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Layoffs are happening every quarter

Absolutely, the lay offs aren’t over with yet, it’s happening every quarter. They said after the first time it won’t happen again, there is no intention of laying people off again. A quarter later then 2 more——-On or before 9/19 I see another one as well. It’s only a matter of time to seal your own fate here with this sinking ship and ending with no job. Get out while you can, go somewhere who cares and who has a long lasting business relationship. There were a lot of “if’s” on the all hands call. I don’t want a what if job...

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I think those that remain are staying to see what happens when we transition to DOD. The workload is and will continue to change for all employees on this contract. It’s a waiting game to see what changes with that. It’s not just GDIT who is experiencing lower work. Other companies could soon follow suit and cut down on employees

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