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Operations and Technology Hit

Lots of layoffs this week of SVP levels and higher. Once again firing older workers that will be replaced with junior staff in offshore locations. It is clear that All that matters to Citi is cheap labor, to hell with talent, expertise and offshoring... read more

Offshore Compliance jobs

The new trend is to offshore Compliance job and replacing US force with same Indian / Malaysian "so-called specialists". How can we expect US intellectual property to remain in US? What's next to be cut or outsourced to help CEO and Management... read more

More work

Layoffs mostly occur in default to get rid of higher salaried employees with years of merit increases behind them. It's an opportunity to bring in younger and much cheaper employees to fill their positions. Lay offs for default servicing positions... read more
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Citi Sioux Falls layoffs (August 2018) Citi says the layoffs are because the new credit card facility they are building in Sioux Falls is smaller than their current building near the Sioux... read more

Next Five Years

20,000 technology and operations staff will be laid off in the next five years. Source:

Any Tampa layoffs?

It has been rumored that the Sales & Use Tax department would be outsourced. Has it been outsourced?

Citi layoffs expected this week!

If you are a part of Citi's U.S equities business be prepared, there are near certain layoffs coming in the following several days according to market insiders. More info here:... read more

we need infrastructure updates

we are in desperate need of infrastructure upgrades if we are to stay competitive in the field... our systems are painfully slow, outdated and completely inefficient... it takes us way too long to do the most simple tasks due to this... even opening... read more
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Cost saving through other means

Can somebody come up with a cost saving measure that will actually be implemented that is something other than layoffs? We have all these ideas being thrown around, commitments to follow through are made, and then nothing happens. Citi really needs... read more
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Layoffs kyc

Get ready for it folks
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Huge workloads

How did "rarely you'll have to work an extra hour or two" noted during the hiring process turn into working 55 to 60 hour weeks on regular bases? Our workloads are becoming impossible to handle. Part of the reason are constant layoffs. They get rid... read more
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Toxic management

Citi is in desperate need of senior management cleanup. The politics at the top have become so incredibly toxic that it can be a challenge to actually get something done on any level. Instead of dealing with actual problems, senior managements... read more

A positive spin to all this negativity!

I’ve been with Citi for over 18 years worked in the Tampa & Jax sites along with visiting multiple other Citi locations and have been through MANY layoff scares where it could just as easily been me versus my peers (some of which were dear friends)... read more

Long hours with no overtime

I used to like working at Citi, but boy oh boy have things changed here lately. I used to be able to balance my work and my family life pretty well, but that's a thing of the past. The expectations keep rising to the point where overtime is pretty... read more

Sioux Falls

So just found this site and glad to see it. Wish Sioux Falls would be honest on what is going on and the old saying "when we find out you will find out" is a load of BS if they would just come out and tell everyone the truth on what is going on, then... read more

Nepotism rules Citi

I'm getting so tired of this... Nepotism is so rampant at Citi, it's impossible to advance unless you are related to or really good with somebody in management... No matter how hard you work, no matter what extra skills you bring to the table... read more

2016 layoffs

I was let go January 2016 for business reasons. After 30 years at Citi. This has been ongoing since I started working there in every state. Senior Management issues the cuts to be preformed for all banking departments in all states. Some jobs are... read more

What is the sense of this?

I got caught up in a round of layoffs in 2010 and it wasn't the first one. The saga continues with the most recent round of layoffs - there will be more to come - that's for sure. Notice how we no longer have Citibanks in Texas? Still have ATMs in... read more
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HR department

HR department is the most under qualified people I have ever seen in a corporate environment. The company gives possitions to people they like over people that are more qualified. Citi bank is like all corporate companys, they are allowing computers... read more
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CYA First

I’ve spent almost three years with Citi and I think I am done. Actually, I know I am done as I am actively looking right now. People here talk about layoffs and rest assured, Citi has them. However, they have them as much as any other large bank so... read more

Tampa Temps

This repeats every year, Citigroup accumulates a back-log of cases, hire a ton of temporary employees (they also make an effort to convert a few 'temps' to ‘perm’ status just to create an illusion of trying).... Anyhow, the remaining analyst will... read more
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TCS outsourcing

As long as there is TCS around there will be more outsourcing, there will be more jobs lost and there will be more jobs sent to India. Meanwhile, there will be a significant drop in quality, customers and clients will be getting more annoyed and it... read more

Sioux Falls Citibank Layoffs

I was laid off back in April. It was handles properly and I was given a severance payment. The job market is fairly good and I was able to find a new job within 4 weeks. I see a lot of negativity here, I know many people hate TCS taking over on the... read more

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