Topics regarding layoffs at U.S. Bank

Topics regarding layoffs at U.S. Bank

Merit and Incentive

Incentive pool funded at 120% and merit at 4%. Both are significant improvements from years prior. Likely too little too late, especially after last year. Still expect a bloodbath in early March.

Voluntary layoffs

I'm hoping against hope the bank decides to offer voluntary layoffs with decent severance sometime soon. I'd leave on my own but finding a good job at my age with half-decent pay is harder today than it has ever been. I'm just a few years away from... —  read more 

Shall I not join US Bank?

I just came from another fintech layoff and looking at a US Bank position which sounds interesting. From looking at this website, it sounds like the company could be in a similar mess. Is that the consensus here? Is joining a bad idea, are benefits... —  read more 

Promotion, titles

Many say that there’s no real compensation tied to promotion and titles, but I wonder if the promotion helped anyone get a much better job elsewhere? If so, then it is still worth the effort to get a promotion. Just sayin'. I don't like people who... —  read more 

Vaccine Requirements

Prior posts have this former employee wondering: what's U.S. Bank doing for the vaccine requirement debacle? Is there a deadline for current employees to get the covid vaccine? Are they ignoring it and hoping things go away? If memory serves, the... —  read more 


The TOSS Management Ingelligencia are up to some of their old tricks! I've heard some older folks are suddenly "Retiring" whether they planned to or not. One that I know personally, can't be reached for comment... I think I can smell NDA... —  read more 

Target groups

Is it true that those who haven’t been here much longer than a year are also just as likely to be targeted for cuts as are older employees with years of experience? That's what I heard from several colleagues.

Class Action Against US Bank

The law firm Izard Kindall & Raabe is investigating whether US Bank is underpaying retirees who are collecting pension benefits. If you left US Bank and began collecting a jo--t and survivor annuity from US Bank in the last 6 years and want to see... —  read more 

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