Topics regarding layoffs at Boeing Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Boeing Co.

Boeings Business Plan

What is this company going to do? No plans to develop a new clean slate design for the middle market and the legacy 777/777F and 767F will shut down production by 2027. The 747 program is over. The 777X is down for the foreseeable future. That leaves... —  read more 

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Probability of bankruptcy

Almost everyone is talking about the possibility that the company enters bankruptcy next year. What's the probability for that happening in your opinion? I firmly hope that this will not happen.

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Not a good business model

Delivering their 737Max inventory has been artificially propping Boeing up for past year or so and keeping their quarterly reports from being even more dismal than they would be...if that is even possible... Boeing can't deliver newly manufactured... —  read more 

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Is it that bad to work here?

Is Boeing really that bad? I would love the opportunity build a long career with the company. Why so much hate? They build beautiful aircraft and the workers seem to be compensated well with all kinds of benefits.

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Hiring Freeze

Word going around on the shop floor is that there are hiring freezes taking place. What’s about to happen? Are we in for another round of layoffs? This industry is a stressful one to be in when you can’t plan for anything in the future. —  read more 

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layoffs are comin

chances are there are mass lay offs in the future (between nov 2022 and april 2023) so if you get promoted chances are they planned to chop you off anyways. get your resume ready.

More Boeing Quality - The US Army has grounded about 400 Boeing-made CH-47 Chinook helicopters over engine fire fears

More Boeing built junk...the Chinook follows in the footsteps of the Max, 787, KC-46, 777X, Starliner.....the apathy and #QuietQuittingBoeing really shows —  read more 

Need help

I have been offered level 5 at boeing. I am not sure how the work culture and the company is. Is level 5 the Max at Boeing OR are there any levels above that? Should I join. I need your advice. Thanks

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