Topics regarding layoffs at NCR Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at NCR Corp.

Hiring Freeze @ NCR

Anybody notice there are 0 job openings listed on the NCR site? 2 months ago there were hundreds. Last time there were 0 was during the AT&T buyout. No hiring until it is was settled if any folks coming from AT&T to NCR. Maybe Hayford and gang close... —  read more 

No high hopes

Apart from the people who are here only until they find something better, only those who still believe and hope that something will get better remain at NCR. I listened in disbelief to my colleague the other day who is convinced that everything... —  read more 

Micro micro managers

They have to find a way to be right Even when they are wrong Fu-k productivity and the client. Micro managers have to be made ok. They put you between the interest of the client and their ego What’s the natural progression and why is any one... —  read more 

I regret applying here

I finally gave notice. NCR is just a waste of time. From this perspective, working here should be considered as an option only if there is no other. Now I'm trying to remember the reason why I thought this was a good place to work. I probably had... —  read more 

NCR & Russia

NCR donated funds to UNICEF and that's a good start but when will they join the pool of multinational companies that have severed ties and pulled out of Russia ? NCR maintains 2 offices in Russia.


It is no longer clear to me why I made the effort to have a good performance. It seems to me more and more that neither hard work nor performance means anything at NCR. I no longer think it’s crucial when it comes to layoffs? Those who put in... —  read more 

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