Embraer Layoffs

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Embraer Layoffs 2018

Do not be concerned, things will play out good this year. But layoffs might be happening in Q1 here in San Jose.

Embraer Jacksonville layoffs

Do you have any updates about job cuts for Embraer Jacksonville? I used to work there and I left in 2014. I am hearing that things can be better - please share any layoff info you may have.

Embraer Layoffs 2017

I thought people were joking when they told me that they were 100% certain that we'll have layoffs in San Jose.

20% to be laid off (about 4000 employees)

This is already public. Will impact Brazil, about 4000 employees will be laid off. A drop in orders and problems with Brazil's economy are causing the issues. Not sure how things will play out but this is not good for anybody as there are many... —  read more 

Embraer plains sell less

That may cause problems in my option and some layoffs may happen if Embraer does not improve in what they do and if it has better things to support their business strategy

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