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Layoffs and "The Media". The Reality.

Found this post on the Ford Layoff site.

I often times see people post about the "media" or "news" when commenting about auto industry layoffs. People need to realize that the media will not "bite the hand that feeds it". That is why you see the layoffs reported but never anything in-depth or investigative as to the "why", "who" and "how". The recent General layoffs proved that. One day and coverage of it was over. No heart-wrenching stories about the laid-off engineer and his family of 5. No stories about how the layoffs were handled and how long dedicated employees were treated. I have seen posts from people suggesting that the "media" should hear about this or that. The reality is that the media is almost like the PR arm of the company. They report what they are given. "Job cuts" and "white collar firings" are repackaged as "austerity plans". Positive stories lead to greater access to the "company", its celebrity CEO's, and sponsored perks for these media types. Just look at the "pop-ups" on even this site and all of the Detroit media sites and you will see why the real stories of these layoffs will never get covered. The days of the hard-charging investigative reporter looking for the corruption and asking the hard questions are over. Don't count on the Detroit media to expose anything or provide any real information about these layoffs. Their best customers just want it to go away.

Don't undersell your skill set

Listen, it's NOT easy to start a job search, especially if you've been at a position in WIN for 10+ years. I left WIN over a year ago, but I keep tabs on this company because I've got a lot of friends that still work here, and I'm concerned for them. Not to mention my pension that may soon disappear.

When building your resume, you need to consider every aspect of your job, and every bit of training you've received, even if it's CBTs. Don't undersell your skillset. You probably know more about the Telecom industry than you're giving yourself credit for, and people outside the company are going to find your skills extraordinary (you just don't realize it because many of your coworkers have a similar skillset).

Think of every piece of equipment you touch, and put it on your resume. MUXs, test sets, DS1 monitors... It may seem silly, but name dropping, or brand dropping can make a difference. Think of the buzz words you see popping up on Stream. I promise you that, in regards to the tech talk, several of them are the same words that will catch the eye of an HR rep. ACD. PRI. AdTran. Unified Communications. Calix. Cisco. Mitel. Shoretel. Etc etc. You never know what equipment a company is using, or what buzzwords will resonate with a potential employer.

Make a couple different resumes, tailored to different job types. Support, technical, managerial. Accent certain experience or training based on the type of job, and start pumping them out. Check your current customers and their industry counterparts. You already know they use the products that you can support. Now you need to check their sites every week to see if they have an opening for a position you can fill.

You will find something better

#GOLD advice on making the #resume, posted originally by @XGW3EPD-1cjp

I am paid in #GOLD and #DIAMONDS - I"ll tag it too #VerizonSalary

Salary share thread

Since I’m seeing a lot of salaries thrown around feel free to see how you compare to your peers. Glassdoor is all over the palce, so this may help.

It is illegal to prevent sharing of salaries so no worries there. You can round numbers so things cannot be traced to your exact amount.

Please post what you feel comfortable with - level, position, location, base salary and total comp...

The template is below:





Has a potential to turn into a #gold thread, OP we'd need you to start with your experience first...

A lot of very professional people here, and not whiners. This thread is a place where it is OK and you are invited to share your story if you want to, among your peer group that understands your frustration and anxiety and disappointment. I know I'm not very pleased about mine.

@Xu52VQ, I'm sure more people would like to know the answer to this, so I'm tagging this thread: #GOLD #layoff #personalitems

How to return items left behind by people laid off?

A coworker of mine was laid off on Monday and I know they were very upset and weren't able to collect all their personal things before being walked out.

Are we allowed to return their personal items or does hr have a process?


GM is going through a transformation that may or may not pan out. Meanwhile, if you have particular skills and GM is willing to compensate you justly for those skills - and so long as you are afforded opportunities to enhance your skill set or find satisfaction in some other esoteric fashion at the company... why not stay?

Employment is a roll of the dice no matter who you work for. Read the table as best you can and be mentally prepared for being up and down.

Baby Boomers

All baby boomers, how do you feel about GM and everything that's going on currently? I understand how my fellow millennials feel. I also know that after a little time here we jump off to better opportunities and seem to find these easily. Let's try and keep it civil here.

Thanks OP, this thread is pure #GOLD

#babyboomers #GenX #millennials

I cleaned the post up and made it #universal #gold:

Interesting comments

There are a lot of people that are upset at the prospect of being let go and that's understandable. But the reality is that no company is loyal to their employees and no employees are loyal to a company. The company is going to look for people to help them get their products and/or services to market faster and the employees will go to a company that pays them as much as possible. The times of starting as an intern in the mail room and becoming CEO are long gone.

No matter what your position and/or company it's important that you keep educating yourself and developing skills that make you valuable. Many companies are downsizing, just look at all companies that have active boards here - the question will be what are you doing to make yourself considered critical/valuable.

Quick Poll - Who's Thinking of Leaving?

Are you thinking about leaving the company right now?

If so, upvote this post please.

What would stop you from leaving the company?

Is the writing on the wall or is the company going to come back, stronger than ever and return to #gold age?

If you're thinking about staying, why are you staying?

Business Image Management

Here are some tips for your personal business image mgmt, see the note below....

White Board

  • Never, ever, clean your whiteboard, the busier looking the board, the better.

  • Don't ever erase anything, ever.

  • Use your hand to smudge things all over if you need room to write anything.


  • Always eat in your cube.

  • The smellier the food, the better.

  • The entire building knows you're so busy that you can't eat anywhere other than your desk.


  • Always leave your desk in a state of chaos.

  • That's how busy you are.

Phone Calls

  • Never use an earpiece.

  • Talk as loud as humanly possible on your phone regarding every little bit of business, even though - you could just use instant messaging.

  • Shout over the cubes, it shows how collaborative and how busy you are.

  • You can't have so much time as to actually walk to another person's desk.

Hope this helps...

Not my post, but it's pure #gold - lifted it off Intel's board... Bro will ask again, so here it goes: double asterisk for bold, dash for bullets...

Why companies discontinue telecommuting

This is not my post but I thought it was relevant to us... Flagging it with #Gold


It's a part of a bigger shift to hire younger folks with lower salary requirements.

Here is how the scam works (many companies are doing this):

  • Create a hub 'only' model

  • Put hubs in urban areas where nobody with a kids would want to live

  • Put hubs in areas with high student concentration (close to colleges)

  • Discontinue telecommuting

  • Wave old-timers goodbye - no severance as they quit on their own

  • Welcome new, fresh from college, hires

  • Watch new hires, grow old and leave on their own once they want to form a family

  • Voila! Mission accomplished...

Just go and see what IBM, Bank of America, State Farm and others are doing right now - this is a massive trend in the Fortune 100 world and will be spreading to other areas of the economy too. It s---s but they did find a loophole to avoid being punished for #AgeDiscrimination, #H1B abuse, #NoTelecommuting, etc... So, in short - that was the plan to kill #Telecommuting

SOURCE: Post ID: @X4sKEmX-gqm

Prepare for Layoffs Checklist

Link: @WsOTLa9


How to cope with layoff anxiety – medical or psychological or cognitive coping strategies?

Link: @PvCpIIR


Advice if u were laid off

Link: @TGFrauz


How to survive a layoff

Link: @Roz35Dw


How to get laid off with a good package?

Link: @Nm8Km05


Here's the TOP TEN things you should do if you think you might get laid off this round:

Link: @JWzKTre


Looking for job Checklist

Link: @WmiLMBG


Layoff Checklist

Link: @ScheGbT


#gold tips

Prepare of Layoffs Checklist

  1. Document, build a portfolio of your best work

  2. Duplicate important contact information to private accounts

  3. Build relationships with your coworkers

  4. Build an emergency fund

  5. Get private unemployment insurance (cafii.com or safetynet.com)

  6. Ask for an explanation of why you're being laid off, ideally in writing.

  7. Ask when and how you'll receive your last paycheck.

  8. Ask when your benefits (like health insurance) end.

  9. Ask whether you'll receive any severance.

  10. Do not resign

  11. File for unemployment benefits

  12. Be ready to document your job-hunting efforts (need this for unemployment).

  13. Consider your options for short-term income.

  14. Update your budget (or create it)

  15. Call your creditors and update them (if you cannot make payments)

  16. Massively cut expenses you can live without.

  17. Save, save, save…

  18. Talk to friends and family – vent

  19. Make a plan for self-care – take care of your health

  20. Ask for help if and when needed

Anyhow, some points are #awesome, some not that much...

Took #gold this from https://www.cleveland.com/expo/news/erry-2018/12/82ab0f21bb4909/21-tips-for-surviving-a-layoff.html

#gold indeed

There is a difference between doing a job and doing a job right!

Need to hire smarter people and put them in charge. How long does it take for you to realize your business model of HR, recruiters and widgets does not work?

When I buy something, I want it done right. It is less expensive in the long run. It's not rocket science, it is common sense

@1mut, you hit the nail on the head, #gold post. Sad, but true.

So I perform poorly, I get laid off. Mngt perform poorly, I get laid off. Mgnt perform well, I get laid off. I perform well, I get laid off. All roads lead to layoffs. Is that what they mean by One McDermott Way?

Looking for Job Question Checklist

In a case you are looking for a job, you may want to refer to this list. It's #generic but #gold for sure. You may want to keep it handy just to make sure you are not failing to ask some key questions. I am sure I am missing a ton of things here but the list is a fairly good start. There you go:

  • Applied but not heard back from HR, should I be contacting the hiring manager or sending a follow up email?

  • How many hours do you work on a typical day?

  • How did you get your first interview with the company?

  • Do you do credit checks on new employee candidates (is there a certain score I need to have)?

  • Is working on weekends required?

  • Do you do a lot of overtime? How much overtime work, on average, is required?

  • What is the most stressful part about working here?

  • What’s the hardest aspect of your job?

  • What questions do hiring managers ask during the interview?

  • How are the working hours, when do you start and when do you end your day?

  • Does the company make you take a substance abuse test? How about a criminal background check?

  • How do you feel about going to work each day? Are you happy?

  • What’s your opinion about the future of the company?

  • How many interviews does a typical hiring candidate have? What is the typical interview process like?

  • How long does the hiring process take? What are the key components of the process?

  • What would you change at the company?

  • What is the work environment at the company?

  • How is the culture at the company?

  • How did you feel about telling people you work at this company?

  • Who will be contacting me after the interview – how do they communicate a positive hiring decision? How about the negative one?

  • If you were to run this place, what would you change to make it better?

  • How hard is it to internally transfer within the company (from department to department and from location to location)?

  • Would you please describe the benefits package a typical employee gets from the company?

Kudos @WdgZPQi-1lbl ! Your post is pure #gold

Companies tend to succeed or fail from the top down. No matter how good the people under are, they are restricted by the people above them. Good workers are hampered by poor management. Good management is handcuffed by poor executives. Good ideas are left to die by poor leadership. When the focus is on stock price, executive bonuses, and cashing out while you can, there is no focus on product, customers, or innovation. The truth is that the HP family of companies was hampered by poor leadership. Only those companies that got out from under that leadership and found good leaders of their own have obtained some success (see HPI). While DXC got out from under the thumb of Meg Whitman, they found a leader in Mike Lawrie who is even worse. There is no chance for the company to succeed unless there is a major leadership change or segments of the company are able to split off and find good leaders to get them back on track. Otherwise, the roadmap is to continue to focus on financial benefit for stockholders and executives until the well is dry and DXC is tossed onto the trash heap of so many other failed ventures that Wall Street and poor leadership has created.

If you’ve survived the latest culling

The culture of constant layoffs has been going on for almost a decade now. If you’ve survived the latest culling the best bet is to chart out a new landing spot or start working on a side business venture. By remaining in the same role at the same salary you are actually reducing your compensation each year while making yourself less competitive in the market. The fact, each of us is just a #gold moneymaking number for the executive lineup...

I echo what many said here is #gold - coveredca.com will give you a ton of much better options. look into it.


I was laid off. Do I still have to sign up for open enrollment? How many of you are going with COBRA. If not COBRA then what? FYI I'm in California

Trust your gut

#GOLD post from @W1ARpq0-1non

This is my opinion, if you think that your job is at risk because your projects have been cancelled or have little importance, your boss is not banging on your door lately, others in the organization are given new responsibilities that you would have had a couple of years ago, you all are big boys, you have to read the situations by now if you’ve been around telecom

Trust your gut

I personally put my name in the hat because I didn’t want to be riffed and be paid the minimum

Make simple decisions


Reminder: Just because you see something dumb or wrong on the internet doesn't mean you have to amplify it by pointing out how dumb or wrong it is. "Strategic silence" is often the best way to personally combat misinformation.


Longevity, loyalty, and technical skill mean nothing to Cisco.

Over the past few years, Cisco has made it increasingly clear they are more concerned with propagating irrelevant social issues rather than maintaining focus on its core technologies and product line. Those in charge of the CX "restructuring" are wildly out of touch with what is required for Cisco to thrive long-term. Offshoring jobs for cheap, cutting key technical players, and over-emphasizing irrelevant issues like homelessness and race/gender all are damaging Cisco at a rapid rate.

Keep in mind most of these fools in upper management are non-technical, and thus aren't equipped with the knowledge or skill set to make rational decisions for this company. Once you reach VP level and above it's all one big boys' club facilitating corruption and ignorance. We continue to see upper management and PR teams grow and grow, while it's the technical teams that are taking the blow, all in efforts to manipulate quarterly earning reports. This model is not sustainable, and morale continues to lower as we witness Cisco's total disregard for its employees. This great "culture" we hear management so often boast about is blatant propaganda, existing only to coerce employees to trust Cisco and provide loyalty, while they will inevitably stab us in the back without giving a second thought.

And yes, as other's have stated, Cisco is not the only company with these issues. Rather, Cisco is becoming a phenomenal example of what happens when a company gets to big for it's own good, becomes mismanaged, and begins to stray from it's core business model that once made it great.

Everything is good while the company has growth.

Take everything you read on the net with a huge grain of salt - here is my #gold advice...

This is a good company but it has it's own issues. Every company does.

I have almost 35 years of experience and my rule of thumb is this: if a company grows, everyone is happy, positions open up, you always need more people and people are generally appreciated.

As the growth stalls, issues start to surface, it becomes hard to move up, people become tense. Your maneuvering space shrinks.

Once the company starts to shrink, it's outright painful and every day is just a sh--show. Infighting starts, backstabbing becomes rampant, etc.

It's up to you to figure where where we are today... Growth, Flat, Shrinking???

Well, I certainly think that @VXCpnn1-joe nailed it with this post. Definitely deserves to be a thread.

#gold #missed #opportunity

Describe Verizon In 3 Words

A big employer recently had a 'climate' survey, asked employees to describe the company in 3 words exactly. You can imagine that didnt exactly go as planned.

Describe VZ in 3 words :

WMH = Work more hours

Take everything you read on the net with a huge grain of salt - here is my #gold advice...

This is a good company but it has it's own issues. Every company does.

I have almost 35 years of experience and my rule of thumb is this: if a company grows, everyone is happy, positions open up, you always need more people and people are generally appreciated.

As the growth stalls, issues start to surface, it becomes hard to move up, people become tense. Your maneuvering space shrinks.

Once the company starts to shrink, it's outright painful and every day is just a sh--show. Infighting starts, backstabbing becomes rampant, etc.

It's up to you to figure where where we are today... Growth, Flat, Shrinking???


Hard out there

I have great qualifications, and have worked with Windstream for many years. I have a college degree from a good university, and by that I do not mean something like University of Phoenix online. I have applied outside the company, and I have interviewed with other companies. I went in one, thought the interview went great, and then received an email from the manager saying that I did not have enough experience. I felt that based on qualifications asked I did meet the experience required. It is hard out there when you send out your resume, and you meet the qualifications and exceed them, go to the interview, and then get told by someone five years younger than you that you do not have enough experience. In my mind I felt like saying I have been doing your same position before you even graduated college. Have any of you had that experience? I get upset because I feel like I will be with Windstream forever in my department,and never progress my way up despite how hard I work with this company. I hate being so negative, but it just seems that after awhile you have to be. Please let me know if you all have had the same experience.


Your bosses don't care about you, the markets don't care about you, the economy doesn't care about you.

Only insofar as they can extract adequate surplus from your labour; once that objective is achieved you're rendered superfluous and thrown on the sc-ap heap. Doesn't matter who the CEO is. The market is king and the market is ruthless.


Authoritarian rule

Authoritarian rule is prevalent as a result of incompetence and fear of losing power. My manager will do anything to maintain his pathetic inflated titled. He drives conflict to feel relevant and create diversions from his subpar performance. If you're lazy and talentless, then he does not see you as a threat so will treat you with praise and kindness. Those who have drive and creativity are harassed and bullied in order to destroy their remaining self confidence and drive.

: @VFqum9G, +1. True #GOLD post

Oracle Golden Rule of Communication

Never email when you can speak

Never speak when you can nod

Never nod when you can wink

And Never wink when you can smile

(Mgmt & Leadership Tips & Tricks for Employee Comms

#Gold question.

Take it, spend 2 to 3 years here and if you do not like it, jet.

Just Interviewed at Honeywell...

So I just Interviewed at Honeywell, seemed like a great place to be.

But this site terrified me.

I recently graduated and have had a hard time finding a job. I was pretty excited to finally get and opportunity to interview.

I need a job, if I get an offer should I take it?

It is within the aerospace group.


The End of the Road - Quitting Sam's Club: My Advice to Those Who Want to be Team Leaders and Move Up

Yeah, right. #GOLD post. Thanks, OP

Can't wrap my head around as to why people want to see others lose their job. Yeah Intel has manufacturing issues but it's doing just fine with 14nm. Really high revenue and for all those doomsday folks, it won't go down to half of its revenue in 2 years. As long as x86 rules the software industry, Intel will be safe and that is not gonna be replaced by anything else anytime soon.

All companies falter now and then. Intel will be back on track.