Topics regarding layoffs at Boeing Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Boeing Co.

Flawed 787 Parts

Prosecutors say Italian firm produced 4,000 flawed parts for Boeing MILAN (Reuters) - An Italian supplier at the centre of recent industrial snags on the 787 Dreamliner airplane produced more than 4,000 non-compliant parts destined for Boeing Co... —  read more 

Boeing & Santa

Santa is not happy with Boeing ! He had Boeing and it's Clowns and Monkey's overhaul his sled last summer. They installed MCAS and told him it was a dream come true. But on Christmas night after he took off from the North Pole, Rudolf took a huge... —  read more 

Fire the executives

The boeing board of directors should fired and replaced all the executives down to the VP and Sr Director levels as they really have no idea on how to build quality planes and run a business. They have learned anything aince the 787 debacle with cost... —  read more 

Huntsville, AL

Why is Boeing there, why are they always hiring for the same positions there, and why won’t they pay for relocation for the people hired to work there? Asking for a friend.


December 2013 replay coming soon in day's. The union will tell you they where negotiating in good faith and they where transparent, it was in the name of covid-19. Never let a crisis go to waste.

Boeing no longer has the internal talent or people with the depth or experence needed to take on a new airplane development

The last successful Commercial airplane designed and built at Boeing was the first 777 back in the early 1990's. Most of the older experienced people are gone from Boeing. These people either had a target on their backs, most likely due to their age... —  read more 

Flying Blind Author

Our guest today, investigative reporter Peter Robison, says there's another story behind the 737 tragedy. In a new book, he writes that in recent decades, The Boeing Company changed from a company run by engineers who insisted on quality to one that... —  read more 

More bad news for Boeing oops I mean the McDonnell Douglas Overseeing Lords that run Boeing. Hasn't won a big military Contract in over 40 years

Canada tells Boeing its bid for C$19 billion fighter jet contract falls short OTTAWA (Reuters) -In a surprise move, Canada has told Boeing Co that its contender for a multi-billion dollar fighter jet contract does not meet the required standard, a... —  read more 

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