Topics regarding layoffs at Equifax Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Equifax Inc.

Layoffs soon?

I was certain there'd be layoffs in December like last year, but considering that the month is nearly over and it would be inhumane to lay people off this close to Christmas, my guess is that we got a reprieve. It'd be good to know if that's just a... — read more 

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Caught off guard

I am still reeling from being laid off a few days ago. I never saw this coming; there wasn’t even a whiff of it in the air. I don’t know what to do. Still trying to process having spent more than 3 years working my fingers to the bone and it was all... — read more 

Layoffs across the company

Yes. Layoffs across the company. Workforce Solutions wiping out New Logo Sales, Account Executives, and other areas within St. Louis. Many companies have relied on selling back into their customer base and have failed miserably. Why? You need... — read more 

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Lack of transparency

The layoffs are happening, someone has already confirmed it on this forum but they are shrouded in secrecy. I can’t understand why there is so much non-transparency when it comes to layoffs in this company? Levels of anxiety among workers are high... — read more 

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More Equifax layoffs

I just read this article that said Long Island office is closing and more than half of its employees are being laid off. I'm trying to figure out if this is in addition to the layoffs that took place last week or is this something new?... — read more 

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Equifax layoffs November 2018

What's the situation on layoffs? Are we done for now or was yesterday just a start and we can expect more today or sometime next week? Also, do we have any idea on how many people were shown the door yesterday? I tried to find some info online but... — read more 

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Any layoffs info?

There have been some rumors going around the office that we can expect major layoffs at Equifax sometime in March, but I can't seem to find out anything more concrete about it. Anybody here knows if this rumor has bases in truth or if I should not... — read more 

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Horrible work-life balance

I've been with Equifax for nearly four years, and each has been progressively worse than the previous one. The main culprit is work-life balance. There is less and less of it. We are continuously expected to work more , without being properly... — read more 

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A reminder: employees are human

Equifax is one of the worst that I’ve ever had the displeasure to experience. The overall culture literally finds every opportunity to belittle some employees rather than to give positive reinforcements. People there are not only quick on the draw to... — read more 

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Aside from the breach...

There is a sh--load of things that will need to be fixed - security issues, that's a separate story. However, other things need to be addressed. The company culture has deteriorated and everything is driven just by numbers - all eyes on the... — read more 

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More to come

Unlike over 100 in my building, I survived this round. More coming in April though. The survivors are getting pay cuts.

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