Topics regarding layoffs at Western Union

Topics regarding layoffs at Western Union

Pressured into quitting

Working here has become nearly impossible. Managers have become outright bullies - and there's nothing we can do about it. It's like we're being pressured into quitting. They don't want to bad publicity of layoffs so they found a way how to avoid it... —  read more 


WU will be eliminating 400 employees within the next 60 days, beginning 11/16. While FTE’s are going to be hit hard, WU will add contractors to subsidize and mitigate the impact. These contractors will be out of India, thusly, crushing the USA model... —  read more 

What a farce this change is

Stock price simply lining the pockets of CEO and his best friends. No change in leadership but all levels below impacted. Complete lies that will be revealed in 2020. Company is a joke it used to be great many moons ago. Well done Mr CEO for doing... —  read more 

People, don't be naive

Western Union is not giving you a package out of the goodness of its heart or any kind of loyalty towards its long-term employees. The money is not being given to you to help you out in a time of need - it's given to you so you would sign away your... —  read more 

WU a crashing plane

WU is a crashing airplane and upper management is trying to fix it with expensive silly tools to "enhance the customer experience" WU lacks innovation and experience. WU does an amazing job getting its employees to drink the "Kool-aid" of great... —  read more 

No future at Western Union

I handed in my resignation yesterday. It has become obvious lately that there is no future here - the company will keep laying off people each month until there is nobody here left to lay off. Sad but true. I will miss the people I work with, but... —  read more 

Any news about today?

Have there been any more layoffs today anywhere at Western Union, not just in San Francisco? So far, there is nothing happening at my location, but people do seem very tense. I'm wondering if I missed something and we might be getting some... —  read more 

WU Layoffs - Constant

Where to start with the critique of Western Union.... Management changes all the time -what's up with that - people cannot stick... If you are in any kind of management position, you will eventually get laid off. Western Union can't figure how to... —  read more 

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