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Some good news for Boeing

Finally, some good news. I was thinking how many layoffs we'll be looking at after the Airbus news yesterday, but we seem to be in luck after all with the new 737 Max contract. Hopefully, things are starting to look up... read more

Boeing is top heavy

Is the 15% cut in Management ranks? If not, it should be, including HR types, but 15% is way to low, make it 40%, that's a good start. Boeing is top heavy with to many Managers with not a lot to do. As for Boeing HR, why is there five levels of... read more

Lay offs

We have heard from a1st line manager in the area that there will be a 15% in employee reduction and that we will take a sharp decrease in production rate. I am a worker on the floor and I see it, we constantly have down days where we just sit and do... read more

Small cut in Houston (6 people)

WARN per the state filing: Notice Received on: Jan 29, 2019 Company: Boeing Company County: Harris WDA: Gulf Coast WDA Number of employees laid off: 6 Layoff date (end): Mar 22, 2019 Layoff date (start): Jan 29, 2019 City: Houston
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Any news on layoffs?

I'm getting really nervous with no layoff news forthcoming at all. I'd like to think that means we are in the clear, but I know better. This is Boeing we're talking about, after all. if anybody knows what we're looking at in the next weeks or months... read more

CEO must be fired

Easy decision. Over 300 people died. He needs to go. Just like in the Navy when there is a collision at sea. Career over.

Are layoffs done for now?

Have there been any more layoffs at Boeing today? Do we know if any more sites will be hit today or sometime next week? Should I be worried if our plant is not manufacturing anything for the 737? Also, do we know how many total people were laid off... read more


How much outsourcing going on and could it be less talented folks in the company causing all this serious safety issues lately one after another?

whos takes the blame for 1970 layoffs

people lost there life over this my sister only 3 years old died over this my mom and dad who worked for boeing that left ohio for a better life paid the price lost everything they had and my sister. never got over this shame on this. now all 3 are... read more

And the good news keeps on coming...

If this really happens, it will be devastating for Ridley Park. the Army says it is canceling its commitment to upgrade hundreds of Chinook 47 helicopters, threatening layoffs for many of the 4,600 mechanics and other staff at Boeing’s Ridley Park... read more
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Great plane design! Safety to the Max!

Great job and excellent engineering Boeing. Let's review. 737 max engines are heavier which changed the aerodynamics. That gave it a nose up attitude on takeoff. Awesome change. Who wouldn't want a plane that drives nose up on takeoff under full... read more

It's all about greed

Of course Boeing will do anything to eliminate costs in airplane production! Boeing is more and more focused everyday on eliminating anything that can make profits increase. Eliminate job tasks employees do in their everyday jobs, eliminate quality... read more
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Will this cause layoffs?

Who else is worried that the second 737 crash will result in more layoffs at Boeing? I don't remember the last time I was this nervous, waiting to see what was going to happen.

QA Layoffs in 2019

We were told today that 400 QA jobs will be affected next year (2019) and another 400 the year after that due to a “QA Transformation Plan”. They plan to remove QA inspections, and put it all on the mechanics. Not real sure how the FAA bought into... read more


Things will be better
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737 supplier slowdown

I read somewhere Boeing's suppliers were delaying deliveries and that the line would slow down. Are there layoffs associated with that? I'd be stupid because you won't get those people back when it picks back up again. Asking for a friend.


It's been quiet here lately. Either y'all have been laid off or Boeing is not such a bad place to work after all.
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BAC Internal Layoff Notice Memo 2018

Boeing (BAC) Everett announced layoffs coming via internal memo to managers. The memo stated they will be laying off contractors until November. This is the typical, cyclic layoff period around the holidays regardless of how late one came in to the... read more


Would it not have been nice if Boeing would of paid the taxes on our AMPS since they did get such a huge tax cut. Keep some of the money in house instead of rubbing it on our faces and and even trying to let us decide where they should spend it... read more
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Hard to get ahead

If Boeing has a major problem today, it's favoritism. Promotions at the factory are still based on who you are friends with, which translates into a very long wait just to be able to get a step ahead. It doesn’t matter if you are a hard worker or how... read more
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Lousy management

I really wish Boeing would have it’s Upper Management get their act together. Decision making processes are all over the place. They keep changing their minds all the time, which ends up causing anxiety in the workplace for the rest of us. It becomes... read more

Bureaucracy a main staple

There is a so much bureaucracy in Boeing. I know some of it comes with the territory of being a large corporation, but this is too much even for that. The company gives us many different career paths and opportunities, however, in order to reach them... read more

Continuous stealthy layoffs

Lockheed, Boeing, Northrop and perhaps the other big aero-defense companies have been playing this game for a long time where the ongoing layoffs are continuous throughout the year but the numbers laid off at any given time is always kept below the... read more

Boeing Layoffs 2018

If I tell you that I am concerned you'll laugh - but how can you ignore so many warning signs here in Chicago.

Layoffs Benefits

Just in case you need details, on layoffs, you can find it here:

Boeing Layoffs 2017 - August - Media Coverage

Do you know what this article covers - it's behind a paywall and I cannot see it. Please let me know.

More layoffs planned by Boeing

This year seems to be really layoffs heavy for Boeing. 74 more people will be let go, in addition to at least another thousand nationwide since the start of the year (if my calculations are correct.) Hopefully, this trend will soon come to a full... read more

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