Topics regarding layoffs at Raytheon Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Raytheon Co.


CALL OUT SICK ALL WEEK!!!!! Don't want the vaccine? Make them change the rules! How? Hit them where it hurts, their wallet. Don't let them hit their monthly revenue goals, everyone call out sick everyday the last week of the month! (10/25-10/29) show... —  read more 

Workplace toxicity

I’ve been here longer than a decade and I’ve enjoyed my job, but the atmosphere is horrible now. This place has never been more toxic. The toughest everyday challenge now is no longer work, but how to ignore the bad vibes and what to do to make your... —  read more 

This is all BS

This is all BS... the form with your status is just for the company to keep track ofthings... it,s go nothing to do with the mandate... and I can,t go into the office for medical reasons so why do i have to do it? And today they changed the deadline... —  read more 

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Tension higher than ever

The atmosphere is worse than ever. For more than a decade of working here, I don’t remember the tension ever being higher. Maybe I'm exaggerating? I don't know, but it doesn't bode well for me. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

New Job titles and levels

is the job titles and levels at raytheon as below or did it change recently? G01-G05 are so-called “para professionals”, meaning jobs that don’t require a 4-year degree, but which are treated as salary positions G06 is an entry level engineer... —  read more 


Since this is a layoff page what is happening with the supposed layoffs in the 3rd quarter of this year? Previous threads mention they hear this rumor and that rumor, etc...and now nothing?

Status of Layoffs

A previous thread talked about layoff rumors and that it would be starting in 3rd quarter of this year. We are in the 3rd quarter now. Any updated rumors, status, etc. Or was it just a joke?


Since this is a layoff page, can we get back to talking about layoffs? Anymore rumors or substance other than what was previously posted? Particularly interested in legacy RTN in So. Cal.

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This is what I concluded

The longer you work at Raytheon, the less appreciated you are. In any other company, they would bend over backward to reward experience and great work, but not here. Here we are nothing but numbers. Once the number (pay) becomes too high for them, no... —  read more 

The CRT stuff

This is what you get when you have an executive willing to sell out to communists if it means they get a government contract. Do they actually believe this nonsense? No. They will do anything for a buck today even if it means a worse company and... —  read more 

THE WOKE DEFENSE CONTRACTOR: Raytheon adopts critical race theory and tells employees to acknowledge their "privilege."

Raytheon Technologies Corporation, the nation’s second-largest defense contractor, has launched an “anti-racism” program that promotes critical race theory, rejects the principle of “equality,” and instructs employees to “identify [their]... —  read more 

False rumor

So I guess the pist about layoffs at legacy RTN are false? There has been no information whatsoever, not even rumors. I guess the original poster just posted to start something.

Everybody is afraid

Nearly all of my coworkers seem to be scared to death of layoffs all the time. As a result, I'm yet to hear somebody disagree with or stand up to their abusive manager or say no to an unreasonable request. Maybe I don't get it because I'm younger and... —  read more 

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