Topics regarding layoffs at Synaptics Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Synaptics Inc.

How bad was it?

I'm no longer at Synaptics but I've heard about the latest layoffs. I had great coworkers there so I hope all of them are still employed. Lack of job security is one of the reasons why I chose to leave in the first place, and this only proves that I... — read more 

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Here we go ... again

Massive Layoffs across all the divisions. First, in San Jose and US Locations. Right now happening in Japan Design Center and other Asia locations. Tomorrow in Taiwan. Some major divisions are broken up into pieces. For people still at Synaptics, I... — read more 

The halving phenomenon

A few years back SYNA turned down an acquisition offer from a Chinese company for around $110, and the stock dropped to low $50’s for a while. Earlier this year SYNA turned down the offer from Dialog for $59 and now the stock is approaching $30. So... — read more 

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Are layoffs done?

Anybody knows if layoffs at Synaptics are done for now or if we'll see more before the end of the week? Or even sometime next week? I know usually they don't lay people off on Friday, but it's not a rule and I'm really nervous after since the last... — read more 

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DLG to buy SYNA

This is a good joke. DLG thinks that SYNA is its savior and SYNA thinks that DLG is its savior. Meanwhile both are circling the drain and will drag each other down even faster. At least it made the stock pop, seems like the only thing that works... — read more 

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