Topics regarding layoffs at Honeywell International Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Honeywell International Inc.

Has anybody here survive PIP?

How did you manage to do it? Did it involve working extra hours? The one guy I know claims he worked 70- to 80-hour weeks for months and I don't think that's humane. We have days off for a reason. Any other tricks? Other than kissing up to your... —  read more 

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Hybrid WFH ending soon

Honeywell execs thrilled with Tesla's stance on return to office. Expect the 40+ in office mandate to be rolled out via soft communication channels soon. No big emails from K. Matters-More (than you) to avoid public critique. One-One with... —  read more 

Corporate Merit Increases

Struggling to make ends meet with that 2.5% merit increase despite inflation? Our leaders really took care of themselves. DA and AM got a 5% increase and GL an 11.5%. Must be good to work for corporate. All in the proxy.

Unsupportive management

Whenever I expect support from the manager, I become reassured that I will not get it and that I am left here on my own. He is almost always unavailable to me. Perhaps it's just me, perhaps I was expecting more than I can get at HW?

Off balance

When I first applied here, I had no idea that I wouldn't have any work life balance here. Perhaps others knew that this is one of those companies that lacks that balance? While working at HW, I involuntarily turned into one of those people whose... —  read more 

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