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such a fun place to work at...not

well, if you think breaks are overrated, ups is the place for you. they promise you'll get breaks (which are desperately needed with the hours we are doing,) but you are never allowed to actually take them. while you don't get breaks, you will get to... read more
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You're never good enough for UPS

I understand having a policy that favors personal improvements, but what UPS has is simply ridiculous. The philosophy they promote that you need to improve constantly achieves the opposite effect. Supervisors and managers either intentionally or on... read more
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Bad management, worse hours

The management at UPS is all over the place. People who are getting promoted either don't know their jobs or simply don't care. This is mostly because they have been promoted to management positions not on merit, but with a little help from their... read more
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United States Bubble

What people do not understand is that in these companies we work for its not about race anymore, they do not care whose head is cut off whose family is left behind its about profit and greed. The USA is an a severe recession and its going to go like... read more

UPS Freight - Richmond - Layoffs - Aug 2016

Not sure why it’s silent on UPS layoffs, but there was a massive cut in Richmond… Eighty folks will be cut this quarter and some folks are leaving immediately or have left already. Multiple dpts were hit – all of them in UPS freight, and since the HQ... read more

2016 Job Cuts

If cuts happen this year, do folks with more seniority at UPS get better treatment (e.g., offered transfers etc) - serious responses only please
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UPS Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of UPS layoffs in Atlanta in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.

2015 layoffs at UPS

We all heard the rumor that UPS might be planning a large reorg with possibly some units being absorbed. I am not sure if this is true, but I've been with UPS for about 8 years now and nothing will surprise me any more. I think that the executives... read more

Layoffs in UPS Corporate

Has anybody heard about possible cuts in Finance and HR? I heard many rumors, but as always, here at UPS anything can happen and I am not too concerned. I've been here before and it'll drive you nuts if you start thinking about it. Overall we are... read more

OK guys, profits are going up

OK guys, profits are going up. We are kicking ass - all is rosy and we are laying off 1800 people? Where is decency in that? How much is enough? Keep them happy, those shareholders and kill and bury everyone else. If they could they would stop all... read more
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