Topics regarding layoffs at NCR Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at NCR Corp.

Not the first time

People here are already used to worrying about their jobs when they should actually enjoy getting into the holiday mood. Well, this time I am prepared, I managed to make some savings and I would even like to be on the layoff list. That doesn’t... —  read more 

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Layoffs Confirmed

Layoffs have been confirmed across the company. Most teams will be losing people and it is going to happen most likely in November. Submissions from managers on who to lay off are due by Friday, 10/15/21. They will be offered some sort of package.

Off topic stupid question.

So if ncr outsourced jobs to Serbia and India etc. why does the US government also send those country’s money? As in foreign aid. Isn’t taking our jobs and companies investment in those countries enough? Really I pay taxes like the rest of you. I... —  read more 

Unprepared and anxious

Although I see that many would like to be laid off, in spite of everything, I wouldn't want it to happen to me because I am not prepared. I don't have enough savings, I don't have a plan what to do next, etc. That’s why I’ve been anxious to the... —  read more 

Has the storm passed?

For now, I'm safe and I don't know any of my colleagues who are RIF, and there have been many rumors about it. What happened? Has the storm passed or is it yet to come? I certainly intend to focus everything on looking for a new job soon, but at this... —  read more 

Execs win big

The ELT making out like bandits while everyone else gets crumbs or worse - laid off. CEO Michael Hayford made $28.3 million compared with $12.8 million in 2019, according to a March 10 filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The... —  read more 

NYC CEO’s question

Since your union how did the riff layoff effect you folks being union. I worked in nyc in the 90s and I know we tried to unionize the ce work force across the country but they rejected the offer.

Ncr Serbia new building

This building looks like it holds more than 4000 people. This where our US jobs are. Ncr and other companies should be penalized by how many they offshore

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Look for a new job!

Everybody should be looking for a new job by now. So many people are in a constant state of anxiety over their jobs and if that isn't a good reason to start looking I don't know what is. I'm not saying anybody should quit without having something... —  read more 

1800 jobs lost in 2020

During the earnings call today, they mentioned that there are 1800 less employees now than in 2020. I assume those are largely layoffs/RIFs but would expect much of that is also just non-backfilled attrition. I was shocked not only by that number... —  read more 

Two more weeks

When some of my colleagues were laid off in August I decided to be proactive in looking for other employment. I found it appalling that this company would treat their employees so callously - and continues to do so! I am happy to say that my search... —  read more 

Pink slips

Hope the management and ceo of this company feel good laying off loyal hard workers while they do nothing and collect their year end bonuses. I worked for this company for years and was a top performer. Got my pink slip with 2 kids and a pregnant... —  read more 

Different frame of mind

I don’t know how many times I can stress this - NCR is not a company that will put their employees first. The last round of layoffs should have opened your eyes to this. I don’t want to go through this ever again but if I do and I am on that list to... —  read more 

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