Topics regarding layoffs at Diebold Nixdorf

Topics regarding layoffs at Diebold Nixdorf

Maa Layoffs

We just had Mass Layoffs and restructuring through the whole organization. All divisions were cut to the Bone Friday June 25th.. Never seen so many people get whacked at once lol


i heard Wincor-Nixdorf just laid-off staff before the acquisition. With my >15 years with Diebold, there is almost every year. A colleague told me that its harder to layoff people in Europe, so Diebold-Nixdorf will take the path of least resistance. —  read more 

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Diebold acquired Wincor last year, but it seems to be becoming more of a Wincor company than a Diebold company.

Who purchased whom? Layoffs, demotions, etc all appear to be happening on the American side. What may be a best practice in Germany might not work in the US. There's good reason the CEO did not move his family here when he took this job four years... —  read more 

Any updates for September 2016?

Layoffs at Diebold again? I hear a ton of rumors but this is not the first time rumors about Diebold are spreading - and it always turns out exactly that RUMORS - everything else is just smaller layoffs - I suggest that you check your sources before... —  read more 

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