Topics regarding layoffs at U.S. Bank

Topics regarding layoffs at U.S. Bank

Big problem

A big mistake I see is the decision to bring in new managers who don't know the job. "You were good in leading that department" does NOT mean they will be good in a completely different department. Then it's like having a newly-elected mayor coming... —  read more 

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Technology is a dinosaur

Someone’s comment that our technology is stuck in the early 2000s made me chuckle. It’s actually a sad reality. I understand that these are sensitive things, but I don’t understand why there is no motivation to improve technology. I am afraid that... —  read more 

How happy are you here?

Perhaps this question is a bit naive, but I have a feeling that no one is happy here. The work here is a means to an end and there is no fulfillment of any kind. It makes me depressed that when I look back, I realize that somewhere else I could... —  read more 

Picking some talent

I just hired two great and highly talented individuals right out of US Bank into my practice. Their stories are almost identical. Strong background, solid track, then lured into USB with recruiting tactics, promised an amazing role and environment... —  read more 

Outsourcing in digital

huge long term contract with Indian agency. parallel offshore digital teams of dev, pm, design...even accessibility roles. two offshore teams for every onshore. said it was b/c there’s not enough talent in US. or maybe because they don’t pay... —  read more 

Hard to believe

That there are THIS many id–ts that work for a financial institution. Yeah, compensation is down. Does anyone care to think why? Hmm what happened in 2020 and how did they company perform? Oh that’s right, a global pandemic that was unplanned for... —  read more 

Us bank is slowly dying

Big changes in every department, hiring freeze, poor management, very poor executive management.......not sure how they keep getting most ethical company or best place to work. They keep serving the coolaid to the enployees

Can anyone confirm?

I read in another thread that an employee’s position in 24hr banking was being eliminated and that several others were on that call. I haven’t heard anything since. Can anyone verify this and if any other BUs were affected? I really wish there was... —  read more 

They have lost control?

You will be required to come back to the office because they have lost control. A lot of people are taking advantage of not being watched all day but don’t be fooled because they count every keystroke. Does anyone really think they have lost... —  read more 

Are you worried?

For back room operations and non-customer facing positions, what are your thoughts about the return to work scenario? Are you ready to go back? Are you already back? Or do you think your position won’t be there when it’s time to go back? —  read more 

Bonus outcome

How are the ongoing bonus meetings ending in your teams? Our team is already a wreck. Most of us have already polished our resumes and are ready to jump ship. No leadership, no course, only a little koolaid for tenured old white bankers

Is there a career here?

A colleague referred me to this site. After having read all these posts I am wondering if I actually am able to build a career here. I am fairly young, a year out of college and while this is not my first job, it is my first professional job. Should... —  read more 

Hiring... from outside

New President of WM/Affluent - ANOTHER HIRE FROM OUTSIDE! Understand that US Bank will never promote from within for the... —  read more 

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Bonus conversations started and not going well. Numerous resignations already on the table. Take whatever bogus bonus was arbitrarily calculated for you and get out now. There is a bright future ahead of you, and it does not read "US Bank". You... —  read more 

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