Topics regarding layoffs at VeriFone

Topics regarding layoffs at VeriFone

Return to Office

Mike Pulli has demanded that everyone return to the office effective January 31st. Five days per week. No hybrid. Only gave one week’s notice. Going to lose a lot of good people.

Where are the owners now...?

Like the Executive at the head said when he arrived , down the road in few years will be time to look at the approach. What about now? Tired of 13 max slides per simplistic deck? Or tired of a management that is still not understanding the context?... — read more 


last year we had 150 people, now 50, layoff started this July 22, 2 seniors engineering vp resigned, one of them hired 2 absolutely useless interns before he left, QA team completely gone, good managers gone, but the 2 intern who barely code sh– was... — read more 

Mar 31 20209

Looks like a major chunk was just taken out of the Petro division. At least 12 Petro HD people let go, and a lot of senior (as in, founding members) let go as well. Wonder if they're getting ready to farm Petro out to Gilbarco or... — read more 

Round number 7 next

For anyone who assumes they are safe, you have a rude awakening coming. The owners and leader do not care about your well-being nor what you think you can for them. Layoffs are continuing and will continue. You have got to be living in a sad dream if... — read more 

Our dear leaders...

Let s make the hypothesis that the new management is not stupid. A lot of things they say are simple common sense... If you seat on their side. This leads to imagine that the understanding is wrong on many sides. New owners missed all the important... — read more 

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The previous CEO is sitting fat and happy with his huge exit package and 1 millon $ bonus from 2017......while hundreds of employees are left with miserable reverence packages

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We lost some of our best...

Makes you wonder who makes these decisions... We lost some of our best people in this round of layoffs... Why? Where is the logic in that? At the same time, some of the people who truly are dead weight on the company are still here... One thing is... — read more 

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Are we sure layoffs are done?

People are acting like this is all over, but how do we know there will be no more layoffs next week? This looks to me like a start of something much bigger. I might be wrong - and I certainly hope I am - but it would be really nice to know for sure... — read more 

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Gone but not disappointed

I am in Rocklin and I’ve spent almost five years with Verifone. Hit every single target I had, was an exceptional performer in every sense – yet, they’ve still cut me. It’s a bit perplexing and hard to grasp right now but given all the challenges... — read more 

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Same old in VeriFone

Been here for almost 10 years, and for about half of it I’m waiting for a things to change. Cannot change anything until you get rid of bad and ignorant managers. And that’s gonna happen, well, like never. Seen so many talented and hardworking people... — read more 

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It's always money first here

Once this was not the case, but for a number of years now the only thing that matters here is money. It has been put above employees over and over again, to the point where nearly everybody feels miserable and not valued by the company. I'm not... — read more 

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Complete lack of leadership

No wonder this company is falling apart, there is complete lack of leadership among management from mid to senior levels. Nobody puts any time or energy into developing their teams. They seem to think things like that happen on their own. Management... — read more 

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Partner supplier

As a partner supplier to VeriFone would be very nice to know the status of product lines and their future. All our contacts are now gone and there is no hand off to new contacts or transition outreach.

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I saw this coming

I left Verifone 2 months ago because I saw this coming. I've been through the buyout process with a few companies now, and every time there are massive layoffs. Francisco Partners has zero interest in keeping Verifone a functioning company. This type... — read more 

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