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Aerospace leadership

3 traits Aerospace supervisor have 1) ex-military without any manufacturing background. 2) a yes person 3) no conscience

Platform COE

Come to the Platform COE for all of your engineering needs - we'll gladly understaff your program with already overworked engineers!!

Fall layoff for US workers looming?

Managers were asked to rank their employees just recently in Aero. It is too early for reviews so that only means one thing......layoff before the end of year. Probably from all the work they are pushing to India.

Remote working (Honeywell)

Just finished an interview, I suggest that you do not seek employment with Honeywell if you think Remote working is something productive and useful.

Just FYI

I was laid off in March of this year but found out through my HR person that I was grandfathered in to get 2 weeks of vaca paid out. After 20 years here, it wasn’t nearly what I should have had on the books but better than nothing. My severance... read more

BMI Time

Better get it done or Honeyhell be in your records to see if your a smoker or see how your health is if bad $1500 Honeyhell will take from you.

Clearwater Olympics

The managers and HR are so desperate to force high morale, they are making it mandatory that everybody participate in the Honeywell Clearwater Olympics. If you don't sign up for one of the "games" (tug of war, cornhole, etc.), the managers have been... read more

Employee Spying

How do they spy on the employees? Are there keyloggers? Do they steal facebook, hotmail, linkedin, yahoo, gmail passwords? Do they record keystrokes? Do they remotely log into the screen to spy on what you are doing? Beside ence (EnCase), what else... read more

More WFH Reductions

Heard from a friend who is one of the few WFH employees left (part of one of the groups exempted from the mandate in the past from having to work at a site) in Aerospace that they are starting to tell individuals that they must find a job at the site... read more

Initech from Office Space

P: The thing is, B, it's not that I'm lazy, it's that I just don't care. B: Don't... don't care? P: It's a problem of motivation, all right? Now if I work my a-- off and Initech ships a few extra units, I don't see another dime, so where's the... read more

Open Office Concept

How much is it costing to implement the "open office" concept in CLW? Did you even ask the employees if they thought that it would benefit them? Or did somebody in HR think "Hmmm, I'm sure that this concept will attract millenials, even though we... read more

Dinner with Trump

Hopefully our esteemed leader will share with Trump his plans to eliminate as many jobs as possible in the U.S and once he's shown him how Honeywell will accomplish that he will work on trying to get some tax relief for himself and all members of... read more

For managers only

As a manager, what are the methods Honeywell leadership has laid out for managers to use when trying to get rid of employees? For example, I have heard giving an unfair and very negative performance review has caused employees to leave on their own... read more

Tempe 1207 Sold

Heard the 1207 building in Tempe finally sold. Get ready for your commutes to the airport or Deer Valley.

When will Full 401K Match Be Restored?

Another good quarterly result. When will business conditions support restoration of the last 1% of company match removed 10 years as part of a "temporary" cost action during the great recession? Removal happened in a day and it has been 10 years of... read more

Supplier shift from China to U.S.?

China is the real competitor and we know they steal our IP and take advantage of the U.S. in other ways, so here is a thought. How about building up and using U.S. suppliers and bring mfg back here in the U.S.? Honeywell "said on Friday it had... read more

The original founders shared the wealth

Those of us who remember the old AiResearch/Garrett/Sperry etc. that the current Honeywell grew out of know the founders valued the workers and the country flourished. They shared the wealth with good pay. The current crop of leaders don't value... read more

Corporate Finance Legal IT HR volunteer RIF in USA

What happened to the volunteer RIF? The deadline to volunteer was before end of June Now we are past half of July and still no word on volunteers or starting on non-volunteer Did they get 5% volunteers so it will be 15% non-volunteers by what date?... read more


I got an outside offer which I accepted, but I don't want to notify my manager I'm leaving until I absolutely have to. I don't trust him or this company anymore at all. Can there be any repercussions if I make it a week or less instead of the usual... read more

Open Office decreases collaboration...

Here's a cost savings idea that will improve free cash flow. Stop wasting money open office plans. Follow link for more details...

Overpaid after leaving

I left the company some time ago. I just got a letter stating they overpaid me after leaving. They are asking me to send the money back. Anyone else get a letter like this?

The worst benefits for large Corporation

My son just took a summer job with Trader Joe's . As I went over the benefits package with him I was shocked to find that his benefits are head over heels better than Honeywells in every category. How can they do it and not a billion dollar... read more

Get happy, or get out

This is what a senior VP (initials ME if you're wondering) told us about 18 months ago. Since then, we've lost good people at a staggering rate. How did this fool respond to a question about fixing issues within Hon? He again told people to leave if... read more

PIPed at age 58 (with 32 years in), and survived

32 years at legacy Honeywell, Minneapolis. Always block 5 (or earlier equivalent). Latest appraisal: At standard for results, below for behaviors. Issue: attitude and break use. I was cited for being "complacent". I was hurt, angry, but with 2+ years... read more

EU Trade War

Interested to know if anyone has insight or opinions on how this will affect Honeywell? I feel it is pertinent to note that HON has spent the last 10 years outsourcing like HE11. Does this mean good or bad for us?

KBRwyle (old HTSI)

Anyone know what’s going on with HON Aerospace and KBRwyle? I’m hearing that procurement is going to sign a long term contract with them to continue to provide services at the sites. They are at my site and we don’t seem to have much of a problem... read more

PIP question

Is there any recourse if you were fired based on falsified PIP? Outside of completely useless HR, of course.

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