Topics regarding layoffs at Johnson Controls Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Johnson Controls Inc.

Are layoffs imminent?

Some of my colleagues are quite convinced that there will be no layoffs in the near future, but the atmosphere here is pretty tense. As soon as everyone starts talking about layoffs, that's a big red flag in my opinion. I hope for the best, but at... —  read more 

Tyco/Johnson Controls

I was laid off on July 31, 2020 Per my manager the decision was made from upper management. They kept field service techs with weak technical skills and no customer service skills. I will take my skills somewhere else.

JCI not done yet

I've been told from a very reliable source that layoffs are still coming after June 30th. I've been here less than 2 years, so I don't know my fate. But I do know good ol' George will cut anyone to preserve his way of life. The same way he did at... —  read more 

Horrible company to work for

I wasn't personally laid off, though I knew people who were. This company treats their developers like absolute trash. Where do I start? Their codebase in ANCIENT and they aren't willing to modernize or change. They tried to but continued to... —  read more 

On your CIO

It is vastly important to understand the CIO - she was employed at Abbott Laboratories some years ago and was instrumental of firing IT staff and replacing with WiPro individuals. GSD, general service desk, was thus a joke. Indian techs knew... —  read more 

30+ again

5 months ago, a small group was laid off. A week or 2 ago, 30+ people were laid off again. Pretty soon, it will only be people in a leadership position left in that building and no one else.

Network Engineer

Well, like all the rest we are being sold down the river by Johnson Controls to Infosys with no offer of a VSP. I would call what is happening as "Discrimination by Job Assignment". I am a "Protected Disabled Veteran" with 24 years service to my... —  read more 

Cuts are continuing

Here we go...Another group in Indianapolis/Fishers just received notice that their time with the company is limited. Anything not nailed down could be in play. Sad to hear about this. Do we know what else is going to be hit in the following weeks or... —  read more 

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