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I want to thank honeywell

Most guys here who complain say they have been with hw for more than ... years. Please go look around many places do not keep people for more than 2-5 years. I personaly am grateful to honeywell, I have built my career here and learned so much, hw... read more

Too many drama queens here...

You all need to settle down and not overreact like a bunch of menopausal women. What will be, will be. Deal with it. For those that have been unhappy for so long...why the eff are you still here?

Ha Ha

For all you prideful Aero VP's and Directors that tortured employees with your sycophantic obedience to crazy Honeywell HR policies, without regard to working people, your time has come with the Aero spin off. The chickens have come home to roost and... read more
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F-- u Honeywell

After 10 years pushing, managing, surviving, relating, stressing, trying, justifying, and/or sustaining the Honeywell Aerospace prospective; I only got one thing to says. FucxK you Honeywell.

Spinoff pensions?

Any other sources? Will there be a giant rush out of older talent? Lots of shoulds in this. Don't know how much to trust they will give us time to decide which pension plan we use. Retire early or not... read more
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I am no MBA - what do they mean by spinning off aero? Spinoff IPO? or up for sale?

Aerospace Spinoff

Here you go, as just published (NYT) - it'll be fun to watch this develop and the spinoff go south (or north)... Dan Loeb Takes Aim at Honeywell, Calls for Aerospace Spinoff Source:... read more

A ray of sunshine?

Hedge fund buys into Honeywell, wants Honeywell to spin off aerospace division:

If you work for defense, update your resume.

Honeywell is letting defense and space die out. This is intentional. Once the cow is dry, they will sell product lines and plants. The future is connected and services. The steps to transfer defense technology to commercial has started.

Darius Adamczyk Town Hall

Darius Adamczyk tried to make some sort of an analogy about how he purchases a $500 bottle of wine and it's value during the town hall on 4/21. The only thing I got out of that parable is that he is out of touch, an elitist and perhaps a bit c--ty... read more

Great results for Q1

Investors should be thrilled with another strong quarter by Honeywell. Another quarter of flat to declining sales and increased profits. The strong financial performance continues to come on the backs of employees (and former employees). I remember a... read more


what's going on in HBS. Saw reps going on furlough as well as employees taking early retirement as forced. Is there any deal going on?

Five (5) Year Business Plan

The 5-year plan is to move all functions (Business Development, Business Management, Business Services, Communications, Public Relations, Customer Support, Customer Service, Engineering, Facilities, Finance, HS&E, Human Resources, Payroll... read more

PER Survey Open

PER survey is open, emails went out yesterday evening with the link. I debated not taking it at all, what's the point when nothing changes, then rethought about it and I think if everyone would go in and answer "strongly disagree" to all the... read more

Coming homing

The jobs are coming back! hb1 policy review is a good start! Every bit counts to make our manufacturing America Great Again!
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Good Managers in Aero ISC Leaving

Have worked for the company a good many years. In all this turmoil the one thing tha kept many of us going was we had a good first line manager. A few weeks ago when a critical and impossible deadline was not met a manager who was one of the best I... read more

No remote work is being aggressively enforced

I heard people are being "caught" working remotely as recently as this month. (April) HR contacted the manager and the employee for as little as one day of violation Told not to do it again without notifying both HR and the manager They must be... read more

If You Stay, Push Back

Honeywell is notorious for finding ways to break unions and strikes. A frontal attack will not work unless it is organized world wide. If you decide to stay at Honeywell for a while, here's another approach. This is especially important for managers... read more


Haso anyone heard rumors of a furlough this year? If so when?

Employee engagement the new buzzword

I've had many bosses over the last 2 years. My latest just turned in their notice. Taking an 'opportunity' with a company slight less popular than united airlines. Where does that put honeywell? Look for leaders to push engagement and the need to... read more

Not many companies as hated as honeywell

Amazing and sad to see the persistent animus on this board. Clearly few companes have hurt their workers as badly as honeywell. It wasn't the layoffs either. Layoffs are done and still thIs board is active. A decade of reorgs and distractions drained... read more

Honeywell Phoenix Area Census

AZ Republic reports that Honeywell employee count in the valley went from 10,000 in 2016 to 8000 today. Jump ship or get keel-hauled. The tide is going out boys and girls.

HBT Reorg.

Heard a couple of rumors that HBT will be going through a re-org. I don't know the details something about a structuring around Connected Buildings and Connected Homes.

Any update on WFH employees?

I know a few still WFH. I wonder what the company is planning on doing with these. This has been dragged out for far too long. Not fair for the guys already in the office.

Glendale "furlough"

Buyers just got walked out and told no working for the next few days. Told our managers would call us in a few days and let us know what's going on.

Darius....the new Devil of Honwywell

HW new CEO has eyes and a tonge like the Devil....get prepared for constant beatings and more outsourcing. There was only tough talk for employees in his latest email. He plans on making his name and fortune on the backs of everyone of his employees.

Honeywell RF Products

Are you in qualification testing? Getting ready to go into qual? Have fun. It will be a long haul with a lot of band-aids. It WILL be a schedule buster! How will those radios fair in production and in the field? Congratulations to the managers left... read more

Let`s Change the WFH Policy

I am an employee who previously worked from home 100% for > 15 years. Nearest Honeywell site is too far to commute, so to comply I must rent a place during the week and only drive home on some weekends. I am hoping new leadership will reconsider the... read more

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