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No Mandatory call 5/21?

Nobody can confirm or deny the existence of a "mandatory" conference call today. Any insight?
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Fargo Layoffs Coming

RPA is coming to Fargo by the summer for a lot of fraud roles. Goodbye to needing humans it seems as the last meeting on Thursday presents new innovations to use robotics. How can US Bank just cut people like they are nothing. They hire more roles... read more

How does this place even function?

With incompetent management, outdated (mildly put) technology, and lousy training for new employees, among other things, I keep wondering how U.S. Bank even keeps functioning. Not to mention that pay here is really low, well under industry standards... read more

New Chief Digital Officer = layoffs

Scoop came out - https://www.americanbanker.com/news/us-bank-hires-its-first-chief-digital-officer The so-called digital transformation is way to put lipstick on the pig on the bank's mainframe and evaluate people needs to put pressure on capacity.
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Health Benefits after SUB Plan

Hello, Does anyone knows, what are the options do we have for Health Benefits after SUB Plans in following conditions, which are cheaper. 1>If we find the Job, Salary will stop coming from BNY, do we have any option for continuation Health Benefits ?... read more
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September - biggest layoff wave - be warned

Corporate coming up with dramatic reductions beginning September as the Robotics Process Automation initiative begins picking up jobs in multiple back-office departments. Unsure if IT, customer service or underwriting (or all). Minneapolis, Wisconsin... read more
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Fraud and Risk at risk

We were just told that our RCA roles are now at risk for automation as third party vendors are more efficient. They said by Summer to early Fall a lot of the fraud roles could change dramatically. Our manager said I’m being up front as I don’t want... read more

More layoffs at U.S. Bank

In case somebody missed it... I wonder if we'll stop seeing articles like this any time soon. U.S. Bank issues layoffs to undisclosed number of employees... read more

Chicago Layoffs

Quite a few branches were announced to close this past week in the Chicago district, which includes surround suburbs. Overall about 15 branches, or just over 10% of the market, are scheduled to close within the next month. All employees of those... read more

U.S. Bank layoffs in Wisconsin

Other poster called it, even more layoffs have been announced by the bank. This time it's "only" 40 in Wisconsin, but something tells me more of these announcements will be forthcoming... read more
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More Coming

After shutting down 2 of our processing centers and rerouting workflow from the west coast back to Minnesota in November, Home Mortgage Closing in the west has lost 2/3 of their overall volume. Leadership leaving annual reviews to the last possible... read more
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Interesting view on US Bank

Not sure for how long the presence has been there. It is a combination of arrogance and incompetence. People feel sick when the presence is there. People sigh and roll their eyes when the presence begins speaking. Shannon Levang, you need to leave... read more

More layoffs? Please advise

I hear it is not over and that January 2019 will bring more layoffs across the board. Someone with insight?
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More layoffs

Last week mass laid off at us bank, Minneapolis. Heard from my friend who is Working there. Any chance we can get some more info on this? And while we're at it, have there been any news on more US Bank layoffs any time soon? They seem to be happening... read more


Ask about the Robotics Process Automation (RPA)initiative. Everything from underwriting to loan decisions at the branch and other processes will be streamlined and automated. THOUSANDS will go need to find another job. Future is here people!
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TOS Project Services

A number of my former colleagues were let go a few days back. All of them In the TOS project services group. Talk about a hostile world of politics where accomplishments were never celebrated and mistakes were always punished harshly. Incompetent CIO... read more

US bank no longer employer of choice

Who wants to work in a place where your job is going to be a Jeopardy after three months, and contractors we'll have a preference over you as a full-time employee? If I ever know anyone who decides to take a job at U.S. Bank, I will make sure to... read more

Waste of money to layoff and hire

Layoff 700 people and have 300 positions open. In the interest of saving time and money, could this people put two and two together and maybe offer some training to keep some of these people instead of laying off? Who is the Mr Wizard who plans all... read more
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DevOps "leader" gone!

They hired a "devops leader" about 2 years ago, fat salary, fat bonus, only walked to meeting rooms to give the SAME presentation for a year. No results. Same this year. Finally let him go. Why do these people keep hiring dead weights who cannot... read more
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Next round

Is anyone willing to share when the next round is...?

What was the reasoning?

Can anybody tell me what was the reasoning behind laying off some of our best people? How is that going to help US Bank short and especially long term? I'm not sure who made the decision on who will be laid off, but it certainly wasn't anybody who... read more
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US Bank stadium

Anything to do with the Billion dollar stadium they built themselves?
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Blaming the media

We received a short email 2 days after the layoffs from a senior manager which blamed the media for all the speculation. It did nothing to reassure us or address our former colleagues and friends. It was clearly not the plan to share the news, it was... read more
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Layoffs Right Before the Holidays!

I wonder how my daughter's Christmas will never be the same. But oh, U.S. Bank post record profits in Q2. Is that fair? https://www.zacks.com/stock/news/319498/us-banks-earn-record-profit-in-q2-5-topranked-picks

Why all the negativity?

Everyone is “p-ss-d off” when they get laid off. U.S. Bank is a great place to work and employees and customers alike enjoy receiving solutions and working for the bank. Of course, there will be internal problems, there are in all businesses. The new... read more


Any of the affected people mind sharing the severance info with us? Is it a week or two for each year? And is there a cap? Also, what's the situation with PTO?

Are we sure layoffs are done?

I've been awake for most of the night, worrying and stressing over a possibility of more layoffs once I go in today. I can only imagine how traumatic this whole experience was for the poor people who lost their jobs unexpectedly. Does anybody know if... read more

Many more layoffs to go

As many of my colleagues have been told by email and a brief surprise meeting of their layoff I know this is only a tip of the iceberg. The news love to share how many jobs we created this year but a majority being temporary placement and or service... read more

I worked in Senior Management and was let go

I worked in Sr Management for two years at US Bank. And, was let go suddenly as part of a consolidation/reorganization. It happens, and I’m not bitter. There is intense pressure on banks to continually deliver better and better financial results... read more
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