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IT Department Being GUTTED

Meetings this morning and several full stack developers and application developers quietly notified their job will be disappearing in 90 days and to look for positions in other divisions. Meanwhile we continue to post profits amid every other company... —  read more 

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Never again US Bank

Too many mistakes. Too may rats and weasels running the organization. Too many frustrated customers feeling ripped off their $ with irrational commissions and fees. Too many loyal and hard working employees feeling squeezed and underpaid. This... —  read more 

Where to apply?

Where are people who have been impacted applying for new jobs? I've looked around, and every bank has had a major layoff or two in the past six months. Most of them are not hiring right now and even if they do, chances are they'll have more layoffs... —  read more 

Wake up and flush the toilet

For those impacted, my solidarity. I know you are going through a lot. Anxiety, anger, powerlessness and sadness may be some of that. US Bank owes you nothing. They never cared about you and they squeezed every bit they could from you. Flush US... —  read more 

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New day new beginning

One door closes, other opens. Everything happens for a reason. How do you know this was the best job you’ve ever had, next one could or will be even better. Opportunities are born during times like these. Don’t be an employee , be an employer. ... —  read more 

More to come?

After the dismantling of community banking is this it for a while or is there more to come? Are the division support staffs in community about to be consolidated? Are regions going to be eliminated? Will community now be merged into metro (it all but... —  read more 

They should call it Offshore Bank

Nothing U.S. or American about it anymore. No appreciation for those with decades of loyal service. Just outsource to "offshore" cheap labor hourly rate turks that don't care about the brand, don't know the industry, say what you want to hear. All... —  read more 

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F*CK US Bank

Fck Andy, fck Tim, f*ck anyone that had anything to do with today’s news. US Bank is dead. Anyone left should leave. They’re clueless and only seeking to ensure their bonuses. They don’t care about employees at all. Employee engagement and... —  read more 

US Bank Layoffs and more...

Do you stay with US Bank because you still want access to your "pension"? You like the bogus bonus structure? You feel like you live paycheck to paycheck with Damocles' sword hanging from above? Guys, wake up and React up. US bank owes you nothing... —  read more 

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Happy Monday!

Good morning, everyone – Last Friday got away from me, so I decided it would be better to wait and say “hello” on Monday morning, in hopes that it can help us all ease (or be thrown) back into what will likely be another busy work week. 😊... —  read more 

What will 2021 hold?

With the return to work now paused until after sometime in January, will they start looking in to see how many people actually need to come back? How many positions they actually need? And how much space US Bank occupies that will need to be reduced... —  read more 

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What a joke

All the banks open in our town of 20,000 people. Usbank is the only one closed up to this point. Literally waited in the drive thru for over 20 minutes and the line was backed up into the street. Great bank! Great customer service! NOT

U.S. Bank is crumbling

Is anyone else noticing this? ATMs not working, systems crashing, not enough employees, branches being temporarily closed or "blacked out," and nonstop dysfunction, and it all seems to be getting worse. The employees working in branch are very... —  read more 


WM and PCG will be hit HARD very shortly, expect either half of all positions gone or the complete elimination of the PCG role. Investment side will be hit but not as hard as customers are causing a meltdown of their phone system with the economy... —  read more 

Andy Cecere

Anyone else see Andy Cecere just got a 40% increase on his salary. Must be nice to be on top but leave your employees struggling. What is ethical about anything you are doing?

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