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Hiring Freeze

S. Bank is now under a hiring freeze. I'm guessing the next step is layoffs. Any ideas when the employees can expect it?

Premium pay for front line employees

While there are uncertainty during this tiring time, I do appreciate (and is surprised) that US Bank stepped up and provide a temporarily premium pay to its front line employees. Front line employees are really risking their lives to help customers... —  read more 

Andy Cecere

Anyone else see Andy Cecere just got a 40% increase on his salary. Must be nice to be on top but leave your employees struggling. What is ethical about anything you are doing?


Accused of the same Crimes as Wells Fargo and not a peep on this board. Bad timing. Going to be brutal with layoffs

US Bank partners with State Farm

From my understanding, State Farm agents will be able to open us bank accounts, offer loan products, etc. I don’t understand the direction Andy is heading and I certainly don’t like it. What’s the point in a banker if you are allowing insurance... —  read more 

All of these re-orgs are happening....mad house

Feels like every day there is some sort of re-org being announced mentioning further re-orgs to come down the line. Things are uncertain and people talk. Seems many are looking to leave. Mentions of many layoffs coming down the pipe.

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Invested in Technologies but no debtcard reader?

I dont know what part of technology US Bank is investing in when there is not card reader machines, no wire transfer function online, and not to mentioned the old ATMs like eating your customers' debtcard on daily basis.

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Golden parachute

Cecere only wants his golden parachute. A sad story of incompetence.

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Big mistake

Call me Boomer, I don't care. I don't use mobile because of hacking. I have a secure home computer with firewalls. My husband designs and builds computers for a living. I want to see a person when I deposit a check, not depend on a scanner or picture... —  read more 

Accepted the CRC Position

I am an Assistant Manager who has been with US Bank over 10 years. I just accepted an offer for the new CRC role last week. I wonder what the new incentive plan or sales goals will look like for 2020. What have you all heard in your markets?

Branch Managers

The Assistant Manager position was replaced with the Client Relationship Consultant position. Now they are hiring Business-Banking Development Consultants to work in the branches according to the article in American Banker. Do you think those... —  read more 

US Bank Layoffs 2020

If the market makes a turn soon, do you think there will be US Bank Layoffs 2020? Any news or rumors?

Customers Complaining

Andy had given us laptop, big screen monitor, branch remodel with private cabin, upgrades teller furniture etc. But customers complaining what is the meaning of this remodel when there is no staff in your branch. All cabins are empty and one... —  read more 

I Smell Lawsuit!

Interesting that these new positions that were created mirrir positions that were eliminated and when tenured employees are applying they dont even get the courtesy of an interview but instead , they receive an email stating they are not qualified... —  read more 

i smell lawsuit! They have eliminated positions and created new ones with the same job description. When applying for the new position you get

An email stating your not qualified, but yet you have oeforned the same for over twenty years! Curious to know what the age ranges are for all who positions have been eliminated. Sounds like usbank is using corporate restructuring to remove tenured... —  read more 

My Prayers for Layoffs Employees

It's really hard for us to accept layoffs after working so many years but better opportunity will knock our door soon. Just believe on yourself and don't look at your past anymore.

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He Played Tricky Game, BM Be Careful

Andy has played the smart game. He knows Assistant Managers and TC'S has important role in the branches and he laid off them which will effect the Branch Managers because now BM have to do both jobs until they hire CRC Positions and after hire CRC, ... —  read more 

US Bank CEO Andy don't care for us

We are the one who is bringing sales, revenue, profit for the US Bank and they laid off us. I understand banking is changing and everything is digital but this is absolutely wrong way to eliminate us. Opening new position and not telling us base pay... —  read more 

US Bank Eliminating Roles - Media Coverage

There you go: 8 days ago · U.S. Bancorp is eliminating thousands of branch workers as it adjusts to changing customer preferences, according to a person briefed on the decision. The cuts will be in the low thousands, the person said, asking not... —  read more 

This new position doesn't seem right

This doesn't make any sense. Why the big call and layoff scare if they are just changing the position name. Most AM I know will most likely get the new role same pay and same hours. Its just a lateral move. What are we not seeing that is coming down... —  read more 


Usb takes away your job and then forces you to train others to take your position. How emotionally manipulative can these people be!? I feel disgusted to have to ride out my time as one of their chess pieces until I get my severance. Emotional and... —  read more 

Kick Out the CEO of the US Bank

US Bank CEO want to put all money in his pocket. I wish he face the same thing as Wells Fargo CEO gone through. US Bank CEO only believes in numbers. Forcefully pushing employees to meet their sales goals. I wish him a BAD BAD Luck. He has... —  read more 

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Poor man’s Chase

Once Richard left and Andy took over the sink began to sink. Under Andy, this company’s business model revolves around everything that happens at Chase. “Customer Obsession”, “Digital Engagement”, “Regional Executive”, “Cluster Leader”, “Community... —  read more 

Has Cecere ever stepped into a branch?

Ask yourselves and ask whoever you want when was the last time Cecere and JVG stepped into a branch in southeast Minnesota or mid Wisconsin and talk to the staff. They look at their branches through spreadsheets and profit and loss statements.

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