Topics regarding layoffs at UPS

Topics regarding layoffs at UPS

Keep Everyone Working

Letter to UPS Carol Tome: Why don't you offer your older Operations Management Employees a buyout? This would make job opportunities for younger management employees that you have laid off? Makes sense to me. Carol, you have a great opportunity... — read more 

Sinking ship

Customers used to be willing to pay a premium for better service. But now the company plans to use AI to try and price compete with FDX. News flash, they will lose. Once FDX completes their network integration, it's game over for UPS. Tome has been... — read more 

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Lay offs

UPS have been laying off pt supervisor in the Dallas Texas area. I still see a lot of over 60 years old management employees working. Why not offer some of them a buyout, I am sure they would love to have a buyout offer. Keep your younger... — read more 

Five days in the office

What's the point? I can understand why we might need layoffs. If the business is down and we realistically don't need as many people, I can understand that. It's tragic for those involved, but it makes sense. But why force people back to the office... — read more 

UPS Latest Layoffs

The latest UPS be 12000 plan layoffs is a direct reflection of the latest UPS contract with the Teamsters Union. UPS has to cut managerial jobs because of the contract and lower volume. UPS has lost there lower management confidence by keep... — read more 

More layoffs Coming

The UPS stock price is down 14% since the beginning of October. Carol's plan book seems to be to go after non union U.S. jobs to cut costs. Would not be surprised to see more layoffs and outsourcing sooner than later. Easier than doing the real... — read more 


Kinda of funny how you can't comment on the poor fellow that died that was posted on fox app shows who is being paid off instead of trucks having air conditioning

UPS Operations Buyouts

Again UPS has offered buyouts to non operations management employees in July 2023. Still no mention of when or if these Buyouts will be offered to operations management employees. These operations management employees have been looked over by UPS. ... — read more 

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