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Rotary & Missions Systems

Lockheed Martin to lay off dozens of Central Florida workers before the holidays https://www.bizjournals.com/orlando/news/2019/10/18/lockheed-martin-to-lay-off-dozens-of-central.html LMT will cut 79 employees from its Rotary & Missions Systems... —  read more 

Layoffs at Lockheed Martin ahead of Christmas

Could there be even more than what is mentioned here? Lockheed Martin Corp. will lay off dozens of workers in Central Florida just before Christmas due to the loss of a contract. The Bethesda, Maryland-based defense company (NYSE: LMT) will cut... —  read more 

Some layoffs at Lockheed Martin in Canada

This happened earlier this month, but I don't see that anybody posted it. Lockheed Martin Canada has laid off 20 employees in Ottawa and another 11 at its facilities in Montreal and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. The employees were informed of the layoffs... —  read more 

82 in FL

State of Florida - WARN Notice Company Name: Lockheed Martin Corp Rotary & Mission Sy Number of Laid off Employees: 82 Address 1: Hurlburt Field Air Force Base Address 2: 589 Independence Road City: Hurlburt Field, FL WARN Notice Date: Mon 02/05/2018... —  read more 

Lockheed Martin layoffs June 2018

More layoffs at Lockheed Martin, to the surprise of exactly nobody. Aerospace and defense company Lockheed Martin is laying off workers from its local office as it prepares to shutter operations in San Luis Obispo... —  read more 

it's all about the dividend...

once this company cared about hiring best employees it would invest in for the future... those days are long gone... today, lockheed favors hiring personnel significantly below its previous standards and giving them responsibilities above their... —  read more 

Constant layoffs

Has Lockheed Martin had constant layoffs on smaller scale for years now? Not those that make the news, but just a few people here and there? This crossed my mind the other day as we lost two people from our department. No announcement, nothing. Not... —  read more 

Give new ideas a chance!

Lockheed is going downhill because it's full of long-timers who are resistant any kind of change. Management is arrogant and stuck in their own old ways of doing things. They can't even consider the possibility that some of the new folks could have... —  read more 

Lockheed Martin Layoffs 2017

Whenever you think there will be no layoffs they change the approach. Now all people are talking about job cuts in Bethesda.

Lockheed Martin Voluntary layoff 2016 and 2017

What's going on as it relates to Voluntary layoffs - are we going to have more of these - is Lockheed going to offer this option next year as well? 2017 will be a watershed year for us.

Lay offs

It's election year folks! You should all be praying because either hilary or trump dod will have budget cuts doh. It repeats every year with a massive cut every 4. Grow up and job hop if you want to have a job

LM Layoffs NM

Anyone have any news on any of the LM contracts in NM? Who stays and who is out?

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Leidos / HCL Connection

Heard that Leidos has outsourced their IT to the company HCL (India owned company), if you are IT in ISGS get out now! Seriously, I've see this fine company sink deeper and deeper and all due to corporate greed. Look at all job cutting that's taking... —  read more 


It's being reported that BAE Systems is selling off its Intelligence and Security services businesses so BAE buying SpinCo is highly unlikely. Much more likely that someone else (like Loral) is looking to buy both SpinCo as well as BAE services to... —  read more 

My money is on a spinoff instead of a sale.

A look at the environment for companies today suggests a Spinoff instead of a sell. Really what company can cough up a cool 6 billion for the acquisition of the ISGS business unit. Lockheed would also be stupid to sell off ISGS vice a spin, because... —  read more 

Lockheed Martin IS&GS Spinoff in 2016?

How likely is that IS&GS will be spun off in 2016? By now I've heard this from at least three unrelated folks, so this spin off rumor is still alive and well. I remember a lot of people talking about it a few years back but now it seems that things... —  read more 

What's The Word?

Anyone out there have any insight into how ISGS will end up? Sale or spinoff? Rumors or insight into potential buyers? End of year is approaching quickly and still no word from anyone.

Lockheed Martin Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Lockheed Martin layoffs in Bethesda in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.

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