Topics regarding layoffs at Pitney Bowes Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Pitney Bowes Inc.

Same Old Pitney Bowes

Layoffs again at good 'ol PB despite all the propaganda about the "turnaround", "we're a high high-growth company"..blah, blah, blah...when you can't make money at the touted ecommerce unit, just do what you're good at-layoffs! When will investors... — read more 

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Layoffs in the last two months

Dozens in the Appleton wisconsin office have been let go in the last 2 months including supervisors as well as agents Any chance we can get some more info on this? Has this been one layoffs round or have people been getting notifications gradually?... — read more 

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Already a ghost town

How in the world are they planning more layoffs? My location already feels like a ghost town. I can't even remember how many layoffs we've had in the past several years that left us without people. The worst part is that Pitney Bowes doesn't replace... — read more 

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We are just numbers to Pitney Bowes

Why is anybody surprised by these layoffs? We've seen the management cut costs by laying off people over and over again, why would now be any different. People who work here are not human beings to them. We are simply numbers that can be crossed over... — read more 

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Assistant Treasurer prejudice

AT is very prejudice, refuse to hire people of color unless confronted. Assistant is passing because manager can't stand black people. No one in department is black. Company that says diversity is important lies. Consider hiring white looking latin... — read more 

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So Flippin Sad!!!!

Pitney Bowes is opening dealerships! The problem is the folks opening the dealerships are the failures from Neopost! Yes- an influx of EX -Neopost non performers are leading PB off the cliff!!! The CEO does not recognize what is happening !!!!

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Pitney Bowes Presort Services layoffs started august 2016 at several sites in the "Great Lakes Region". More to come if next quarter is poor.

They are axing people based on income, people they are no longer getting tax breaks for employing or position elimination. They are not even looking at employee reviews, other ee's attendance, others ee's that use racial slurs in front of there... — read more 

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My dad is getting fired!

Ever since a year and a half ago my dad started worrying about his job. At the time I was a little kid and didn't give a crap, but now the Am-Ex site he was working at shut down due to everyone switching to online bills instead of paper bills so they... — read more 

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A Horrible Marketing Department is made even more incompetent as adminstrators take over and staffs reduced dramtically

I was just laid off from PBI after four years....and had no idea if I was the only one, or one of many since the entire termination was done via email. I later found out that PBI "laid off" a number of key marketing staff this past week (nice to do... — read more 

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2014 layoffs at Pitney Bowes

I am not sure how much time we have but it seems that our strategic direction is to fall of the cliff together with all that we own. Pitney Bowes used to be innovative, cutting edge and very profitable - look what's happening today, things are worse... — read more 

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