Topics regarding layoffs at Honeywell International Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Honeywell International Inc.

Just me?

Anyone else working for the worst or most inexperienced manager of a long career? I read the emails and messages from this person HON is paying 6 figures a year and think what a complete waste of time. HON Corp has turned into a bunch of GE rejects... —  read more 

Cost Savings

We all need to pitch in and follow DA's example. He is taking a pay cut from 1.7 million to 1.3 million for his new made up part time role. That's a 23% pay cut. He is leading by example. We have no reason to ever complain about a little furlough. —  read more 

OMV kicked UOP out

Closing UOP in Belgium was such a succes mr. Ben & Kelly said in the last townhall I got to listen into. 🇺🇸 and 🇮🇳 could do better and cheaper. 2 years later, they need to beg subcontractors in Italy to perform detailed engineering and a major... —  read more 

VK’s Leadership Style

Just finished a skip level meeting with VK. Said multiple times that his leadership style as CEO will be to think about the employee first. Said DMC and DA did not treat employees well and he wants to reduce the number of people quitting.

Let's have a good laugh.

My fellow Honeywell employees. Minneapolis, Minnesota doesn't think they can relocate there division. Supposedly! Due to the longitude and latitude are gyros can only be built here. You can build these gyros anywhere. It's based on line of sight... —  read more 

Senior employees at HON

I would've never imagined that one day, after years of giving my best to this company, I would be treated the way I am today. As a senior employee, I feel unwelcome here anymore regardless of my skills. I wish someone had a different experience... —  read more 

Ring the bell

Johnny Boy wasn’t in New York. Maybe someone smartened up and cut that cancer out. Quick check on the rest of the SPS Failure Team and see if they’re still in outlook.

Takeaways from Townhall

The show is mainly through, share some thoughts: Same B@#@!t would continue as the company has been doing so well and DA is still executive chairman as he said. The top is clearly pathologically delusional and they are very proud of it. More... —  read more 

Fly under the radar

I'm a complete drain on the payroll and still got the same raise as everyone else. The people running the show are too overloaded to really know whats goin on. Most managers at the shop level have 40+ direct reports and they spend all their time... —  read more 


We have been dealing with JW yesterday and today. It is difficult to articulate the smug audacity. There may be some certifiable delusional disorder.

It’s time

Customers are done with us. They say we only bother them when we want something. Suppliers are furious because we don’t pay. The brand reputation is dog dooky. It’s time to find something else, in the interest of mental health. This is a dead... —  read more 

Letter to leadership

You sure have a real need. You must be trusted by the people that you lie to. You work on points for style: The firm handshake and an easy smile. You keep on pretending that everyone is expendable, and nobody has a real friend. In the end, just... —  read more 

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