Topics regarding layoffs at Dun & Bradstreet (D&B)

Topics regarding layoffs at Dun & Bradstreet (D&B)

Downward spiral

My colleague left, from whom many people had a lot to learn. Is this a place in a downward spiral? I've been waiting for some good news for a long time, but unfortunately there isn't any. My opinion is that it will get worse here, no matter how... —  read more 

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Managers Leaving ?

I’m hearing in one department since 2021 began 4-5 managers have left the company or to other parts of D&B, this is a red flag- typically see high rep turnover here but this rate of manager turn over is concerning? Anyone know Which department was... —  read more 

Top talent is leaving

And D&B is doing nothing to stop them. I'm not sure why that's the case, especially knowing that most are probably going to our competitors who are more than happy to take them in and use their knowledge and experience to the fullest. I really wish... —  read more 

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Sales Sales Sales

Managers and long-term reps leaving the company in all sales divisions. Employees realizing in the hot job market Dun & Bradstreet offers the least base pay and security. The management team flourished for years under a guise and now realize they... —  read more 

Employees first lol

I am surprised there is no mention in the news of all the outsourcing finance is facing in the next 60 days. But an article about subletting the office buildings since their staff is now all work from home.

CV to close EOY

My manger was a on a call today with the discussion of the closure of CV. Word on the street business is slow with state of the world and will not pick up to 2qt 2021. Hold on to your hats.

CV Shiz show

So almost every company is working from home to try to stop the virus yet we all are still coming into the office. Who is running the shiz show here.

What’s up with Malibu?

I heard from a SH contact that Malibu is next on the chopping block as a location. Something about the Austin office taking over as well as offshoring/outsourcing most of the work? That location’s expenses are making a big hole in the DNB... —  read more 


Bonuses and merit increases out of the same bucket?!?! How’s that supposed to work? The girl that’s due a promotion has to fight it out with team that’s due a raise for the past two years?!?! Absolutely ridiculous! I guess that’s why they are... —  read more 

This is the wrong approach

Why does this management believe that laying off its best and most knowledgable employees will solve many problems created by years of their own lousy decisions? Has this ever actually worked? Shouldn't the simple fact that there have been no... —  read more 

401K Questions and Concerns

It has been almost 2 years since I was let go from the firm. My financial advisor recommended to transfer the 401K as soon as the money becomes fully vested. He has a concern that if the company goes bankrupt or gets bankrupted by the investors I... —  read more 

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