Topics regarding layoffs at Western Union

Topics regarding layoffs at Western Union

Q3 layoffs

Big wave of layoffs is planned in August-September due to projects being closed and teams sitting around with no work. If you ever wanted to look for another job now is the time.

Sinking ship

Layoffs happening left and right, people getting meetings with HR and being informed that tomorrow is their last day. Most people don’t even have the motivation to work and moral is lowest it has ever been. What a way to run a company!

It’s coming!!

With changes to the package, Q1 earnings coming and the word on the street…. Looks like May many Denver staff will be let go. What can we say? We all knew it was coming for the last year.

There is no absolutely stable job

There is definitely no job that is stable and secure no matter the circumstances. However, it has become tiring for me to constantly think about how much longer I will have this job. Compared to competitors, how much more stable is the job here... — read more 

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Forced vaccinations

Forced vaccinations Western Union is using Biden's executive order to force everyone to get the CV19 vaccinations. They would previously provide tests for those who prefer not to get vaxxed and with a negative result would be allowed in the office... — read more 

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Pressured into quitting

Working here has become nearly impossible. Managers have become outright bullies - and there's nothing we can do about it. It's like we're being pressured into quitting. They don't want to bad publicity of layoffs so they found a way how to avoid it... — read more 

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WU will be eliminating 400 employees within the next 60 days, beginning 11/16. While FTE’s are going to be hit hard, WU will add contractors to subsidize and mitigate the impact. These contractors will be out of India, thusly, crushing the USA model... — read more 

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What a farce this change is

Stock price simply lining the pockets of CEO and his best friends. No change in leadership but all levels below impacted. Complete lies that will be revealed in 2020. Company is a joke it used to be great many moons ago. Well done Mr CEO for doing... — read more 

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