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Feedback on your boss survey

Now they want us to fill out a mandatory survey rating our bosses on topics like diversity and career growth opportunity (hosted by TruScore). My boss? The guy who didn't have the guts to tell his boss to forget it when he was told to put someone on... read more

Honeywell s---c-de Hotlines

To those that may be struggling, please know that it is incredibly brave to seek help when you need it. Resources below: Depression: s---c-de Hotline: 1-800-s---c-dE (2433) – Can use in US, U.K., Canada and Singapore s---c-de Crisis Line:... read more
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Any other facility closures announced?

Was the closure of the factory in the UK an isolated case or is it expected that some other Hon facilities might be up for closure? Was anything announced, or is it the same old story that we are being kept in the dark about everything. If nothing is... read more

Do the layoffs still continue?

Don’t see people posting a lot about specific layoffs, so I ask is it possible that they’ve stopped for a while. I imagine they are continuing in the manner of the so-called “stealth” layoffs where they lay of at different locations and in smaller... read more


I'd like to see a chart by years showing the number of employees put under a PIP, employee age and PIP success rate. Anyone know if that is available or ideas on how to collect it?


will Honeywell sell or let other MRO companies to carryout the repair(Overhaul) for APU's.MRO, as what Honeywell did with TPE's and TFE's engines MRO. any body knows any information.
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Severance cut in half

I've read somebody mention in another thread that severance was cut in half several years ago - is this true? If it is, is this something Honeywell does often? And does it mean that we can expect more reductions in severance going forward? As if I... read more

Bad Review

Yep got bad review . My manager has to put me down for poor performance because I made statements to management critical of their unfairness regarding employees compensation, RIFs of good employees in 2016, furoughs, pay freezes, while corp spent 5%... read more


Project 11.4M was a total success, way to be courageous Tim!


I work for PSE. My manager’s manager called me today and offered the same position at ISC. It is P193. Following is written in the Offer Letter: ‘Failure to accept this position will be considered a voluntary termination’ Does anyone else have... read more

48 hrs the new norm

Manager just finished telling me that 48 hrs is the new standard work week and that it will be tracked. Vacation hours must be made up. Reason given was business needs billable hours to make aop. Of course I don’t have a project to work so just... read more

Aero closings

In Aero they announced the closing of Renton, Olathe, and Coon Rapids. Do you think that is "settled down?" When was this announced? Has it been confirmed? I'm not sure how I could have missed something of that magnitude, but if it's true, I... read more

Honeywell Rooftop reductions

What's the update here on Honeywell Rooftop reductions? Do you have more details on how things are playing out.
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Fewer layoffs this year?

Do you think we'll be looking at fewer layoffs this year? Things seem to have settled down a bit, and I'm starting to be cautiously optimistic.

I wouldn't be too quick to leave

Two people I know who left Honeywell on their own (quit, not laid off) are regretting their decision and trying to find ways to come back. One of them landed a new position that he says is nothing as advertised during the interview, and the other is... read more

Engineer's Week Lunch

Yep, we got our lunch. Management did NOT want people filling their plates and/or going back for seconds so servers were used for each item (one for the pulled chicken, pork, or veggi-burger (for the Indians) ) , another for beans, coles; and one to... read more

PMT LSS Group something is not right.

All the DCS folks being moved out of LSS group to special projects group. Not hiring replacement techs for those retiring or leaving. Betting no to low raises. Think sale or layoff of LSS is in the works.

Wait... Honeywell owns the Olathe facility?

Wait... Honeywell owns the Olathe facility? I thought Honeywell paid for the construction of it back in 1998 and then sold it in order to lease it back because somehow that reduces expenses... Did that never happen or did Honeywell buy it back? I was... read more

Employee Of Honeywell

With all the plants being relocated why isn't there grief counseling being offered for loss of family members. Honeywell has always said we are a family and we work together to support our Honeywell family. Well our new CEO has no or Ho definition of... read more


What about Honeywell HOS, any body knows any information, from our site it is not more active,dead.

Is moving jobs to Olathe the end of it?

Curious whether this movement of jobs to Olathe is an isolated case or is it just to the beginning of a company-wide effort of moving various segments of business under one roof? Are there rumors of any other movement?

AERO EEI Increase to 1.2

If Aero engineering is targetted to book 48hrs per week, why are holidays preloaded as 8hrs still and not 9.6hrs in TWB? Am I missing something ....more than just a screw b/c I work for this company?

More to Come

CEO announced a footprint reduction last year and hid strategy.... I'm on the Aerospace side and in the last 4 months I know Albuquerque, part of Grier, Renton, Wichita, and Coon Rapids all officially announced closure and I don't think that is... read more

Honeywell Service Center[ONE STOP]

Has anyone had a issue with trying to get a hold of someone at the service center today?[ONE STOP] Everytime I try to call about my pension[which I haven't gotten yet in 13 months] The recording says its a 1-2 hour wait. Or call back the next... read more

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