Topics regarding layoffs at Citigroup Inc. / Citibank / Citi

Topics regarding layoffs at Citigroup Inc. / Citibank / Citi


CNBC had financial analysts speak about the current economic health of the country. Eventually the topic came around to the banking system. Out of of all the big boys, they listed Citi dead last when it came to buying Citi stock. They all agreed... —  read more 

Genius move

From another post in regards to layoffs—“You’re looking at it all wrong. Its more important to give Jane an extra 2 million to up her pay to match some of her peers who are over other banks. We have an aggressive ESG initiative planned out. So to... —  read more 

Layoffs in tech last week

So I call into the help desk, which is no help at all, wait for days from a field tech to contact me. I don’t understand when the helpless help desk cannot help me, why they laid off a bunch of techs who can actually help but now can’t because they... —  read more 

Feeling that RTO woes.

I don’t want to go back to the life I had before. I’ve never been closer to my family thanks to the extra time I get to spend with them instead of commuting. I still work hard. I do my full hours and then some. And I’ve never been happier. I hate... —  read more 

COO appointment

Anand Selva, who leads Citi's personal banking and wealth management business, was promoted to the newly created position of chief operating officer. Selva, a 32-year Citi employee, takes over responsibilities previously held by Karen Peetz, who... —  read more 

Fear over nothing.

A few banks have gone under here and there, so what. Jane managed to grab another 2 million for herself and I’m sure there’s a rather secure safety net for her in case things take a turn for the worse. She’s going to be just fine. So you guys are... —  read more 

Equal risk vs. ESG

I think layoffs need to be percentage based. If the Citi work force is 80% men and 20% women, then that should be the layoff percentage. If you need to layoff 100 people, then that layoff pool needs to be 80% men and 20% women. 8 males and 2... —  read more 

Recession ebb and flow

The ebb and flow is as this. Recession hits and jobs get scarce. Management knows this so they leverage these times to really crack the whip. Team meetings will be peppered with implications of “work hard, longer and more often” “there’s plenty of... —  read more 

Burned out

That’s all. That’s the message. Not sure why I’m venting here. It’s the internet. But I feel lost and overwhelmed. Been at citi for 14 years. But now is particularly tough. I’m overworked but I put stuff off, drop the ball on items, not interested in... —  read more 

3rd option

I think some of the biggest mistakes that people make is: expect a company to bend to their will expect a company to stay the same They often forget about option 3 which is to move on. With every single layoff there is a talent vacuum that... —  read more 

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