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How long could Xerox last?

These are some tough times, maybe the toughest in the company history, and I tend to think that there is a big probability that we’re witnessing the last years of the company. How long do you think Xerox is going to last given the current situation... read more
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Icahn should have never split Xerox and Conduent

Icahn should have never split Xerox and Conduent as it would have saved him the time, cost and effort of launching 2 identical proxy wars. With 1, Johnny V could have received $30 Million (a savings of $10< compared to doing it twice) to oversee the... read more
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HCL True-Up / Re-training Meeting

Has anyone been part of a HCL True-up / re-training meeting yet? If yes, what was the process and can you provide details of meeting?
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Form 8-K

Anyone here able to explain this:


So has anyone seen anything in writing on the promises made that we had 6 months and 60 day notices and anything about the retention bonus. What we are seeing in our profile on hcl has from april 1 to may 31.

Conduent next on the Ichan takeover plan

Looks like it’s hostile takeover time again.... Sound familiar folks?

This is as good as it gets

I see so many people hating on Xerox, wanting to leave, as if they don't understand the situation is no better anywhere else. All companies are like this. You might get some variations - maybe slightly better pay, slightly better benefits, but when... read more

Epic Miscalculation

Icahn and his band of mercenaries failed to understand why GIS was successful. It wasn't the Sales Teams, the back office support, the core presidents, the local presence alone. It was the combination of all of these working together to understand... read more

April 26 JohnV Webcast on Q1 results

This will be a waste of time, numbers will be available on the Web. Anything else he has to say will be what he wants us to believe, which at best is untrustworthy. If he does say anything credible, can always download the webcast later. The JohnV... read more

Any chances that Xerox gets acquired?

Looks to me that they deliberately transformed into a holding so they could sell the company, bit by bit. Is there an interested potential buyer in the world that could by the whole company. Is a scenario like this even a posibility?

The outsourcing powerhouse

That’s what Xerox has become, and what will continue to be for some time, until the “whole thing” collapses like a house of cards. Aside from that, the people that survive the shift won’t buy into what the leadership is preaching. They betrayed the... read more

How soon can I start working somewhere else?

I have a new job pretty much lined up, but I don't want to quit if there is a chance I can be laid off in the next few weeks and end up with severance. But my time to accept the offer is ticking away as well, so I'd probably have to start right after... read more

Who posted that they were fired today?

in the post "good news from the west coast"-------someone posted that they were badged over April 1st and fired today Were you fired for cause? Do you work for a core? Please provide more info!!!

Technology Powerhouse Looks Like This

When I think about a "Technology Powerhouse" and the research engine that drives innovation, this is NOT IT. Straight from the PARC official YouTube Channel Posted 1 Month Ago: -A 4min "LiveStream" of an empty lectern... read more
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HCL rebadged employees, check your W4

If you got your paperwork to log into ADP, log in and check your W4 withholdings, we were told it would be uploaded from what we had prior to HCL but it has not been done and we are finding everyone is showing "married with 9 dependents" Not sure if... read more

Refusing to re-badge

What if a certain employee refuses to re-badge to HCL. Is his fate at Xerox sealed? Does refusing present grounds for an immediate layoff? Is it even legal to lay someone off for refusing to work for a third-party company?

Xerox is giving back to our communities

John V sends out an email about Xerox giving back to our communities. Here’s a suggestion buddy, don’t send our freaking jobs to India. Leave them here! Keep these hard working men and women employed in our COMMUNITIES!!!!! What a hypocrite!

So, who is the CTO

So Steve Hoover retired as CTO of Xerox. Who is the CTO now? I thought there would have been an announcement by now

Anyone notice products missing, and for those that aren't missing, no download link works. (Drivers, User Guides, firmware). It's been like this for at least 12 hours.

Questionable sales compensation practices

I’ve refrained from commenting on Xerox sales compensation practices in the past for a few reasons namely staff who have struggled with getting raises from Xerox generally don’t want to hear any complaints from a Sales Person about compensation... read more

The large amount of labor or workforce still on the books

What is the one component impacting a Xerox sale to another company? The large amount of labor or workforce still on the books. Moving a lot of people to HCL makes it easier for Xerox to divest itself of components to other companies. No bad news for... read more
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Rebadged Hope

Our hopes were high good news was to come on Friday. The news is we have 6 months from April 1st. They will give a 60 day notice of being let go. Severance of one week for every year up to 8 weeks. No more rebadging until 2020. Good news for thise... read more

Resume is done and posted, i feel hopeful!

i have to admit, i was dreading looking for a new job, i was comfortable, making decent $, nobody watched over my shoulder because i work hard and i've always gone above and beyond, UNTIL i was badged over. i now know i have no futute, i know my hard... read more

Are badgers signing new contracts with HCL?

Or are they just transferred by automatism. How does it even work? If new contracts are being signed could that affect your status in the sense that they offer lower benefits, less pay, worse conditions…. Or are the rebadgers guaranteed to have at... read more

Cold out?

Must be cold because there are still a lot of snowflakes on here.

Glad I left before the storm hit

I used to work at a local GIS core... I left in the summer. I heard early rumors, but I left because of the TERRIBLE office culture at my core, and the regional management that seemed to be above all rules... This is what I can tell you... I am very... read more

Commission plans changing

XBS/GIS, Direct and Production (essentially all sales) commission plans changing on July 1. No details out yet. New compensation plan “leadership” in Norwalk Corporate, not in Webster or Tampa

Outsourcing, selloffs, layoffs

That seems to be the content of the vicious circle that is in play at Xerox. In that sense, whoever thought that the HCL situation wasn’t just the beginning of a long and painful process where the company is cutting and restructuring, and basically... read more

Good news or Fake News

Lets see what happens tomorrow. I’m of the opinion that over half of the negative posts on here are from ex-employees or competitors. First positive post I’ve really ever seen was this evening. Better not be fake news!

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