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Aside from the breach...

There is a sh--load of things that will need to be fixed - security issues, that's a separate story. However, other things need to be addressed. The company culture has deteriorated and everything is driven just by numbers - all eyes on the stockholder, all eyes on the analysts, all eyes on the Street.

After all years here, it's hard to find good things to say about Equfax any more - I guess vacation/sick time is OK, it's decent, keep in mind there are many other companies that are much better in this department - I guess Equifax gets a pass and that's it.

Let me start:

  • Culture first, it drives everything - it's cut throat, it's elbowing, it's backstabbing - all of this - this is all encouraged by the management. The behave the same way. It's super political, it's siloed.

  • There is a ton of legacy employees with a 10 to 3 work schedule, kids events, Fridays working from home, half days, etc - but this is only for some.

  • The management layer is filled with yes people - their ability to deliver and move things forward is fairly minimal. Let me simplify this, most of managers and up are clueless yes people - staff does al lthe work and no or minimal direction is provided.

  • C-Level / Execs are removed, clueless and self serving - they are arrogant and the communication is fake, rare and weak.

  • Have I told you you have to watch your back, we hire only back-stabbers. Oh, yeah, I covered that already...

  • Many us are treated like slaves and no attempt for any reasonable life/work balance is made.

  • F--- offshore, and f--- IBM - you will never know who runs the show at Equifax - is it Equifax management or IBM or offshore.

  • There is a constant threat of layoffs or outsourcing - Equifax is so good at this, this is the core competency - mgmt dont even know how many heads they have working offshore

  • The production enviroments are in total mess - offshore coding has ruined everything.

  • Again, the culture is f---ed up and agression, passive agression and straightforward rudness is acceptable if not encouraged - it all comes from the top - hop on a conf call and you will know what I am talking about here - it'll be unpleasant, groups do not like each other.

There is more sh-- but I will keep it at this...

If this economy ever recover I can guarantee you that there will be a long line of folks trying to jump the ship here Alpharetta - I talk daily to folks, Product and Solutions folks, Infrastructure, Analysts, Devs, QA... Every single person is about to jump the ship - granted, the breach accelerated the decision making but nobody drinks the kool aid any more (unless you are 10 to 3 person).

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My favorite tag line Equifax are "good stewards". Heard that so many times.

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My favorite need hr for something yeah go to the website. And two days later India would give you a canned answer which did not answer your question. And no number or email for local hr.

Equifax bounced several physical paychecks. If you did not sign up for electronic then the paper checks would bounce. Never got an answer why,

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Yeah you never saw happy faces on the Alpharetta campus

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Lol outsourcing. Equifax started insourcing cause they determined it was cheaper than out sourcing. I agree with everything in this post. Just add one item Equifax expected you to work off 4 hours asleep every night. Working at 3 am oh see yah at 8 am at the office. Lots of broken half working equipment. When you ask people about it no cares.

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I am not with Equifax, my company is in Financial Services and we are having layoffs right now. I saw this while randomly browsing. Here is a question for you guys at Equifax - why in the world would you outsource so much of tech work - EVERYONE knows that quality drops immediately after you outsource, security drops, everything goes down. I guess both CEO and CIO and CISO should have known this but they opted to go with a boost to the share price due to lower cost. Now, it's time to punish them for that - why dont you guys claw back some of the bonuses and stock options from all of them (CIO, CISO, CEO). While you are at it add to that COO and CFO and the first one executed and the second one pushed and supported the move - CLAWBACKS will teach them a lesson.

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The "first" way to "fix it..." is by NOT outsourcing your "IT," and "second..." is by NOT placing your data/database in the "Cloud...," and "thirdly..." STOP LISTENING TO MBA's and WALL ST...

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Forgot to mention annuay and sometimes layoffs are the result of managing stock performance expectations. So shortsighted, Equifax' horizon is 3 to 6 months...

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