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Raytheon Layoffs 2020

If the economy turns around, do you anticipate any Raytheon Layoffs 2020? Any news or rumors?

How real are the postings

I had 3 interviews at Raytheon this week with different departments. I did not get any of the jobs. Are these postings rigged? How does one get in from the outside?

Fort Huachuca Layoffs

More cuts... A major change in how the Army contracts for warfighter training has resulted in a game of musical chairs of sorts for Raytheon workers at Fort Huachuca in Sierra Vista. Raytheon and major partner General Dynamics recently reported... —  read more 

Job requisition cancellations

Over the last 2 months positions I have applied to at Raytheon end up with the req being cancelled. What is going on. Also has anybody been hired through a hiring event? I attended 1 and there were no new open roles and no on the spot interviews.

Voluntary layoff at Raytheon

How likely is it to get rejected when applying for voluntary layoff? This was asked in another thread, but I was hoping putting it on top would ensure more people saw it and actually answered. I'm thinking of moving on, but I also don't want to put a... —  read more 

Layoffs by the end of March

Management was so proud of the 2.8 billion made in sales of last year and gave applause to GBS and REPS for the hard work and well done job . What happened now? VOL or involuntary by end of March! Really??? How do you expect the moral will be till... —  read more 

Layoffs at Raytheon

Raytheon is laying off over fifty people from the Orlando facility. I know nobody is surprised by this since we all know that no contract with Army equals no jobs. I just wonder if we'll see more of a ripple effect from this or if it will stop here... —  read more 

September layoffs at Raytheon

B/E airspace lay people off today 9/12/17 Anybody have any more info on this layoffs round? Mainly, are we looking at more layoffs this week, or was this it? I have been trying to find more info all around, but there is nothing, no news, no rumors on... —  read more 

Division and Executive Office

Raytheon and Job security is a function of which division and program you are assigned to. I worked there earlier in my career, starting when I was in graduate school, got double digit raises for near ten years. I was assigned to a department for... —  read more 

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Raytheon Layoffs 2017

Is this a joke someone is trying to pull? How come now we are talking about layoffs in Waltham.

Laid off

I worked with JLENS for three years and was then laid off. I knew it was a three year program, so not surprised I was let go. I really enjoyed my time there and I learned a lot about how Raytheon helps our military. I enjoyed working with my... —  read more 


Worked 35 years security at Raytheon Rhode Island and had very positive experience. Worked my way up to manager. Cannot complain, Raytheon treated me good and gave me a good pension and 401.

RMS expanding rapidly

It's sad to hear of people being lied off, I have been laid off several times in my career and it was never good. I started with Raytheon missile systems in Arizona about 8 months ago and I've had nothing but a positive experience. They are currently... —  read more 

My two cents

To ones approaching 50, watch your back, unless you wanna be replaced soon. And for the ones considering working here, keep in mind - though if may not seem like that at first because of some correctional changes and changes in personal, Raytheon... —  read more 

Does anyone else find this odd?

First they layoff good performers, experienced senior employees, ones above 50. Then Raytheon gets in trouble on various projects due to a lack in experience, so they need someone to clean up the mess. And than, what do they do - they engage the same... —  read more 

Position Terminated- Advice

My position was terminated as my Manager was unable to find more non-cleared work for me. The expectation was get security clearance within 6 months or else. Was anyone else in the same boat as me at some point in their career? Does anyone know of... —  read more 

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