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Read the Fine Print When It Comes Up

I may re-post this when, not if, the next round of corporate shenanigans happens if it's relevant. See The gist of this is that... read more
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Just when you thought the waters were safe.

The blood in the water will continue with the sharks circling until all malcontents are gone and only those ignorant enough to aspouse to the mind numbing dogma are left. The end of days are near to those who sell there soul and drink the koolaide... read more

Cooled down.....

I think it's good that this site has slowed a bit. It helps when Hon and ALT aren't doing things a million miles an hour. Glad they've slowed thier pace a bit. Still think the WFH policy is messed up and think they should give those displaced by more... read more


Salaried employees need to stop letting Honeywell screw us around. We don't get paid OT because we are supposed to get paid for the work we do - not the hours we work. The law is quite clear - salaried employees cannot be required to record hours for... read more

Employee loss of productivity

My radio station just revealed a study that shows that a bad supervisor is responsible for $14K productivity loss per employee. Since Dave Cote is an extremely bad "supervisor" with far more reaching effects, how much does he cost Honeywell in lost... read more

Glass Door review of Honeywell

Very revealing. Sounds like a lot of the nonsense I've had to deal with. Let's see if this gets posted.

Word of Advice on RIFs

I'm not sure if there will be any more RIFs coming soon, but, if so, and you really want to go, don't act too excited about it. If the company is trying to save money, by not paying severance, then why lay off people who obviously hate their jobs?... read more

Alternatives to COBRA in Arizona

Other than getting on spouse / partner health insurance, has anyone found good alternatives to COBRA in Phoenix Arizona area? I was told cost would be around $500 was single coverage by OneStop...

Mahoney retiring?

I've heard that the president of aerospace was retiring in March. Is this true and who is his replacement?


Anybody hear when the next RIF's are going to be? 38 yrs, I'm done. It would be nice to get some severance, instead of just retiring.

Northrop Grumman Hiring

For Arizona aerospace folks, Northrop, Boeing, Raytheon has heard that Honeywell is doing RIFs of the most experienced and they are hiring. One of them is doing an invite only week long recruiting effort in Arizona Feb 1-4

Safety Shoe BS for 2017

Vouchers were just given out for safety shoes this year. You can only use them on the shoe companies Honeywell bought out, and there are only 10 options available (locally at least). Also, apparently there are no women anywhere in Honeywell that work... read more


From what I just learned a few weeks ago , is when you retire Honeywell has to pay your medical insurance for the 1st six months. They WILL NOT tell you this , you need to ask them for it. I know of someone who retired and didnt ask but learned... read more

Lockheed Martin announcement

Announced today the price of the F35 will be reduced significantly as well as......ready for this honeyhell ALT? Hire 1800 people at the Fort Worth plant this year!!! NOT RIF EMPLOYEES! I guess they run their business so much better then you guys... read more

Are other sites forced to watch MSNBC

In Clearwater FL, cafe TV used to be tuned to HLN but now its on the more liberal MSNBC. Was this a corporate mandated change? Apparently still trying to push the globalist agenda!

New Unannounced OT Policy

So some Torrance employees noticed that when working last Saturday that they were getting straight time. WTF. It turns out that vacation and holidays no longer count as time worked for overtime considerations. The bosses did not even know this new... read more

Furloughs or VUTO

I feel for the people who don't want this but seriously I would take 1-4 weeks unpaid away from Honeywell if I could! Not even been offered 1 week for over a year..If they want to cost save offer it to everyone, I am sure this will save the people... read more

Stunningly tone deaf.

Someone from Bangalore asks Darius about RIFs and furloughs, and the replies are a firehose of meaningless business babble and no recognition of the pain they cause. Not an ounce of empathy on that stage.

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