Honeywell International Inc. Layoffs

Topics regarding layoffs at Honeywell International Inc.


I noticed a trend on LinkedIn where people include their former companies in their Profile Headline. Common to see Ex-Google, Ex-Facebook, etc., since it add to the person's credibility even though they no longer work there. Despite having 100s of... —  read more 

Aero Severance Package

Anyone who was RIF'd receive company 401k matching? The Aero Severance Plan promises full employer match irrespective of your seniority with the company IF you were affected by "reduction in force" action. Checked with 3rd party 401k administrator... —  read more 

Retention package enough?

What is enough to stay? Some sites are doing retention pay for the critical few. (Didn’t get a package?.. now you know where you stand). Not all of the sites are participating which is a good indicator for future footprint actions. Who has seen... —  read more 

Save E-band Pay!

Fired low level employees in Q1, Q2 and Q3 and went above Q3 EBITDA plan because of the cost cuts. Then immediately restored E-band pay even though committed earlier this year to 15% cut till end of year. Thank you for all your sacrifices! We care... —  read more 

HBT Transformation

Today it was announce that HBS being absorbed into HBT and become Global Business Enterprises for all of HPT. I wonder how that is going to work with our proprietary software EBI. And what's going to happen to service technician's in HBS.


More and more big tech coming out with updated WFM policies .... turns out it works. It accommodates people and families AND big bad H gets what they so dearly covet. FREE OT. Yet, H can’t help itself and must resort to its standard draconian policy... —  read more 

COVID 19 pay Beware

So in may I was sick with all the “ Covid 19 symptoms and was sent home by the company # HoneyHell and was payed to stay home for 5 days until the symptoms were gone for 72 hours and I did what I was told. Now I’m told I owe the money back or they... —  read more 

Next up : paycuts Budget now for across the board paycuts. Furloughs are no longer the plan.

Question about PIP

Hello, Currently working in Phenix, I wanted to know if anyone can give insight on how a PIP ( Performance Improvement Plans) works? Will they lay me off with a package? Or Fire me for non compliance with nothing if the corrective actions are not... —  read more 

R.I.F. and layoffs

Does anyone know the dates? What percent of non union members? What percent of union members being laid off? The division I work for is I.S.C. Minneapolis location. Heard they want to close Plymouth and move it into Minneapolis location. Any... —  read more 

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