Topics regarding layoffs at UPS

Topics regarding layoffs at UPS

Operations Management Buyout

Why does UPS not offer a buyout to it's older operations management employees? UPS has given buyout to non operations management employees. UPS say they care about their management operations employees, but they really do not. UPS only does the... —  read more 

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Major layoffs at UPS

This is not a rumor… UPS will lay-off about 300 people in various Finance & Accounting positions in Louisville, Chicago, and Scranton. Employees will be let go between February and May. and Yes..that is true...but that 300 is only in one... —  read more 


So many jobs are going to India. They are moving ocean imports over there and people will be losing their jobs soon.

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Bare minimum?

I wish I knew what it’s like to work while giving only a minimum of myself, and not ending the working day so tired that I can’t even get enough rest until the next day. A colleague advises me not to try too hard because layoffs are inevitable... —  read more 

Layoffs have started

People have been receiving notices for the past few days, not sure if it's going to continue after this week. As it was mentioned before, there's absolutely no reason for these cuts considering how well the company is doing right now. I can't imagine... —  read more 

Fastest fired?

My cousin got fired from UPS after only 2 months of work and was totally broken about it. His dismissal came in the most difficult period for him and it came suddenly. I saw on Indeed that the turnover in this company is high, so I wonder what is the... —  read more 

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Where are the opportunities?

“After this pandemic is over I'm expecting a mass exodus from UP. If you live anywhere near a big city where opportunities are everywhere, why would you continue to work for a place that treats its employees like this? Move on. They've moved on from... —  read more 

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Quiet neighbourhood or new jobs?

The company says a UPS warehouse and distribution centre in Philadelphia could create nearly a thousand new jobs, but citizens oppose it because they are worried about traffic in the neighbourhood. Silly me, I thought creating new jobs in these... —  read more 

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Can I volunteer?

I know people have been receiving buyout options but sadly I'm not one of them - even if I'm one of the few who'd be happy to leave right now. Any way to indicate I'd be willing to accept a buyout? The only thing I'm worried about is that if they... —  read more 

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Buyouts in Progress

United Parcel Service said on Thursday it was offering buyouts to some employees, as Chief Executive Carol Tomé aims to curb costs at the delivery firm. “Aligning our talent with the needs of our company and customers is critical to becoming a... —  read more 

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HR in South AL / IE

UPS is laying off almost all of HR in South AL. Now they are going for IE. They are offering a bad deal to leave the company if you are specialist or above.

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UPS Operations Mgt.Buyout

Why does UPS not offer buyout to their management operations employees. In 2018 UPS offer buyouts to non operational employees management. UPS does not care about their older operational employees. UPS needs to offer them buyout. UPS has... —  read more 

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Temporary layoffs?

I was temporarily laid off by UPS last week. I don't know if I should worry or believe them when they say this is just temporary. Has anybody else been in a similar situation?


UPS says they are working hard to deliver but with cutbacks/ layoffs how can they ? Everyone else is delivering fed express -DHL Amazon and the post office but brown can’t what can brown do for you? Sh– on its customers

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The End of MIP

My opinion only... MIP will be gone in a few years... The RSU changing to one year was the very first step in the process… After MIP ends, the management wants no additional burdens… 40% was step 2, they will finish this off with MIP being the... —  read more 

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