Topics regarding layoffs at Fidelity National Information Services Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Fidelity National Information Services Inc.

Black Wednesday

Today was a sad day at FIS, lots of really good people let go and much of the dead weight remains☹️ no rhyme or reason for the people that I’m aware of that lost jobs today. People from senior VPs right down to the cheap University Program “kids”... —  read more 

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Cuts from Digital Sales Team

The entire SDR team and managers were laid off today 1/18/2023. Terrible transparency from the higher ups. Told us to book for SKO a couple weeks back to firing us all today. Disappointed in FIS with how this was handled.

Additional cuts coming

Last year was just the beginning. More on the chopping block. Need to pay for the new HQ building.

They're doing this all wrong

How many would be happy to take severance and leave? I know I would and I know many others who would as well. I think the leadership should offer voluntary buyouts instead of layoffs. Something tells me they'd have zero issues with finding enough... —  read more 

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Planned for this

FIS senior staff planned for these layoffs over two years ago. They hired a lot of people in India in preparation for cutting the American workforce. We have been training our replacements for two years. They have to layoff American workforce to... —  read more 

2022 Layoffs Starting

An entire unit in Hawaii closed. 200 plus and Alabama. Individuals with a decade or more experience disappearing from Jacksonville. No broad communication to employees, just random events. There seems to be plenty of business, so maybe it's just a... —  read more 

High turnover?

Is my team the only team with 80+% turnover in the past two years? I'm the last person on this team with any experience, if I leave the entire team is going to crumble because there won't be anyone left to manage all the projects ... but I'm not... —  read more 

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Clients leaving?

I’m really afraid of clients leaving, because without clients there is no work, and less work means that most of us are redundant.Does anyone have insights on how many clients we are losing? I’m under a lot of stress because of it and I have a... —  read more 

Company is terrible!

No leaders here who care about people. Always doing things for the numbers, afraid of ceo and telling the truth on performance instead blame people. Not good, culture of fear not trust. Clients starting to feel it as well, employees afraid to make... —  read more 

Done or not?

Is Fidelity done with layoffs or will there be more today? I'm hoping yesterday was it, since we would have known by now if there was more, but you can never be sure...

FNIS Layoffs 2018

I spent last 10 years with our company and it'd be a real shame if they were to decide to lay people off from our offices in Jacksonville.

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FNIS Layoffs 2017

Just focus on work, focus on work, work, work. I know that people are concerned but there is nothing you can do about it - yes, I did hear about layoffs in Jacksonville.

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