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Leaving Because I don't make enough to live

Engineer here with 6 years of experience, BS from a top 100 school. I've decided to leave, because the peanuts compensation that I am getting is not enough to pay my bills and student loans. Raises have been subpar and not up with inflation, and HR won't raise compensation. Leaving and switching industry alltogether. Finally getting out of this sh-t industry.
Good luck everyone. And to management, go fu-k yourself!!!

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Nasty place -- nasty people. The shydehole known as Lockheed Martin Canada is a revolving door, only the deadwood and brown-nosers stay for any length of time. Little of value to be learned there.

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I have to say that I find it really interesting that the “usual crowd” who are willing to come in here and tell us all about the COVID mandates, and Biden, etc. have nothing, NOTHING to say about this post.

So let me. Lockheed Martin is the epitome of “Got mine, fark you!” culture when it comes to compensation, or even recognition of our employees. Sure, if you’re one of the “in” crew, we’ll read about you nearly every quarter. And usually for doing some small part or pushing a PowerPoint deck on a program. But the actual technical work? The actual engineers who did the heroics to make it happen? You rarely hear about them, and never in the corporate newsletter.

We treat our compensation packages the same way. If you’re with the popular kids, you’ll usually do well. Otherwise? You could literally invent fire, and you’ll get next to nothing.

Loyalty kept me accepting this treatment for a long time. I finally had a manager at Moorestown who was so egregious in their treatment that it snapped me back to reality. When a simple request was not met (because the manager said, and I quote, “providing you with the resources to do your job is not my concern”), I quickly found the door.

I sympathize with the OP, because I understand all too well where they are coming from.

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Re: Human Management Team.

Take your own advice. I’ll hand you the broomstick.

LM has long been considered one of the lower tiered companies in the industry when it comes to compensation and opportunities for advancement. There’s a reason we’ve been having an attrition issue with L1-L3 engineers over the past 5 years, and it had nothing to do with the pandemic.

I also find it amazing that the majority of employees here just let the company take it up the backside when Gooden screwed us with our health insurance a few years back.

Maybe you guys liked getting the shaft, but I was not a fan of it. Ended up leaving. Immediately realized that even within the defense industry, I was worth a LOT more than what LM offered for the exact same job.

Aside from the pension, which no longer exists (unless your at the Director level or higher), there’s hasn’t been an incentive to stick with the company for a long time.

And the yearly performance compensation? I hate to tell you this, but you guys got 3-3.5% this year? That’s about half the average at your competitors.

But remember, “We never forget who we’re working for”. It just isn’t the employees.

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What a spoiled little sh-t! This person won’t last very long wherever he/she goes.

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