Topics regarding layoffs at Boeing Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Boeing Co.

Mark of the beast

I so glad I’m not working here any longer needless to say if I was it would not be for much longer as. No way does the iron mix with the clay sounds by the comments many have chosen the poison for money dammed is the soul how scary that is my... —  read more 

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CALL OUT SICK ALL WEEK!!!!! Don't want the vaccine? Make them change the rules! How? Hit them where it hurts, their wallet. Don't let them hit their monthly revenue goals, everyone call out sick everyday the last week of the month! (10/25-10/29) show... —  read more 

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this is our shot

From Dr. Nakhasi: “Last week I took care of 3 covid patients ages 34, 29, and 26. All three required a ventilator to breathe and had covid complications: one had kidney failure, two had blood clots, one had permanent lung damage, and two required... —  read more 

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Kevin your next

"Former Boeing pilot charged over 737 Max issue which contributed to fatal crashes | World News | Sky News"

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They don’t have a clue

Boeing doesn’t care if the employees get worse. They have no competition. They don’t have to worry about their employees moving to Europe and getting a job at airbus.. That’s the reason they can’t get away with the way they treat their employees... —  read more 

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