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Another AERO RIF Week of 6/8

I know that 95% of you will think this is impossible but you WILL be hearing about another AERO RIF next week in the US. For those that didn’t volunteer 3 weeks ago or didn’t get accepted you will have another shot at it next week. Once again, it... —  read more 

Honeywell Safety Pack

Now theres the type of breakthru innovative product that youd expect from a software technology company. Im sure its going to make all the difference

If you get laid off, you are lucky

Look, don’t be upset. Get to work, update the resume, and get your name out there. This is a blessing. Believe it or not, this dumpster fire company has the outside world nice and confused. Other companies actually see Honeywell on a resume and they... —  read more 

6/5 check

Last day was 5/22. Sent back signed severance but didn't get paid today. Anyone else having same issue?

Puerto Rico RIF confirmed

Same scripted reading as in the other sites, no written communication, no specified target divulged, if not enough voluntary RIFs are collected, involuntary will continue. The pattern continues.

Puerto Rico Coming up meetings

I just got a meeting notice for a director’s meeting tomorrow, it says that it’s to give a “Business Conditions Update” Does anyone know what are they going to say this time? I imagine that it means bad news...

People are Honeywell's greatest asset

Honeywell has the same bull$h1t mentality that people should just be happy to be employed. That attitude is the root cause of what is systemically wrong with the culture at Honeywell. People are a company's greatest asset, not it's greatest... —  read more 


Any PMT news or rumors?

Pull Honeywell stock funds out of 401K plan

Anyone know whether we can use the special tax rule to pull the Honeywell 401K match in Honeywell stock funds out into a taxable account? When you want to distribute company stock or its cash value out of your 401(k), you will face a choice: Roll... —  read more 

Australia layoffs/redundancies

There are a lot of old scores being settled across LSS/PAS with manager’s getting made redundant. I was with Honeywell group for 23 years and got made redundant. Many more redundancies coming this week.

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Anybody else disappointed they were not laid off?

I don't want to minimize what so many people have gone through in the past few weeks, but I have to admit I am sorry my name was not on that list. I am tired of this place. I am tired of all the nepotism, all the bullying by managers, and the overall... —  read more 

Grass really is greener

I was laid off in April after giving 15 years to the company. I was completely gutted and shocked what had happened. It took a bit longer to find employment and I was a depressed wreck for a bit. I found a job and couldn’t be happier. I can’t... —  read more 

Are HBT layoffs coming?

Anyone here if there will be layoffs in HBT? It's been too quiet and no word of another furlough so I'm thinking layoffs instead.

Broken Leadership See here what DA is built on;

Anyone receive the Severance Package Paperwork?

I was part of the RIF that occurred on 05/18/2020 and have yet to receive the paperwork that needs to be signed and returned prior to receiving the severance payout. How long does this usually take through snail mail?

God I hope I get a layoff

That's all, no content here. Just a hope and a f—in prayer. No pension, no worthwhile 401k balance, no raises and no future working here. Throw me out the door HW.

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access to pension/paystub/401K info?

Was laid off last Monday and cannot figure out how to obtain access to my pension and information like my previous paystub info. I think I can access my 401K by working directly through Fidelity. When you call HR Direct/One Stop you have to make... —  read more 

Problems everywhere and no people to work them

I work isc and every call is the same story. Finger pointing , excuses, and just not enough people to get product out the door. I have relied on continuous onsite support from around the world, czech, india, mexico. Just not possible without... —  read more 

Age Discrimination?

I am over 40 and was part of the Aero RIF last week. Of the dozens and dozens of people I know that got laid off, none were under age 40. What have you seen? If you, too, received the severance agreement to sign, read it closely. It says, “You... —  read more 


Honeywell has one of the most active boards on this site. I'm surprised recruiters don't post jobs here!

Good ride

Hey everyone, We all know that these are very tense times. I along with many of you am losing my job. But it's been a good ride and now I will look forward to new opportunities. Stay safe and well.

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