Topics regarding layoffs at Honeywell International Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Honeywell International Inc.

When shall we visit Charlotte HQ?

Remember our visionary industrial software leader has invited us all during his latest town hall!! Program: free parking, office tour, free gym, free lunch, Charlotte panters stadium tour, free Opus wine tasting session. Let’s all book our trip in... —  read more 

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So quiet.

A few proposals but otherwise this whole month has been a huge zero. Just worked a shift and my team is just going through the motions. Last time i felt like this was at lucent. That didn't end well. Havent seen any suits walking around. Maybe... —  read more 

Glad to be out

I'm recently retired. Thank God. I'm my last 2 years the place under the "leadership" of DA and MM went from a place where layoffs were feared to a place where layoffs were welcome. My boss would not allow even a 1 minute conversation between... —  read more 

Vax Mandates

Honeywell has lost its corporate mind. They are firing people who refuse to give Honeywell access to private medical information, in violation of HIPAA laws. Litigation cost alone is going to sink them. Boeing and GE have smarter management. It's... —  read more 


I was going through previous post and someone commented with a fellow being paid close to 300k salary..sounded ridiculous to me...what would be the salary range for a fellow at honeyhell..200-220k?....just curious...since directors are equivalent to... —  read more 

Supply issues

Supply issues - the seemingly never-ending issues. I often listen to discussions about the lack of parts and it’s clear to me that we’re going downhill. What is your opinion on supply issues and the ways in which HW is trying to overcome them? —  read more 

Wearing multiple hats

I think everyone has their limits. For months, they have been gradually adding more and more work to my plate. I have finally come to a breaking point because I am too tired of wearing multiple hats. This used to be a company where I felt good... —  read more 

What is happening!!

As a long time AERO procurement employee, just found out government procurement managers all received promotions to Director level. Shocking. We should be ashamed. NO SAP knowledge. NO leadership skills. Terrifying. How did we end up here? We... —  read more 

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