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Severance Package Payout..

Lots of talk about pension, etc and severance payout. If you are let go and qualify for say 8 weeks of severance, do you get 2 weeks of salary continuance (i.e. health benefits) and then a lump sum for the remainder and you're out (no more benefits... read more

Xerox Hiring HR Data Analysts

Why is HQ/HR hiring data analytics people? To find a more efficient way to lay us off? Who would want that job? Anyone know anything about this? Also it's Thursday- LAY OFF DAY! Anyone hear anything today?... read more

I'm so done

Made the decision to leave this joke of a company and I'm feeling great about it. Like a huge weight has been lifted off my chest. I might be going to a lower pay, but frankly I don't care anymore. My mental health is more important than 5% of what... read more

Is our pension in jeopardy?

With all the changes taking place can anyone tell me if our pension can be affected. No one can tell me for sure if our leaders get creative can they mess with our pension. Can we lose our pension or is it legally protected. I plan to bail out in 6... read more

R&D RUMOR of 60 to go

Rumor - 60 to be let go in Research and Development on Thursday 20th of september. Although there are over 1K worldwide, 60 will be let go. There are many in Webster in R&D. Another Rumor, goal is for D05 and D06 reduced by 20-30% over the next year... read more

RUMOR 9/17/2018

Those of us that have earned 6 weeks vacation (25+ years) will soon be limited to 4 weeks.

Banded emps

Anyone hearing anything about banded folks (D05 specifically) being downgraded, and corresponding cuts in compensation? I assume APIP will be a thing of the past as well.

Rollover RIGP to 401K or Leave it?

I am 50 and not ready for retirement yet. I am not sure if I should rollover my RIGP amount to the 401K or leave in the trust. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? Leaning towards rollover due to state of the company.

Severance Taxed at Higher Rate

I received my severance payment today. I was surprised to see that it was taxed at a higher rate than my regular pay. Federal at 22% and State at about 10%. It would have been nice if this was called out in the IRIF Information Package. Payment was... read more

Stolen from another page, well worth the read

Might make you laugh or tear your hair out. Or both. Xerox in a nutshell. A Japanese company and a North American company decided to have a canoe race on the St. Lawrence River. Both teams practiced long and hard to reach their peak performance... read more

Stick it out, people

I know it must be very tempting to quit right now, but trust me when I tell you those on top would jump for joy if you did that. You'd be saving Xerox and in turn them severance money. Why not wait it out and let them lay you off? Start preparing for... read more

Where do we go from here?

Low morale, growing attrition, melting benefits, more work for less pay... I'm just wondering, where will Xerox go from here? We are already hitting rock bottom. With employees so unhappy, there is no way we'll see any movement up any time soon. So... read more

You shall give more and receive less

401K match is ending. 4 weeks of vacation max. Some managers who don't have enough direct reports will be dropped to a lower pay grade. Now drop & give me 20 you worthless sack of garbage!

It got really quiet

In my position I usually come in to many emails in the morning. No less than 15 at the extreme lowest - upward of a couple hundred on the other extreme. Today, I open up my email and I have exactly one and that one is a Yammer update. The support... read more

CSMS and Detractors

The sales organization announced two weeks ago that we no longer spend time contacting customer detractors and attempting to resolve the issues behind low customer satisfaction ratings. "Let them go - don't worry about them" is what we were told... read more

CCO - the press release

Just in case there is someone who hasn't read already, here is the link for the full press release announcing Joanne Collins Smee as the new Chief Commercial Officer

Lots of Chiefs

Today.....Xerox announced a Chief Commercial Officer. Reporting to the recently announced Chief Operating Officer - yes, both from outside. How many were let go to make room for these two 'chiefs"? I'm fairly certain they are not 'worker bees' nor... read more

Deep breath as we go into next week and beyond

Continue to share details to help others but what will be will be. Just be prepared. I've wanted to change careers for a while. I'm riding this plane to the ground then when it's my time, I'm going to leave with joy in my heart and I'm not looking... read more

No incentive to work....lower than low morale.

Last Friday my manager called me in to show me what I'll be taking over for my laid off friends and co-workers. I asked him if management REALLY cared if the work was done or not. He could only shrug and reply, "I don't know...". Oh brilliant! I'm... read more

Spouse....outside looking in

I'm a spouse of a Xerox employee. I'm an employee of a Fort. 500 as well. I'm also a client of Xerox and all I can tell you is I've never seen the lack of communication from a company that had/has such statue. No communication..... Unacceptable.

Xerox Tactical Approach to Age Descrimination

The recent change made with regards to Salary Continouance to Severance is simply a tactical move by Xerox Sr. Leadership to reduce expenses as they target getting rid of tenured higher salaried employees with the next series of IRIFs....Did someone... read more

Are we certain layoffs are done for now?

I know everybody is saying that if we were not affected by now, we are safe. I'm probably just being paranoid, but I can't stop thinking that was just a start and we'll see more before the end of the month. How do we know it's really over? I could... read more

The complacency is beyond tragic

The operations folks refused to let go of the mainframe and kludgy access databases and would tell their management who would repeatedly thwart efforts to do anything new- no IT leadership could fight this stupidity driven by the Xerox way of making... read more


Xerox been dead since 15 years ago and is dying slowly. I remember went I started we use to get bonus and rewards not any more those day are gone and Xerox just losing contract by the docent. my advice start looking for another job.

incredible shrinking pages

The biggest alarm signal is not just that the cost of these products keeps shrinking, but the way people are printing has also changed. Black and White pages are shrinking by double digits every year and color pages are barely flat. Yet price erosion... read more

Xerox is too big to just dissapear

People seem to enjoy being alarmists. Yes, situation is bad right now. A lot of people are being laid off. But we still have over thirty thousand employees. We are far too big to go under in a year or two, as some people keep implying. We are... read more

Stuck in the past...

Xerox as a company have no single direction and focus. There are plenty of talented people who are relentlessly held back by cuts, policy change, new management and poorly planned ideas being rushed in without forethought. This isn't something new... read more
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NO ONE is safe

I thought this deserved to be on top so people would hopefully finally understand this: A person I've worked with for years was let go two weeks ago. She kept telling to stop being so paranoid when I would tell her to come up with a plan just in... read more

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