Topics regarding layoffs at Spirit AeroSystems

Topics regarding layoffs at Spirit AeroSystems

Boeing mobsters

Read at least the last paragraph. 346 people were k–led because of their actions to make money. Lifetime prison for all involved!

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Spirit Wichita

Waterfall coming soon and will hit all manager, inspector, and composite areas. Managers can pick their spot on the shop floor if seniority holds. Military will be affected too but no reductions. Maybe more short work weeks after hitting 3rd shift... —  read more 

More to come

I heard Monday there will be more to come. I have a friend in R&D and he said they really cleaned house blue badge and contractors alike. Has any one else heard the same or worst.

+ Voluntary Layoffs

Source: Spirit AeroSystems offers more voluntary layoffs WICHITA, Kan. (AP) — Spirit AeroSystems is offering voluntary layoffs to all its union-covered technical and professional workers... —  read more 

Some info on layoffs

If you we are hired after april 2018 you are being cut news today from 1st union rep. Found in another thread, but I thought it belonged at the top so more people could see it. Good luck to all affected, I'm sure plenty of those who do not fit in... —  read more 

Spirit Hiring Freeze

Just in case you have questions on Spirit's Hiring Freeze: Spirit has implemented a hiring freeze and will reduce overtime and contractor expenses, but plans no layoffs, Gentile says. The news came as Spirit announced a $163 million profit in the... —  read more 

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737 MAX in BIG trouble

Boeing announced today it might have to end the production of the 737 MAX indefinitely,Boeing took a 5 BILLION dollar loss so far and it's stock is in free fall,I see MASSIVE layoffs at Boeing and this will trickle down to suppliers worldwide and... —  read more 

Cash Cow

The 737 has been Boeing and spirit aerosystems cash cow for years. This cash cow is not producing yet boeing still paying its suppliers how much longer can this go on ? If the 737 max does not fly soon boeing and its suppliers like spirit aerosystems... —  read more 

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