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Resignations starting to snowball?

Since the start of 2017, at my site, engineers have been resigning at a rate of about one each week. We now have 17 job postings open. There are more resignations to come too. The loss of experience is very damaging in a very specialized market that... read more

Separating from Honeywell

Hello, I have recently accepted a new job outside of Honeywell and will be giving my 2 weeks notice to my manager Monday. Anybody know what I should expect with regards to my vacation 'balance'? Being unlimited, and policy says no payouts, should I... read more

Dysfunction leads to significant resignations

HSF (the ill suited combination of the Fire and Security businesses) was without a Global CFO for some months following the business combination in Dec/Jan 2015. They hired a former Honeyweller externally to take the position who after two weeks... read more

Cote shows up as among top 15 overpaid CEOs|1 Gee, I wonder how this money grubber / grabber made this list. Hall of shame for greedy ba$tard$.

Dave will be able to retire comfortably

As DC's retirement is getting closer, I have found myself worrying about him and his family and wondering if he will be able to survive without getting his Honeywell paycheck every two weeks. Fortunately after reading the article in this link... read more

A Modern Day Parable

A Japanese company (Toyota)and an American company (General Motors) decided to have a canoe race on the Missouri River. Both teams practiced long and hard to reach their peak performance before the race. On the big day, the Japanese won by a mile... read more

Payroll to Puerto Rico

Just heard that all U.S. payroll personell were layed off and payroll outsourced to PR. Trump should look at HW.

Diverse? Sure, you bet.

On International Women's Day, PMT CEO Rajeev Gautam was asked about diversity. His response was essentially that since not all our research centers are in India, we are diverse. Presumably his 92% male direct report staff agree.

WFH Termination Today

I was a full-time WFH employee for many years. I refused to report to my assigned location a month ago due to extreme distance. My response was sent to legal a few weeks ago. This morning I was involuntary separated from the company with severance... read more

Involuntary RIFs based on lack of work?

Has any older (60+) HW employees been involuntarily RIFed on the basis of no work and not performance (no PIP, no lower L, good standing)? How can you fight an age discrimination case where Honeywell states there is no work when in fact there is... read more

Employment Lawyer against HW

Can anyone recommend an attorney in the Phoenix metro area that has represented HW employees against HW? I'm not planning a lawsuit, but it would be nice to consult with someone who is familiar with the HW HR bs. Thanks

Piece of advice

I was impacted in the last round. It has been a learning experience. It was a very time consuming process and I found out some of the information too late, therefore I am sharing below and hope it helps someone. It would have been very helpful if the... read more

New brand name

It's a long way from Airesearch, Garrett Turbine Engine Company to Honeywell THE POWER OF CONNECTED. If this doesn't tell you all you need to know about our direction, nothing will. So long mechanical products.

Counter offer or leave?

Just received a job offer -lateral position- outside of Honeywell. Still weighing pros/cons but mulling over possible counter offer from HW. I've never been in this position before. Looking for insight/support information on what happens? Does it... read more

Engineer's week lunch

We had our free lunch today hamburger Or hotdog . I took both and chips, soda back to my cubical ... missed out my name was called for free baseball tix... figures.

Trumps' job growth plans

Dave Cote did not attend the CEO's meeting at the White House today to help reduce burdening regulations. Although had several meetings with Obama, he elected not to join in Trumps meeting. The reason he wants to continue his moving of manufacturing... read more

A word for the under 40 crowd

You may laugh and make light of what Honeywell is doing to the 'old' employees. But it would be wise if you stepped back and realized that, if life is kind to you, you will be an 'old' employee someday too. Experienced. Dedicated. Integrity. Hard... read more

Severance Package Info?

I read the Band 1-4 Severance Plan and understand the one week pay for every year of service. Is anything else offered like health insurance under same plan and premiums stop when severance ends? 401k contributions? Or is it just pay less taxes?

RimMan was right!

My pa RimMan was right as usual, he said in early Jan, there wood be no layoffs or furloughs, plus raises would be given to all! Also like he said stock skurocketing! All you naysayers also think there will be a change in our pension, not so per pa... read more

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