Topics regarding layoffs at Citigroup Inc. / Citibank / Citi

Topics regarding layoffs at Citigroup Inc. / Citibank / Citi

How was your raise?

I had high hopes for my annual review. My manager went on and on about how valuable I was to the team. For all of my long hours and picking up the slack of my co-workers, I received a 2.5% raise. Far, far less than last year. Bummed.

Quite a conundrum

SCOTUS blocks Biden vaccine mandate, which is what Citi was using as the basis for their vaccine mandate. Interested what those of you who got the vaccine to save your job, are feeling now. I think I'd be a little bit pi---d.

Remote vs Office work

For me I can go either way. I enjoy the work from home but have no issue going into the office either. What I don’t understand is the drive or urgency to bring people back into the office if they don’t need to be there. If things are working just as... —  read more 

Job referrals….a joke

This has happened 4 times now. A job is posted, you submit a qualified referral for it and upload the resume. HR reaches out to the candidate and tell them that “the position they were referred for no longer exists but here’s a new position... —  read more 


After all the years Ive been here and after analyzing the dynamic between Citi employees of color and white employees reporting to the same manager it is more than apparent and obvious racism permeates through this organization. My manager is... —  read more 

Lies lies lies

Let’s talk about the fact that this place told its people once that they’d never force anyone to take a vaccine against their will. And here we are, vaccine mandates despite the suspension of the osha ruling. Not only that, but they claim that ALL... —  read more 


I, too, am sick and tired of this company and I don’t intend to be here anymore next year, but still, I don’t think it’s okay to leave without giving 2 weeks notice. A colleague who left in an extremely unprofessional way did nothing to harm this... —  read more 

Exodus Many mid- and senior-level executives of Citibank India... —  read more 

Great resignation under way

Ok, wow….its a job seekers paradise. Every week for the past two months, I hear of someone I know leaving Citi. Some give two weeks notice, some not. It’s nuts. I’ve read about the “Great Resignation” and it seems to be in full swing across the... —  read more 


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