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If you are still looking for jobs: stay strong

Stay Strong.

I have been there. Felt like giving up on everything.

I must've interviewed at 10+ companies in a span of 3 months. No interviews for the next month due to holiday season. I used to choke up when recruiters/HMs asked me why I wanted this role "I mean I just told you I got laid off? Do you want me to tell you details of my dwindling emergency fund?".

Eventually found a job. Everyone does. You will too.

What helped me stay mildly sane during that time:

  1. Being honest with friends and family, neighbors, acquaintances. If they asked me how I am, I'd say I'm NOT ok. Tell them the truth, ask for referrals, recommendations. It was cathartic. I took the shame out of the layoff.
  1. Good simple food habits (cut down on eating out completely except for spouse's birthday dinner), regular exercise
  1. 8+ hours of sleep. Seems counter intuitive and I couldn't sleep well the first few weeks. Took melatonin on docs advice. Felt refreshed and ready to tackle the next day of endless scrolling of jobs
  1. Having a reasonable interview prep schedule (I was a decent candidate but I knew cramming in 16 hours a day of prep was of no use). I probably spent about 8 hours a day, split equally between applying/resume updates and prep.
  1. Talking to my support system every day - spouse, parents, friends.

Hope this helps someone. Do NOT lose hope.

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Why employee happines matters!

Executives should pay attention:

  • Happy employees are more productive (*)
  • Happy employees area easy to work with
  • Happy employees are more engaged
  • Happy employees are more loyal
  • Happy employees are healthier
  • Happiness multiplies and spreads
  • Happy employees take more risks

(*) Saw a study that claims 13% increase in productivty. That's #gold

A great post OP, I'd say it's #gold & #timeless. Very creative...

Let's break it down:

  • Pain points: Net-net most of you are roughly wrong sticking it out with all the pain points here.
  • Laser Focus: You need to get lazer focused and lean in.
  • Lean in: See above:
  • TOO: Think outside of the box
  • Get the game plan: and get that game plan together,
  • Hit the ground running: so you can hit the ground running
  • Move the needle: and start moving the needle on the job search.
  • Low Hanging Fruit: There's plenty of low hanging fruit out there.
  • Smoke and mirrors: It's all smoke and mirrors here so if you want to
  • Climb the ladder: climb that ladder,
  • Back to the drawing board: get back to the drawing board and
  • Get looped in: get looped in.
  • Bells and Whistles: Put all the bells and whistles back in that resume,
  • Action Items: check off all your action items,
  • Window of Opportunity: and take advantage of this window of opportunity.
  • Reinvent the wheel: No need to reinvent the wheel,
  • Get down to brass tacks: just get down to brass tacks and
  • Get it done: GET IT DONE.
Net-net most of you are roughly wrong sticking it out with all the pain points here. You need to get lazer focused and lean in. Think outside of the box and get that game plan together, so you can hit the ground running and start moving the needle on the job search. There's plenty of low hanging fruit out there. It's all smoke and mirrors here so if you want to climb that ladder, get back to the drawing board and get looped in. Put all the bells and whistles back in that resume, check off all your action items, and take advantage of this window of opportunity. No need to reinvent the wheel, just get down to brass tacks and GET IT DONE.

it does not work this way any more - #gold reasoning of the baby boomer generation, worked out for them but they dismantled the concept of loyalty in the 1990s when mass layoffs started. i think #GE was the first one to sc--w tens of thousands of workers, massive layoffs etc. also, everyone had pensions through 1990s and they changed that with #401k plans which made sure the investment banks and wealth management firms (e.g., fidelity) get incredibly wealthy but the worker goes to retire with $90K in the 401K. meanwhile, fideility would pocket a ton of $$$ on that same individual through #highfees, etc.

Does being loyal to the company pay off?
My parents have drilled this into my DNA - be loyal to your company, do the best work possible and things will work out well for you and your career.
What do you think?
Do you try to instill the same values into your own children?


I often join calls and most who talk do not understand the problems neither can contribute to the solutions, just talk and talk without clarity or direction, always back to square one. When a good idea is presented they fail to recognize it and often fight it. Unfortunately the talent necessary to recognize when an idea is good is the same required to come up with a good idea.

lol, that's #gold...

reaching out to a layoff forum to ask about a legit #hr #question / tells u something about what's going on

Will there be mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination at Wells Fargo
I am pretty certain companies can require employees to vaccinate.

I have no plans to vaccinate and this may be a problem for me.

I know that if I reach to HR directly I'll get a PC answer that will tell me nothing.

So, is there anyone from HR on this board willing to discuss this in more detail.

sir, knowing how to #elbow will certainly win you a #gold medal...

In your opinion, what skills are the most relevant at Ford today? When I was starting in the late 80s you had to have a broad range of technical skills accompanied with better than average communication skills... I am about to retire in 2021, and I am curious what kind of skills are deemed to be the most relevant skills today...

Always be kind and respect others!

I realize this is a naive question for an anonymous forum, but couldn't we all be a bit more kind and respectful on this forum?

I've been reading through the posts today to understand what's happening, and I've been shocked with how mean spirited some of the posts have been. Luckily, some of the worst ones seem to have been removed, but the tone and content of many posts are just mean.

Everyone impacted by these layoffs is a fellow human being with their own stories, families, challenges, aspirations, strengths and imperfections.

I wish there was more compassion for those impacted. Some great folks I worked with before been impacted already – I am shocked and deeply saddened to see these #valuable and pure #gold people go.

This seems to be a good forum to learn about what's happening and prepare ourselves, but it's saddening to be reading through and then just smacked in the face with some of these mean-spirited posts.

this is #gold

i'd love to start my own business, it really does not matter what kind of business

If you get RIF'd, what's your fantasy scenario?
What would you love to say or do to stick it to Honeywell? I often dreamed of getting RIFd, then standing up, taking a steaming dump on my manager's keyboard, then pressing down on it with one of those "Outstanding Engineer" dinner plate awards they gave to show how valuable I was.
How about you? What are your dreams?

LOL - this is #gold - the mother of all consipracy theories

  • Tracking Productivity at AT&T
I hear that the mgmt is tracking team member productivity and they were surprised productivity increased as a result of team members working from home. Does anyone know how they are tracking productivity?

A very good thread. At some point we all age. I was born in 1979 and at some point I felt young and invincible. Time flies, and I am considered 'old' now.

To All Cisco Millennials and Gen-Zs
When you're young and bright eyed. You work really hard, ambitious to climb and are naive of layoffs (unless you're plugged into the great new information you get nowadays)...
As you age to 30 and witness/be a part of it, you immediately see what a WASTE of time it was to work so hard on empty promised (by mgmt) dreams that never materialized.
Bottom line is to look after yourself from Day 1 hire, keep your skills relevant and MOVE every 2-3 years to the next gig. Hopefully you can make it into FANG where your pay will at least DOUBLE.
I remember the days when Cisco had once a year layoffs instead of the quarterly scare of thousands lost. There is no reason to subject yourself to this when the market is so strong! Gravitate your skills to software industry and move away from "dead man walking" hardware (unless you love it and it's Apple, Qualcomm, etc).
God Bless to all who lost jobs today. This will highly likely be a "lemons to lemonade" event where your future, in all aspects, will be a big improvement!


Oh, #gold...

Do Massive Layoffs Really Benefit Large Companies?
I think that simply cutting jobs isn't the answer.
To be successful, companies need to change how the business is operated.

True #GOLD post

Tone changing???
Are you noticing, in your store, the tone us changing how management is talking to you or others?
I keep overhearing "it's in your job description".
And the way managers are talking down on people.
I sense that write ups are coming before the cuts next month.

Thanks, @why, so true. Tagging this as #thelayoff #GOLD post

I think you are missing the whole point of this site. People are welcome to post any form of information they may wish to contribute. It can be rumors, opinions, confidences, or verifiable facts. In this case the OP posted something they "heard" out of HE. You are free to accept, dismiss, or dispute this bit of information, however, the OP is under no obligation to meet any burden of proof requirement!
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A Simple Solution

It's relatively simple you all.

If you aren't happy here and don't like all these policies and rules... Resign and find work elsewhere.

Why gripe?

Just go find another job that isn't making these kind of #gold rules.

Stop the crying, get out of here. It's you people that make this place horrible. Just do what the company asks and everyone is happy.

Be appreciative of the job you have now. I guarantee you one thing, the people laid off would love the chance to still have a job.


I work in a store and I accepted an offer from another company this week, the timing was #gold - I feel like a weight has been lifted. Dealing with the constant dread/stress of looming layoffs and constant changes and uncertainty was just way too much for me. I wish you all the best out there, there's a better life outside this company.

Hey Jay I fixed it for you:

Times are tough. The executives made a necessary business decision so that they can collect their bonuses. I get why people are upset but I’d expect such a move from any slimy sociopath in the ELT. Times have change and the #gold era is over – I need to finish robbing the company on my way out the door so that I can do it all over again at my next company.

Moving on...

Times are tough. The executives made a necessary business decision in order for the company to survive. I get why people are upset but I’d expect such a move from any serious business enterprise. Times have change and the #gold era is over – we need to move on, reorganize and try to put things back on track.

#gold post

Learn new skills, improve yourselves

None of us in the industry are safe, everybody should know this by now. And everybody should know that available jobs are also shrinking.

So why not take some time to learn new skills? You might not feel like learning anything new right now, but it might make a difference between pay and no pay down the line.

If you are over 55, it’s going to be hard to move on, yet…

Try to work with headhunters, not ideal and a lot of shady things in this space but if you find a good one go with her/him... I work for a competitor and I just hired a guy in his early 60s. A good headhunter will help you adjust your resume and may pitch you to companies/gigs that are more open to hiring folks closer to retirement. I have a hard time placing older folks in growth roles as it often takes many years to develop resources, yet there are many roles that do not require growth and extensive training and you may be a match...

I am in my mid 40s and have been managing people for a while now - 55+ folks are more reliable, less expensive, less choosy/picky and in general much easier to manage - so do not assume that you are in a difficult situation due to your age in all situations. Where I sometimes see challenges has to do with lack of technical skills and lack of energy - if you are decent in those two areas in you are in good shape, #gold, something somewhere will click.

Good luck!


Thanks for nothing Ford

If someone told me it would end like this 14 years ago, I would call that person crazy. A company I gave my best years to screwed me over when I needed security the most in my life, 4 years away from my pension. Walking the extra mile all these years doesn’t count, nothing counts. Don’t want to sound pathetic, no one died, it will work out in the end, but it’s a damn shame to be betrayed by the organization I devoted my life to. Let this be a lesson yo the younger folks.

I am going to save you a visit, here is the article

Agile, Dynamic Company Able To Respond To Any Challenge By Laying Off Half Of Staff

NEW YORK—Calling his employees a lean, versatile team capable of being fired at a moment’s notice, local CEO David Bradford described his marketing firm Stact Media as an agile, dynamic company able to respond to any challenge by laying off half of its staff. “This industry is always evolving, but what makes us resilient is our ability to adjust to change, which is invariably done by eliminating 50% of our workforce to cut costs regardless of the problem,” said Bradford, adding that the keys to a successful business in today’s market was creating a corporate culture of cutting good, qualified people with a variety of skills while constantly finding innovative ways to throw a wrench into everyone’s workflow.

“When we encounter an obstacle, we don’t go down without a fight against our most experienced, senior workers. We look everyone in the eye and say, ‘The 20 of you who still work here will push on.’ Whether axing production costs during a pivot to video or slashing editorial when page views are down, we react to problems quickly and without the input of those of us with a better, more nuanced understanding of how things work.” Bradford added that another advantage demonstrated by his company is its ability to increase #gold executive salaries during times of crisis.

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Layoffs and "The Media". The Reality.

Found this post on the Ford Layoff site.

I often times see people post about the "media" or "news" when commenting about auto industry layoffs. People need to realize that the media will not "bite the hand that feeds it". That is why you see the layoffs reported but never anything in-depth or investigative as to the "why", "who" and "how". The recent General layoffs proved that. One day and coverage of it was over. No heart-wrenching stories about the laid-off engineer and his family of 5. No stories about how the layoffs were handled and how long dedicated employees were treated. I have seen posts from people suggesting that the "media" should hear about this or that. The reality is that the media is almost like the PR arm of the company. They report what they are given. "Job cuts" and "white collar firings" are repackaged as "austerity plans". Positive stories lead to greater access to the "company", its celebrity CEO's, and sponsored perks for these media types. Just look at the "pop-ups" on even this site and all of the Detroit media sites and you will see why the real stories of these layoffs will never get covered. The days of the hard-charging investigative reporter looking for the corruption and asking the hard questions are over. Don't count on the Detroit media to expose anything or provide any real information about these layoffs. Their best customers just want it to go away.

Has a potential to turn into a #gold thread, OP we'd need you to start with your experience first...

A lot of very professional people here, and not whiners. This thread is a place where it is OK and you are invited to share your story if you want to, among your peer group that understands your frustration and anxiety and disappointment. I know I'm not very pleased about mine.


GM is going through a transformation that may or may not pan out. Meanwhile, if you have particular skills and GM is willing to compensate you justly for those skills - and so long as you are afforded opportunities to enhance your skill set or find satisfaction in some other esoteric fashion at the company... why not stay?

Employment is a roll of the dice no matter who you work for. Read the table as best you can and be mentally prepared for being up and down.