Topics regarding layoffs at NCR Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at NCR Corp.

That's not true at all

I don't think it's true that most people here do the bare minimum. How would that even be possible? Maybe the bosses' favorites can afford to do almost nothing, while most people are actually overwhelmed with work.

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Life is better after leaving here

I was very afraid of starting from the scratch, but from this perspective, after I finally left, I recommend everyone to find courage to looker for another offer. I don't believe there is anyone who regrets leaving here?

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Out of touch

These TMs blow my mind! Call a meeting mandatory for 30 mins to discuss the rules of the company! No update on separation or if we are gonna have jobs but to complain about stupid stuff! When they don’t respond to emails or calls for issues! Then... —  read more 

No long term planning

I think that those who manage this company (I won't call them leaders because they are not), do not have any clear vision for the future of this company at all.... They are only focused on short term plans and that is why NCR has become such a... —  read more 

stock price

BVC no longer around to hide this as he did in the past. Stock price will suffer. Get those resumes ready.

Morale is bad

Morale is really bad I agree. Worked with a CE earlier this week who gave their 2 weeks notice. Really good guy, knowledgeable and works hard found a better opportunity and more $$$. Before this transition starts I hope to be on the way out also. Bad... —  read more 

More to come!

As a ce we had a territory meeting explaining the downsizing of territories. And no more generalist will exist after June. But no job cuts we are hiring more ppl. How can a company gain shareholder value with more verbenas expenses such as more ppl!... —  read more 

NCR History

Saw a nice vid on YouTube posted by NCR regarding its roots in Dayton. Boy have things changed, that culture which founded the company and led to its success through the 90’s is long long gone or so it appears. NCR had what was essentially a “resort... —  read more 

NCR is not impressive

The company seems to have a very laid back and unmotivated culture. The elites in the spotlight are a turn off. The CEO is nothing more than an elite that does not understand the business that has made a ton of bad hires like Vanderham and several... —  read more 

“Outsourcing locally”

My bets are that they create a contracting company and put half the techs in the pool, they will be told leave or go to the contractor company. It’s kinda like outsourcing locally. Union is always a target, with renaming the company’s, I suspect... —  read more 

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