Topics regarding layoffs at U.S. Bank

Topics regarding layoffs at U.S. Bank

Laptops for UB

Our group was told they would get laptops mid January, has anybody received notice and/or received equipment? Why would they send hardware if people were going to be let go?


Capital One lays off most of its Agile squads. Guessed they figure out that the consultants were selling crack. Ours is a joke , we are not Agile. We are a hodgepodge of tasks with no strategy. We should abandon this losing proposition and look at... —  read more 

500 already laid off

More cuts coming this week. I don't understand, why do people think layoffs will continue? 500 people already got their notifications last week - mortgage and HELOC among others - so who else do you think needs to go? US Bank wouldn't have made the... —  read more 

Never believe their promises

I feel terrible when I hear from people who have been laid off that they were previously given big promises, probably to lull them into a false feeling that their job is safe. This is how they try to squeeze employees until the moment they are no... —  read more 

I've said it before...

It's like this place is trying to run people off. They tie our hands with the equipment they give us and expect us to do our jobs. Seriously, the day I find a job elsewhere will be the day I leave this place.

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Deadlines are unrealistic

I think I will soon have to make a choice between quality of life and pay, because I am totally exhausted here. It is impossible for managers not to know when a deadline is unrealistic. They just don't care. Do they want to drive people away or... —  read more 

2023 Branch Closures

Now that the MUFG merger is complete, I would expect the mission to close more branches continues and yet another reorg. Especially in formerly known community markets. They paused for a while until USB received regulatory approval but come 2023... —  read more 

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