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Is Rockwell really a short term company?

Until ROCKWELL can figure out how to manage their System Integrators and Distributor channel they will always remain a manufacturer. Taking a role in that company other than a Sales Account Manager (who does nothing but hold a distributors hand all... —  read more 

Severance Payment

Severance is 15 days for every year served. Beware of Rockwell Automation, join at your own risk!!! Be careful as layoffs are happening right now. There are better options in the market.

Layoffs will continue through December

ROCKWELL is laying off from Sept to Dec 2019. One can expect the layoffs to come from rank and file members. Luckily, most of the company is now comprised of managers, so most will not be impacted. It won’t be until 2021 when Rockwell discovers that... —  read more 

Layoffs in Canada?

It seems that they are laying off people in Canada also. Several friends were let go on Oct, 16th This was reposted from another thread by @VTCNYEN-5Gpaw . Is there any truth to this? Im an employee in Canada and no one was let go at my... —  read more 


How are things in Singapore - when I left (in 2014) all was well... Now I am hearing they do have issues... —  read more 

Layoffs Coming?

Layoffs coming? Seems like something is brewing with the bad financial outlook and letting go of contractors in Mequon. —  read more 

Recent layoffs

There have been several layoffs in the south east district sales force. Once again, senior management will sacrifice good workers to cover for their inability to run a profitable company —  read more 

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huge layoff both contract and fulltime

They are currently doing HPC with latest architecture, probably it will complete by end 2016, so they will have huge layoff both contract and fulltime

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