Topics regarding layoffs at DHL

Topics regarding layoffs at DHL

Anyone else feel the end is near?

Anyone else work for dhl right now in the us feel the end I near. Amount of freight is way down and company seem to not be spending money and had cut some incentive programs. What's gonna happen when amazon mover to its own building at cvg?

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Major layoffs at Groverport

On July 14, 260 employees at DHL's Groveport facility will be out of a job. Of course, DHL is blaming somebody else for these layoffs. The customer who changed providers is guilty, and not DHL management which has been causing more and more customers... —  read more 

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More layoffs at DHL

DHL is shutting down a warehouse in Mequon, with nearly 60 people losing their jobs in the process, majority forklift drivers. I guess at least they were given nearly two months notice, so they'll have time to find jobs. However, whether there will... —  read more 

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Lima Layoffs (almost 300)

This is due to the loss of the contract with P&G. Nothing surprising as we knew it was going to happen at the same time it's a bummer. The contract was lost to Fedex, they will be taking over. Also, I am sure some will get jobs with Fedex, they... —  read more 

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DHL layoffs 2018

More than 500 employees will be laid off at the DHL Supply Chain plant in Greenfield. Layoffs won't take place before summer so at least they will have some time to get ready for it - if they are notified in advance... —  read more 

More DHL layoffs

At least these have a glimmer of hope to get a new position with the new logistics provider. Freight giant DHL will permanently lay off 229 workers in Lima by March 12, the company has told Ohio government... —  read more 

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