Topics regarding layoffs at Union Bank

Topics regarding layoffs at Union Bank

Read the Tea Leaves

Well SD1 is near. If you haven’t been placed in a job by now or been told they want to retain you, you are being laid off. With SD1 in May . June , July, August will be heavy layoffs of UB folks. Take your bonus and run because there is nothing else... — read more 

Sham job postings

Most of the job postings are sham at both organizations (US Bank and MUFG). US Bank has Unrealistic expectations and want everything for low pay and MUFG doesn’t know what they want and keep posting the same job again and again. Both organizations... — read more 

Mapping Update

BSS - Tellers BSSO//SRB1/2//ABM - CRC Levels will be determined in 6 months EOY **Reading between the lines. ABM- I feel for you since there is no need for your job in the USB platform. You are operations role with little to zero sales... — read more 

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MUFG Does it Again

Recent announcements of the CIO leaving, Ops Leader fired, and a fan favorite of Gunns taking over Operations. The new Ops leader was asked to step down from her position by the COO of her previous company. MUFG Americas must have one of the weakest... — read more 

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Working on leaving

This wait is too much anxiety and stress for me. I know I might be giving up on severance but I don't care. My mental health is more important. I advise others to consider the same thing. It's simply not worth it to wait it out. I've been applying... — read more 

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Desperate Leaders

If everyone heard how the leaders talk about this deal, they can’t run away from Union Bank fast enough. They are so desperate they are willing to take shortcuts and put customers at risk just so the deal goes through. Maybe it’s time for regulators... — read more 

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What is the outlook for layoffs at this point related to Risk Managment once the merger is complete? There seems to be a lot of doom and gloom posted about the merger and layoffs however Union Bank continues to hire more and more people.

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Why are they pushing RTO now? We have sky high attrition in my group already. I am designated office based but I intend to keep working from home as I have done successfully for the last 2.5 years. There are plenty of remote jobs at other... — read more 

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It's best to get out now!

It is interesting how many of my colleagues intend to wait until the last day. I don’t know why this is so, maybe people in spite of everything still think they won’t be the ones on the layoff list? I would not want to learn from my own mistakes... — read more 

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Head of HR is useless

Head of HR doesn't care about the Culture or the Values. People are widgets and just counted and made to work. Work Life Balance does not exist and nothing is done to address or acknowledge it.

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