Topics regarding layoffs at Raytheon Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Raytheon Co.

RTN BU mergers

With the merger of SAIS and RMDS (is that correct acronym?) there will be layoffs by July 1 due to duplicate functions. Jeff Place director of SAIS SCM is being replaced by the other SCM director. However heard he will not be laid off but reassigned... —  read more 

More cuts soon

The last round of layoffs happened a little less than a month ago, and not too many people were affected. Now I'm hearing rumors about another round, only this time it's supposed to be more substantial. Can anybody who knows what's going on and... —  read more 

HR issues?

So, I’m highly qualified and can’t seem to get so much as an interview in Tucson for the past month. Are there any HR issues hiring from outside due to RIFs at other locations? Ding against me is not having a clearance yet. They are just sitting on... —  read more 

RIF in Largo, FL (RIS)- April 10

Layoffs in Largo, many WFH positions but also some on-site employees affected as well. Larger impact said to be to RIS (Raytheon Intelligence and Space). Not clear what is most affected teams, looks like variety of decisions units made cuts.

Layoffs around Holidays

So, RayTurd in their infinite wisdom used to lay off people around Holidays in a way to spare morale (pause for copious amounts of laughter). Any, big Chopping sounds around the Raytheon divisions as of late?

Third quarter results

However, the bottom-line figure dropped 4% from the year-ago quarter’s adjusted earnings of $1.26 due to the absence of a prior year tax benefit and lower pension income. This part has me worried. I know we beat estimates on EPS, but the leadership... —  read more 

Corporate Move

Now that the new company corporate HQ is moving from Ma to VA what happens/happened to the legacy RTN corporate people ? They are not part of the 4 new Business Units but were they absorbed into one of the BU? Corporate was scattered throughout the... —  read more 

I am hoping to be laid off

I don't know what it says about a company if somebody who's been here for 16 years (former UTC) is praying to be laid off, but that's what's been happening lately. I know I'm not the only one. Everybody around me is either waiting to be laid off or... —  read more 

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