Topics regarding layoffs at Esterline Technologies Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Esterline Technologies Corp.

Sad state of affairs

Korry was once a great company, one which was looked up to by many in the display industry. People were always the strong point within the company and that made the company great and a good place to work. Profits are a terrible driver of sucess on a... — read more 

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Korry liquidated employees limited and dependent Flexible Spending Accounts before IRS issued Notice 2020-29 and Notice 2020-33.

New IRS guidance provides employers with section 125 Plan flexibility during 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic. The IRS expands opportunities to avoid forfeiture of unused FSA funds. However, Korry usurped FSA funds after 30 days from termination notice... — read more 

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Korry Layoff, 2-13-2020

20 layed off today, missed TransDigm profit target by 10%. Finance, Admin, Inspection, Engineering Coordinator, Production Control (2), Test Engineer, IT, Mfg Engineer (2), Quality Engineer, Mech Engineer, Machinist, Matl Handler (2), Machinist... — read more 


What is "job security" without an employment contract? What protections does anyone have in place to expect to be able to retire from a job after 20+ years at the same company? I feel sorry for the people that are in that boat who will feel the... — read more 

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Advanced Input Layoffs

The new president Joe made deep cuts and laying off lots of people at Advanced Input Devices in Coeur d Lene, Idaho on 10-5-17. First a couple VP were let go and 2 weeks later 32 people were grabbed and pulled into a room 1 and 2 at a time with no... — read more 

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