Topics regarding layoffs at General Atomics

Topics regarding layoffs at General Atomics

Does GA monitor WFH?

My coworker who WFH is away from their computer for hours every day. 3-4 hours most days. Don't ever see them working past their end of day time. Always has a reason why late with work. Been going on a long time. Doubt anyone at GA monitoring WFH... — read more 

Too good to be true

I heard a rumor from someone that went to an HR Q&A session that in an effort to copy the UK’s work environment and increase productivity here, GA might go to a 32-hour work week with every Friday off and only 8-hour work days while still keeping the... — read more 

Food for thought

If GA is so poor and cannot afford to pay workers COLA in America’s most expensive city, let workers WFH and move to affordable areas. Most people would take a salary reduction to WFH permanently!

Looking at 2024

Heard that medical costs for employees are going up a lot for 2024. Sure things are more expensive, but the owners pay less of the bill each year. Not sure why a multi billionaire needs to squeeze the worker bees to save. Not like there are... — read more 

GA Sucks

I am truly working with the d-mbest and laziest people I have ever worked with in my life! It’s hard to believe this company is still in business


There are so many negative reviewers here, that you should all be hammering Glassdoor ( and Indeed ( Watch that overall score... — read more 

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