Topics regarding layoffs at U.S. Bank

Topics regarding layoffs at U.S. Bank

Rates / Increases

The Fed raises rates and overnight the bank updates/adjusts all accounts. The bank's pay increases take a quarter of a YEAR before they go into effect.

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Yesterday's layoffs

Does anybody know more about layoffs that happened (or supposedly happened) yesterday? Is there any way to know if the cuts will continue today and which areas will be affected? I hate having to worry about cuts 24/7 but I guess that's how things are... —  read more 

Return to office

Return to office will be announced within the next two months. At first you will be asked to return one day per week. End goal is to have you in the office three days a weeks minimum. Layoffs might be slowing down but the push to get employees to... —  read more 

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I’m quitting

My manager keep updating and changing my day off and notifying us a day (Saturday) before the week scheduled, normally my day off is on Monday’s so I Normally plan and set up my day off to accommodate my kids appointments (daughter is autistic) and... —  read more 

Payment Services

Any rumors on layoffs within payment claims services? I’ve heard the transformation team is looking to make things more efficient so I’m wondering what that will all entail in the end.

Job safety

Of course, no job can ever be 100% safe, but those who keep saying that we should always have this in mind, I think they are exaggerating a bit or are more anxious by nature. I still think that some jobs here are much safer than others. What do you... —  read more 


Does anyone know what the salary and bonus is for Business Relationship Manager. I want to apply. Don’t want to waste my time if pay is not good. I heard US Bank doesn’t pay well.

That's insane

Getting rid of excellent employees but keeping mediocrity, what does that say about an organization? This tells me that the leadership does not have a vision, that they do not care about the future of this place, and that we can only expect things... —  read more 

I've never been this tired

Since the latest layoffs and losing more team members, the amount of work we're expected to do has become unbearable. All I do is work, eat, and sleep. I have no time for anything else. Or if I get some time, I have no energy to do anything else but... —  read more 

Payment Services

Anyone know if there will be layoffs within payment services? Specifically for the claims department(s)? I’m wondering if these processes will be outsourced over seas with the reorg.

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They don't care

I sincerely feel sorry for all those who are still making enormous efforts, believing that it will be appreciated and that they will save their jobs. In the end, they are dissuaded only when they are laid off unfortunately. Perhaps once upon a time... —  read more 

No Trust

How many of you have taken the TTUS and answered those questions about advancement and do you think there is open and honest communication? People are nervous. People are taking positions created in February as advancement only to be told in June... —  read more 

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