Topics regarding layoffs at Honeywell International Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Honeywell International Inc.

2021 Aero ICS Predictions

North American airlines are crippled again. 50% flight cancellations due to ugly COVID-19 and new mutations. ICS products face competition from new companies. If you think 2020 was a challenging year, 2021 will have be a rollercoaster ride, like you... —  read more 

W-2 for Layoffs this year

Sorry if this is a repeat but I haven't been active on this site for a while and I'm not seeing it asked at first glance. Does anyone know when I can expect honeywell to send a W2 if I was laid off this year? I saw the retiree post but the phone... —  read more 

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In June of 2020, I took the self nomination and retired early. Does anyone know if the will be mailing the W-2 to our house? When I was employed, I used to get it electronically, bit can no longer do so. Thank you for any information.

covid vaccine survey

did you receive the survey ? then there is this no vaccine no job days coming? reading through the information presented by many sites such as —  read more 

Talent Jumping Ship

Aero - function anonymous. In the last 48 hours heard about 3 talented comrades flat out quitting in search of Greener pastures. Management using the the lash to get as much output from a rif reduced workforce without thought of available... —  read more 

Awesome news

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges for all of us over the past year. During these hard times, we have also seen the incredible strength and dedication of our company and our people shine through. This has especially been... —  read more 

My "last day" mentality

That’s how I think when I show up for work. Nothing is guaranteed, only the time I put in to get a paycheck. Do I let it interfere with my job performance? No. Do I vent at the way employees have been treated? Yes. But at the end of the day it’s a... —  read more 

Desperately looking

I’ve been out of work for a few months and in my area jobs are difficult to come by, even if you have skills that could be used outside of the industry. I’ve gone so far as to fill out applications where the travel time would be 2 or more hours round... —  read more 

(No) good products?

Someone has already noticed this as well - that we no longer make good products. To those responsible it seems to be a completely secondary matter because they are too preoccupied with themselves. It’s devastating indeed. I don’t know what they... —  read more 

Few reasons to stay?

Long ago I decided that there are three important things about a specific job situation, or offer. Most of us aren’t lucky enough to get all three maxed out at the same time, but I think two out of three is tolerable but not just one. They are, in no... —  read more 

Furlough Reimbursement

Hearing rumors out of finance in Charlotte that since we ended up having a good year and our stock is up, management is planning on refunding employees for the furloughs. Hope it is true. Would be nice for our CEO to show support for the employees... —  read more 

Indifference is worse

Nothing Hon has done in the last year surprises me anymore. I used to get upset, angry, even indignant. Now I feel nothing. Every day is the same routine, come in, make my rounds, do my work, then clock out. Get paid for the work I do and that’s... —  read more 

Where are you now?

Many of you have moved on to other companies that are treating you right. I'm really hapoy for you, because you deserve better than HW. Could you please share what company you're at now to give the rest of us some ideas for future targets?

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I can finally say no more: Future layoffs, horribly toxic environment, favoritism, poor bennies, and most of all I don’t have to see coworkers stab each other in the back just to try to stay afloat on a sinking ship. Gave my notice and counting the... —  read more 

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