Topics regarding layoffs at Raytheon Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Raytheon Co.

Salary of a Senior Engineer

I am negotiating an offer. Wondering what would be the best salary that a Senior Engineer, advanced degree with 6-8 years of experience, can get at Raytheon Co.? what is the range? and what is considered close to the top of the spectrum?

Smaller layoffs

I wonder if there were a lot of smaller layoffs happening under the radar before the end of last year, or will there be a lot of such smaller layoffs in the future?

Attrition at Raytheon

Is there is a lot of attrition at Raytheon right now? I am surprised that there is not a lot going on in my area since a lot of these defense jobs require the employee to come in person. If I was a an engineer then I would just take a remote job... —  read more 


Can we get back on topic and discuss layoffs instead of complaining about your job and the vaccine mandates? There had to be another site that will let you gripe. Anyway what is the latest regarding layoffs? The year is almost over.


CALL OUT SICK ALL WEEK!!!!! Don't want the vaccine? Make them change the rules! How? Hit them where it hurts, their wallet. Don't let them hit their monthly revenue goals, everyone call out sick everyday the last week of the month! (10/25-10/29) show... —  read more 

Workplace toxicity

I’ve been here longer than a decade and I’ve enjoyed my job, but the atmosphere is horrible now. This place has never been more toxic. The toughest everyday challenge now is no longer work, but how to ignore the bad vibes and what to do to make your... —  read more 

This is all BS

This is all BS... the form with your status is just for the company to keep track ofthings... it,s go nothing to do with the mandate... and I can,t go into the office for medical reasons so why do i have to do it? And today they changed the deadline... —  read more 

Tension higher than ever

The atmosphere is worse than ever. For more than a decade of working here, I don’t remember the tension ever being higher. Maybe I'm exaggerating? I don't know, but it doesn't bode well for me. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

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