Topics regarding layoffs at Honeywell International Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Honeywell International Inc.

Will they know?

Is there any way for Honeywell to know I'm applying for other jobs outside of the company? Other than the company contacting them for references, which brings me to my other question: is there a way to ensure that the place you are applying to does... —  read more 

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How difficult is it?

I’ve been with the company for less than 3 years and I’m wondering how difficult it would be to move laterally so that I can gain more experience and learn new skillsets? I personally don’t see myself here for more than 10-15 years but would like to... —  read more 

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GLINT Survey

Anyone else receive the survey asking to “make your voice heard”? Odd after the IT issues we’ve recently faced that they would send out a survey like this from an external source.

This is not working out

In the past two years I've lost about 80% of my team to layoffs. Some of them have since been replaced with new people and if we are any indication of how things are currently being done in the entire company, then Honeywell is doomed. Before, my... —  read more 

Be honest

I've been here for two years and most of it I hated. Some of my coworkers keep remembering "the good old days" but I'm having trouble believing this place was ever much better than it is now. I can understand that companies change but not by that... —  read more 

Job Security in Honeywell

Long ago when I took my first job with Honeywell (Garret, back then) joining a global company, it didn’t meant just securing a job but securing your future for you’d know joining a global brand meant being with the company till retirement. It was by... —  read more 

Hygiene Theatre

Time to layoff the much team that sold that airplane drink-cart/can–bis grow light. What a waste of time. Another round of acrylic plaques for small ideas. Second only to the waste of time ventilator team who worked non stop and never sold a... —  read more 

Reduced Work Week

Just got the automated call that Urbana production (not R & O or folks working on Golden Valley Fab) will be on a reduced work week Mon-Thur of next week. Are any of the other sites on a reduced schedule?

Feels like a competition

Sometimes it feels like Honeyhell is working really hard to win a competition, only it's the kind of competition nobody sane is participating in. Are we trying to win the top spot as the worst company to work for? The company with the worst... —  read more 

Changes not welcome

Have you tried lately talking to your manager about changing something work-related? A procedure that could be done more efficiently, stuff like that? I keep running into a wall despite the fact that a) the changes are not drastic and b) it's obvious... —  read more 

Burning Platform

Whatever happened to this, aggressively touted by senior management back in 2019? Is this still something they keep pushing, to justify their management culture from the neanderthal age? Some of the fiercest advocates of this self-defeating tactic... —  read more 

Work-life balance

Is it just me or is work-life balance completely disappearing and morphing into a never-ending loop of work and sleep? I'm single with no kids so I can still take this but I have no idea how my colleagues who have a family are able to deal with this... —  read more 

Are things looking up?

I was laid off over a month ago and I’m still trying to find something comparable in terms of bennies and pay. Anyone else out there still looking or has already found something? I’d be interested to know what industries are currently hiring. Thanks... —  read more 

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