Topics regarding layoffs at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Raises First year analysts will be making 100k a year. Any news on adjusting current employee salaries?

Will productivity decline?

I can't work in the office anymore. I will constantly think about whether someone will come infected with the virus. It creates a lot of pressure and anxiety for me and I find it hard to concentrate on work. For this reason, I will be much less... —  read more 

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So many people want out

There was always attrition, but this is something else. Nearly everybody I know wants to leave. Some are looking for a new job, others are praying to be laid off... I'm not sure what's causing this level of dissatisfaction. Am I the only one who... —  read more 


Just out of curiosity with the latest RTTO to be 7/6. I am wondering if the wait to do more RIFF's will come shortly after returning or transitioning to Plano. The work has dropped off significantly across the board in several departments. Anyone... —  read more 

Mphasis vendor for JPMC

Hello, What kind of work does mphasis get in JPMC mortgage account. Also is there a 18 month hierarchy rule and I should be moving out ? Also will mphasis get only production support and small work ?

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Forcing work from home when productivity is up is Jamie Diamons lonely paranoia of having underlings cater and bowing to him at office in front of everyone. Over 90% would prefer never having to step foot in corporate office again. Toxic work... —  read more 

High risk employees

Is HR approving waiver for those with high Risk medical condition to return to work? Specially since they will be desk sharing in the building and still reporting cases found in the facilities.

Package or relocation?

I don't know how true it is for folks from Houston to have the option to choose to be relocated to Plano instead of package (which someone mentioned in the thread below), but I wonder how many people would accept such an option? I would always prefer... —  read more 


Anybody have any information on upcoming Riffs? It's been quiet and that new building in Plano will be completed this month if it hasn't already. JPMC just modified their agreement with the city of Plano to allow for hybrid work arrangements. This... —  read more 

RTTO Vaccines

I think the firm would just have an easier time to get employees vaccinated by furloughing anyone who does not have a medical exemption and refuses vaccination. I don't understand how someone is able to get employment at JP Morgan but also has the... —  read more 

Do you love your job?

Some only work for the paycheck, but I think I could never do the job if that was the only motive I was working for. Admittedly, it would not be unusual for those who were most dedicated to their work to start hating it after working at Chase for... —  read more 

Code of conduct

Has anyone here ever submitted a Code of Conduct report? How did management and/or HR handle the situation?? What was the outcome?? Have you observed any positive change??? Someone in my department is covering some deep deep dirt. I wanted to report... —  read more 

Corporate Communications

How many emails are for REAL business? Spamming left and right about issues that is not critical to business is a waste of resources. I respect your transgender, sexuality, criminal background, minorities, whatever BRGs......PLEASE don't push all... —  read more 

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