Topics regarding layoffs at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Compensation Meeting

JPM makes a net profit of what, $50 billion+ plus and brags every quarter how well they are doing. Manager says in compensation meeting that the only people eligible for the yearly compensation bonus are associates and above. If you are below a 601... —  read more 

Afraid to say no

I really can't do this much longer. The way out is either to say NO or to start looking for another job, or both, because I think I would surely lose my job if I said no and refused to let them add more to my plate. How do you say no and not... —  read more 

Pandemic Employee Class Status, Its your position in JPMs "food change" that impact how you work at JPM during the Pandemic.

What job you hold in the organization has always dictated perks and early dismissal in this organization, but this pandemic has highlighted it. Low paid employees are expected to come in everyday, while higher paid employees work from home, or work... —  read more 

Bad review

I too got a bad review. It demoralized me more than anything. Why? Because I really tried and worked a lot harder than when my review was good. I am completely honest with myself and I am always self-critical, but I still don't understand why bad... —  read more 

New hires

Given the skills and abilities of new hires, there are two possible explanations: either it's never been easier to get a job here, or very few talented job applicants apply here? I have no other explanation for the poor quality of the new... —  read more 

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