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Get a steppin

Half you people on this site are the reason why the ones who care about there careers have to work longer hours. If you take this passion and actually apply to your daily effort, you may be surprised. Stop complaining because I bet you put a solid... read more

Open enrollment

Has anyone heard anything about open enrollment are any of their sites? I find it odd that we haven't seen anything yet, other than messages to get our screening done. The lack of information either means that nothing is changing, or they have... read more

We're not the only evil company out there...

Evidentially Honeyhell is not the only evil company out there: How can you have hundreds of "dismal" employees? True that there are many, but dang!
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Clearwater / Overtime

Some managers in Clearwater are directing staff that if they can't work OT then they need to put an additional 4 hours of vacation time on their time sheet each week. That way their time sheet shows 44 hrs of work every week and EEI metrics look... read more

EEI or professional overtime anyone?

Just curious how deep this “request” goes throughout the company. We here (direct charge) at HI Cwl are requested to work 10-15% of “professional time” I.e. unpaid over time till at least the rest of the year. The curious thing this has been going on... read more

Are we looking at more layoffs?

I was just wondering if anybody else thought that this latest move (ADI distribution business spin-off) will be used to have even more clandestine layoffs? It's a perfect opportunity for Honeywell to get rid of a number of positions within a positive... read more

Where is the real organic growth?

Looking for input from both employees, insider thoughts and shareholders, with ideas to improve each Honeywell businesses organic grow to an acceptable level for both shareholders and employees mutual well being? Where is the real organic growth... read more

Honeywell spin off ?

What does it mean ?

Aero Here to Stay

More pressure for Aero now that the other areas will be spun. Get out now while u can. It will get worse if there is no tax reform imho

Homes, ADI and Transportation Systems spun off

Honeywell International Inc. HON, -0.01% said Tuesday it plans to spin off its Homes product portfolio and its ADI global distribution business, as well as its Transportation Systems business, into two separate publicly-traded companies. The spinoffs... read more

Announcement tomorrow morning

Honeywell to disclose results of portfolio review on Tuesday

Keep the ALT honest and accountable

I am one of a few employees that have discussed with government inspector general the Honeywell fraud practices they use, also known as EEI and Yield. I presented an email from our Clearwater HR person stating there is no EEI Policy and the real... read more

Underground policies at Honeywell

I have been begging for training over the last year. Training that is critical for growth and to provide additional capabilities - my manager told me to watch YouTube videos after-hours at home, but not charge training since it affects our yield. He... read more

What happen to my post?

Is this site maintained by HON management? I posted 2days ago about a corp jet being used, but the post disappeared yesterday? Where did it go and why?

Staying at HON is bad for your career

If you're like me and you have 15 years or less at honeyhell, it's for us to leave. There is no future in AERO especially. The ALT is running this company straight into the ground for their own benefit. Wageswill continue to remain stagnant, HR will... read more

Honey, please take out the trash!

Tempe site Honeys now get to take out their own trash according to the email they received yesterday. Its being done as a "green" initiative and will reduce problems such as pest control. No one will have a trash can in their office anymore and if... read more

I spend 2 hours a day commuting

I know people have abused the wfh option, but I really feel like the majority were not. We are evolving (well, most of us) and are able to be both productive and efficient from our homes. I am a single mom and was very grateful to be able to work... read more

Bad decisions will take years to fix (if ever)

Organic growth in Aero requires: Knowledge of market and its trends Intimate, positive customer relationships with stellar past performance Multi-year investment before realizing sales Having a campaign including a strategy with associated decision... read more

HON keeping Aerospace

Honeywell ups dividend, seeks to avoid aerospace spinoff Now what?

Honeywell Beyond reprehensible In PR

They don't have food, clean water, power, gasoline, or communications. All the stop lights are gone!!!!! Hospitals are not running. Bridges are out. It's a huge disaster and Honeywell wants to put a strain on this humanitarian crisis by putting 1000... read more

Anybody notice this job posting?,7_IC1133904_KO8,40.htm?jl=2547560170 Re-positioning? Site closures? Non-disclosure agreeement? Stressful situations? Ha ha Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure... read more

Save the CMGs - A Plea to the U.S. Government

Honeywell Glendale is one of many companies that produces items of “National Importance”. We take immense pride in supporting our customers with the finest Control Moment Gyroscopes ever produced on Earth. We understand the vital role that our... read more

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