Topics regarding layoffs at U.S. Bank

Topics regarding layoffs at U.S. Bank

Where are the hubs?

I saw jobs posted for three different cities in New Jersey. There can't be 3 hubs in an out of footprint state. Are these job postings just a bait and switch tactic? Does anyone have an up to date list of the hub locations that they can cut and paste... — read more 

Monday Blues

Thankful to have a job. However the Monday blues have never felt more real. I feel like a metaphorical bo-b is going to go off in terms of layoffs and RTOs. Just when? Messaging is so unclear it’s nearly impossible to Focus. Can they just get it over... — read more 


Is anyone else who works here utterly disgusted with how this company operates? My manager is incompetent and rude. My team is in disconnected chaos. I can barely get any work done because of the layers of bureaucracy. I am totally demotivated to... — read more 

More RTO Details

Maybe it was never announced to our business line, but just found a depressing RTO infographic on the intranet homesite (scroll down on homepage—>click Visit Working Together—>click Hub Transition—>”Welcome to the Neighborhood” Highlights include: ... — read more 

Elavon CEO Layoff

Anyone else hearing that the Elavon CEO (JW) was asked to step down? Rumors are payment processing being moved to US Bank and Elavon dissolving? Not sure if true but that’s on the mill. lol

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All Employees Will RTO

Just heard in passing that the new rumor/plan is now for all employees to return to office over the next year. Objectively, this is a total slap in the face to both new hires told they'd stay fully remote permanently, and those who were told the... — read more 

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