Topics regarding layoffs at Raytheon Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Raytheon Co.

Some sound advice

Don’t get to comfortable here. Don’t believe the company has any interest in investing in employees. Put out feelers (what can it hurt?) and always look for that next job opening. But most of all be prepared for the unexpected. And no matter how... —  read more 

Sale of services unit?

I wonder how the story of Raytheon's consideration of billion dollar sale of a services unit will develop further? Any thoughts? The unit, which provides training for the repair and maintenance of equipment, vehicles and machinery, is likely to... —  read more 

Be prepared for more

During a recent Collins executive call, a high ranking VP mentioned that they were tasked with looking closely at overhead/indirect labor for the rest of Q1. Sounds like another round of cuts will be coming in late Q1, early Q2. Yup, it looks... —  read more 

More cuts incoming

Well, looks like we have our new chief transformation officer. I don't know much about Bainee Michael Dumais but his job description, which includes as one of the main points cost cuts, is enough to have me worried. We all know that the easiest ways... —  read more 

Screw this company

So the company expects those being laid off “will be offered the opportunity to work for one of the contractors” taking over the project. It's not a guarantee, but for them it makes it all better. Leave it to Raytheon to try to negate layoffs by... —  read more 

More to go

At least at the bottom in correction it states "most have been let go already"

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Possibly 450 lost jobs

Raytheon Technologies is cutting as many as 450 jobs in Connecticut this week amid the continuing slump in air travel, the majority of them at its Pratt & Whitney facility in East Hartford that sells jet engines. A Pratt & Whitney spokesperson... —  read more 

Layoffs are coming

Don't lull yourself into a false sense of security. It might not be today or next week, but we are due for a major cleanup. Too many overlapping jobs to last much longer. Realistically, it's really not sustainable long term either. I just wish that... —  read more 

Finance Layoffs

Does anyone know of upcoming layoffs in the finance org for RMD? There's alot of redundancy between legacy IDS and MS roles, and some of stuff they are rolling out is sketchy as f*ck. CAMs, are no longer on the hook for programs, the IPT/CPTs are... —  read more 

bad company to work for

I worked at Collians, and the people in NC havnt a clue what they are doing. Lots of unnecessary OT, people in positions with nothing to do and mangers allowing employees to do nothing all day. The CEO Hayes will still get his big payday while the... —  read more 

UTC got lucky

Looks like UTC got lucky with the merger/purchase of Raytheon. With all the cuts at PW and Collins, it looks like the Raytheon part is what is keeping the new company afloat. Still dont understand why Kennedy decided to merge/sell Raytheon. They... —  read more 

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