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Current state of the company

I was thinking about applying for a job at LM and was wondering how the company is operating during the current state of the pandemic. Ive seen other aerospace companies laying off. Are workers working from home? Any info would be helpful. Thank... —  read more 

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Rotary & Missions Systems

Lockheed Martin to lay off dozens of Central Florida workers before the holidays https://www.bizjournals.com/orlando/news/2019/10/18/lockheed-martin-to-lay-off-dozens-of-central.html LMT will cut 79 employees from its Rotary & Missions Systems... —  read more 

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82 in FL

State of Florida - WARN Notice Company Name: Lockheed Martin Corp Rotary & Mission Sy Number of Laid off Employees: 82 Address 1: Hurlburt Field Air Force Base Address 2: 589 Independence Road City: Hurlburt Field, FL WARN Notice Date: Mon 02/05/2018... —  read more 

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it's all about the dividend...

once this company cared about hiring best employees it would invest in for the future... those days are long gone... today, lockheed favors hiring personnel significantly below its previous standards and giving them responsibilities above their... —  read more 

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Constant layoffs

Has Lockheed Martin had constant layoffs on smaller scale for years now? Not those that make the news, but just a few people here and there? This crossed my mind the other day as we lost two people from our department. No announcement, nothing. Not... —  read more 

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Give new ideas a chance!

Lockheed is going downhill because it's full of long-timers who are resistant any kind of change. Management is arrogant and stuck in their own old ways of doing things. They can't even consider the possibility that some of the new folks could have... —  read more 

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Lay offs

It's election year folks! You should all be praying because either hilary or trump dod will have budget cuts doh. It repeats every year with a massive cut every 4. Grow up and job hop if you want to have a job

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Leidos / HCL Connection

Heard that Leidos has outsourced their IT to the company HCL (India owned company), if you are IT in ISGS get out now! Seriously, I've see this fine company sink deeper and deeper and all due to corporate greed. Look at all job cutting that's taking... —  read more 

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