaced about the rumored layoffs round that's supposed to take place sometime ahead of Christmas? I can't stop worrying, especially with the timing. Would it be really that hard to wait until after the holidays... read more

Help with two questions

Question #1 - how long does it take for me to receive the severance check after signing all paperwork? Question #2 - are we prohibited from collecting unemployment until the severance is burned up? Thanks

My time at Xerox

I spent 20 years with Xerox as a CSE. Then 2 Years with Xerox as a RSS. I was able to transition to a RSS because Xerox was replacing all the CSE's in my area with 3rd party contractors. When my dad died in 2001 I felt the support of everyone at... read more

Tirds left behind

It’s really a shame. After decades with Xerox, I’ve had dozens of managers. The key message is that the Xerox culture, kept the tirds and the good decent hard working managers moved on.

Can I volunteer for layoff?

I don't want to quit when there is a realistic possibility of getting severance, but I also don't want to announce my intentions to leave and then have them wait me out. Is there any way to volunteer for the next round of layoffs without putting... read more

Look for Managerial Closed Doors

Sure-fire sign that they are manipulating the numbers game and figuring out who will go next. I - like many folks - are highly attuned to their manager's daily routine. When their doors close for longer than usual. They are re-arranging the musical... read more

I hate this company now.

I use to really love it here. Now I’m doing 4 times the work and no sign of them showing any appreciation for me saving a huge amount of revenue. They’ll abuse you until you burn out and quit.

Back to Predicting Layoffs - The FACTS

In terms of actual layoffs, I think we need to go back to the facts (as reported on 10-Q SEC Filings): Total Layoffs per Year: 2014: 4,000 2015: 1,700 2016: 3,250 2017: 2,600 (2,100 in first 9 months) 2018: 1,850 through 9 months The reality is, John... read more

Another Xerox spinoff goes down

New Jersey-based Conduent Inc. (NYSE: CNDT), a Xerox spinoff, plans to cut 213 jobs in Houston by the end of the year. The affected employees are at Conduent Commercial Solutions LLC’s 3100 Hayes Road location, according to a Worker Adjustment and... read more

So how many jobs are we expected to do?

And continue to receive same pay for it? I don't know what's going to happen if they lay off even more people. We are stretched thin as it is, any more people get cut and work simply won't get done. We are not robots. Sometimes I feel like those on... read more

Next wave of layoffs confirmed

Mark your calendars everyone. I just heard from a credible source that the next wave of layoffs will hit hard before christmas. JV and his minions are planning it now. It will be positioned as “right sizing” the management ranks as we become a... read more

Read this John V and shareholders

Fuji Xerox to digitise Defence health records in $8.4M deal Two-year contract will digitise hard copy medical records of all ADF personnel Fuji Is comming in 2022 and is going to rip you a new [email protected]×hole Why didnt you let them buy Xerox???????

Open letter to JohnV

JohnV Many times you have expressed your desire to make Xerox a "technology powerhouse". That would be great! We have so much talent at Xerox, and always have been. For decades, engineers and researchers have invented so many things that we take for... read more

What’s left to sell?

The customer base and the patent portfolio are the primary assets aren’t they? The product lines are (1) old or (2) without significant differentiation or (3) supplied by FujiXerox or all three. Not much there to sell. The direct sales organization... read more

JohnV and crew are not Xeroids

JohnV and team aren't even trying to pretend to be part of Xerox. I only see them as Hatchet Men/ Women. Their loyalty goes to whoever pays their wages and bonuses. It's Cozza, and thus Icahn. Icahn is not in the game to build a "technology... read more

The wrong agenda

Would you buy products from a company with an unstable future, where the focus is no longer about delivering incomparable products and services? A company whose main agenda is now driving shareholder value/increasing the stock price by a hand picked... read more

It never ends!

Heard today that there were more layoffs in north america ops. People leaving, carrying boxes out of the "new" facility. Its a sad state of affairs. The work keeps coming and there are fewer and fewer of us left to do it. There are only so many hours... read more

Xerox Name Change

There will be a name change shortly is my guess. They keep saying 1 Xerox. They'll rebrand it with something of "Xerox office/business solutions".

Healthcare alternatives?

With the changes in insurance coming, does anyone have suggestions for other healthcare options in 2019 for current employees? Someone posted earlier about GoodRx as a pr-scrip-ion resource and I appreciated that. Would love to hear any ideas or... read more

Global Procurement

Someone I know well just got shown the door from Global Procurement this morning...building 0111. Not sure if he was the only one or if there are others. Was so sad watching him walk out the doors for one last time, lugging a box.

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