Topics regarding layoffs at General Atomics

Topics regarding layoffs at General Atomics

What is your main reason?

I am currently weighing the pros and cons of whether to leave. I haven't been happy here for a long time, but I'm not happy with the offer I got from another company either. I am afraid of a new beginning after spending a long time here. I wonder... —  read more 

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You are all stupid

I hear lots of complaining about GA in this forum. The real question is what are you doing about? You guys whine and moan but no one actually takes some action and leave the company or change their environment somehow. My question is: besides... —  read more 

Losing good people

Literally all the people I loved working with have left. I know a few people who left not because of pay, but because of the terribly demotivating atmosphere that, in my opinion, always comes from the top. GA is obviously not doing anything anymore... —  read more 

Organize a strike

GA does not value hard working employees, there are great people wasting time there. Just find a better job or get together and fight for a better salary or hourly pay. California is expensive af to be getting paid less than 100k. Im serious at least... —  read more 

They're missing the mark

I understand that laying off older and experienced employees makes sense as simply a cost-cutting measure considering they are paid the most. However, what management doesn't take into account is the price of knowledge and experience we're losing... —  read more 

I quit

I’ve decided to quit GA. I don’t have a backup plan yet but I got lots of money saved up over the years so I’ll be ok. GA’s future is pretty grim and it’s finally dawned on me that the people I work with aren’t very bright. —  read more 

Best Employer in SD

Working at GA has allowed me to work for a great company, earn great pay and work with leading edge technology. GA always has the latest technology and is leading edge in the drone industry. Working with GA has open doors for me that if I ever... —  read more 

Active job search

I admit that I could look for new opportunities much more proactively given that I like the general atmosphere here less and less. On the other hand, I’m a little older so perhaps it's hard for me to decide to start from scratch all over again. I... —  read more 


like 99 cents broke! Turnover so high, Workers and Managers so stressed, no time to actually develop a career or compete in either the high-end or low-cost market. GA is a slow sinking ship. Bonuses are insulting. Dust the resume off and find... —  read more 

It's always a blame game

When something goes wrong, I guess you should look for a solution, not spend time on blaming each other. That’s one of the things I like the least about this company. It seems that it is difficult for our managers to accept the responsibility and... —  read more 

Outdated skills

I don't think GA is to be blamed for that as it's always mostly up to the individual employee and his commitment to the job. However, do you also think that most of us here have outdated skills?

This was a stupid move

Who in their right mind lays people off in the middle of one of the worst labor shortages ever? I understand they want to get rid of people with higher pay, but they won't be able to find cheaper employees to replace them in the current market. Does... —  read more 

Test your marketability!

It’s amazing to me that some have spent many years here and have never tested their marketability in the meantime. Why is this happening? Is it possible that there are those who, despite everything, still think that their job is safe? I guess they... —  read more 

Time to take the Jab!

Was waiting on the email that we would have to submit to an unconstitutional EO by Biden and as sure as the sun rises, we just got it. Have till Nov 24th to receive the 2nd dose. Maybe they won't lay you off immediately after the 2nd shot, maybe they... —  read more 

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