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Some info on layoffs

If you we are hired after april 2018 you are being cut news today from 1st union rep. Found in another thread, but I thought it belonged at the top so more people could see it. Good luck to all affected, I'm sure plenty of those who do not fit in... —  read more 

Voluntary layoffs in progress

We knew this was coming. As we were expecting, voluntary layoffs are happening. They will not get enough numbers and regular layoffs will follow. I hope this is all over very soon.

Where's the dumpster fire now Spirit?

Good luck to all of you, your going get boned by the The "B". Spirit AeroSystems offers voluntary layoffs to employees http://www.kake.com/story/41526463/spirit-aerosystems-offers-voluntary-layoffs-to-employees

Spirit Hiring Freeze

Just in case you have questions on Spirit's Hiring Freeze: Spirit has implemented a hiring freeze and will reduce overtime and contractor expenses, but plans no layoffs, Gentile says. The news came as Spirit announced a $163 million profit in the... —  read more 

737 MAX in BIG trouble

Boeing announced today it might have to end the production of the 737 MAX indefinitely,Boeing took a 5 BILLION dollar loss so far and it's stock is in free fall,I see MASSIVE layoffs at Boeing and this will trickle down to suppliers worldwide and... —  read more 

Spirit Aerosystems News

Any insider updates on how things are going? Any layoffs planned soon? I know that will not pop up in news feeds but wanted to see if some of you can share more info.

Cash Cow

The 737 has been Boeing and spirit aerosystems cash cow for years. This cash cow is not producing yet boeing still paying its suppliers how much longer can this go on ? If the 737 max does not fly soon boeing and its suppliers like spirit aerosystems... —  read more 

Does anybody actually believe this?

Am I the only one who finds this...not likely to be true? Spirit AeroSystems — manufacturer of 70% of the grounded 737 Max plane’s parts, including its fuselage — isn’t planning to lay off employees in the wake of Boeing’s announcement last month... —  read more 

Friends and coworkers jumping ship left and right

Contractors have loaded up tool boxes , over time has been cut , storing fuselage on site how much longer can they keep all rest of the mechanics busy? No current demand from Boeing for our 737 max fuselages with questions from coworkers of layoffs... —  read more 

Spirit AeroSystems Layoffs 2018

How many times do we need to be surprised by executives - do you think that we might have job cuts in corporate again - here in Wichita.

Massive incoming layoffs

There are going to be a massive layoffs between tulsa and wichita. They have instituted a hiring freeze and given HR instructions recruit and process candidates but not hire them. The largest cuts are going to be in the business section of wichita.

Tulsa Vote

So how do you think tomorrow's vote is going to go?

Spirit AeroSystems Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Spirit AeroSystems layoffs in Wichita in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.


UAW union

The UAW union is worthless. They don't help anyone but themselves. Those old wrinkly dudes should just go away. The talk a good line of crap, but when it comes to the nut cutting, they are company stooges. I wonder if there's not some back room deals... —  read more 

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Today workers are hearing 150 more layoffs soon.

Last year they hired outside company to determine who all was committing health insurance fraud (added, non-real dependents to their policy) and dropped the fraudulent ones they will hopefully target those people for insurance fraud (theft) and... —  read more 

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Any news about downsizing in Tulsa?

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Seen this all to many times

Seen this all to many times. Imagine that...an aircraft company writing checks its ass can't cash. Just making promises they can't keep and throwing the low levels under the bus. More crap to come I'm sure...

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