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Cost Savings Ideas?

Anyone have any cost savings ideas besides just cutting the folks who actually do something and provide value? I would say to start with... 1) Less cloud - these d1p5hits at the top don't realize putting stuff in the could is faster and gives you... read more

Honeywell Pensions Question(s)

Being a legacy Honeywell employ, we were given two pension choices back in c.2001(?), after the merger with Allied. One was to stay with the old plan, and accrue increases as always. The 2nd choice was to opt for a lump sum valuation, based on... read more

Horrible turnover

We've suffered a catastrophic level of voluntary attrition in Ottawa. It's so bad that we can't execute programs anymore. Management deals with it by pretending there's nothing wrong, so we just keep losing top talent. This is definitely not just an... read more

IT Rifs

What’s happening with the Rifs in IT? Hearing people have been notified


I was Aero in Phoenix and RIFd Jan 2016. Apparently I posted on this site altho I honestly don't remember doing it!! ANYWAY, somehow someone said I posted on this "Anonymous" site and to quote a coworker, "a lot of people read it and wondered why I... read more


at our site we get a grand total of the 25th and( 26th that we use our own time) and the 1st off, what do other sites get???? also we are AERO,,,,also we are open on the 23rd 24th and 31st................

Firings instead of layoffs?

A coworker of mine just got fired with very little cause. He's the second person I know in the past month who's been shown the door unceremoniously. Is this happening all over Honeywell or is this simply a coincidence? I wouldn't put it past them to... read more


I’m a bit confused. Those of us in PLM/ EOPS were told weeks ago that budget cuts have left nothing for our department and we all need to be seeking other employment. But none of us were offered any kind of voluntary RIF. They just told us to find... read more

Ottawa Leadership

Key Ottawa site being driven into ground. Poor performance....metrics falling off a cliff. New site leader not close to being qualified She has biten off wayyyy more than she can chew....tough times are here


It's almost mid-Dec (coming up next week). Has anyone heard anything on when the ISC (non-hands) RIF will be announced? When was the deadline for volunteers?


Minneapolis is a sh-- hole. Management is taking b---s--- information and flowing it down to the workers even if it doesnt fit...riffs at the and of December and furlough in January. Leave this place. Now. Do it.

Civil rights act title VII

Can I claim its my religious believe that I can not be mandated to work OT without compensation , and if not work the free OT I get punished? It is my believe that God intended for one be compensated for labor. Also for health reasons I can not work... read more

Take care of yourself

It is called capitalism. Find a better job. It is not going to get any better. We had VP tell people in Tucson, that the reason we should stay is because we have a great view of the Mtns. Sad.

HON not in the top 10

Honeywell is not in the top 10, not in the top 25, not in the top 50, not in the top 100. No surprise there.,19.htm

EEI > 1.0 is now official

We were handed down "our" goals just recently, and one of them was EEI > 1.08. I know they've been harassing us about low EEI, but this is a new low. To make us put in your goals that thou shalt work > 40 hours even if you get your work done on time... read more

Redundancy coming to UK?

Ive heard rumors that RIFs are heading to uk. This plant has been quiet for some time and we all know how HW hate losses. Seems we wont know until the axe falls

All you haters

What a great Christmas bonus we got, a turkey, an awesome Christmas party for the kids, our manager had an awesome Christmas party at his home, vending machines open for free coffee, let us have some slack time on Friday to enjoy our fellow employees... read more

CBI Technology

Rumor at CBI is that Honeywell/HOP will be the buyer of CBI's Technology business group. Good fit or layoffs for many?

Unlimited vacation

Time to use all the vacation you didn’t use because you were so busy this year. After all, it’s unlimited.

Dave Cote: How I avoided the LAYOFFS

Dave Cote: How I avoided the LAYOFFS Now F-Off ! I'm busy building my dream house on Anna Maria Island, where I bought my Acreage for $4 million!... read more

Solid Snek

Why are we still here… Just to suffer? Every night, I can feel my 401k, and milestones … and even my biometrics… The body I’ve lost… and the comrades I’ve lost… It won’t stop hurting, like they’re all still there… You feel it too, don’t you? I’m the... read more

Brighter Career Prospects Elsewhere

Being a former manager from honeyhell Greer I am much better off at me new job no thumb pressing from HR where I am now. Thus company fires sub standard employees there are no useless 9 block ratings or pips, you do ou job or get fired. Thats the... read more

HR is racist and sick

Greed, lies and a f*ck you human mindset, truly shocking and sick management leadership; thrives on Chinese fire drills designed to foster disfunction and fear

Honeywell Greer

I hope all the worthless people in Greer that hide behind the access line aka hot line and survey monkey get laid off. I have never seen such a group that cant confront someone and try to get managers fired in a cowardly way.

IT RIFs for Thanksgiving

Well about a dozen IT RIFs for USA ..... they were informed already and have to work to December 29th then on to other companies. Seemed to be different sites. And different technology areas. I think it's all done unless the employee and the... read more

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