Topics regarding layoffs at Citigroup Inc. / Citibank / Citi

Topics regarding layoffs at Citigroup Inc. / Citibank / Citi

Need Advice

I was told by my boss that if I need to go to the Doctor I should go either afterwork, on the weekends or on a scheduled day off while using vacation time. She also told me that no one on her team uses sick days and we give that time back to Citi... — read more 

Need a Break Badly

Every one in Citi is suffering from Mental Trauma of layoff. Everyday is starting with question what happens today ? and continues with Job applications, waiting on Interview calls, etc... On the other end, more pushing of work sorry work related... — read more 

At risk of redundancy

Anyone know what are the chances of actually getting another role internally through the consultation process? Doesn’t look like there are many jobs going around on the internal job board…


I remember a time not too long ago when Citi boasted about their flexibility. USPB is now required to be off on all holidays, floating or not. This notification had me thinking about how militant things have gotten since Jane came into the picture... — read more 

Tell me who!

There seems to be a long list of threads that purport to know that layoffs are happening or are about to happen. We should know who, specifically, has gone. So write the names of c15 and above in this thread to prove that actually there is a round of... — read more 

Phase 4 of 8 Layoffs

Phase 4 of 8, has started. New org charts come out mid March, mass lay off happen week of March 22. Approx 45k people will be let go from now til 2026 in O&T alone.. gear up for a bumpy ride. The Brits are winning, no more shadman. Jane lack luster... — read more 

Layoffs started

Confirmed couple of team members are let go and few others offered different roles today. Finalizing org charts before end of March so it starts. What I heard people are not given choice they are deciding roles for everyone regardless of skills... — read more 

Epitome of Citi ethics.

Jane’s raise in light of her failures that lead to us being laid off….aaaannndddd…….THAT….my friends is the epitome of Citi ethics right there. THAT is the example you are to follow. YOUR layoff is funding her salary and her newly acquired raise. A... — read more 

Quiet Firing

I totally think this is happening to me right now. I don't know if I am going to be a part of the layoffs or not. I feel super undervalued and this blog article unfortunately ticks off 100% of the things discussed. If I don't get let go in the next... — read more 

Decided to leave

I get that the job market is not good, but I just can’t stand this place anymore. I have been working my a-s off, and yet I can be laid off anytime next week, or next month, or anytime this year. My work ethics will have nothing to do with the... — read more 

No one listens.

Employees have been saying for years that there are too many layers and processes are too encumber some, long, obstructive, complex, inflexible etc… no one cared. So now Jane says she’s trimming down things to make it less complex because of too... — read more 

Bare Bones

They keep cutting staff but requesting (term used loosely) more work to be completed with aggressive timelines. This has all the signs of them wanted people to leave without waiting for a severance. Burnt out is an understatement. It’s a challenge... — read more 

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