Topics regarding layoffs at General Atomics

Topics regarding layoffs at General Atomics

GA Sucks

I am truly working with the d-mbest and laziest people I have ever worked with in my life! It’s hard to believe this company is still in business


There are so many negative reviewers here, that you should all be hammering Glassdoor ( and Indeed ( Watch that overall score... —  read more 

GA does not Layoff

When starting work at GA - everyone bragged in the interview that GA does not layoff. They actually justified the low salary by stating job security is factor in. From the post that are on here it would appear GA does layoff. My question would be... —  read more 

On a serious note

I work at GA and I am an Uber driver. GA gives horrible raises and does not keep up with the cost of living. My rent has gone up 1000 bucks a month but my pay hasn’t gone up a 1000 a month. I would like to speak the truth and let people know the... —  read more 

I am GA’s HR

I have no life and no work to do at GA bc we are unable to sell any equipment - even when we offer it at 99 cents. So I am going to look at every post and call people id--ts who tell the truth about GA and say you are a loser! Bc although I should... —  read more 

I left my job two years ago. Last Friday my former GA manager called me asking if I was interested in coming back?

I was a Aero Engineer at GA. Since I left GA two years ago I have not stayed in touch with any of my former colleagues. I also have avoided reading GA related news since I left. Can someone currently working at GA describe what it's like on the... —  read more 

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