Topics regarding layoffs at Airbus Group

Topics regarding layoffs at Airbus Group

Most layoffs in Europe

Over 10000 Jobs cut in Germany and France. UK and Spain roughly 2500, the rest will be international. Don't have numbers for US, but Americans are lucky. You all are better off than Boeing.

Airbus Americas Layoffs

It's official. The EVP of Airbus Engineering has planned to lay off all contract employees in the Americas. O'Leary states that he is trying to save some of them, but I give it two weeks, tops. Direct employees supposedly will be retained, but I... — read more 

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Airbus layoffs

Just in... Airbus just announced they will lay off 2,362 people: 829 in Germany 630 in Spain 404 in France 357 in U.K. 142 in other world wide locations. Boeing announcement is next. Stay tuned.

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2017 Layoffs / Spain

More cuts are coming, this time it's not Wichita. Anyhow, A400M issues, now cuts. Not sure if anyone is surprised this time

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Wichita Layoffs

I hear that Airbus had layoffs in Wichita, but I have no additional details to share. Other companies are laying off as well...

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How it used to be

Forgeard was really working hard not to lay people off. During the downturn in 2002 Boeing cut 30,000 people and we managed not to be hit really hard. So, I would say we are more people centric and we care about our people where American companies... — read more 

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