Topics regarding layoffs at U.S. Bank

Topics regarding layoffs at U.S. Bank

Mass Exodus next couple months

Not to be overly dramatic but I work with quite a few people who are all looking outside the company. Some already have jobs while others are interviewing. The ones who have found jobs even got more money. What happened to this company? When I... —  read more 

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I'm so tired of this place

I'm tired of constant layoffs, being overworked, being yelled at by my manager, being taken advantage of by some of my coworkers... I'm at the point where I can't even enjoy my weekend. I keep thinking about work and dreading Monday. I would leave... —  read more 

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US Bank Brand is Dull

The big 4 in US Banking right or wrong seem to have a more active brand. Then Truist is trying. But no one thinks of US Bank…it is not noted for anything positive. It’s logo is boring and old looking. It’s technology is boring. It lacks creativity... —  read more 

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Org Chart Change

Someone told me that U.S. Bank made a change to the system to where if someone gets laid off they still show up on the org charts and company directory for a period of time after they are gone. This appears to be true in that people who I know that... —  read more 

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How can anyone work like this?

Every week I hear about people being laid off. It’s going to be a constant trickle for the near future. Are they trying to force attrition when plenty of people are already trying to leave? Pathetic how the company always goes on about employee well... —  read more 

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Job offer through MUFG Union Bank

Was curious to know, should I be worried about potentially being laid off if I was just given an offer for a position at Union Bank? I realize U.S Bank is having layoffs and Union Bank seemed to have layoffs last year and early this year. Thank... —  read more 

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What motivated you to quit?

I've been on the fence for a while now. I keep adding things to my pro and con list (and the con list is significantly longer) but I still can't get myself to take that final step. What was it that pushed you to finally say "sc--w it" and tell them... —  read more 

Layoffs in small chunks

Layoffs in small chunks shrouded in secrecy - honestly, I didn't even expect any fairer approach to layoffs here. This has long ceased to be a place where employees can feel respected and valued. Does anyone have any idea how many people have been... —  read more 

When is it going to stop?

When will it be enough? I know my weekend will be anything but relaxing having to worry about what the next week will bring regarding more layoffs. Then it's the week after that and then who knows how many more. Are they intentionally trying to... —  read more 

More coming next 2 weeks

Across various business units, there will be a blood bath. Have heard of cuts/layoff coming in at least 4 different areas. Lots of FTE to reduce. Hoping my 24 years saves me but what I have seen over the last week, don’t think there is much to save... —  read more 

Best thing that happened to me

Best thing that happened to me was I was laid off 2 years ago. I was stressed for couple days but now I look back and so glad I am no longer there. Not only do I make more money but It also helped me unlock my potential.

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More layoffs today

I've been hearing that there were even more layoffs today. Can anybody say what was hit and how badly? I'm getting tired of this whether it's true or not. My stress levels are through the roof and even unsubstantiated rumors make me go into a panic... —  read more 

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Attrition should be enough

This is what I think makes these layoffs even more illogical and unnecessary than usual. We have huge attrition currently. Some of the best people are leaving, meaning that people who earn the most are leaving. That's not good for the bank but when... —  read more 

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