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Any truth to this?

There are rumors around that GE Aviation and parts of Honeywell Aerospace will get merged together sometime later this year, with former Honeywell CEO Dave Cote in charge of either GE or a new company for putting together the deal and would oversee... read more

Furloughs coming soon!!!

I'm in Aero and just heard the there will be back to back furloughs in July!!!!! They will take 1weeks pay from each paycheck in July

Millions under AOP.

Heard the numbers are really bad. Millions under AOP. Maybe now leadershit will realize you can't make money by f---ing your people over? Nah, it will be more business as usual lol. Maybe now we can finally get some more furloughs in the works?? I'd... read more

Purchasing Health Insurance after Layoffs

Do you know what the rules are for Health Insurance after layoffs? Do we get to keep it for a certain period of time? Also, once that expires, do we have an option of extending it and purchasing additional health insurance that can cover us and our... read more

Signs of Layoffs Coming

The most obvious sign layoffs are coming: Executives hint at layoffs using other terms, like 'restructuring' "downsizing," "restructuring," "reorganizing," "incremental synergies," "offshoring," and "streamlining." "headcount reductions" "workforce... read more

Aero Implotion

Things are not getting done, if they are, the quality of the work is just poor. There does not seem to be enough people to work programs and focus on growth as the same time. Things are about to implote, people are leaving, and tasks are being kicked... read more

IT Sit Support Laid Off

All onsite IT Site Support that was Honeywell badged was let go yesterday. They only want contractors now. This affects around 150 employees.


All company provided phones are monitored and historical data stored 24/7 and are the property of the company and therefore they have the right to monitor as they see fit. All information, contacts and data communicated via company property are the... read more

CFO's integrity video

Did anyone watch the CFO's integrity video? Spot on but in Aero people are concerned about retaliation if they become whistleblowers so don't be surprised if there are more problems in the very near future.

Will Honeywell Management EVER Learn???

“When you look at the evidence about stack ranking…. The kind of stuff that they were doing, which was essentially creating a bigger distribution between the haves and the have nots in their workforce, then firing 10% of them, it just amazed me,” Bob... read more

Canadian company

I heard that a canadian company acquires hon Aero... Do you know company's name?

Power of Connected

Have you noticed that since about the time they rolled out the dumb power of connected slogan that actual connectivity on the company internal web has been awful? Streaming services, wired and wireless connectivity, email and Honeywell websites are... read more

Labor skills Gap

When you hear corporations and industry talking about have a labor shortage due to skills gaps? The key question to ask is what wage are they offering to fill the position? In my experience many employers are wanting to fill positions at lower and... read more

Buildings for Lease

I flew into Phoenix Sky Harbor last week and saw a large manufacturing bldg. and the original red brick bldg. that was one if the original engr. bldg. with huff "For Lease" signs on the side of the bldg. Have these bldgs. been for Lease long? I know... read more

Group universal life insurance

If I try to increase my spouse or my life insurance, what does the evidence of insurability look for? I am concerned that if one of us fails this, we will lose our life insurance altogether. We currently have yes health issues, do not regularly take... read more

File Complaints before Termination, Not After

I was a manager before I got to Honeywell, but not here. Let's face it, some people need informal PIPs. But formal PIPs are only necessary to avoid unemployment payments or discrimination law suits in employment at will states like AZ if the employee... read more

Labor charging crackdown in ETS

Sr Manager in ETS Clearwater should be criminally charged for creating a culture that rewards engineers that overcharge the government while punishing those that do the right thing. She has created a Wells Fargo culture and now we are all about to... read more

I was laid off 16 months ago

It is a matter of Honeywell way up top management in a mode of trying to hoard cash and nothing else, and push a lot of pressure down on managers to make it happen and don't tell me the problems. There are many new people in jobs now, including HR... read more

Layoff Info

Was laid off back before the holidays in the call ctr. We were told by HR to apply for unemployment after severance ran out. After contacting DES said it would be six weeks after HW was contacted for a determination. FYI future employees don't wait... read more

Poorly run oncampus recruiting event

Was having a conversation with some recently out of school working engineers and they we talking about campus recruiting events from their schools a few years ago. They didn't know I worked for Honeywell and unprompted, one mentioned how unprepared... read more

MRR Process

I was told by my former VP that the MRR process is fair reflection of the work force. He went on to give an analogy of that even the US Olympic basketball team, which would have the best of best, would have individuals that would need to improve and... read more

Employment Attorney

Try to get a free consultation with any employment attorney. See what he says and then decided on your path. I was told most wrongful termination cases will not fly. Only discrimination cases have a chance. One of the post below is right. You must... read more

So this is how it works:

I work for one manager. If he isn't totally clueless he might even know what I work on or what my contributions are. Then there are probably a dozen other managers in this Mafia, er I mean MRR, meeting. They don't know me from Adam or what I do and... read more

MRR can be fair but likely isn't.

MRR is just a way to get rid of people, the goal is higher paid people out and replace with new people at lower pay if needed. They don't want a individual contributor to stay in the same job 15-20 years anymore. You can be in a group where everyone... read more

Layoff Plan

Bear in mind that the objective is to get rid of North American (read experienced, highly-paid) employees by any means necessary so they can be replaced by people who may or may not be able to spell Honeywell. What fun.


WFH will be allowed when cost effective (short term). Honeywell (and other companies) want temp workers, on temp assignments where the work /project can a lot of times be done remotely. They do not want permanent workers WFH. Plus, the policy will... read more


See today's Wall Street Journal for article. Why Remote Work Can’t Be Stopped The proportion of Americans who only worked remotely rose to 20% in 2016 from 15% in 2012, Gallup surveys indicate

What is an MRR?

I found out recently that I'm involved in an MRR. I'm in HBT. Can someone enlighten me as to what an MRR is and should I be concerned (above the usual level)?


No furlough after all on July 4th. Pushed later towards end of Q3. Deciding to spin off is being pushed out too.

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