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Rumor is if you are remote and apply for a similar job being posted at a hub, that many will NOT be hired. And those who get an offer will be at much lower pay. If you get an offer at lower pay and turn it down you forfeit severance benefits. Anybody... read more

HQ is moving

Darius wants to live closer to his house, HQ is moving to NC. It will take place is feb 2019, employees at nj HQ will get the option to move or be fired. Potential for hundreds of people to be let go. Same thing Bezos did with deciding the second HQ... read more

Honeywell China has a new President

In an official statement from the company, it was stated that the company appointed a new president of Honeywell China. I was hoping to get some opinions on this subject on this board, and what will this mean for the Chinese operations?... read more


Have people had the meeting on reorg in Aerospace yet?

Aero ISC Remote Employees Mass RIF

It’s looking like all previously exempt remote employees under Aero ISC are being told they have 30 days to reapply for their jobs and relocate to a site or they will be let go early next year. This would be fine, but we were hired as remote... read more

Extra Income

Wondering how many Honeywell employees on this board have a second job or some kind of side businesses? Just curious...

Honeywell Band Levels

Hi All - where can I find more info about Honeywell Band Levels. I know it's a layoff related topic, but need to learn more and I was unable to find any other HON forum. Thank you!

No layoffs before next year?

We know more layoffs are coming, but from everything that's been said and written it looks like they will not take place before next year. Any chance somebody can confirm this is true? I'd like to be able to enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas with... read more

Work from Home email

What's with the timing of the WFH email? Look around Tempe/Golden Valley even Morristown and you see people aren't coming in. Is this another set up to walk more people out the door?

GE today is Honeywell in 2 years

Same management style and similar corporate accounting. Honeywell is spinning off businesses now and GE was doing this about 3 to 4 years ago. What do you think?

Eight Honeywell Behaviours

When I was having my 1/1 with my Mgr today we touched on the 8 Behaviours and I remarked how General and Subjective they were and how can you measure performance off that and he said that they would be doing another stacked ranking this year. Which... read more

Insincerity at its best?

HON LT is so proud of their generosity. They've increased paid parental leave from 2 weeks to 4 weeks in the name of diversity. They've absorbed healthcare costs so it does not impact employees. And the CEO has proclaimed "I want Honeywell employees... read more

Half way done with stranded cost layoffs - restructuring

The Earnings call today on Investors section for October 19, 2018. About 30 minutes in and in the presentation file. Over $300 million in restructuring. And they say they have only reduced about 50% of the "stranded costs" from the... read more
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SEC investigation

CFO leaves, Chief Accounting Officer and Controller leaves within last 60 days and now SEC investigation on asbestos. Coincidence???

Welcome to Honeyhell

Constant worry about layoffs; unpaid furloughs; very costly insurance benefits; no raises or bonuses; backwards thinking management; no dental; no acrued vacation, only 56 hours a year pto no matter how long you are here; no WFH allowed; zero loyalty... read more

Honeywell partners with Fetch Robotics

Honeywell announced the strategic alliance with Fetch Robotics to provide better automation solutions for warehouses and e-commerce distribution centers. The company plans to integrate Fetch's technology into Intelligrated's solution's, so that the... read more

Band 4 Salary

What's the salary for Band 4. Cannot find this info online anywhere. My best bet, a layoff site? Go figure... Anyhow, please post if you have any info.

Tempe Relocation to Phoneix

Does anyone know when employees from the Tempe building will be moving to Phoenix Engines? They have put up reserved signs all over the 503 but no one knows the timing.

Just Interviewed at Honeywell...

So I just Interviewed at Honeywell, seemed like a great place to be. But this site terrified me. I recently graduated and have had a hard time finding a job. I was pretty excited to finally get and opportunity to interview. I need a job, if I get an... read more

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