Topics regarding layoffs at Fidelity National Information Services Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Fidelity National Information Services Inc.

The test

Rumors in this thread are on point. The test came via Corp Comms. A non anonymous survey testing people on PE ratio and profit drivers?

Giving my notice

I have just accepted a new job outside of fintech that includes a salary increase and solid job security. Inflation, though moderating, is still high and there are no merit increases at FIS while the people who mismanaged the company are making... —  read more 

Make a decision about RTO!

SF is off to a terrible start, and she just can’t make a decision. Rather than ask staff to come back to office, just make a decision! Either tell us to come back a minimum number of days or stop bringing up RTO. Every other company has chose a lane... —  read more 

Give her some credit

Folks, SF has been dealt the cards she’s been dealt and is playing the odds to win, and prevent more layoffs. The axe has been swung and may come around again, bloodied--that is the nature of this company and many others, so please face the music... —  read more 

Black Wednesday

Today was a sad day at FIS, lots of really good people let go and much of the dead weight remains☹️ no rhyme or reason for the people that I’m aware of that lost jobs today. People from senior VPs right down to the cheap University Program “kids”... —  read more 

Cuts from Digital Sales Team

The entire SDR team and managers were laid off today 1/18/2023. Terrible transparency from the higher ups. Told us to book for SKO a couple weeks back to firing us all today. Disappointed in FIS with how this was handled.

Additional cuts coming

Last year was just the beginning. More on the chopping block. Need to pay for the new HQ building.

They're doing this all wrong

How many would be happy to take severance and leave? I know I would and I know many others who would as well. I think the leadership should offer voluntary buyouts instead of layoffs. Something tells me they'd have zero issues with finding enough... —  read more 

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