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NRD in the drivers seat

Let's see what happens after #PrivateEquity takes over - it ususally ends in tears as they try to free up cash flows - I am positive there will be big clean up on all levels and things will get ugly within next six to nlne months - maybe faster. I do not want to be an alarmist, but this is a big change and will have a huge impact on all workers.


There is a rumor that the contract in it's current form has been cancelled.

I am not sure if this is just a tactics for watering down the pushback the workers have been demonstrating. The social media is flodded with negative messages Sabre and KRK...

F--- #PrivateEquity - what a bunch of lying bastards.

Lovely #privateequity scenario

Conagra is a possible Jana Partners LLC target. In the past, Jana Partners urged the international agricultural company to split into two businesses. Jana Partners later sold its stake in one of those businesses, Lamb Weston Inc., which remains a target. Jana Partners could push for ConAgra's sale or a merger with another firm. Jana Partners has a 1.4% stake in Conagra.