Topics regarding layoffs at Raytheon Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Raytheon Co.

Corporate Move

Now that the new company corporate HQ is moving from Ma to VA what happens/happened to the legacy RTN corporate people ? They are not part of the 4 new Business Units but were they absorbed into one of the BU? Corporate was scattered throughout the... —  read more 


How many people with HAC payroll number prefix are left in Raytheon Technologies? They all should have retired by now. If any are left they probably were not in the Hughes retirement plan and need to continue to work to get social security.

The RayTech QuitOff

I doubt this could ever happen, but wouldn't it be neat if like say 30,000 RayTech employees organized over social media, found each other follow-on jobs, and then you all quit on the same day? Imagine programs losing half their staff in one... —  read more 

Salary of a Senior Engineer

I am negotiating an offer. Wondering what would be the best salary that a Senior Engineer, advanced degree with 6-8 years of experience, can get at Raytheon Co.? what is the range? and what is considered close to the top of the spectrum?

Smaller layoffs

I wonder if there were a lot of smaller layoffs happening under the radar before the end of last year, or will there be a lot of such smaller layoffs in the future?

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