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What happened?

Any chance somebody can let us know what happened at Dun & Bradstreet regarding benefits? My dad's been in a lousy mood this entire week, but he's not saying why. Something tells me this might have something to do with it. I'd be very grateful for... read more

Who’s ready for tomorrow!!

Who’s ready to hear vacation will be cut. No more raises. Benefits will be worse than what they were. It’s going to be a great day. Update your resume. This shiZ show is coming to a close faster than you can imagine.

Town hall. When??

When is this meeting again. CV is going to find out the building lease isn’t being renew.

Town Hall not in Short Hills?

I just heard that the global D&B town hall meeting next week is NOT going to be held from the usual Short Hills, NJ HQ... Um, why? And where might it be held instead?...

At least S&MS is safe

All the outcasts from Alliances that had it good for a few years got moved into decent roles with S&MS product. Some even got promotions! Seems like that’s the one LOB that will be ok. Still heard from the PE circle that the eventual goal is... read more


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The Future

I’ve been reading this board for a few weeks and there are definitely different opinions out there. Yesterday was another reminder that we all need to make a decision - stay or go. If you choose to stay, you will choose to live in constant... read more

It’s gotten so bad ...

It’s gotten so bad that the HR rep who let a bunch of people go today got let go herself. Update your resumes, everyone...

Indian now running global operations.

Good luck everyone. A new hatchet man just got hired. His Indian. And ya know what that mean. Outsourcing to his friends. Our jobs will go quick now than ever. Whoever isnt actively looking outside is crazy.

Top place to work for 2019

Wonder if we will make the list next year, at least we have a billboard this year....
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D&B you should be ashamed of yourself.

So, in CV finance they let go 5 people from what I heard. One was the manager of AR inbound, 3 were long time employees, and one is on MEDICAL LEAVE. Who lays someone off who is on medical leave??? With all of this going on, our manager has not even... read more

Mood at CV

What’s the mood like at CV. Is the hammer falling. Not much being said.

Who is most at risk?

I'm relatively new at Dun & Bradstreet, and from what I understand, layoffs usually get rid of people who have been with the company the longest because they provide the largest savings for the company. Is this really the case? Does that mean that I... read more

More layoffs coming to Dun & Bradstreet

I heard a rumor from someone in finance that D&B has to let go of X amount of people. I’m not sure what that number is or what departments that means, but it does sound as if there’s some sort of quota for layoffs at this point. But hey, as Daffron... read more

Waiting is the worst

Am I the only one who finds this whole waiting game much worse than actually learning I was being laid off? At least then I'd know what to do next. I'd be doing something. Right now I'm just waiting. Letting us suffer through this instead of just... read more

And it begins

So it begins, word in the street layoffs in Tucson, Malibu and Austin today.

News? Gossip?

what is everyone saying today? I haven't heard much gossip. At this point we are all just sitting ducks. Does anyone have the inside scoop?

Severance Package Slash = More Layoffs?

Well, now they're slashing our severance packages effective immediately. Safe to say that means even more layoffs are coming? (Oh sorry, I mean "career transitions plans.") P.S. I've heard Thursdays are when they've been making most layoffs. Can... read more


Does anyone have more updates on layoffs? Dates? Dept's? Locations being hit?

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