Topics regarding layoffs at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Annual Reviews

Why don't managers stick to focusing on your work instead of personal traits? Some are on powertrips and know it will be challenging for you to post out when opportunity presents itself.


Anyone have any indication on how it will be this year? Does anyone have any meaningful insight? Is there anyway to see it before they tell you.

Is the grass greener?

Is there anyone who has left that can say it’s better since you’ve been gone? Did anyone just quit and find a replacement soon afterwards or did it take months? Once you’ve landed something were you satisfied at the decision you made to leave? I’m... —  read more 

Hate working here

I wish i got laid off, its depressing working for this company. Bankers used to have balls, now all the major banks are worth less than a B rate tech company. 2021 its my goal to bail on JPMorgan. Its like where all the dead weight now work.

Are unions the answer for employees who are losing jobs as companies like JPM move to AI & contractors and quietly descriminate?

Is Google the first to Unionize for employees to protect jobs and those much priviliged benefits that companies like JPM are looking to walk away from. Opinion ( We Built Google. This... —  read more 

No, you are not safe

There are people I know who think they're immune to layoffs just because they've been with JPM for a long time. And honestly, I feel sorry for them. All layoffs in the past five (or more) years have proven over and over again that the more years... —  read more 

Sad way to run things

Shocked to see that in this day and age JPMC wants us to use our personal devices to get work done and with WFH here to stay, no talks about reimbursing people for their devices/internet/electricity. Amount of work has gone up exponentially to meet... —  read more 

Return to the office

Wonder if Chase is considering more line of business to work permanently at home like the HUBS consumer mortgage specially now that we have the best score on JD Power ranking I don’t think this pandemic. Slowing this down

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Are we being spied WFH?

I notice that once in a while when switching tabs from the Appsphere to another tab that is out of VPN, my screen flashes like it is a warning saying "Go back to work!". Does anyone feel like this as well?

JPM PAC and Contributing

Anyone contribute to the JPM PAC thinking it would help you not be on any layoff list or anything? I figure no one contributes out of fear but wanted thoughts. Now it says JPM will not favor or disadvantage anyone based on their contribution or... —  read more 

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