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A word for the under 40 crowd

You may laugh and make light of what Honeywell is doing to the 'old' employees. But it would be wise if you stepped back and realized that, if life is kind to you, you will be an 'old' employee someday too. Experienced. Dedicated. Integrity. Hard... read more

Severance Package Info?

I read the Band 1-4 Severance Plan and understand the one week pay for every year of service. Is anything else offered like health insurance under same plan and premiums stop when severance ends? 401k contributions? Or is it just pay less taxes?

RimMan was right!

My pa RimMan was right as usual, he said in early Jan, there wood be no layoffs or furloughs, plus raises would be given to all! Also like he said stock skurocketing! All you naysayers also think there will be a change in our pension, not so per pa... read more

Aerospace Reorganization Survey

I got in trouble today because I refuse to participate in the Aerospace Reorganization survey. This is the type of leadership that expects employees to respect them? Isn't there something wrong with this picture? Why would anybody "stick with us", if... read more


So how screwed is this company when you have Tier 3 managers going around telling workers on Government contracts that it doesn't matter how many hours you clock to the WO as long as your Utilization numbers are good?


Listening to Mahoney say "releative to" in his senseless town halls and then commenting on the framed questions he gets asked being "spot on" makes me want to throw up.

IBM now doing no WFH and worse...

Affects Europe and US.

Career Counselling after the layoff

I know this might not seem like the best time to spend money. However, I still feel that there are some investments worth considering. Before you start applying for a new job, I think it is wise to take the needed time to make sure that you are... read more

WFH Policy

Looks like they started terminating people who "didn't follow the WFH Policy". They announced another one on a call yesterday. Director level. I was hoping the "have to work in an office for absolutely no reason" would have died down by now and we... read more

Honeywell is FIxed

So dave and darius announce what a shambles honeywell was 15 years ago. Well now it is all fixed. SERIOUSLY? The exodus of qualified employees, furloughs, no raises, poor medical plans, lack of new products, outsourcing of anything possible... read more

Could this be the "new software Honeywell"?

Will this be the back-fill for American jobs so Trump can keep a campaign promise on cutting H-1B Visas AND creating jobs in America? I saw a link to an article on the Intel layoff thread, I found really interesting. Honeywell already has some of... read more

Other companies are hiring like crazy.

I left for a management position at a new company and will be hiring someone from Honeywell. I've made several referrals for Honeywell colleagues, a couple of which are moving towards offers. The remainder are promising. I was referred by a colleague... read more

unlimited vacation

If you are let go, or voluntary walk away, does unlimited vacation mean you get no vacation pay when you leave?


Does anyone have any idea when the next round of RIFs will be or furlough? Just playing the waiting game-

WFH Option
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Sanctioned Bullying

From Davy and his minion: Our General Managers must set a higher bar for their organizations. They should be intensely focused on results and winning in their markets. While we don’t want anyone to act like an ogre, the General Manager’s role is to... read more

The Company's Position - More Facts

Interesting to see these websites and Honeywell's facts and open position on negotiations (and even a wage loss calculator). Huge amount of layoffs going on throughout the rest of the aerospace industry this past year including our biggest customers!... read more

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