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Don't think you're safe if you received a raise

Having received a raise recently will not shield you from being laid off. Talking from personal experience. I managed to enjoy my pay bump (as measly as it was) just for a few months before I was handed the proverbial pink slip. Just thought a... read more

Citi moving jobs to TCS

Citi recently laid off several IT employees from Hagerstown site saying that they will shut down the site. Several other IT employees also got laid off from Texas, Sioux Falls, Jacksonville and other sites. Hundreds of US Citizens lost their jobs... read more


Does anyone know if you can volunteer for a severance package? I want out. I can’t stand my boss and most of my co-workers. They are all afraid to lose their jobs and have become the most miserable people I have ever met. NY employee here.

Citigroup Layoffs

The entire premise of this is cost savings - and because the economy is flat, deposits are down, the branch networking footprint is tailored to a few distinct markets, and the executive bonus structure is unsustainable. The organization has also... read more

Retail Leadership Reorg in Q4

Major reorg with leadership positions at risk will likely happen in Q4. Discussions are happening now and decisions are to be made by sept/oct. Regional managers, sales directors, and area directors are on the chopping block. Small business is being... read more

No closing

I don't believe Wednesday's town hall meetings will be an announcement that the site will be closing. That's not how companies go about it. If they were letting workers go they would bring them in to a team meeting one department at a time and let... read more

Hagerstown site poll

comment what you believe to be the most likely scenario; just one word no reasons why: Closing move to one building same site Relocation to someplace within 45 mile radius I don't know or something else entirely

What’s gonna happen at Hagerstown town hall?

I don't believe Wednesday's town hall meetings will be an announcement that the site will be closing. That's not how companies go about it. If they were letting workers go they would bring them in to a team meeting one department at a time and let... read more

Where are the details?

Hmm..if there was supposed to be a February closure how was there not more being moved out or people losing their jobs? A Credit dept JUST moved some of their workload off shore. I’m not in credit however and literally nothing has touched my... read more

layoffs today

layoffs have begun today in O 'Fallon. Claims managers.. more to come.

Layoffs just keep going on and on

What's going on with Citi lately? Can we have one week without a new layoffs notice? Is that too much to ask for? Is the situation really that bad that cutting people left and right is so desperately needed that we can't even get a break? We have... read more

Any word on Tampa?

We heard of consolidation of ESC and TPM in Tampa. Word is NY will see cuts while they try to build up the Tampa and the global CSC idea. Anyone heard the same?

To make it clear how severance works...

To make it clear how severance works... to make it clear how severance works... Citi's policy is 2 weeks severance for every year of service. You get your severance less withholding (taxes) after the 60 day notice. 60 day notice is required by... read more

IT layoffs

I think we can learn a lot from yesterday (5/9/19) . Many IT employees were given their 60 day notice. How many? I am not sure. More info on this would be helpful. How many IT employees do we have in Hagerstown and how many of them were given their... read more


People who were laid off yesterday, do you mind sharing with us what your severance package is? I've heard Citi reduced severance drastically lately, so it'd be nice to know if that's true or not. Also, do we know if there will be any more layoffs... read more

Anand Selva Cleaning House!!!!!

Shake up in Citigold and Citi Investments. Who’s next ? Mortgage? Retail Consumer Bank? Division execs need to be Rif’d along with useless sales directors. Area Directors will be thinned out. Should compliment the horrendous voluntary terms happening... read more

Everything at this point is just speculation

It is frustrating not knowing what is going to happen or when it's going to happen. But everything at this point is just speculation. We were told that something is going to happen that there are going to be changes, everything from a reduced... read more

Citi Hagerstown

I’ve also heard the rumor of moving to Martinsburg WV. Supposed to be a meeting end of April about it.
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New rumor

I heard the Hagerstown site will be moving to Martinsburg WV. Can anyone confirm this?

Mixed Q1 results

Any thoughts on how this will affect us? Frankly, with earnings only up due to share buybacks, I think these results lean much more towards negative than mixed. Which means we are about to be hit with more layoffs to make up for it. I hope I'm... read more
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Too much work, too few people to do it

I see there is talk of even more layoffs at Citi and I keep wondering who exactly are they planning to lay off when we are drowning in work as it is? They cut so many already, some have left on their own, and each time those of us who are still here... read more

Corbat is a crook

Can cut expenses enough to offset declining revenues so he buys back $4 billion in shares to articulacy juice EPS thereby hitting targets getting paid millions in the process. And everyone else pays with layoffs. Way to go Mikey.

Layoffs for Progress Point April 30th ??

I know the CRC location in O’Fallon MO has been dwindling for a couple years while we transfer our files to Cenlar. I’ve also been hearing layoffs are coming to Progress Point at the end of April. Especially for AML. Anyone have any info?

More cuts at Citibank

Massiv restructure in technology, combing plan, build & operate functions resulting in departmental reviews later this year. Further cuts to be expected Any more info on this? It would be good to know if this will happen soon or near the end of the... read more

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