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2021 Restructuring?

Over the course of this merger I have been keeping tabs on many small details that I believe point toward a major restructure in early 2021. This will be a long winded post but I would like input from anyone on their prerogative. Raytheon was... —  read more 


Somebody else asked this in another thread and I'm going to join them: do we have any idea what kind of severance packages we are looking at? Considering the current situation, I wouldn't be surprised if they decided to save money by reducing... —  read more 


Layoffs at the legacy SAS are happening quietly. I was unofficially told to expect notification next week. These layoffs have everything to do with the merger and your pay grade. In my department there are open reqs and I was told that I can not... —  read more 


Where did you hear Raytheon is tightening its belt "across the board?" My understanding is that legacy Raytheon still continues to hire for new positions and is not facing furloughs / pay cuts. Meanwhile, only SOME employees with Pratt &... —  read more 

Run while you can

The merger numbers at face value make no sense even with early or encouraged retirements. Just do a comparison to the reporting of other companies like Boeing and Lockheed you'll find current employee levels are not sustainable. RayTech could... —  read more 

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Fort Huachuca Layoffs

More cuts... A major change in how the Army contracts for warfighter training has resulted in a game of musical chairs of sorts for Raytheon workers at Fort Huachuca in Sierra Vista. Raytheon and major partner General Dynamics recently reported... —  read more 

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Job requisition cancellations

Over the last 2 months positions I have applied to at Raytheon end up with the req being cancelled. What is going on. Also has anybody been hired through a hiring event? I attended 1 and there were no new open roles and no on the spot interviews.

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