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Oh, well...

When I came onboard I specifically asked "How can no conflict of interest exist when we're doing BI's for the particular customer, with whom we support technically, while companies like Lockheed Martin and Raytheon don't have investigators?" I was... —  read more 

How many people work at General Dynamics?

I think the employee count information has to be released to the public. Do you know how many people work here? How about the overall people count at the main location at Falls Church?

General Dynamics Layoffs 2020

This is a generic discussion thread to capture comments about potential General Dynamics Layoffs 2020? Any news or rumors?

CPI buyout of Satcom delayed

CPI's buyout of GD Satcom has been delayed again. Have they realized the mistake they are making, by buying this dinosaur of a company? Layoffs are sure to accompany this deal if it ever goes through.


How do we know some people s— at management? Have a All Hands Call. Tell them we aren’t on the contract that supports their livelihood any longer and then ask them to help you close out cases by the 15th so you don’t have to pay the government... —  read more 

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This is one of the worse companies in the industry. They should have let CACI take us when CSRA wanted to sell us. You have these hotshot title holders who don't know what the hell they are doing. They have managers sending me messages saying if this... —  read more 

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GD Satcom sold

Well, it's official. GD Satcom has been sold to CPI Satcom, with an effective date of Sept 27. How many will survive this transition ? Prob not many.

GD Satcom buyout

Strong evidence that GDSatcom in Kilgore TX will be sold to CPI Satcom. Production has slowed to nothing. Resignations have picked up this Spring in clear indication that all is not well here. We are now just making spares for customers who are... —  read more 

Layoffs are happening every quarter

Absolutely, the lay offs aren’t over with yet, it’s happening every quarter. They said after the first time it won’t happen again, there is no intention of laying people off again. A quarter later then 2 more——-On or before 9/19 I see another one as... —  read more 


GDIT layoffs aren’t over with yet, it’s happening every quarter. They said after the first time it won’t happen again, there is no intention of laying people off again. A quarter later then 2 more——-On or before 9/19 I see another one as well. It’s... —  read more 

General Dynamics London

GD London has asked if anyone wants to take a voluntary buy out package yet again. Rumour on the floor is they are looking for 50 by mid November and 350 by the year end. Not looking too good at the moment.

More layoffs in London

This time General Dynamics is hitting salaried employees, which let's be honest, was to be expected. Around forty people are affected by the latest cuts in London. This is the second layoffs round in as many months. I just hope this does not become a... —  read more 

London layoffs aty General Dynamics

I'm sure those laid off are comforted by the fact it's part of a "normal business cycle." General Dynamics Land Systems Canada laid off 28 temporary contract positions on Tuesday at London's Oxford Street plant... —  read more 


State of Florida - WARN Notice Company Name: General Dynamics Information Technology Number of Laid off Employees: 70 Address 1: Address 2: 1 Imeson Park Blvd. City: Jacksonville, FL WARN Notice Date: Wed 06/27/2018 Layoff From: Tue 09/04/2018 Layoff... —  read more 

Forth Hood Layoffs

77 folks laid off NOTICE_DATE JOB_SITE_NAME COUNTY_NAME WDA_NAME TOTAL_LAYOFF_NUMBER LayOff_Date WFDD_RECEIVED_DATE CITY_NAME 01-Aug-18 General Dynamics-CSRA Bell Central Texas WDA 77 31-Oct-18 02-Aug-18 Fort Hood —  read more 

When will it stop?

NASSCO first said the accident will result in 150 layoffs, then another 350 were added and now the number has gone up to 1,500? When will it stop? Anybody else feels like the company is just using this as an excuse to do what it has been planning to... —  read more 

More layoffs at General Dynamics

This week General Dynamics Information Technology-CSRA filed a warn notice with the Virginia Employment Commission indicating they will lay off about 100 employees at their Chesapeake location... —  read more 

May 4 layoffs at General Dynamics

Another 20 people just got "furloughed" from the Elmwood location (May 4, 2018, about 2 months from the prior round). Supposedly they will get called back when funding comes though, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Found this in an old thread (... —  read more 

GDIT Layoffs Coralville 3/14/2018

GDIT just laid off about 115 people in Coralville today. This is part of the DRG program. These jobs are inbound customer service and correspondence jobs. This the second time in a year that Coralville has had significant number of layoffs. —  read more 

General Dynamics layoffs February 2018

Here we go... More layoffs have been announced, this time in Springfield. More than 70 people will lose their jobs sometime in April. I'm actually shocked that we got this announcement, since General Dynamics is famous for doing a lot of surgical... —  read more 

No willingness to change...

Why is General Dynamics so resistant to change? It seems that the leadership believes that doing things the same way will be enough to survive in changing industry environment... Which makes no sense whatsoever... Our facilities are dated and in... —  read more 

out with the old, in with the new

i was laid off from general dynamics after more than three decades with the company. my years with the company meant nothing. i was not the only one. so many of my coworkers who have given their all to gd were shown the door to make room for younger... —  read more 

Small layoffs happen all the time

General Dynamics is no stranger to layoffs. Small batches of people are being shown the door pretty much all the time. The thing is, the company has figured out that's a much better way to get rid of employees then having major layoffs they'd have to... —  read more 

Hard work is not appreciated

It's really disheartening how little General Dynamics management appreciates hard work. This is especially evident when an opportunity to move up appears. Instead of the employees who know how to do their job and work hard day in, day out, the ones... —  read more 

GDIT closing Alexandria office - December 2017

For those who kept insisting that General Dynamics’ IT is safe, tell that to Alexandria folks. Nearly one hundred of them are being let go in December as the office is closed once and for all. Most of us realized something like this was going to... —  read more 

IT Layoffs - Waco

Here is the WARN notice filed with the state of Texas back in March: NOTICE_DATE: 2017-03-30 JOB_SITE_NAME: General Dynamics IT-Waco COUNTY_NAME: McLennan WDA_NAME: Heart of Texas WDA TOTAL_LAYOFF_NUMBER: 840 LayOff_Date: 2017-05-31... —  read more 

How Ironic

More lay offs in at and CCO. Marketplace and Medicare in Coralville Iowa... 240 jobs eliminated. same with Waco TX, not sure of the numbers. Relatively well done in-person "Team Meetings" and bad news at the Oak Dale Campus in Coralville. Lot's of... —  read more 

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