Topics regarding layoffs at MoneyGram International Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at MoneyGram International Inc.

2019 2nd or 3rd layoff round

Govt filing At least 40 laid off on Veterans Day, including veterans. Most all over the age of 45. More to come no doubt based on this filing.

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Hundreds will be let go

Over next two months, you'll see - 2014 will be a bad year for all of us here at Moneygram. I do not have specifics but I know that the IT gorup is targeted and Finance.

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Here we come again

Here we come again. I hate working here anyway, so if they let me go they might be doing me a favor. The concept is good, the money transfer concept is working good and is making easy money. But the execs over here are short sighted and are not... — read more 

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