Topics regarding layoffs at Xerox Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Xerox Corp.

The Xerox Shell Game

Here we go again! Put a ball under one of three cups, move the cups around, guess where the ball is. Xerox is establishing 3 businesses to drive growth. You get the point. What's next, three card monte, a ponzi scheme, pig in a poke?

Ursula Burns?

I worked briefly at Xerox when Jeff Jacobsen had just left and John Visentin was hired. From this board, I've seen lots of mixed opinions on Ursula Burns, but find it interesting that her identity is still so tightly associated with Xerox, so... —  read more 

I miss the good old days

Remember when working here was something to be proud of? When Xerox was a respected name and everybody knew about it due to the quality of its products and not for layoffs and failures, as the situation is now? When it was an asset instead of a... —  read more 


Xerox Outsourcing Office Support to India As we noted in February, Xerox began quietly shuttering about half of Xerox Business Systems (formerly Global Imaging Systems) offices. CRN quoted one of the affected office workers saying, “We were told... —  read more 

Better to be unemployed?

A friend / ex-colleague got laid off last year and still hasn’t found a new job. If I was in her shoes, I know it would be a terrible situation for me and I intended to comfort her, so I was really surprised when I saw that she was not worried at... —  read more 

How am I the lucky one?

I haven't visited this forum since I was laid off more than a year ago. It breaks my heart to come here after so long to see that not only things haven't improved, they've become even worse. I really feel for my colleagues who are still there and... —  read more 

Vacation time

I got transferred over to xerox with 25 years experience. Supposed to get 6 weeks per xerox vacation time. I get 4 weeks because they are going off when we were bought by GIS. Complete bull sh!t and seems unethical

Extra charges that don't make sense??

Has anyone that was IRIF'd the first of December finding extra charges like a company vehicle charge or taxes when they haven't driven the vehicle since they were furloughed or extra medical, dental charges for their final mid December pay check??

Xerox and the competitors

It’s clear to me that we’re doing badly because the industry is generally in bad shape, but that we’re doing even worse than our competitors (prove me wrong) and I can’t accept that. Simply, without a clear vision, I am afraid that no measure... —  read more 

401k move to Voya

I just got the notification that the Xerox 401k is moving to Voya. I’m not familiar with them personally but there seem to be concerns about high management fees when I google them. Anyone have any info or insight?

11 years @ Xexox

I've spent 11 years here and I quit on my own in November. I've found a job suppoting IT in a smaller company, I took about 10% pay cut but my level of stress is abou 90% lower. Good luck to all of you...

401K match

When this program was halted, does anyone know if they will still match us up until the time it was suspended? I would hope they will pay what they promised until they decided to cut it.

No More 401K Match

Several recent messages on here have mentioned that there will no longer be a 401k match. Is this really true? My group hasn't received any communications about this so far but knowing the people running the show here it wouldn't surprise me the... —  read more 


XBS is literally disintegrating! Employees leaving every day. Customer complaints are the new norm. No decisions can be made at the local level. Well, maybe to buy single or 2 ply wipe. The operations team in Tampa are the laughing stock of the... —  read more 

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