Topics regarding layoffs at Boeing Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Boeing Co.

Boeing Managers

Do boeing managers just sit in meetings all day and don't actually do any work? I have never seen anything like this is other corporations...there managers actually work. Boeing has the laziest managers.

777 is a mess

With late parts and back shop failures they are pushing out unfinished planes. Constantly designating people and working outside or in random bays that are not equipped to build the plane. I don’t understand why they don’t stop the line to recoup... —  read more 

Peace Out B******

Just accepted a position outside of Boeing. Got an email Friday asking when I can start. All contingencies cleared. Just wrote my resignation letter, signed it and will give it to my manager Monday. I will think about you all, but not too hard... —  read more 

Mark Zuckerberg reportedly said he doesn't like seeing 'managers managing managers,' fueling speculation of more layoffs.

Exactly what Boeing needs to do. Layoff all middle managers there by flattening the managers rank. Boeing should also layoff their entire Human Resources department. No need for these people. Mark Zuckerberg reportedly said he doesn't like seeing... —  read more 


I worked for Boeing for over 40 years. In that time the company had its ups and downs but it was always able to overcome the problems and keep on going. Things look pretty grim right now. I just hope that the situation changes and the company can... —  read more 

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