Topics regarding layoffs at Bombardier

Topics regarding layoffs at Bombardier

Will anything be left?

I'd really like to know if Bombardier leadership has thrown in the towel and is just steering us towards the inevitable end? It feels like every couple of weeks we hear about another thing either being sold or closed for good. Serious question, how... —  read more 

And here we go again...

Bombardier Inc (TSX: BBD.B) plans to cease production of its iconic Learjet aircraft later this year in an attempt to improve its bottom line. On Thursday, the Montreal-based business jet manufacturer also said it will eliminate 1,600 jobs in... —  read more 

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When will we know more?

Any ideas on when we might find out some details on the planned 5,000 layoffs? It's really not fair for Bombardier to drop that kind of a bomb on us (pun not intended) and then leave us hanging for who knows how long. Any more info on what's in the... —  read more 

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More info on incoming layoffs

Bombardier is cutting 5,000 jobs over 18 months and selling company assets to save hundreds of millions of dollars. The so-called restructuring plan to get out of a massive debt hole comes despite the company reporting a near $150 million profit in... —  read more 

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Trust Boeing

Boeing, Bombardier needs cleared out from the top down excluding the practical skill base. Then start paying a living wage to adorned shirt and tie workers for having access to Boeing specifications and standards then claiming to be the next Sir Alan... —  read more 

Who would you trust.

Manufacturing aircraft can be complex. A quick fix to Alabama would circumvent tariffs, according to some. The alignment phase of any engineering manufacturing process is lengthy, not to mention the the regulatory requirements when relocating to... —  read more 

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CS500 V Boeing.

CS 500 V Boeing Directly. Bombardier accuses Trump administration of ‘egregious overreach. Are Bombardier being a little premature securing the CS500 title to tackle Boeing directly. This seems an erogenous Reach around, yanking Boeing chain and... —  read more 

Too many corners cut

Too many corners cut, process control panels, process monitoring / archiving. raw material control. Critical process functions, personnel qualified or not. Where are the audits. Just another few corrective actions to bluff over, job done. Where are... —  read more 

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Give me strength lol, this company wasted over $1bn on nothing more than a whim with a learjet nobody wanted or needed. It built Global whitetails in hope rather than actual sales which lead to a schedule decimation and expenditure outgoings that... —  read more 

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Montreal Layoffs 2017

There is a rumor that Montreal might be hit big time in 2017. Is this something we should worry about right now or is it just one of dozens speculations floating around that predict doom and gloom? I've been around the block for a while and I know... —  read more 

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Wizard from P&W

I thought the wizard from P&W was brought in as the fixer, looks like he may yet be the closer. Hoping this time the shop floor Worker's will be left a lone. Maybe they will do away with the Corner Boy/ Bully Boy type management we have in Belfast... —  read more 

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Time to wake up

The unite union senior Stewart's, are working more for the management and company theses days. Rather than the members that pay dues of nearly £15 a month to be represented and receive none. Time to Waken up guys.

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commissioning C377's at Derby

Hello all - I landed here randomly and I see that folks are discussing Bombardier layoffs... Yep been there and done that as a contractor commissioning C377's at Derby, i guess as usual they have gone in cheap to get the contracts. Its about time... —  read more 

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