Topics regarding layoffs at General Atomics

Topics regarding layoffs at General Atomics

D-mbest Boss

The d-mbest boss I have ever worked for my whole career is at GA. This individual doesn’t know basic industry knowledge or technology. It’s crazy how this person became a director. I am truly working with the laziest and less skilled labor force... —  read more 

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Last Day ~ thank god

My time at GA has come to an end! This was an interesting place to work. A lot of the things posted here are true. Very bad processes, talent pool of people lack up to date skills, very old work force and work ethic of employees is not the best. ... —  read more 

Stuck in the past

This company is stuck in the past and not moving forward at all. Working here I feel stuck in the past as well. The question is how marketable are you? I thought that finding a new job would be difficult, but I couldn't have imagined that it would... —  read more 

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Too many old people @ GA

GA’s work force is so old. Full of people with outdated skills that don’t let the company grow. When I got to GA it felt like I stepped back in time. My manager and director were talking about technology from the 80s and weren’t even aware of... —  read more 

GA Sucks!

Pay is horrible! Benefits are average and smart people are almost nonexistent! I came to GA to relax for a few years but I am leaving sooner bc I am beginning to get lazy. My work ethic is starting to be impacted by the people around me. Instead... —  read more 

Are GA Employees Lazy?

How good are GA employees? Are they able to find jobs at other companies easy? Does having GA on your resume help or hurt you when looking for another job? How many people let go last year were able to find employment within 90 days? I am a... —  read more 

Real news or fake news? The Blues Brothers want people back in the office b/c they need buildings occupied for their real estate business?

I hear chatter that this is the real reason we are returning in 6/21. Nothing about health or safety, all about profit. I need to know, is it true or are these rumors? If real, how can you guys actually confirm this? Not sure what to believe. —  read more 

Can we relax a little?

Many say there will be no layoffs any time soon. If only I could know that for sure, so that I can finally have a little relief. This way I am constantly tense from anticipation of what will happen and I have paused some other important decisions. Do... —  read more 

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