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Here some context

Imagine you hold a lemon in your hand and you squeeze it. What’s left? This is exactly what happens in JPMC, a human wreck is what remains. The higher you are in the hierarchy the more brown nosing you can see…a rat race is ‘detectable’ too…all to... read more

This is all about what you do

After the latest layoffs we got a coffee machine from management, WOW!! Most people I know here pretty much hate their jobs. They complain about the work, the people, the commute, the pay, the hours, the lack of vacation time and control over their... read more

J.D. Thank you for Not supporting US Citizens

US immigration hit with H-1B lawsuit Updated 5 hours ago A lawsuit filed last week against the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) claims that the agency is arbitrarily deciding the length of temporary worker visas, sometimes issuing... read more

Nepotism galore

J.P. Morgan and the art of nepotism is present everywhere you look, I had a great manager in my last job. I didn't realize how great a manager was until I left that job. and start working for JPMC, incompetence reigns here fro VP's to Directors... read more

Tech Culture?

Most manager are not good I had 4 last year, LoL, Culture is really awful here for tech. Too much paper work/process required to get things moving in general. Everyone has specific roles/responsibility, so working with different teams could take... read more

Lewisville, Dallas, Plano...

QC letters and uw and call center 8n Lewisville got aced along with business analyst teams a month ago and day before in Lewisville. Jobs going to AZ come 2019 of Jan FNMA will not be leasing in downtown Chase bldg anymore so they have to let go... read more
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JPMC Custody Services Layoffs

Not sure why no posts here but there are layoffs at JPMC Custody Services. Some folks with very long tenures were let go which leads me to believe they wanted to go after better paid resources - and this will continue as we are in a race to the... read more

More for them, less for you

JPMorgan Reports Earnings Amid Mortgage Staff Cuts By Richard H. Suttmeier | Updated October 9, 2018 — 9:15 AM EDT JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) is the largest of the four "too big to fail" money center banks and is the only major bank in the Dow Jones... read more


Some Employers shed jobs due to the lack of growth but in JPM's case the offshoring of American jobs continued, overall an estimated 90,000 core technology jobs in September, reversing IT employment gains from the previous month, while job postings... read more

San Antonio Impacted

107 pink slips in San Antonio Lynn Brezosky | on October 5, 2018 Photo: Scott McIntyre /Bloomberg IMAGE 1 OF 21 JPMorgan Chase & Co. is laying off 107 San Antonio employees as it relocates its Banker Support Division. >>>See which other businesses... read more


The Wall Street Journal MARKETS JPMorgan Chase Laying Off About 400 Mortgage Employees Chase, one of the biggest home lenders, is cutting employees in Florida, Ohio, Arizona JPMorgan Chase is planning layoffs in its mortgage division weeks after... read more


Where are the Leaders accountability to the rest of the organization to create trust and establish their own credibility? WHAT IS THAT THEY DO? just changing Org names, and changing job titles and get paid like no one else?, that is all they do. Come... read more

Chase layoffs violate the law

A total mass occur and mortgage servicing and a fall today. However Chase is violating the law. They gave people a 45 day working notice and some people a 45 day nonworking notice however due to the amount of employees that were laid off under the... read more

It will get worse

Look at what happened to Fraud in New Jersey. A bunch of qualified good workers lost their job because they “cost too much” then they move the site to TX and proceed to replace them with lower level yokels who were from mortgage. Its a sham and a... read more

These layoffs are a nightmare

The way JPMC is doing layoffs is a nightmare, the strategic solution is to cut to the bone, I have direct knowledge that many managers don't know who will be leaving, but the decision was already made by the HR bean counters, but when layoffs are... read more

Phoenix - October

Word on the street is Phoenix is going to see another round - 2nd this year, in October.

You were warned.

they’ve moved to import an estimated 37,000 foreign workers through the H-1B visa program since 2014, eorking the H1-B visa system to its benefit and to the detriment of its U.S. workforce, but it is perhaps the best at gaming the system. hiring and... read more

Chase call center in arlington

Chase managers kept saying that we as a location would be moving to two different sites and then they called everyone off the phones to say the decision had been made to close our site and that no one would be relocated. WTF.

JP Morgan Chase & Co.

NEW YORK: An Indian citizen, who was the CEO of two information technology companies in the US, has been arrested in connection with a multi-year visa-fraud scheme involving forged and fraudulent documents to get visas such as H1B for over 200... read more

Lay off coming soon

Default (CAS) is the lowest it has been in the many years I've been working for Chase Call volume and pipeline extremely/terrifying low We all know another lay off is coming 1st the underwriters and we're definitely next before the year ends. It's... read more

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