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It feels terrible, actually

It feels terrible, actually. Our core used to be great, but the Xerox beauracracy keeps giving us substandard products and expects us to be QA. Bonuses delayed (indefinitely?), benefits slashed, positions not being filled, sales getting commissions... read more

TSG guarantee

Yesterday and email was sent out stating that the pricing system, VQ is going to discontinue the Total Satisfaction Guarantee in the T&C's, along with the image on the order agreement. So much for the replacement guarantee. It sure appears the... read more

RIFing the “expensive” positions

From what I can gather in the cases I've seen, they are IRIF'ing the "expensive" positions then rehiring at a lower rate, especially if the rehire is offshore. But even if the rehire is onshore, they can IRIF a position that was $50k with someone... read more
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Staples acquires Dex Imaging (Why not GIS?)

Hmmm, the same day we receive the email from Feldman that Xerox has signed a 5-year deal with Office Depot to provide thousands of machines worth hundreds of Millions of dollars to Office Depot the news comes out that STAPLES has acquired the second... read more

Oh the irony

How ironic that IT will ramp up outsourcing when that is a key contributor to the outlandishly bloated app portfolio. So much so that nobody governing can make that case, while it’s obvious to the knowledgeable periphery. The $$$ spent for even minor... read more
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GIS Technicians

We have been centralized to XBS. Seems we no longer work for the cores and many things have changed We now make less than xerox direct technicians and we run more calls we have lost 401k match % benefits now horrible and the bonus plan is in question... read more

Hurt my heart today

I had an interview today and the prospective sales rep asked “why would a company work with you instead of going right to the manufacturer.” Normally, this question leads me to a very passionate place! With us, customers get the best of both worlds!... read more

I need help here

Did anyone listen to the CEO communication meeting yesterday? Did you get anything out of it that makes you think we are on our way to becoming a tech powerhouse? I listened to the whole thing and read a few presentations from the investors... read more

next steps at xbs

now that investor day has passed by the way first the play by play no new products joannie you may want to learn some of the product mikey was put on the bench for you to present steve b customers don't understand frictionless nor do they care and we... read more

Sorry folks - this is happening

Sorry folks - this is happening. The presence of the consultant vultures in the larger XBS cores is a precursor to the other shoe dropping. Basic finance functions like AP, AR, customer service, maybe even dispatch are going overseas. It'll save XRX... read more

Investor Day Topics

my favorites so far - we don't have to manufacture everything - used 3D printing as an example of licensing IP. [so we're just continuing Ursula's strategy then?] robotic process automation - bots don't take vacation or get sick. [yup, he did say... read more

jonny v big day questions to ponder from xerox hq

questions we would ask if my job was to invest why does president of na still have a job here how have the biz results been under the leadership why did you make the drastic changes to XBS/GIS when you review the results how are we doing in europe... read more

The Speech Xerox and GIS Employees

from the front row inside xerox hq We have to cut more costs GIS or now XBS 190 offices closing Billing goes to offshore India guatemala jamaica hang around while we train replacements service organization downsize managers reduce techs reduce parts... read more

Only involuntary layoffs now?

For years, it seems Xerox almost always offered a voluntary reduction in force before the involuntary. It was a good way to reduce the workforce by enticing those who were thinking about doing something new or taking an early retirement package, and... read more

After leaving Xerox

I’ve never been happier or healthier. My high blood pressure is fixed. My prediebetes which was concerning right near the line of diebetes is fixed. I’ve only lost a few lbs. I eat about the same. I excercise about the same as before. I am fully... read more

Just looking for a update

I left Xerox 2 years ago and am wondering if Customer Service (CSE's) are completely outsourced now or if any are left. So many co-workers have changed their FaceBook status to worked for Xerox from works for Xero.

Elevating a previous post.

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Great time to own Xerox stock

IMO, This is a great time to own Xerox stock. The company beat estimates for profit and have been streamlining the business making it generate more cash and likely facilitate the sale of parts of the business or all as Icahn has encouraged to... read more

Investors should drop Xerox stock already

Who keeps on investing in Xerox stocks?! Seriously it is on the watch for years now!? Everybody knows this company has so many issues! How is it even possible people have the slightest credibility towards the inestability for cut off jobs, outdated... read more

It’s mind boggling

That people continue to accept the adjusted earnings of a constantly restructuring company. At some point investors should say enough is enough. I see Icahn’s buddy V gave bullish expectations and that leads me to believe a major Corp sale is more... read more

More facts!!!

REUTERS: Xerox Corp beat fourth-quarter profit estimates on Tuesday (Jan 29) as it reined in costs, but its revenue dropped more than expected as businesses continue to cut spending on printers and photocopiers. Read more at... read more


Given this site is ultimately about layoffs, let's revisit THE FACTS as the Q4/FY2018 results were just released. As I stated in a previous post (, Xerox is restructuring at a consistent pace from previous years... read more

XRX is out of ideas and creativity

XRX is out of ideas and creativity - they are mired by clueless management (led by Visentin) that is subservient to Icahn and his band of mercenaries. When companies cannot grow the top line, they start slashing expenses (ie employees) in the hopes... read more

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My take on Xerox

With publicly traded companies, often times pressure on the stock price and devaluations of credit ratings cause those in charge to make short sighted, rash decisions. This is what is occurring now. First, Xerox's processes are awful. They are... read more

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