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Piepszak Appointment

Piepszak's very frugal and fiscally conservative. Now, the CFO role will allow her to move into cost cutting quickly and you should see many cuts in a few months. Is she going to lay people off? Not sure, but some cost cutting will happen - will be... read more
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Any upcoming waves in Q2?

Lots of upper mgmt reorg, realignment,mergers between different LOBs lately. Finding efficiency is now a dirty word. Anything happening in Q2?

Don’t complain if your comp is cut!

I heard that anyone who complained in the Private Bank that they were paid down was let go. Apparently, there was a big revenue drag due to lost deposits that really hurt, new flows and investments just couldn’t make up for those losses. As a result... read more

Massive Layoffs in JPMC Bangalore across All LOBs

HRs + Managers have silently laid off 100s of employees across different LOBs (AWM, CIB, CCB, CB etc) They have gone about it rather unscrupulously actually, first deliberatly giving poor ratings, then using that as an excuse to not give any hike &... read more

For once they can't keep it quiet

Since JPMorgan is known for handling layoffs sneakily - have a lot of smaller ones to avoid bad publicity - for once it did not work. I'm rather shocked to see quiet a few media outlets have picked up the story of our latest layoffs for a change. Not... read more

Will it continue today?

Do we know if we can expect more layoffs at JPMC today or did they notify everybody they wanted to yesterday? If it's not done, and ideas on what might be hit next? Just checked this forum for other banks and it looks like layoffs are happening all... read more


Layoffs apparently in GFCC AML investigations in San Antonio, Delaware and Brooklyn. Not sure how many are being let go and if they are doing multiple rounds or just isolated partial layoffs.

Warning for those in Merchant Services

I was the only person on a team of seven that had their position eliminated. My performance management reports were always positive and I was praised as a top performer yet I was laid off due to policy changes regarding co-location. I was not given... read more


Mass executive walk outs at Merchant Services. People are fed up with the abuse at Chase

Immediatately laid off Feb 7 2019

Tampa watch out! Buzz cut the entire collateral UW dept leaving only equity and credit intact. Wow! Jacksonville really is the godfather...tampa seems to be the dumping ground. Good luck to all. What a way to end employment. They took out two teams... read more

Insights for Q1 2019?

With so many top management meetings and re-orgs, what’s going to happen in Feb and March 2019? Heard a wave of layoffs in GTI planned in Feb.

Phoenix Recovery/Collection's

Something seems odd in our department today. all Staff apparently summoned to scheduled meeting tomorrow. Anyone heard what's up? It's not ordinary.

Over 100 let go in Tampa today.

Just announced that over 100 will be let go in Tampa due to hurrica Irma making the site "too risky" to do business in. Funny thing is Tampa hasn't even been hit with a Hurricane in over 100 years. Happy New Year! Heres your pink slip!!

Emails already sent to gather those to be let go

Many already received emails for tbd meetings of high importance for"business" update whether it would be in a room or by phone. Banks are a mess no matter the Line of Business and company. We all need to look outside Chase no matter the line of... read more

Firing people to avoid paying severance

Has anybody noticed that JPMorgan has resorted to firing people for even the smallest (and sometimes nonexistent) infraction lately? Things that wouldn't merit even a write-up in normal circumstances? Looks like they managed to find a nice way to get... read more

Any more info on layoffs?

Does anybody have any new info on incoming layoffs to JPMorgan? I'm talking about locations other than Lewisville, such as Phoenix? Anything?
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Back office actual hours worked per day

Work about 70 minutes Take a 25 minute break Work about 70 minutes Take a 30 minute break Work for 30 minutes Take a 90 minute lunch Do no more work the rest of the day I usually skip out about 45 minutes early So almost three hours of work a day Am... read more

Here some context

Imagine you hold a lemon in your hand and you squeeze it. What’s left? This is exactly what happens in JPMC, a human wreck is what remains. The higher you are in the hierarchy the more brown nosing you can see…a rat race is ‘detectable’ too…all to... read more

This is all about what you do

After the latest layoffs we got a coffee machine from management, WOW!! Most people I know here pretty much hate their jobs. They complain about the work, the people, the commute, the pay, the hours, the lack of vacation time and control over their... read more

J.D. Thank you for Not supporting US Citizens

US immigration hit with H-1B lawsuit Updated 5 hours ago A lawsuit filed last week against the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) claims that the agency is arbitrarily deciding the length of temporary worker visas, sometimes issuing... read more

Nepotism galore

J.P. Morgan and the art of nepotism is present everywhere you look, I had a great manager in my last job. I didn't realize how great a manager was until I left that job. and start working for JPMC, incompetence reigns here fro VP's to Directors... read more

Tech Culture?

Most manager are not good I had 4 last year, LoL, Culture is really awful here for tech. Too much paper work/process required to get things moving in general. Everyone has specific roles/responsibility, so working with different teams could take... read more

Lewisville, Dallas, Plano...

QC letters and uw and call center 8n Lewisville got aced along with business analyst teams a month ago and day before in Lewisville. Jobs going to AZ come 2019 of Jan FNMA will not be leasing in downtown Chase bldg anymore so they have to let go... read more
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JPMC Custody Services Layoffs

Not sure why no posts here but there are layoffs at JPMC Custody Services. Some folks with very long tenures were let go which leads me to believe they wanted to go after better paid resources - and this will continue as we are in a race to the... read more

More for them, less for you

JPMorgan Reports Earnings Amid Mortgage Staff Cuts By Richard H. Suttmeier | Updated October 9, 2018 — 9:15 AM EDT JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) is the largest of the four "too big to fail" money center banks and is the only major bank in the Dow Jones... read more

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