Topics regarding layoffs at General Atomics

Topics regarding layoffs at General Atomics

Unskilled workforce

I work with the dumbest and most unskilled work force I have ever worked with in my career. I would not hire anyone I have come in contact with at GA. I cannot take it anymore and can finally leave since securing a new position. The workforce at... —  read more 

Moving on

i know the week of July 6th was when the final plans were agreed upon and a select few were told outside of management. Supervisors acted as if they did not know... utter B.S.! you could literally see it in their eyes, i knew something was up!... —  read more 

ASI to be sold?

I have already heard this before, but now also seen it again on one of these threads that ASI will be sold to another contractor. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if that happened. It is not my intention to make a false alarm, but I wonder if you have... —  read more 


Work loads are non-existing. PTO is racking up! And you get to work from home but aren’t given any work to do! GA is truly the best place to work at right now! One would have to be crazy to leave a place that pays you for taking naps during work... —  read more 

Toxic Culture

The culture at GA has become increasingly toxic. I have seen people getting threaten to loose their job. I have witness awful behavior all the up to the director level. Thank god I don’t need this job and secured another position. I was not let... —  read more 


I feel relief finally. Seeing people that 3 hour lunch breaks, fall asleep at their desk or opening play video games on their phone during the day and no one do anything about it. Being asked by HR if a colleague even showed up at work or asking if... —  read more 


Has anyone that has signed their paperwork gotten their severance pay? They said mid november... I think they are just dicking everyone around.

Northrop grumman jobs

Hope everyone is doing well. I recently got offered a job for northrop grumman a few weeks back. the recruiter informed me that it takes 3 months to get a start date but they could be speeding up the process for former GA employees. Then the... —  read more 

Severance Package

is anyone going to accept the terms and sign the severance package? I think its very odd that the company is calling people asking if they need help with the paperwork almost as if they want us to sign it.

HR Email today.

So I got an EMAIL today reminding us to sign our paperwork. Why would they put our personal email address in a group email for everyone to see. They are blasting our personal email to everyone who got laid off, then tried to pull the email back. But... —  read more 

Pressure to Sign

Has anyone gotten pressured to sign the separation agreement in these last few days? Is there any repercussions if we don't? Other than losing out what was provided in the agreement?

Anyone with some good news?

I have been putting my resume out there like crazy since the last round of layoffs. Out of over 200 I’ve submitted, I haven’t gotten a single bite. I’ve been searching in my locality, then widened the range to outer cities/towns looking for basically... —  read more 

Military Layoffs

If you were a veteran and let go by GA - please write the AF of DOD and let them knownGA let you go. The military looks for employers that are military friendly and assist veterans transition to civilian life. A good friend of my was let go at GA... —  read more 

Years of poor management

I'm still there and I've watched for years as supervisors scramble to look good for their manager and directors. Doesn't matter how often you point out the actual problems they ignore it and continue to do the same damn things. The place ignores... —  read more 

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Baby on the way

I just bought a house and have a baby in the way and now have no job. What k–ls me is my boss knew I was buying a house and had no decency to tell me I was being let go shortly. I have been dropping resumes like crazy and interviewing... but I... —  read more 

Morale is awful

Morale is horrible! I feel like everyone is walking of egg shells. Management is making people feel anyone can go next and we should be thankful we weren’t let go! I will be putting in my 2 weeks notice in next week... I don’t want to work in a... —  read more 

What is going on?

How is it even legal to lay off employees then turn around and post open positions? Why terminate in the first place? The years of experienced long time employees have far more value than any new hire. If GA thinks that new hires will give the same... —  read more 

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