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Catching up from Michigan (MOS XBS)

I haven’t been on in a while and wonder if there was any new news on the state and future of HCL/Xerox There was the document from HCL that showed the timeline of how employment to HCL would happen over 18 months or so. Since then I hear folks at... read more

401K at Age 40

Thoughts solicited... 401K level at age 40? What's your experience with 401K at age 40 - any suggestions on how aggressive should someone be? Any other advice? Thank you!

Seems there are Xerox trolls on this page.

Noticed many posts seem to have replies that show how great Xerox is. I call b/s - these are clearly Xerox sr managers trolling the page. I strongly suspect Xerox IT is getting IP addresses and assigning managers to go after those on this site when... read more

Altalink worse quality output than workcentre

Has any other core had repetitive issues transitioning existing customers from workcentre to altalink, or another brand to the new xerox? Color accuracy, scanning quality, file size, halftone reproduction? Firmware has not solved any issue it states... read more

Sales are improving / Comdoc

Comdoc here, one of the larger cores. HCL was here a month ago for the true up process. We have had little turn over. Of the 60+ people who were rebadged here, only 5 or so people have left or are leaving by the end of this month. Morale here has... read more


In defense of managers/supervisors from a laid off person: if the supervisor has signed a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), they cannot disclose information. I'm sure everyone knows this, but when you have a good relationship with your boss, it feels... read more

Take some initiative if you want that interaction

I'm a first line manager and I haven't been in the loop on any of the IRIFs since JohnV took over. Most of them originate and are decided a couple levels above, at least in my area, and I have no idea they are coming. I also never receive any... read more
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Phase 1

Has anyone from phase 1 seen or heard anything that those of us from other phrases should be looking for as hints to the inevitable.
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Lump Sum payment after separation Xerox

Upon separation from Xerox and request of lump sum payment, do you receive separate checks for RIGP Pension and Excess Benefit or one check that includes both totals together? I ask because 1-800-HR gave me a total figure but today I only received... read more

Overtime pay

Are there any cores out there having issues getting their overtime pay or not getting paid at all?

How happy do you think Xerox customers are right now?

Things have been messy here for a while now. I don't think there's a group of employees that has not been affected in some way - always negatively. Do you think that has spilled over to our customers?
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Wanting to see if any of the learning processes and training has started at your core. Also how many cores have not been merged.

Current CSE watching the boat sink.

In the last couple years I have seen the problems from Webster and Newark trickle its way down to the field personnel. Now I'm playing damage control on every call, especially with the offshore call center pushing for the customer to self diagnose... read more

Xerox and HP

PALO ALTO, Calif. & NORWALK, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- HP Inc. (HPQ) and Xerox Corporation (XRX) today announced an expansion of the companies’ business relationship. This press release features multimedia. View the full release here:... read more


So when are global fsm’s going get the demotion to become techs again? We all know there are too many FSM.

more posts deleted

there was an "OCD" post and replies that were deleted over the weekend? I don't recall anything worse than anything else on this board that warranted those being deleted. weird...
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EIP is the same old thing with new name

Xerox acts like they are doing something new and innovative for the employee, but back in the day that bonus near July was called Value Share. They have just changed the name of a benefit that they had taken away years ago when the company went from... read more
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Came into work this morning and flipped my calendar to June and it hit me that we are now in a 90 day countdown until the HCL wave 1 crashes on my core's head. So sad this happened to my great company. Sales were bad again this month and the back... read more

Bonus Payment in July 2019

How many more employees will move to HCL or be terminated to avoid paying the 2% - 5% bonus that is scheduled for July 2019?

Moderated site

So I just noticed some posts have been removed. So much for freedom of speech...

xrx performance

Stock is roughly where it was 5 years ago. Somethings never change (except CEO compensation). Good for day traders not good for the long term investors.

Some Layoffs in Webster today

I have no idea how many in total. It may be widespread; it may not be. I just heard from two people I know (both XIM) who got laid off this morning.

Xerox Pension Plan

When did Xerox Pension Plan get discontinued? Also, can someone explain how it work? Thanks, ZXR

This offshoring thing is working out real swell.

Getting info from my Xerox Benefits site.... All agents are currently assisting others. Your estimated wait time is 1 minutes and 0 seconds. Thank you for your patience. Info at 10:58, May 30: All agents are currently assisting others. Your estimated... read more

Raleigh jobs being posted

Looks like it's underway. At least 3 jobs (XDX) posted yesterday. None are posted internally. Guess that is a message.

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