Topics regarding layoffs at General Atomics

Topics regarding layoffs at General Atomics

No Layoffs at GA

This doomsday person that posts repetitively below me doesn’t even work at GA anymore. Don’t buy into their doomsday fake news. 2023 is going to be good for GA. Congrats to all those great employees that work at GA

Severence fund notification

I just got a packet in the mail explaining that the severance fund details are available upon request. Apparently, employees are worried that there might not be enough money in the severance fund to cover the next round of layoffs. An interested... —  read more 

My home.

Love that GA supports a 9/80 schedule and one of the only companies that still have a pension plan. Great place to work and feel supported.


OK Gray Butte, are you ready to party like it’s middle school? Are you ready for the action and adventure of dressing up for Halloween? Are you ready to put your professional aerospace ethics aside and come into work and a Halloween costume? I sure... —  read more 

Is GA joking?

I was recently offered a position at GA and when the offer came in - I thought GA was joking with me. The offer was so low there was no way I could take the offer seriously. I would have been taking a 30% decrease in salary and being asked to take... —  read more 

Is it a joke?

I can't believe that there are people who would like to be rehired here after the company previously got rid off them without thinking twice about it. Some say that there are but I can't believe it's true.

Battle of egos

The shortest way I could describe the atmosphere at GA is the battle of egos. Backstabbing is an established practice.. I have never experienced this much unhealthy workplace competition anywhere. The goal is to outsmart the other... Why does it seem... —  read more 

Why does GA pay so low?

I interviewed with GA and received an offer… I thought they were joking when the offer was given…. Why does GA pay so low? Why is salary lower than industry standards? I read mixed reviews on Glassdoor with a lot of people saying GA is known for... —  read more 

Rehiring practices

If you failed at another place chances are GA will welcome you with open arms! I think this is someone's sarcastic statement, because I know a person who once tried to be rehired and failed even though he was a fantastic employee. Maybe something... —  read more 

Slackers paradise

It used to not be the case here, but now it is. It used to be unthinkable for a person who does almost nothing to be promoted, but now it is actually happening. I'm wondering why? Why did mediocrity and laziness become more valued than hard... —  read more 

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