Topics regarding layoffs at NCR Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at NCR Corp.

Is it over?

Has anybody been given more info on layoffs? Do we know if it's over or can we expect more cuts tomorrow? Talk about bad timing to pull something like this. It wouldn't make much difference if they had waited a few weeks and it would mean a lot to... —  read more 

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Layoffs Dec 7 for US

Managers were given training today on how to lay off their employees (including a script to use) and are expected to do the layoffs tomorrow. More coming worldwide, but dates will differ due to laws being different depending on the country. Happy... —  read more 

5 Years ago, “That Day”

Long story short, 11/28/2018. Email invite to conf. call from someone I never heard of. Declined, came back an hour later as Mandatory. Was busy, joined late. All I heard was “today is your last day with NCR”. Then the SVP leading the call left... —  read more 

Switching sides

Before the split we were told if you were not happy with the company you were deployed to you could switch to the other company. Has anyone switched sides or know someone who has switched? I think it was a big smoke screen, don't think they will let... —  read more 

Shared Areas ????

So I wonder how long is this shared cr-p going to go on? In our area they give ATM calls to the Voyix people and retail to Atleos. This has become a freaking joke!!! So far Ive not yet seen any jobs posted yet for Voyix. I talk to the Voyix peple and... —  read more 

Split Bonus

I was informed by my manager that I won’t qualify for the split bonus because I’m a grade 11 employee. Does anyone know the criteria for the bonus? I tried asking HR but it’s crickets.


I think we will see a mass migration of Jobs after the first of the year. The Employees are angry at the split, the new schedules, and the general state of the company I believe many are applying and waiting for the right time to jump ship. I expect... —  read more 

Mullet poetry

In the corporate world, a CEO did reign, With a mullet that caused quite the disdain. He led a company, once strong and true, But his decisions, oh, how they would undo. With each choice he made, the profits did fall, And the shareholders’ trust, he... —  read more 

NCR Resellers

So what is the word for NCR resellers selling Aloha Essentials and Cloud. Is NCR going to eliminate the resellers in the near future? Can't imagine an impending IPO would be bolstered with resellers not towing the new company line.

Split is almost here

And still not much known for US based employees. Now the push is to overwork everyone in all attempts to close tickets. Quantity over quality, unlimited overtime, forced availability. Allegedly the rest of Globe has been informed of what side they... —  read more 

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