Topics regarding layoffs at NCR Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at NCR Corp.

Justify your job reports

Now that I have been gone a while I feel like like I can ask this. Did anyone else feel like the monthly performance reviews felt more like an interrogation where you had to explain why you shouldn't lose your job?

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Why are you still here?

You have exactly zero reasons to stay at NCR unless you want to. There are still plenty of available jobs that pay really well. I got a 20 percent raise a month ago when I switched jobs and I know I'm not the only one. Take advantage of this!... —  read more 

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NCR is not what I expected

It's a mess of gigantic proportions. From incomprehensible and outdated processes to incompetent managers who have no idea how to do their own jobs, not to mention help me with mine. This is my second job and my plan right now is to build my resume... —  read more 

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Y’all still here

Wow I would of thought most if not all woulda left by now. Or they woulda been sold. All I can say in 2022 is every complaint here the past two years has been the same complaints since the 90s. Nothing is gonna change that will be a good change for... —  read more 

Hiring Freeze @ NCR

Anybody notice there are 0 job openings listed on the NCR site? 2 months ago there were hundreds. Last time there were 0 was during the AT&T buyout. No hiring until it is was settled if any folks coming from AT&T to NCR. Maybe Hayford and gang close... —  read more 

No high hopes

Apart from the people who are here only until they find something better, only those who still believe and hope that something will get better remain at NCR. I listened in disbelief to my colleague the other day who is convinced that everything... —  read more 

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