Topics regarding layoffs at Xerox Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Xerox Corp.

“The brand”

Xerox CEO and execs frequently talk about the value of the brand. People 45 and under dont even know what Xerox was, much less what it is. There is very little value in the brand. No brand. No products. No services. Its over. Layoffs continue. — read more 

Layoff 2/29/2024

I was laid off February 29th 2024, 7 weeks ago. I still have not received any unemployment. I also requested to have the Pension Packet and have not received that either. Is this happening to anyone else?

Just a stinking pile

More layoffs to come but not many more. One or two rounds before its aquired (or bankruptcy) and mostly shut down. No product path. Weak customer support. The best people have left with only a few exceptions.

Are they serious???

“Xerox today kicked off Xerox Production Print Week, a curated series of events tailored for Xerox Premier Partners, channel partners, and leaders in the graphic communications space from around the world. Xerox Production Print Week will take place... — read more 

New compensation plans ?

Has anyone heard more about the new compensation plans within XBS ? I’ve heard one size fits all , no overrides on IT or other services , no production overrides and out cost to the field is significantly elevated. Maybe at least they’re taking... — read more 

Production implodes

Not a drupa because they have nothing to show. Ancient iGen Baldtoro has nothing new to show Baldtoro follow-on products cancelled CF inkjet (impika) is long gone An pointless (unannounced) partnership with Screen Fuji selling newer versions... — read more 

Hello Uber!

No, I don't mean to suggest techs will be looking for jobs at Uber. They won't have to, because that is the apparent vision of Xerox Corporate now, to in fact "Uberize" service. This means that a computerized system will take over much of the... — read more 

Buh-Bye Now 👋👋👋

Every single person from my old team is gone. I mean everyone. Thats at least 23 people in my area. This includes the service manager and the major account representative. I left 2 years ago, so happy i did. I can’t believe any customer that has... — read more 

Steve Bee - Huh?

This is what Steve Bee said during Fireside Chat, “ “, and “ “, and “ “. Second all employee meeting and he said nothing! Absolutely Nothing! A total fraud of CEO! Our Strategy is to “Kick Bhut”, “ Get Tough”. John -... — read more 

When The Days Go By

How can this be? How did I get here? A company I once was proud to be part of, has diminished and there is no hope. Fireside Chat - laughable. I am applying diligently to many outside jobs, looking to get out. I'm not in a financial state to just... — read more 

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