Topics regarding layoffs at NCR Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at NCR Corp.

Look for a new job!

Everybody should be looking for a new job by now. So many people are in a constant state of anxiety over their jobs and if that isn't a good reason to start looking I don't know what is. I'm not saying anybody should quit without having something... —  read more 

1800 jobs lost in 2020

During the earnings call today, they mentioned that there are 1800 less employees now than in 2020. I assume those are largely layoffs/RIFs but would expect much of that is also just non-backfilled attrition. I was shocked not only by that number... —  read more 

Two more weeks

When some of my colleagues were laid off in August I decided to be proactive in looking for other employment. I found it appalling that this company would treat their employees so callously - and continues to do so! I am happy to say that my search... —  read more 

Pink slips

Hope the management and ceo of this company feel good laying off loyal hard workers while they do nothing and collect their year end bonuses. I worked for this company for years and was a top performer. Got my pink slip with 2 kids and a pregnant... —  read more 

Different frame of mind

I don’t know how many times I can stress this - NCR is not a company that will put their employees first. The last round of layoffs should have opened your eyes to this. I don’t want to go through this ever again but if I do and I am on that list to... —  read more 

CTO broadcast on 11/16

CTO said they will wrap up all the layoffs by few weeks. So maybe few more rounds of layoff before heading for the holiday. Would like to know how layoff affect h1b employee. Do I have to leave the country on the same day I get laid off? or is... —  read more 

Please provide info

First and foremost, I am deeply sorry for those who are impacted. My hope is that you will rebound from this in the near future. Would anyone share how they were notified? Who was present? What were the terms? What department? It would give others a... —  read more 

Massive layoff Tuesday

Massive layoffs today all across the board. Hundreds laid off with no notice and cut off today. Oh and insurance only good through the end of the month and then cobra. Thanks NCR for being so good to your employees. Hopefully the AJC runs a... —  read more 

Next Round Nov

The next round of layoffs planned for Nov 18. Exec's got to get their bonuses at EOY and it's the last chance to LAYOFF and not match 401ks. Company needs to drop exec dead wood at the top like their CIO for NCR to evolve.

Widen your job search

Ride the wave while you can but look for other opportunities. As I found when I rifted the pay is lower when looking for other opportunities available. I would suggest going to small company compared to a global one. Pay would be the same. Techs are... —  read more 

Why are we hiring???

Why the hell are we hiring people when we've already had major layoffs and are now waiting for round 2? Why would the company do that? I understand having to cut costs when the pandemic is affecting pretty much everybody, but then to turn around and... —  read more 

Covid layoffs confirmed

Hope everyone's excited for round 2 out of 3 for company wide layoffs! This time the reason was because of the impact of Covid on the business, but don't worry we reinstated executive pays this month so it's fine (sarcasm). So far I've heard of 2... —  read more 

August layoffs

About 100 people were laid off yesterday including myself. They rate the team by a bell curve and someone has to be on the low end. Those people got cut even tho we got higher grades in the past. Those people were also older and made more money... —  read more 

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