Topics regarding layoffs at Mercury Computer Systems Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Mercury Computer Systems Inc.

Mass layoffs - engineering heavy

Got laid off this week. Lots of engineering folks gone, at least 100 total this round. On the corporate All Hands they spewed lots of talk about change being good and necessary for the company, but didn’t offer an ounce of humanity or empathy for... — read more 

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Layoffs - 1/17/2024

A RIF occurred today. It was not as large as back in Q3 2023 and the department I am in only lost a few people. This news was not out of the blue as the stock has been rapidly declining and there is an upcoming earnings call. The biggest news is the... — read more 

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Another Round of Layoffs

Got a call from my manager and was laid off out of the blue right before a customer meeting. Apparently there is another large round of layoffs occurring, not a surprise since Mercury's stock is in a freefall and the keep loosing business left and... — read more 

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Going down hill fast

I've been at Mercury going on 5 years now and I've started applying elsewhere. Every program I have worked on in the past 2 years has been red and Mercury's response to this? Fire good people who were helping keep these programs afloat and tell... — read more 

CEO is a liar

CEO joined June 30th on interim basis and within 30 days decided to cut 10% of force AFTER originally saying no layoffs were happening in their first town hall. Board decided to make CEO permanent after only a 30 day search. Whole leadership team... — read more 

August 2023 layoffs

On the 9th, myself as well as many other great employees were cut. Many including myself providing key functions for the company. Not sure how the remaining few will survive this. Honestly curious about the selection process on who was cut and who... — read more 

Mass Layoff

A mass layoff occurred today. The RIF effected everyone in the org from purchasing to IT to operations. There has been no major announcements from the C-Suite and the only way news has been passed is through word of mouth and seeing bounce back... — read more 

Changes in company

Recently the Chief Transformation Officer was laid off and his staff (1MPACT) were either let go or moved functions. No large layoffs but since the news of the potential acquisition there has been a number of personnel changes. With a new interim... — read more 

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