Topics regarding layoffs at Boeing Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Boeing Co.

More Bad Space News for Boeing There is also a rumor Boeing will also need to redesign Starliner because of the problematic valve issues and thdy will need another test flight before... —  read more 

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Not Acceptable!

Boeing hasn't been tending to their knitting for a long time, and the chickens are coming home to roost.  It used to be "Over budget, and they yell at you - Bust a schedule and you get fired."  Now, busting schedule is de rigueur.  Accepted.  Failure... —  read more 

Can't paint AF1 due to heat?

The news is saying the puppetmaster has cancelled the paint job on the new AF1. This due to engineering costs (like they give a s about costs of anything) and it will cause a heating problem. Please explain that heating problem. Somebody?... —  read more 

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