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Jpmc severance package

What does Severence package look like for 6 months work . I am constantly harrassed , bullied and verbally brought down by the boss who hired me . I left offer at Google to join this company . Worst place to be in .

Covid Survey

Can I assume that if you somehow has a reason to not return no to the office(You dont want or are /have someone in your household in the risk group) and let this implied in the internal survey sent today, they will cut you in the next layoff and just... —  read more 

Near constant anxiety

Toxic work culture in MMBSI is forcing high performers to quit. Check turn over in last 5 years. My manager just told everyone that he hates Zoom locking up and that they need to upgrade their home WiFi on their own cost. Wanting to push products... —  read more 

HR Hiring Freeze?

Heard there was an HR hiring freeze. Is this true and if so, any idea when it will unfreeze?

Won’t take care of employees

They are doing nothing to support employees that work from home, having to use they own equipment and having to buy their own computers and office equipment.

Chase Suspending Mortgage Payments (3 Months Suspension)

Wells Fargo, US Bank, Citi and JP Morgan Chase will defer mortgage payments for three months. State chartered banks and credit unions will offer similar deferrals. Newsom said everyone is eligible, regardless of how much money they make. He said... —  read more 

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Layoffs Galore

Tone deaf

Job is being eliminated since October. All the phone reps were placed into roles where the managers weren’t. The last phone reps leave Friday. More than 15 managers remain and they still haven’t helped find us jobs but we aren’t being offered... —  read more 

Golden Opportunity

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Layoffs and the Corona Virus

If they are going to layoff, it would be good if they did now. Workspaces to not provide the social distance being suggested (mandated?) and they are managers are not providing guidance, telling people to keep their distance or ware gloves at work. ... —  read more 

Have the late March layoffs been confirmed?

Several people have mentioned in the past month or so that we are looking at major layoffs at the end of this month - meaning sometime next week or the one after. Has this been confirmed or is it still only in the realm of rumors? I’d really like to... —  read more 

JP Morgan cuts in Europe

How soon before this spills over here? J.P. Morgan plans to release dozens of its Swiss-based employees, according to information obtained by The biggest U.S. bank may cut as many as 140 jobs in Switzerland, according to information... —  read more 

Dimon's Recovering Well

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HR going thru cost centers

I met with my manager today and told me HR is going through all of the cost centers and did not elaborate. He acts as the COO for the department and manages hiring and firing. Was he trying to tell me that I am being laid off without coming out and... —  read more 

Next Layoffs May/June 2020

It’s been confirmed with insider next layoffs after the investor meeting in April will take place in consumer lending around May or June 2020. The exact date not know yet.

Top Performance Employees get ZERO opportunities

Management prefers low performance employees because they do not outshine them. Management really can’t stand top performance employees who get ZERO opportunities and the low performance Employees know this so they do not even bother to strive for... —  read more 

Loan Origination Risk of Future Layoffs

Just an FYI Chase just rolled out an automation tool for automatic loan modification to prevent people from refinancing. They currently targeting qualified customers by using their mobile apps. This is a trial period where they don’t need loan... —  read more 

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