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Do not get lulled

I was laid off close to my 10 year mark.

I liked working there, it was a great place. It was also however like a warm blanket for a long nap. Do not ever get complacent at work.

You may think you are super well positioned and a high-value employee – yet, do not count on it. Two quarters earlier from my layoff, I received a fairly large company award. Two quarters later I was laid off.

I don't regret the time I spent at here at all, but I would advise everyone to not underestimate that you can easily be laid off… Just a few short months after even your best performance… I was amazed at the opportunities and awesome jobs out there. However, do not get too comfortable as complacency will cost you in the long run...

If you do remain to be up-to-speed and maintain your technical/business relevancy, everything will be just fine. Yet, if you spend your time not pushing yourself, you will pay for it later. So, my two cents: use your time wisely your time for your advantage. Push yourself always, be #gold – be a #winner.

#Gold #Comment indeed!!!

I am very sorry...
I know it may mean nothing but I want to say from the bottom of my heart how sorry I am to everyone who was made redundant.
I am sure that if I ever had the pleasure of interacting with you, it has enhanced the last year of my life in some way and I wish you all the best in the future.
I hope you have the best Christmas possible and I pray the new year is a fresh start from this sh–.

@hzbs, so true. #GOLD #affected

How many realistically affected? Well you have the laid off person’s family, community then the govt. pays unemployment. Then the company pays severance for no productivity from that employee.

Then you have the long lasting affect of valuable experience and good morale being gone. You’ll have good employees with experience looking over their shoulder and looking to get out simply because they’ve witnessed layoffs happening to good, valuable workers.

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Oh, #gold...

Do Massive Layoffs Really Benefit Large Companies?
I think that simply cutting jobs isn't the answer.
To be successful, companies need to change how the business is operated.

True #GOLD post

Tone changing???
Are you noticing, in your store, the tone us changing how management is talking to you or others?
I keep overhearing "it's in your job description".
And the way managers are talking down on people.
I sense that write ups are coming before the cuts next month.

Good thread!

What is the best advice you've received from your mentor or manager which impacted your life?

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Thanks, @why, so true. Tagging this as #thelayoff #GOLD post

I think you are missing the whole point of this site. People are welcome to post any form of information they may wish to contribute. It can be rumors, opinions, confidences, or verifiable facts. In this case the OP posted something they "heard" out of HE. You are free to accept, dismiss, or dispute this bit of information, however, the OP is under no obligation to meet any burden of proof requirement!
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Will Wells Fargo know if I start a new job?

I'm thinking my days here are numbered for sure, there are some signification indications about it and I would like not to go into details about it...

Anyhow I already have a #gold #replacement job lined up.

I just don't want to leave before I know for sure if severance is or isn't an option. My question is, will Wells Fargo know if I start working just days after being laid off? Will that affect my severance - if I get one - in any way?

Terms used to get rid of people

  • Streamlining
  • Simplification
  • Actions to simplify the organization
  • Reorg
  • Reduction in force
  • Headcount reductions
  • Chopping Heads or Cutting Heads
  • Off boarding
  • Non-essential employees
  • Resource consolidation
  • Workforce re-balance
  • Workforce realignment
  • Right-sizing
  • Difficult Discussions
  • Synergy-related headcount adjustment goal
  • Restructuring
  • Off boarding
  • Role elimination
  • Impacted

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Moving my 401K

Has anyone here ever rolled your #retirement / #401K stock into another account? What did you do with your #gold goose

If so, was it a good move? I left a few years ago and need to do something with my account!!!

I have ZERO #confidence in the company. Sorry...

A Simple Solution

It's relatively simple you all.

If you aren't happy here and don't like all these policies and rules... Resign and find work elsewhere.

Why gripe?

Just go find another job that isn't making these kind of #gold rules.

Stop the crying, get out of here. It's you people that make this place horrible. Just do what the company asks and everyone is happy.

Be appreciative of the job you have now. I guarantee you one thing, the people laid off would love the chance to still have a job.

EEOC on Age Discrimination

Just an FYI, here is what EEOC lists for Age Discrimination

The following practices constitute age discrimination

1) Requiring workers to retire once they reach a certain age

2) Treating older workers worse than younger workers, by, for example, targeting them for layoff or discipline

3) Giving younger workers higher pay or more favorable work assignments

4) Making decisions, based on stereotypes about older people (for example, refusing to include older workers in training program because of a belief they are unwilling or unable to learn new things)

If any of these things have happened to you, you may file a charge of discrimination with the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

You may also file a lawsuit for age discrimination. However, the employee must first file a charge discrimination with the EEOC to get a “right to sue” letter.

For more info about how to file an age discrimination charge with the EEOC, go to


Employees & Applicants

How to File a Charge

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Potential Questions to Ask if and When Changing Jobs

Potential Questions to Ask if and When Changing Jobs

  • What do you like best about working at the company?

  • Are there any awesome perks or special treats for employees?

  • Every business has it's own culture and way of doing things - what is the office environment and culture like at the company?

  • What's the overall attire policy at the company? Are people dressed in business casual, jeans and t-shirts, or jackets & suits?

  • What are the average/median starting salaries, stock options/RSUs, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at the company?

  • Do folks get together after hours, or Friday happy hours and friendly get-togethers?

  • What is a typical day in the life of an employee at the company?

  • What is the general interview process like? Any advice on striking the right note with the interview crew?

  • Do you work here? How did you find the job and how did you the first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?

  • Is the company growing and adding more people/workers/staff?

  • How does the company stack up against the main competition?

  • What do you think - will the company grow fast from the sales standpoint? How about short, medium and long term?

  • Do you hire people who have only one DUI?

  • What kind of background checks does the company do when hiring?

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Are we a better company than it was a year ago?

Is there anybody here who can identify anything positive to come out of all the changes that have been implemented in the past year?

Anything that you could point to and say, yes this is much better and it's made us a better organization than we were before?

I can't, but maybe I'm missing something #gold ...

Are we a better organization now than we were 6 months ago?

Do you feel comfortable providing upward feedback to your supervisor?

Do you feel like you'll have the opportunity to reach your full potential at our organization?

Do you feel that there is an open dialogue between you and your manager and that your voice is heard?

Do you feel that your manager has clearly defined your roles and responsibilities and how they contribute to the success of the organization?

Do you think that we consistently stay true to our core values as an organization?

Has a supervisor given you any recognition in the past two weeks?

How authentically do you feel we live our cultural values?

How can we improve communication at our organization?

How connected do you feel to your coworkers?

How effective do you find our all-hands meetings to be?

How effective is our organization at offering help when you ask for it?

How effectively does our organization take action on the feedback you provide?

How enthusiastically would you reapply for a job here?

How happy are you at work?

How happy do you think our customers are?

How informative do you find our Town Hall or All Hands meetings to be?

How likely are you to be working here in one year?

How likely would you be to refer someone to work here?

How much do you personally recognize others at our organization when they do good work?

How much does our organization's culture drive your active engagement at work?

How much fun do you have working here?

How much positive energy do you think you contribute to our organization?

How open to change are we as an organization?

How transparent do you feel management is?

How valued do you feel at work?

How well are you recognized when you do great work?

How well do you feel you're fulfilling your role?

How well do you think we service our customers?

How well does our organization support you in exploring your professional interests and goals?

How would you rate our organization's culture?

How would you rate the level of respect colleagues give to each other at our workplace?

How would you rate the performance of your direct supervisor?

How would you rate your colleagues and team members?

How would you rate your regular one-on-one meetings with your manager?

How would you rate your relationship with your coworkers?

How would you rate your work environment?

How would you rate your work-life balance?

If our organization had a theme song, what would it be, and more importantly, why did you choose that song?

If you had to describe our company as an animal, what animal would it be, and why?

If you were to add a new team member to your group, what's the most important skill that they should have?

In terms of training and professional development, what would you like to see us offer or continue to offer?

Is your promotion and career path clear to you?

My role here has a real purpose — it is more than just a job.

On your best day, what do you love about your job?

We all have dreams and goals on our bucket list. It could be anything from running a marathon to learning another language to writing a book. What's on your bucket list?

Were you recognized the last time you went the extra mile at work?

What communication avenue do you utilize the least or find most ineffective at our company?

What did you want to be while you were growing up?

What do you love about your job?

What do you think is one process that we can improve here?

What do you think is our company's biggest strength?

What is one thing you would change here to make us more successful?

What is your favorite memory from working here so far, and how did it make you feel?

What three words would you use to describe our culture?

What’s one thing the company can do to make your day better?

What's one thing that the company does well and that we should continue doing or do more of?

What's the best thing that has happened to you at work recently?

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I work in a store and I accepted an offer from another company this week, the timing was #gold - I feel like a weight has been lifted. Dealing with the constant dread/stress of looming layoffs and constant changes and uncertainty was just way too much for me. I wish you all the best out there, there's a better life outside this company.

Hey Jay I fixed it for you:

Times are tough. The executives made a necessary business decision so that they can collect their bonuses. I get why people are upset but I’d expect such a move from any slimy sociopath in the ELT. Times have change and the #gold era is over – I need to finish robbing the company on my way out the door so that I can do it all over again at my next company.

Moving on...

Times are tough. The executives made a necessary business decision in order for the company to survive. I get why people are upset but I’d expect such a move from any serious business enterprise. Times have change and the #gold era is over – we need to move on, reorganize and try to put things back on track.

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| Regarding FTD

#gold post

Learn new skills, improve yourselves

None of us in the industry are safe, everybody should know this by now. And everybody should know that available jobs are also shrinking.

So why not take some time to learn new skills? You might not feel like learning anything new right now, but it might make a difference between pay and no pay down the line.


Best days of my life in order...

Marrying my beautiful wife

The birth of my daughter.

Getting walked out of the Arizona Innovation Center.

If you are over 55, it’s going to be hard to move on, yet…

Try to work with headhunters, not ideal and a lot of shady things in this space but if you find a good one go with her/him... I work for a competitor and I just hired a guy in his early 60s. A good headhunter will help you adjust your resume and may pitch you to companies/gigs that are more open to hiring folks closer to retirement. I have a hard time placing older folks in growth roles as it often takes many years to develop resources, yet there are many roles that do not require growth and extensive training and you may be a match...

I am in my mid 40s and have been managing people for a while now - 55+ folks are more reliable, less expensive, less choosy/picky and in general much easier to manage - so do not assume that you are in a difficult situation due to your age in all situations. Where I sometimes see challenges has to do with lack of technical skills and lack of energy - if you are decent in those two areas in you are in good shape, #gold, something somewhere will click.

Good luck!


Thanks for nothing Ford

If someone told me it would end like this 14 years ago, I would call that person crazy. A company I gave my best years to screwed me over when I needed security the most in my life, 4 years away from my pension. Walking the extra mile all these years doesn’t count, nothing counts. Don’t want to sound pathetic, no one died, it will work out in the end, but it’s a damn shame to be betrayed by the organization I devoted my life to. Let this be a lesson yo the younger folks.

23 traits of a really bad manager

i took this from ford's forum (btw they are laying off 7k and the board is on fire)

  1. Steals and/or hogs credit

  2. Gives no recognition

  3. Micromanages

  4. Overly controlling with significant lack of trust

  5. Nepotism / Favoritism

  6. Lack clarity of thought and/or direction

  7. Not or rarely available

  8. Shows no compassion or emphaty

  9. Does not listen, does not act on feedback

  10. Lazy and does not produce / add value

  11. Is not humble or self-aware

  12. Uses fear to manage

  13. Does not drive things to resolution, avoids conflict

  14. Avoids responsiblity and ownership

  15. Avoids hard discussions

  16. Uses dublespeak

  17. Lies and manipulates (tells you one thing in your face and the other thing behid your back)

  18. Provides no feedback

  19. Panics and makes fear-impacted decisions

  20. Hires low performer out of fear that he/she may be replaced by a stronger subordinate

  21. Lacks technical skills

  22. Has no follow up skills

  23. Does not delegate

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If you are in europe and you are being terminated, here are advices

couples of weeks ago I got notified that my position is being terminated. Here is my take and advice for you. In most European countries it is not a notification of termination but rather an agreement on the termination. So you need to agree as well on the term offered to you.

Do not sing the document HR is sending you. Wait, dont rush, dont give in to the pressure.

Read the local regulation around reductions, you may even not need signing it if you feel like staying at oracle

If the country/oracle sub is a union member, make sure you talk to union before signing

If the oracle sub is not a union member and you are, make sure you talk to union before signing

If you are not member of a union and oracle does not have collective agreement, then talk to people who know the laws around the subject before signing any document.

Do not agree on anything on an email thread, you only need to agree on your termination document. Dont give any indication over emails on what you may agree on.

Worst case scenario if there is no union membership involved (from company or you as individual), double whatever they are offering you and start negotiating.

The HR department at oracle is NOT on your side even if they try to portray that, they are at ORACLE's side or their own side :-). Dont trust the BS they will spill about the agreement to entice you into signing it.

Job market is very good but that does not mean your skill is going to be topping other possible candidates unless you are working in some cutting edge department. So, as soon as you got the notice start your job hunting if you have not started it before.

Do not send your old resume anywhere, if you have a resume you created 5 years ago, throw it out and re-write it entirely. Do not add another paragraph about your current job and start sending it out. Re-write and ensure you spend days on doing that re-write, dont be stingy on time being spent on the resume. Each sentence matters, so use them wisely.

I hope this help anyone who is going to be terminated. It will be hard and a blow, since salary means paid bills and so on, but it wont be end of the world.

ORACLE is trying to be agile and do the make or break restructuring this year and next. But they dont know exactly how, so there will be try and error and lots of people are going to be impacted. This is a very very large wheel which when turning does not really see who is going under it. I wish you luck and better days ahead.

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Sinking Ship

People who are strong swimmers are the fist ones to jump off a sinking ship and head toward another ship. For many others, the other ship is not within their reach, or doesn’t exist at all. This latter group is the most vociferous about the working conditions. Most of their complaints are valid, and they in no way deserve to be treated by management the way they are.

I am going to save you a visit, here is the article

Agile, Dynamic Company Able To Respond To Any Challenge By Laying Off Half Of Staff

NEW YORK—Calling his employees a lean, versatile team capable of being fired at a moment’s notice, local CEO David Bradford described his marketing firm Stact Media as an agile, dynamic company able to respond to any challenge by laying off half of its staff. “This industry is always evolving, but what makes us resilient is our ability to adjust to change, which is invariably done by eliminating 50% of our workforce to cut costs regardless of the problem,” said Bradford, adding that the keys to a successful business in today’s market was creating a corporate culture of cutting good, qualified people with a variety of skills while constantly finding innovative ways to throw a wrench into everyone’s workflow.

“When we encounter an obstacle, we don’t go down without a fight against our most experienced, senior workers. We look everyone in the eye and say, ‘The 20 of you who still work here will push on.’ Whether axing production costs during a pivot to video or slashing editorial when page views are down, we react to problems quickly and without the input of those of us with a better, more nuanced understanding of how things work.” Bradford added that another advantage demonstrated by his company is its ability to increase #gold executive salaries during times of crisis.

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Layoffs and "The Media". The Reality.

Found this post on the Ford Layoff site.

I often times see people post about the "media" or "news" when commenting about auto industry layoffs. People need to realize that the media will not "bite the hand that feeds it". That is why you see the layoffs reported but never anything in-depth or investigative as to the "why", "who" and "how". The recent General layoffs proved that. One day and coverage of it was over. No heart-wrenching stories about the laid-off engineer and his family of 5. No stories about how the layoffs were handled and how long dedicated employees were treated. I have seen posts from people suggesting that the "media" should hear about this or that. The reality is that the media is almost like the PR arm of the company. They report what they are given. "Job cuts" and "white collar firings" are repackaged as "austerity plans". Positive stories lead to greater access to the "company", its celebrity CEO's, and sponsored perks for these media types. Just look at the "pop-ups" on even this site and all of the Detroit media sites and you will see why the real stories of these layoffs will never get covered. The days of the hard-charging investigative reporter looking for the corruption and asking the hard questions are over. Don't count on the Detroit media to expose anything or provide any real information about these layoffs. Their best customers just want it to go away.

Don't undersell your skill set

Listen, it's NOT easy to start a job search, especially if you've been at a position in WIN for 10+ years. I left WIN over a year ago, but I keep tabs on this company because I've got a lot of friends that still work here, and I'm concerned for them. Not to mention my pension that may soon disappear.

When building your resume, you need to consider every aspect of your job, and every bit of training you've received, even if it's CBTs. Don't undersell your skillset. You probably know more about the Telecom industry than you're giving yourself credit for, and people outside the company are going to find your skills extraordinary (you just don't realize it because many of your coworkers have a similar skillset).

Think of every piece of equipment you touch, and put it on your resume. MUXs, test sets, DS1 monitors... It may seem silly, but name dropping, or brand dropping can make a difference. Think of the buzz words you see popping up on Stream. I promise you that, in regards to the tech talk, several of them are the same words that will catch the eye of an HR rep. ACD. PRI. AdTran. Unified Communications. Calix. Cisco. Mitel. Shoretel. Etc etc. You never know what equipment a company is using, or what buzzwords will resonate with a potential employer.

Make a couple different resumes, tailored to different job types. Support, technical, managerial. Accent certain experience or training based on the type of job, and start pumping them out. Check your current customers and their industry counterparts. You already know they use the products that you can support. Now you need to check their sites every week to see if they have an opening for a position you can fill.

You will find something better

#GOLD advice on making the #resume, posted originally by @XGW3EPD-1cjp