Topics regarding layoffs at Xerox Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Xerox Corp.

But we still have brown-nosers

The writing is painted in big bold neon colors on the wall and yet we still have a couple people in our core who still refuse to abandon their bootlicker ways. There are still people here who will trade whatever dignity they still have for a "you... —  read more 

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Layoffs coming…again

Back office and non-XBS sales teams layoffs planned for Thursday Oct 20th. I heard the code name was “Sydney”. How big is the xerox contingent in Australia?

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That time again

Team, Home from vacation, touched down around 21:30 and waiting on my bags but . Still some spare change/ days left of action in the month and I'm ready to roll. Best of luck, now let's get some docs signed! *I had this tune in my head throughout... —  read more 

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Winter is coming!

This is bad news for Xerox and whomever stays. Every single person I’ve spoken to in our organization is looking for a new job. It’s not 3, or 5 or even 10. It’s every single person in operations, service and sales. My best prediction is our region... —  read more 

Contract hiring Frozen?

Has anyone heard whether contract hiring is frozen? We haven't been able to get a req approved for months. They didn't reject it either - it's just sitting there in the system. Also it appears that new POs are on hold. Seems like they're... —  read more 

Q3 Layoffs

Does anybody know or think this place will do layoffs with just 2 weeks left? Some say it will get good again and I want to believe them because my dog and I need the income but I don't know. Not looking good. Tia

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Falling like rain

I saw a lot of people's emails coming back undeliverable this week. That's how I find out someone has been cut. When I brought this up on a call with my manager he downplays it like usual and then arranges meetings to plan how to spread the... —  read more 

Rally the troops

Team, We are one week away from the first official work day of September; the last month of the quarter. My team and I are going to be on vacation until further notice so please command all emails to this post. Best

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Just laid off with no notice

My TSM called me in, he seemed like he just got the news himself the previous day. We've lost a 4 TSR's in the past 4 months, and we have a massive call volume. Parts have been delayed the entire time.

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