Topics regarding layoffs at Honeywell International Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Honeywell International Inc.

Honeywell's competitors

Have you looked at Layoff dot com comments for Honeywell's competitors? Their boards read nothing like Honeywell's, expect layoff rumors (of course). It's sad to see a once great company hit rock bottom. I'm so glad to have gotten out after 30+... —  read more 

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We're looking at major layoffs

Let's get real. With results the way they are, we know there'll be some immediate action to try and "fix" the problem. The easiest way to do it is by cutting operating costs, which equals layoffs. The only question right now is not "will we have... —  read more 

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HW Whining about "Pension Headwinds"

In HW's earning release today they whined about pension headwinds and is looking to analysts to adjust by 0.8% profitability. Meanwhile, HW bout back $4B (That's billion with a B) of their own stock. They will be happy in 30 to 40 years when the last... —  read more 

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HON is not worth your time

At HON, I advanced through the ranks rather quickly. I gave it my all every day, but in my last position, I couldn't get along with a VP who told me directly that I wasn't worth his time to coach/ mentor. The HBT CFO gladly wanted me back, but GL... —  read more 

Aero Olathe Site Closure

With the $4 billion Panasonic/Tesla battery manufacturing facility in neighboring De Soto already starting structural work, and bringing on HR hiring people, how much longer can the Olathe Cedar Creek site stay open? The Panasonic site will have... —  read more 

DairyA-- Does Dallas

I suppose most everyone saw the internal post about DairyA-- shilling for ESG at Davos. Most probably don't know that HON is also now a WEF global co---e "Strategic Partner" along with the company J&J that just happens to be pushing the jabs. All... —  read more 


Move your 401K before they invest into "Green Energy". Here in the States it has become law that they no longer have to invest your money into what is profitable for you, rather what is good for the environment. If you doubt the impact of ESG on... —  read more 

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