Topics regarding layoffs at U.S. Bank

Topics regarding layoffs at U.S. Bank

Severance - DO NOT SIGN!

Beware of the US Bank severance offer. They make you agree to allow company officers and employees to defame and malign you after you leave!!! If you do sign it you have 90 days to withdraw your permission!! DO NOT SIGN IT. KEEP A COPY OF IT AND GIVE... —  read more 

More changes coming

I've heard more changes are coming including additional reorganisations but nobody seems to have any details. It's not that I doubt we're looking at more of the same, it just be nice to know more than "somethings brewing." If anybody knows more... —  read more 

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March 2021

I heard through the grapevine that there will be another " reorganization" in March involving Commerical and Corporate banking. Sounds like they are trying to be more transparent about upcoming changes. Give me a break.

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Branches are becoming “micro market” with few 4-5 branches instead of having big districts with 20+ branches. What do you think of this? Are business line partners for branches such as business bankers, wealth management etc. will be... —  read more 

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Get out while you can

USB has significantly more cuts planned all with an eye towards a massive payday for AC and the executives through a buyout. AC has personal gambling issues and is desperate for the payday and ego stroke. He has sold USB out in search of the highest... —  read more 

More branches closing

U.S. Bancorp will close about a half-dozen more branches in the Twin Cities, some of them inside other businesses. The closures are part of a larger transformation since more transactions now occur digitally. Earlier this year the bank said it would... —  read more 

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Severance info

I've heard there might be some severance reductions in the future rounds due to the pandemic and I'm having trouble believing even this place would be willing to screw over its employees so badly by doing something like that in the worst possible... —  read more 

Something Coming?

Continue to hear and see smoke about large scale changes on the very near horizon, possibly as early as the end of the week. Does anyone have any details upon what other shakeups might be coming?

IT Department Being GUTTED

Meetings this morning and several full stack developers and application developers quietly notified their job will be disappearing in 90 days and to look for positions in other divisions. Meanwhile we continue to post profits amid every other company... —  read more 

Never again US Bank

Too many mistakes. Too may rats and weasels running the organization. Too many frustrated customers feeling ripped off their $ with irrational commissions and fees. Too many loyal and hard working employees feeling squeezed and underpaid. This... —  read more 

Where to apply?

Where are people who have been impacted applying for new jobs? I've looked around, and every bank has had a major layoff or two in the past six months. Most of them are not hiring right now and even if they do, chances are they'll have more layoffs... —  read more 

Wake up and flush the toilet

For those impacted, my solidarity. I know you are going through a lot. Anxiety, anger, powerlessness and sadness may be some of that. US Bank owes you nothing. They never cared about you and they squeezed every bit they could from you. Flush US... —  read more 

New day new beginning

One door closes, other opens. Everything happens for a reason. How do you know this was the best job you’ve ever had, next one could or will be even better. Opportunities are born during times like these. Don’t be an employee , be an employer. ... —  read more 

More to come?

After the dismantling of community banking is this it for a while or is there more to come? Are the division support staffs in community about to be consolidated? Are regions going to be eliminated? Will community now be merged into metro (it all but... —  read more 

F*CK US Bank

Fck Andy, fck Tim, f*ck anyone that had anything to do with today’s news. US Bank is dead. Anyone left should leave. They’re clueless and only seeking to ensure their bonuses. They don’t care about employees at all. Employee engagement and... —  read more 

US Bank Layoffs and more...

Do you stay with US Bank because you still want access to your "pension"? You like the bogus bonus structure? You feel like you live paycheck to paycheck with Damocles' sword hanging from above? Guys, wake up and React up. US bank owes you nothing... —  read more 

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