Topics regarding layoffs at Honeywell International Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Honeywell International Inc.

Stepping stone

I see that some people here regret that they ever worked for Honeywell. I don't. The only question is how much did you manage to use this company as a good stepping stone? I made the most of every opportunity to learn as much as possible and now I... —  read more 

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Why force RTO?

I can't understand why they are so determined to force it. Yes, they made it optional for a while, but we all know it's coming. What are the advantages? I know many for WFH, including higher productivity and fewer expenses for the company. So why... —  read more 

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Return to true self

In one of the threads below someone gave advice to separate work from life. And that's OK, there are a lot of people here who have absolutely lost their work-life balance and their whole personality has been reduced to their job and growing a career... —  read more 

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Reaction when you quit?

I thought there would be no reaction, given how much HON values its employees. However, I think they were a little surprised that I quit. So I wonder if they thought that I was happy here or that people have no choice but to stay at HON until they... —  read more 

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It's not worth it

I used to think I'd be willing to take anything at work to keep my pay. Long hours, having to work weekends, having to deal with toxic managers... I think I finally realized that it's not worth it. Making a lot of money is not more important than... —  read more 

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Automated UOP

UOP used to be a firm that hired chemical engineers and trained them to be leaders in the industry. Many times quotations were direct between the client and long standing relationships built over years of trust. Leadership used to be someone that... —  read more 

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Last week at Honeywell

This is my last week here. Finally. I thought I would only work the bare minimum or almost nothing, but I still decided to work hard as always, so that no one could say anything negative about me. Still, I don’t know how I’m going to get through this... —  read more 

Let the Churn Begin

So funny, I've made several comments and shared views on here since leaving HW Aero last yr as part of the massive RIF. The leadership of this company, led by one mad dog continues to self serve and make an absolute mess of once a good company. KS... —  read more 

Lack of loyalty

I worked for Honeywell for 30 yrs. never minded the work you have people in management that only care about advancing their careers. The workers they hire dont give a dang about doing a days work for their pay. The easiest cr-p gets done the rest... —  read more 

No bright future

No company that puts profit over its people has a bright future. No company that doesn't reward its employees for hard work and going above and beyond has a bright future. No company that rewards yes-men and a-s-kissers has a bright future. Which... —  read more 

Welcome to PIP season

PIPs are a great indicator of business health. They crank up attention when results are bad even when tell wall street everything is great. So how is it looking for midyear? More pips? Less? Does the massive staffing shortage impact the pressure... —  read more 

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