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SPS Marcom Organization Consolidation

SPS Marcom org was just told if we don't already work in the Fort Mill (US), Bracknell (UK) or Bucharest (Europe) offices, we no longer have jobs. Those able to relocate (without assistance) must apply for a position, no guarantee their old job will... read more

Honeywells 401K match will not occur for 2018

Per IRS rules all 401k deposits must occur by Dec 31 of that year. 401K plans donot have the same rules as an IRA. So the deferred company match they are giving employees is for 2019 not 2018.. they are skipping the match for the rest of the year... read more

Any news about SpinCo ?

The 1st of April 2018 should be the first day of HWL company split before official spin off in September. But, there are no activities about it - splitting PDM, servers, systems... Any news in world-wide HWL locations ?

Supply Chain Operations in Aero

Forget about what you learned about Supply Chain Management in school. Here's how Honeywell Aero does it. Supplier A has been making a widget for 3 years and has finally got the start-up bugs worked out. But HON says the widget costs too much so we... read more

IT Rifs??

Any news of Rifs in IT? End of Q1 is fast approaching ??

Whatever happened to taking away cell phones?

Our manager told us Band 3's were going to need to turn in their cell phones unless they are sales or field technicians. Everyone else would be strongly encouraged to connect their personal device to Honeywell to do work in off hours on their own... read more

Hub Strategy for Corp and Common functions

I am hearing there is a HUB strategy this year and HON will force some USA people to relocate to Atlanta, Morris Plains, or other key hubs or you loose your job. The word in the hallway is due to the spin offs they can get away with over $500 million... read more

When will Stranded Costs be cut?

Anyone heard when those employees who get considered "stranded costs" will notified their jobs are ending? Will it Ben in two waves? Earnings conference call again stated spinoffs will leave no stranded costs, and "restructuring" budget is over $300... read more
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Hmmm, one way to get the word out.

Here's an idea, everyone knows the M$M hates the POTUS so much they would use anything to make him look bad. So, let them know that the tax cuts aren't as good as they seem. Let the M$M know that a $15B company like H is NOT passing anything to it's... read more

Homes Spin Cluster F

Is the Homes Spin the biggest cluster in the history of clusters or what? They are so far behind in the planning it is amazing. The "leadership" are the same ones who screwed up the homes products in the first place to the point Honeywell spun it... read more

Here we go again

Was in a meeting where we were warned that project funding is going to be cut in the form of cuts/elimination of Management Reserve. I guarantee that this is just the beginning. Imagine - this during an ecomnomic upturn, huge tax break, exessive cash... read more

Bonus and Tax Cuts

I just saw a National TV station claim all the US companies giving a bonus to employees due to tax cuts. I saw Honeywell ‘s logo claiming to give bonuses due to the tax cuts. My question is, did anyone get a bonus due to Trumps tax cut? Aero didn’t.

Finally some good news in IT

so despite the constant RIFs, poor IT leadership and outsourcing , there is finally good news in IT: we are entitled to a polo shirt with the 8 Honeywell behaviors. Happy Days!

It's probably on it's way here. A lottery. Really? maybe if all of Darius's bonus money were thrown into the pool we might like it. You know they... read more

And Employees Ask “Why is HW Doing This”

Employees can’t stick together, proven Friday with the lack of “Wear Green” supporters DairyAss wants DEEPER pockets and could care a less if this place succeeds. His A-- will jump ship when he squeezes the last dollar out of here. I am so ashamed to... read more

You are NOT valued!

Honeywell offers no technical training that would benefit your career and enhance your skills. Just training in company processes and you need toothpicks to pry your eyelids open while watching those. No training, or training requests turned down --... read more

What happens to health coverage?

Just wondering what happens to health coverage for people who are laid off? I'm pretty sure that being in his late fifties, my dad's days at Honeywell are numbered. I'm trying to figure out what happens to his medical if he gets laid off, and if I... read more

Blood Bath Before March 9th

I'm seeing them RIF a LOT of people this week and last week. I'm being told there's a lot of this going on in order to do it before they pay out MIPs and get a save. I've also been told there's an absolute bloodbath going on since early last week... read more

Transportation Systems spin off

They are measuring property for Transportation Systems spin off. Trying to figure out how to have 2 separate companies in the same location. Honeywell trying to figure out how to get the most $$ they can from the deal. TS will be paying rent to stay... read more

Voya to Fidelity retirement account

Does anyone know if the Fidelity fees are comparable to the very low fees we've been getting with Voya? Honeywell is able to offer very low fee accounts due to volume and narrow investment selection. Are they taking this benefit away also?

Union Union Union

Folks this is the time we really need to get the Union to step in. This RIF crap is NOT going to end until we do something about it. If you want to stay quiet about what’s happening you’re out of your mind. Take charge and let’s tell HW Corporate to... read more

Several over age 50 rif’d

Honeywell has lost an ageism lawsuit in the past. I wonder what constitutes it? I know of several who got RIFd yesterday and they were all over 50- ?? If you were let go recently and are over 50 please comment here and let us know?

Is Torrance getting sold?

Saw a group of people last month measuring the site and looking in and around all the buildings. Are they getting ready to put the site up for sale?

Wear Green on March 2nd Reminder

After all the crap so many of us have had to endure with CoatAss and now DairyAss we need to prove we can still ban together. Please wear green this Friday to show support for all US employees still left and for those that have been replaced with... read more


If put on a PIP and you do not satisfactory complete it will you be terminated with or without severance?

How many RIFs today?

I’m #1. I’ll miss my co workers, but not the weak management. Life is good and it’s about to get better!!

Is this true

I heard a rumor that said Honeywell will not rehire anyone that had quit, is this true?

59 1/2 triger point.

You may or may not know but at 59 1/2 You can take an "in service distribution" from the stock plan. Which means you can roll your funds out into an IRA and get you money out of Honeywell control.

My plan / My Plan

Since I will now be making less money next year than the previous years due to insurance increases, coverage drops, MIP cuts, poor to nonexistent salary adjustments. Etc. Etc. I will henceforth take all of my sick time, all vacation days, make... read more

Best national placement/headhunter firms in USA?

Any opinions on the best headhunter firms to reach out to the do nationwide work in USA? I am applying at some of my top choices who have their own Job postings but would like to go some place smaller 5,000 to 10,000 employees and seems like a lot of... read more

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