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How long will the changes last?

How long can we expect the changes and shifts to go on in the US. Isn’t there a point where all that needs to be changed is changed and where everything is restructured. When can we stop being worried to this degree about changes taking place, in... read more

Benefits Trend Setter

Honeywell continues to be a trendsetter on contemporary, proactive benefits. They were well ahead of this one. Glad to work for a company that is leading the pack vs following... read more

Suspicious Glassdoor trending

The company rating has moved from 3.2 to 3.6 over the past year and CEO approval is now 78%. Obviously this is fake news, and the company is gaming the system somehow, Are employees being asked to leave good reviews? Does anyone had hard evidence of... read more

IT senior leadership?

Time goes by and not only the IT CIO is gone, his entourage gone, but also his different roles are reassigned in full, all but IT.

Aerospace Band 4 MIPs and Site Reductions

Every function with the exception of ISC will have to reduce band 4s by year end due to the payouts being larger than what leadership expected. Some functions will meet the targets through layoffs, MIP reductions, MIP deletions and moving employees... read more

New branding will not save Honeywell

They can use all the PowerPoint slides they want. The writing has been on the wall for at least the last five years. The year they took our medical insurance benefits to the high deductible said it all as well as taking away our dental care. They do... read more


capgemini has picked up more SAP work. Many of the laid off SAP team that were let g were replaced with Capgemini people. For deployments for HBT Andy SPS Capgemini also took over Database support. And I bet they will be taking over more of IT... read more

Darius Bragging On "He's Ready For China tariffs"

I am going to write my Congress representative about shipping Chinese components to Brazil or Mexico then avoiding the tariff. Wait disregard, Honeywell Political Action Committee makes a donation and this will be ignored, business as usual.

Count the number of employees under a manager

Count the number of employees under a manager. if it is less than [arbitrary number here] then a reorg is not only possible it is extremely likely. The exact number probably changes daily. I would peg it greater than or equal to 11 today. If you are... read more

Work from home

What is the aero policy for this now? There are some people who have a "desk" or "office" at a site and their address in outlook is at the site but they only come into the site less than 5 days a month. Is that ok??? I recently took a new role where... read more


LinkedIn is advertising Phx. Aero is hiring, Don't do it! Why in the world would anyone go to work for this miserable company? Unpaid OT, 12 hour days, no advancement, no employee value, unobtainable goals and dead lines. Run away as fast as you can.

Layoffs will always take place to serve as a warning

There will always be at least a slow bleed off via layoffs. As long as the plan is to get workers to compete against each other to adequately donate free overtime, there will need to be sacrificial lambs to serve as a warning. We can also fold in... read more
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Any word on new layoffs?

Haven’t heard anything in some time so I was wondering is anything “cooking” that I’m not aware of? Has anyone heard anything about more layoffs in the coming days and about where they might take place? If anyone has any concrete info, please post.

aero reorgs .. again.

managers huddled. directors traveling. mandatory training. All the signs of yet-another-reorg in progress. guessing our manager ranks will soon be thinned out. They can't hire people to do real work so likely they will just force managers back to... read more

I was let go last week

Best of luck for the one that have to stay This “company” has no future, and if you did not see what happened to another not well managed “company” just google GE. Leave before to have your 401k and others things tanked .... look around you and see... read more

Who else is leaving?

We lost several people in the past two weeks, and at least one more is planning to leave in the near future. This has me thinking, how many of you are looking for a way our right now and will leave Honeywell as soon as you find something better? I'm... read more

Honeywell pays zero Federal taxes in 2018

Once again, Honeywell prominent on list of the largest US companies that pay zero Federal taxes.

In what direction is HON changing?

And I don’t mean the story about adopting new technology and new work processes. I am basically asking what businesses,parts of the company department are likely to be eliminated,in the minds of the leaders?

HON no longer has power of connected

removing this line from company logo quietly and HCE is laying off aggressively again, starting from non-hub sites. they first put about one third ppl below avg rating during performance review for ridiculous purely subjective unmeasurable reasons... read more

They say one thing and do another

Was told by boss in tier meeting that leadership says it is important that you can step away, take vacation w/o computer, completely disengage, spend time with family. Very next day in tier we were told improvements not happening fast enough and we... read more

IT employees must go to a hub

Heard from a reliable source that that by 2020 (end I assume) all IT employees will be in a hub. I see this as another way to get rid of people and rehire in 'developing' nations at a much reduced rate. I work in IT and trying to get anything done... read more

HON (and the others) Stock

Today I took what I'll call a giant dump, since I think those words won't be auto-edited. I got rid of every cent of my HON stock (along with the three hangers-on that resulted from the recent jiggery-pokery). I first started adding AiResearch (can't... read more

What HON businesses are laying off the most?

We’re a big company so it’s hard to talk about this in precise numbers.On the other hand, I believe that the leadership is thinning the headcount in specific segments of the company.So what businesses are laying of the most?

Best large employers

Guess who didn't make the list of best large employers.....

401(k) Plan Spinoff Funds Choces

For those with 401(k) and received notice of choice on how to handle spinoff funds (Garrett Motion Inc. and Resideo Tech) by June & July deadline dates.... what are thoughts on pros and cons of doing nothing and let them move into Honeywell Common... read more

Watch out!

Watch out for HR and Managers (being puppeteered) into tracking employee micro-behavior changes (emotional changes), position/location changes and constant spying/surveillance like Stasi -State. Honeywell-Organization & Governnance has adopted a... read more

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