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Relocation Agreement Repayment

I have another year left on my relocation agreement with Honeywell and I'm fortunate to have career options even in this economy. Given everything that has transpired the past several weeks I am seriously looking at leaving in the near future. Does... —  read more 

Why can't you access your email while on furlough?

What is the BFD about checking your email while on furlough? I admit it, I do get some personal email on the HW email (I've had the email account for as long as there has been email). So what if I check it for personal emails? That sets a bit on... —  read more 

Arizona Unemployment Benefits

In Arizona, Governor Ducey waived the one week waiting period; You can apply as soon as your last day of work before your... —  read more 

Furlough Colored Teams?

Has anyone got their furlough information yet? As far as which dates you are scheduled to take your furlough? I work in HBT and still haven’t received the information about what color team I’m on and which week in April and May I have to take. Wasn’t... —  read more 

Trying times

I am one of the people being furloughed a week in april and week in may, its humourous they announce executives will take a pay cut too. How about you multi millionaire's forgo a years salary to keep us working class in jobs, bad enough you... —  read more 

Hon helping employees navigate Unemployment?

So has any site leaders or HR communicated to employees on how to navigate unemployment in their state? They communicated furloughs pretty quick and thoroughly. If any site did let us know.

UK lock down and honeywell ignores

Non essential work being carried out without regard to the government or the employees.Only honeywell shares matter. Employees with underlying health conditions should be sent home for 12 weeks with pay (government will pay 80% of wages) Honeywell... —  read more 


We have been on mandatory 25% overtime since the beginning of the year. We now have to work this coming Saturday, it’s a mandatory day they said since it’s last day of the quarter. We are also exempt from the 2 week furlough. I really do appreciate... —  read more 

Anyone else feeling less ‘essential’

Was deemed ‘essential’ by Hon Aero leadership during current local ‘shelter in place’ order and being asked to ignore the fact that my job function isn’t essential by spirit, only by the letter of law. Now being furloughed for 2weeks? Very... —  read more 

India Lockdown

India has locked down all 1.3 billion for 21 days. Don’t think that was in the latest Honeywell business plan.

No furloughs announced at competitors

Just checked this site for ABB, Emerson, Schneider, Rockwell and Siemens. None of those companies have any recent posts re: layoffs or furloughs. Obviously this site is not definitive but telling that only HON is doing furloughs....

2 weeks US shut down?

Starting April 13th, US employees all to take off. How? How the hell does that work? And is the government going to pay 50k HON employees on furlough?

Arizona Unemployment and Furlough?

Has anyone checked to see if we qualify for unemployment for the every other week we are off? Do we keep filing etc? I saw someone post on here that the rules have changed due to this virus. Wondering if it's worth it. Thanks If you are from... —  read more 

Work from home for rest of 2020

Here's an idea to boost employee morale, give everyone the option to work from home for rest of 2020 if your job can be done from home. Zero cost to HON (probably savings on office space), safety from Corona, available to meet at odd hours, employee... —  read more 

401K Question

Should I sell my 401K today, the market bounced back and I fear we will be dropping even more once people realize that this virus is about to linger through the end of summer. So, should I sell my 401K today while prices are still good.

Furloughs and unemployment

1 week work/pay 1week furlough/nopay. So many states don't allow unemployment in these types of partial layoffs. We need to contact governors and congress to get this changed to allow for unemployment benefits to be paid on those furlough... —  read more 


So, they have $10B in cash but letsmake everyone give 2 weeks of pay. Go to twitter and light them up!

Honeywell Aerospace

Boeing is doing furloughs, stopping production. GE Aerospace is sending 50% home, 10% on permanent layoffs. How is Honeywell Aerospace doing?

I'd go back in a heart beat

This is neither a joke nor a cynical post. It is really painful and heartbreaking to read all of these negative comments. Yes, the company has issues. What company doesn't? Believe me, I felt a lot of the frustration, anger, disappointment and... —  read more 

HON Stock Price Bottom

Any guesses on how low HON stock price sink before it bottoms? Odds are there are more down days ahead.

Stock buy back time!

There’s an endless supply of cash for Honeywell to buy back stock and there will be even more with a Gov’t COVID stimulus bill. You need to be a big stock holder in order for the stimulus to help you. How low can Honeywell go?

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Customers are cancelling and pushing out orders

My gut feeling is that we have cash for about month, maybe two. After that god knows what will happen. It's just my gut feeling and I've been proven wrong many times. I hope I am wrong again.

No raises but shocker management got their bonuses

Managers tried to spin it as nobody from ceo down got raises until it was asked if bonuses were still distributed to upper levels including immediate managers. Of course they got their bonuses while the "regulars" get nothing which will impact you... —  read more 


I wish there was the same concern over the black mold and asbestos broadcast throughout the building everytime they do construction as there is for this Coronavirus. This virus will mean nothing to Honeywell mgmt except a good excuse for Aero missing... —  read more 

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