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Honeywell Troubled

You know a company is in trouble when engineers are leaving on their own with no job lined up !
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CLW Site Leader

Two previous threads have been taken down regarding the new site leader (HD), and the wonderful, people person skills that he brings. What's up with that?

Honeywell pension: Old vs New Plan

I just wanted to start a thread on this - old vs new pension plan... If you have thoughts, please chime in here - there is nothing that tracks this so I thought consolidating bits and pieces in this thread may help some folks - I know it may be... read more

Exiting opportunity emails?

We Glendale got an email yesterday for exiting opportunities in RMUs in Phx and Tempe. This is second email on job opportunities in 2 weeks. I have the feeling when the RIF happens its going to be real ugly. I think management just trying to cover... read more

Honeywell Glendale Buzzsaws Senior Tech Managers

On the heels of Glendale losing its Engineering Director 2 weeks ago, the Space facility is cutting its 4 senior tech managers down to 1. 1 just moved to the Deer Valley facility. The second will also leave to Deer Valley after this round of layoffs... read more

Anniston to close? Buildings condemed?

Seen some nasty pics of the Anniston buildings completely trashed from a storm and told it is shutdown. Also hearing the work is going to other plants like Tempe and that Anniston may be condemmed. Any Anniston employees on here?

60 minutes 8/13/17. OMG

Watch this episode, aired Sunday night. Someone needs to contact Florida attorney Sarah Blackwell. This exact thing has and does happen at Honeywell. It needs to stop... read more

Honeywell internal on furlough

Dear SPS Colleagues: We know how hard you are working, every day, to help SPS win. We are proud of the work we’re doing together to create safe, productive and connected work environments around the world. As we’ve been sharing with you during our... read more


What's the latest rumors for PMT? Furlough.

Vacation & Furlough at AERO? SPS lesson

If Aero is planning a furlough like SPS (prior post) it's best to take as much "unlimited vacation" as you can now while you have a chance. They would most likely cancel any vacation time to make up the lost work during furloughs. Anyone know if Aero... read more
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Retirement changes

I am hearing rumors that an email will be coming out in Sept 2017 regarding pension changes for aero. All those with plan A pension will need to retire before the end of the year in order to get a monthly pension. If they stay at honeywell, they will... read more

Honeywell Biometrics

So it appears Hon could be adding a "Fat Tax" on your medical coverage in 2019. BMI is going to be a factor with your medical coverage. What a poor way to determine someones health and a good way for Hon to charge you more.

This is interesting

At least somebody thinks that Honeywell can teach somebody else (General Electric in this case) something about running a company... Not sure how many Honeywell current and former employees would agree, though... read more

Agile Scum

Prepare for suffering and bend over, Agile is being secretively rammed down our throats and inserted into teams, daily stand ups, the ultimate in micro-management down to the hour !!


I just made my retirement elections and come to find out I get a 1700.00/mo. credit for working at Bendix during my career. Plus they gave my an additional 500.00 / mo until I turn 62 YO. I LOVE THIS COMPANY!!

Blame Allied, not Honeywell

When I joined Honeywell, we were appreciated, OT was compensated for salaried employees and we had perks such as Christmas parties, etc. Then Allied bought us, and brought us slash and burn, and the opinion that good employees were simply an expense... read more

UTC after Rockwell Collins now
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Honeywell Avionics, Indonesia Closing

Its just been announced that the avionics site in the Indonesian island of Bintan is the latest casualty of the aero sites. Weak sales and a further weaker demand for Honeywell products has finally sealed the site's fate. The best of luck to those... read more

New large scale layoffs?

Aside from small scale layoffs, do we know if Honeywell is planning any big scale layoffs any time soon? I haven't seen anything mentioned lately, and I am not sure if I should be glad, or worried that we are being lulled into a false sense of calm... read more

New work hours

Probably old news, but I believe it is becoming more formal. Heard that the expectation is 44 hours/week minimum regardless of your work load. They are starting to track this formally, and any group that has a work/pay ratio of less than 1 will be... read more

Just got my Flip Phone

Just activated my Flip phone and turned in my iPhone. Welcome to 2001. I feel very professional carrying around a snazzy LG Flip Phone. I make calls and text. Can't check email or calendars.

To Boeing from Honeywell DV: Please buy us!

The employees in HW Areo are ready to serve you! We have been beat up by the Schizophrenic culture here now we are all like whipped puppies. You would have an experienced and greatful workforce!

How many jobs will losing Boeing cost us?

So Boeing is as good as gone as a customer, which is most likely going to bring on another round of layoffs. I just wonder if this would be happening if Honeywell didn't lay off all the excellent and experienced engineers to save a few bucks on... read more

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