Topics regarding layoffs at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at JPMorgan Chase & Co.


Good luck to everyone tomorrow in CD. Remember there are other jobs out there. You are strong. Keep positive.

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2/8 Layoffs

I’ve read that they were doing 60% - 80% cuts in home lending, has anyone heard this from a reliable source? I also keep reading that CCS and HLA are amongst those being laid off. Has anyone heard about CDA’s being let go this round?

What happens next…?

Who knows what will happen with layoffs- Who is safe/gone. Once they happen, does anyone have insight on what happens next? Typical severance? Internal movement opportunities? How long they’ll keep you on for?

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This is really exhausting

Such a terrible lack of transparency only raises tensions and makes the already bad atmosphere even more toxic. I know that we are all just a number to them, but don't we deserve at least a little more transparency?

Layoff 2/8

Are there and CDA’s, coverage or support in here? I see a bunch of comments about HLA’s but want to know if anyone has any insight on other roles that are goong to be cut.

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Field HLA question

So it has been extremely slow the last few months and difficult to meet the minimum requirement to get paid. Will the firm just keep us around since we are not costing them much and they will have an extra body in the branch to assist customers... —  read more 

Remember This..

First, thank you to the serious posters who offer insight, sound advice, and truth. Second, please remember you are not your job. You are important. You were hired in the first place because you are an amazing human being. The cyclical feast... —  read more 

Layoffs on 2/8

The rumor where I am is 2/8 and that it involves all CD HLA’s. The source who told me said they heard it from a reliable source, so who knows. 2/8 is a Weds which would make sense as a date since I believe all would be working on site unless they... —  read more 

To All the Top Performers Don’t be discouraged when people talk down to you, demean you, try and copy you, not speak truth to your great work

Remember they are just trying to throw you off to benefit, advance themselves and watch out when the workload is changed to benefit under performers Stay your successful course in all good conscience and know that you are truly doing a Great Job

Contradicting himself…..

Our big man took back what he said about economic hurricane in the article below and said they are still hiring despite layoffs….. so I guess the same principle can apply about what he said on hiring, that he can change him mind about hiring down the... —  read more 

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