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Listen. Understand...

Honeywell -- a proud tradition of breaking careers and spirits. Maybe a quote from the Terminator movie is appropriate: "Listen. Understand. That Terminator is out there. It can't be reasoned with, it can't be bargained doesn't feel pity of... read more

401K Match Date

Does anyone know what day of this month that the 401K Match for 2018 will be released to employees?

Looks like Resideo stopped WFH

Email went out yesterday stating no WFH. Gave the same line of c-ap if you need to for an emergency one off work with your manager but we collaborate in offices. Also, said if you had arraignment it will stay in place...that's great but all WFH was... read more

Richardson Accelerate

I heard that the top 10 performers on the Richardson Accelerate programme will be going to the Presidents Club, does anyone know if this has any substance?

How hard is it to find a new job, really?

Former coworker who was laid off by Honeywell nearly a year ago is still searching. This is really only adding to my already high anxiety - it's not enough that I have to worry about being laid off, now I have to worry about being jobless for who... read more

Just hired in Baton Rouge

I’m new to Honeywell. Resigned from a oil and gas construction company. I’m really looking forward to working here. My question is how is the company doing in Baton Rouge. Did I make a mistake? Or is this a long term office in BR?

Not paid yet

Retired here and STILL not gotten our check. Supposed to be on the first, what's up? Govt. employee?

Fidelity website- can't make withdraws

In this critical end of year time period, the Fidelity site gives a message that no withdraws can be done at this time. Of course the phone lines are jammed. Anyone else having this issue and know how long of a wait it is to contact a Fidelity agent?... read more

Merry Christmas

To all my buddies at Honeyhell and past friends from Allied Signal, Garrett & Airesearch, have a very merry Christmas. My hope is that all active employees find peace and a prosperous New Year. It must be difficult but be tenacious about changing it... read more
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401K Match

A business that operates both its business and its 401k plan on a calendar year basis, 2018 matching contributions must be made by April 15, 2019. I guess end of January isn't too bad. Hope I didn't give them any bad ideas...........

Sale of R&O Greer SC

With the recent sale of R&O in Greer SC , rumor is they are going to target people for RIF at OEM to accommodate people who they really want to keep from R&O.

January layoffs?

My department has already been decimated in the previous layoff rounds, and now I'm hearing more of the same can be expected sometime in January. Anybody here knows if this is true? I'm honestly not sure how we'll be able to continue to function if... read more

Best practices to raise morale

401(K) withdrawal of Resideo Stock

I am a former employee and initiated a rollover of my 401(K), including withdrawing Honeywell and spin-off stock in kind, in early November. Everything went well, EXCEPT the distribution of the Resideo stock has not been completed. It seems that... read more

401k matching

What are the chances we get some obnoxious email from HR rebranding the 401k match as a year end bonus? I give it a 100% chance in the long run, but I’m not sure how long it’ll take until people realize that used to be one of the best benefits... read more

Tempe 1207? Sold?? No Sale??

Been hearing around the office the 1207 sale fell through...again. Anyone know what the hell is going on? Would be nice to know what kind of commute I'm going to have next year.

Resideo Cost Savings

Well looks like the cost cutting measures across the board have started. They have started reducing staff in the functions and put hiring for most reqs on hold. must be awesome to be let go after being with a company for three weeks. They will also... read more

Sell It

What needs to happen is they sell this dirty excuse if a company off. This POS excuse for a corporation is the laughing stock if it's own employees. What once was a great Engineering company is nothing today. Customers know it s---s, employees think... read more

Honeywell Posts on LinkedIn

So tired of reading posts about what a great company Honeywell is - newsflash people - great companies offer medical/dental/vision and robust 401k plans...

No relocation?

Since Honeywell is getting major incentives to bring not just HQ to North Carolina but the jobs that go with it, does that mean that no relocation will be available for current employees? What I'm getting from all of this is that pretty much... read more

Teamcenter login Honeywell

Cannot log in. Blank page, stuck... Teamcenter is so bad, this happens to me all the time. They make me reboot and wait and somehow it all gets fixed in 10 minutes. What a bunch of junk.

The price of doing well in tough conditions

This is just one of the few articles that praises HON’s business results even though there is a general consensus that the market is pretty slow.HON is a company that is changing and I can't argue that the leadership made some good decisions... read more


Rumor is if you are remote and apply for a similar job being posted at a hub, that many will NOT be hired. And those who get an offer will be at much lower pay. If you get an offer at lower pay and turn it down you forfeit severance benefits. Anybody... read more

HQ is moving

Darius wants to live closer to his house, HQ is moving to NC. It will take place is feb 2019, employees at nj HQ will get the option to move or be fired. Potential for hundreds of people to be let go. Same thing Bezos did with deciding the second HQ... read more

Honeywell China has a new President

In an official statement from the company, it was stated that the company appointed a new president of Honeywell China. I was hoping to get some opinions on this subject on this board, and what will this mean for the Chinese operations?... read more

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