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What is going on?

How is it even legal to lay off employees then turn around and post open positions? Why terminate in the first place? The years of experienced long time employees have far more value than any new hire. If GA thinks that new hires will give the same... —  read more 

Where is the job security?

I was one of those let go last week. I’m still reeling from the shock. I believed this company provided a strong sense of job security - but I was proven wrong. Pulled countless weekends to meet deadlines and for what? I feel like I was kicked to... —  read more 

Media Coverage GA Layoffs WASHINGTON ― Privately held drone maker General Atomics, of San Diego, is laying off approximately 630 of its roughly 10,000 employees. “General... —  read more 

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Troubles ahead

General Atomics ASI is in trouble with many mismanaged project now dead in the water this company is bleeding both talent and money. As someone has said January 2021 is going to be a sad time for that company simple due to the fact that their... —  read more 


I am a ten year employee of GA. We've had it good for a long time, which has led to a general feeling company wide that it will always be this way because we are the greatest. Arrogance at this company abounds. I have seen A lot of waste and... —  read more 

Must Be Company Wide...

These lay-offs are not just MQ-9 related. The lay-offs happened company wide, not just the ASI division. I work at EMS division and they also had lay-offs. EMS bread-and-butter is going strong. It's the covid b—s— that has no end in sight.

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Internal Scoop

Tidbits from those in the "know", layoff total was north of 600, it includes all levels of employees. This wasn't an after effect of the loss of the MQ-25 bid, but the fact that the air force has pulled out of future orders on the MQ-9, GA's bread... —  read more 

Giving up on knowledge easily

I'm not surprised that there is little mention of layoffs at General Atomics. I mean who could afford layoffs with such a big number of people leaving on their own. I believe any company would find such a high turnover rate a problem, but for a... —  read more 

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