Topics regarding layoffs at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

I took this layoff very hard

Now I regret that I even tried to do my best here. How do you feel after being informed that you are no longer needed here? I hope to find something else soon, but Chase will not be a fond memory because I think the way these layoffs were... —  read more 

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Now that the layoffs are over

Take a deep breath and relax...until the next week when there'll most likely be more. And then the next week and the week after that. If you think this is done, you are incredibly naive. This is just a start and we'll be seeing much more of the same... —  read more 

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Are we done with Mortgage layoffs?

Do you think this is it? Or, do you think they (execs/mgmt) will be back at it once they realize that the recession is worse than expected and that nobody is getting mortgage / refi any more? I have exposure to our weekly #s and it's not looking good... —  read more 

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Whose left

So whoever’s left and not laid off do we go to credit cards? Or just back to normal until it’s our turn next this isn’t getting better anytime soon imo

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For those looking for numbers

The New York City-based firm is laying off hundreds of home-lending employees and reassigning hundreds more this week, Bloomberg reported. More than 1,000 employees will be affected, with about half moved to different divisions within the company.

The Trouble in Mortgage Business

The problem is that there is almost no mortgage business / leads being generated by the branches at this point. Refi is dead and will be for years. The competition for purchase business is fierce given the amount of players in the game now, and... —  read more 

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My manager is a ghost

0 contribution to my career development. MIA in any situation where supervisor support is needed. Reads from a meaningless script when hosts meetings. Do you have such ghost (s) in your work life?

Careful with Corp Titles

I removed my VP title from my LinkedIn since I am looking for a new job in cybersecurity. It's nothing but a distraction for recruiters and HR.......... plus, all the "how much software do you want to buy" spam. The title (VP and under) means... —  read more 

Horrible workplace

Unless you're lucky enough to be part of one of the few good teams, then you are stuck working in one of the most toxic work environments in the industry. We have to deal with bullying, backstabbing, finger-pointing, and so much more every day. If... —  read more 

Worried about layoffs

All my colleagues are talking about layoffs and in general, there is a lot of nervousness. Is there anyone at all who can feel safe? I know you will say that no one is ever safe, but still, which jobs do you think will be least affected in the case... —  read more 

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