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Honeywell PAC

I never had the priveledge of being asked to donate to the Honeywell PAC. Curious, nowadays how do they spin it ? Keep jobs in the US ? Just curious .

DC spreading his disease

After ruining GE and Honeywell, he's now looking for more to assimilate and destroy with his disease.

New Jobs at Raytheon Tuscon AZ

FYI a growing aerosoace company in Arizona: Raytheon

Slozek leaves as CFO what wouldn't he do?

The CFOnis leaving for "personal reasons"?? What was he refusing to do that Darius wanted? Perhaps ending pensions or selling the pension to an insurance company as interest rates climb? In the Investors call in February Slozek mentioned they... read more

What will HOMES be like? Go read the DXC threads

If you want a forecast of the future management philosophy and actions go read the DXC threads There are references to Nefkins. It seems like he went to the same school as Daryass but got straight A's The legacy HPE business Nefkins was at became DXC... read more

Honeywell must be a ghost town

Just welcomed a former coworker from Honeywell to my new team. They said there was just no work and that they only knew of one new product under development anywhere in aerospace. Make the jump there is plenty of work at better employers. Honeywell... read more

New CEO for Homes

The new CEO for the Homes spin looks like a strong leader. Hopefully he will come in and do a thorough review of the business and the current leadership throughout the organization and put together a team that can get the business turned around and... read more

Rolling updates for Week of 5/7/18

This week was such a bloodbath i would assume the non-stop a55 reaming will continue this week. Post whats happening here as it happens. Anyone have insight into RIFs for the coming week?

R&D Cuts in PMT

Heard there are R&D budget cuts to some departments in PMT. Already laid off contractors and now co-op program being cut too.


So, anybody thinks he'll do better than his predecessor? Or will it be a lot of same ol' same ol'? Honeywell Inc. HON, -0.12% said Tuesday it has named Greg Lewis as its next chief financial officer effective Aug. 3, replacing Tom Szlosek, who is... read more

aerospace q3 reorg

rumors are flying and managers are not answering. lists and HR pullout meetings. the last reorg didnt get it done and alt wants their census savings. if your t2 or t3 boss is leaving.. polish your resume.

Rolling Updates for Week of 4/30/18

If next week as as bad as it appears across the globe this is the forum to post who took a hit as the week plays out. So far I know MP is taking huge cut including the Brain trust working on Sentience. On Friday the leader of Connected Enterprise was... read more

Brain Drain

Lately we have had a big uptick in people leaving the company at our site to pursue other opportunities elsewhere. The people leaving are good at what they do, and experienced. They will not be easy to replace. Is the same happening at other sites in... read more

Next Week?

Anyone else hear next week (Week of 4/30) is going to be a big week as far as RIFs and layoffs. Anyone have any info on this? I believe some of the engineering and IT teams are taking hits.

TS and Homes spinoff news

What's the latest on spinoffs? Some of the Spinoff jobs are getting posted. Will RIFs to cut ("eliminate stranded costs") occur by June 30 or will they be in Q3 or Q4?? (Before 401k match deadline)

People should be angry-

I don’t care if you are 23 or 65 or anywhere in between!! Everyone on this forum should be angry!! What’s happening in our workforce and our country is a travesty. When the majority of people by far in a layoff are over 50, it’s WRONG. If you are... read more

Print Media

Since SAP migration our business unit went to sh--. Lost partners and with all the freebies partners still won’t come back. 2017 we had 5 million dollars in lost business and we were short almost 2 million first qtr 2018. I’m sure sales will be... read more

April 20

A little birdy told me that after Q1 numbers come out, it is going to get ugly for those business units that didn't make their numbers. Also if you are in hardware focused, high labor cost groups like space, get your resumes ready, because the axe is... read more

Fidelity 401K

Today, Wednesday, I am finally able to access the Fidelity/Honeywell 401k website. I don't know if this is corporate wide or is being made available in stages.

Reality of RIF

Here’s the reality of being riffed. If you are over 55. Your life will s---. If you are the sole breadwinner in your family it will s--- even more. This company does not care about you, your years of loyal dedication to them, or your family. Bottom... read more

Continued layoffs

There will be continued layoffs regardless of performance for all US based employees. Dairyass and the board do NOT want you here. You are merely a drain on the revenue and a danger to shareholder value. If you are not currently employed in a high... read more

PMT Layoffs

Clearly PMT did not achieve 1st qtr numbers. Any news on layoffs within PMT division?

Honeywell Post 2000 Pension Plan and Spinout

Does anyone have any info regarding the disposition/disbursement of our funds in the post 2000 pension fund accounts? (persons hired during 2000 and later). There has been adequate information about the 401K move to Fidelity, but I have heard or seen... read more

401k changed to Fidelity

So the 401k plan changed from Voya to Fidelity over the weekend. I was expecting a smooth transition and being able to make transactions this week but logging into the Fidelity site and trying to access my account info says temporary unavailable... read more

CAP Gemini-SAP

There are loads of rumours around that cap Gemini will be involved with sap projects going forward. Does anyone have any more info?

Severance payout

Can anyone tell me how the severance payout works? I thought it was every two weeks like a normal paycheck for the length of the severance period. I just got what looks like my first deposit and it’s more than double a normal check. I know the 401k... read more

Retiring vs VREFs for respect

We had 3 people at Glendale going into retirement get a party yesterday . That's all good. I wonder when we had those who we knew were close to retirement take the VREF just disappear. Seems they got no respect.

Job hunt after 34 years

Any good advice for a job hunt for the first time in 34 years? Yup, laid off at 60, stellar career until now. Was head hunted to Honeywell. Now they cut off my head!! Lol Any advice is welcome!


The 12-hour workday is more dangerous than hitchhiking.

More layoffs next week?

What are the chances we'll be having more layoffs next week? People have been talking in the office about several locations being hit with small scale layoffs in the past several weeks, one each week. It looks like Honeywell is determined to... read more

R they looking for RIF volunteers?

Was on a call where a few engineers mentioned their volunteering for RIF was accepted and this past Friday was their last day. They were ecstatic of course Anyone know if hr is also looking for prog mgrs to volunteer for RIF? I like to sign up Thanks
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