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Lay off coming soon

Default (CAS) is the lowest it has been in the many years I've been working for Chase Call volume and pipeline extremely/terrifying low We all know another lay off is coming 1st the underwriters and we're definitely next before the year ends. It's... read more


Looks like WFC is picking up your current Chief Tech Strategy Officer for a similar role. Good times ahead for us I'm sure.

Diversity hires

This place is full of them of course the old white dudes at the executive levels dont give a c-ap they just do it to show the public they are a "diverse" firm but the rest of us get stuck with unqualified micro managers from bethune cookman smdh this... read more

Jax fl

Well, Jax florida were let go in correspondence area. More to come.
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APAC view

I’ve seen among our teams that there's a growing intolerance of the non sense that is prevalent in our organization directed to APAC, while I do agree that we have terrible leadership, narcissistic bosses, a lack of a clear pathway to growth and... read more

You need to be ready

Ask yourself a question - am I getting less and less work every day? Also, is some of my work going to APAC teams and why? It's likely you are getting the official party line narrative: all is fine, do a good job, nothing to worry about but in... read more

Sad days for JPM

What does it say about current state of JPM if an employee who has been here for close to three decades is praying to be laid off? Literally praying to be on that list that's going to be announced tomorrow or any of the following weeks. It pains me... read more

More cuts

There were some pretty significant job losses in the U.S. banking sector. The six largest banks in the U.S. gave about 8,000 employees their pink slips during the quarter, the biggest decrease in the banks’ combined workforce in two years, according... read more

Good advice

Courage is key for setting healthy boundaries in toxic JP Morgan, and finding your way out of one. Do all that you can to surround yourself with people who lift you up instead of drag you down. and believe me I do know this company culture, lots of... read more

India in USA at JP Morgan

JP the biggest winner of the recent Republican tax bill. One analysis found that the sector will receive $249.4 billion in new tax breaks over the next decade under the bill, and are projected to receive over $100 billions in benefits. JP have... read more

The ship is sinking

Employees with 10+ years experience are quitting left and right. Somehow this is not a wake up call to management. The employee survey was so bad in my department they decided not to talk about it like it never happened. The ship is sinking. Exactly... read more

The swamp

How to remained at J P. if you are part of the management swamp? Here we go again one sport that all managers here play the most: The Game of reorganization, Whether triggered by a leadership transition, or a fundamental change in the business, which... read more


Any updates on layoffs at DFW. Any info is appreciated. All the best, XOXO

JPMorgan Chase Bank layoffs in Cleveland, OH

Chase just laid off at least 15 people in the mortgage department in Cleveland, OH and more are expected. Just another example of how they pretend to care about employees but really do not. They constantly layoff at immediate convenience to... read more

Conflict of Interest

How can people work in regulators like SEC or FINRA immediately join big banks like JP Morgan / Bank of America / Citi without a garden leave?

May 2018

Can we just get layoff info? Nobody cares about drama queens!!! Anyone please state dept. state of you hear information

60 cut in jersey city

More to follow as 60 have been given notice that they gonna be cut in june from the investigation department for compliance.


Has anybody else heard default operations will transition to Manila in 2019?

Has it hit??

What dept have been impacted this last week? It’s happening and beyond our control but it would help with more detail when you comment! Anyone hear more will happen after 1st quarter ends?

More GTI Layoffs today

Way to go Sorensen and co. You’ve completely decimated local support. You’ve managed to wreck and ruin the top quality that was once provided to call centers and outsource to Argentina which provides garbage level service. You should be fired... read more
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Management Lesson 101: Failure to Lead

What is being said about managers at JP Morgan? unfortunately fall into this category – they are self serving. Many fail to lead, they just manage. Many fail to lead by example, they believe others follow because they are the managers, Take for... read more

problems with electronic trading

a. there are way too many business and operation people in front office. b. too many tech debts which caused the fragmentation of trading systems c. need to use more open source or commercial products
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If you work for GTI get ready for another round!

They’re going to lay off more people soon. But let’s be honest... the service from Argentina s---s and everybody know it except for the clueless leadership in gti... actually they may not be so clueless... they may just not care. But they’re lying to... read more

Incoming layoffs at JPMorgan

Lots of layoffs in 2018! Care to elaborate? I've seen similar posts in several threads on this board, but none of them give any actual info or sources, which makes them seem like alarmist trolling more than anything else. Is there any actual info you... read more

Be careful with Chase

I tried a contract job as a pricing analyst there. Was suppose to be a 6 month contract with a potential to perm. I lasted two months. Why. It was a new client that just arrived at JPM. 40 people on team. I worked on money market pricing. 3 feeds 8... read more


Morning Coffee: The 2017 pre job cuts have begun and they’re happening here and you will be reject you unfairly, when they announce bonuses in January, surplus staff are dismissed early in the New Year. That will be the time when the pink slips fly... read more

October 26 layoffs at JPMorgan

Well they are in process of another lay off on 10/26/17 and they hold you hostage and refuse to give you a date of departure! They said because of business needs. They want to use you so when people take leave from all the stress and holidays they... read more

Making ends meet

I was in tech for almost 2.5 years. I worked very hard but unfortunately I was laid off not too long before the hurricane. Life has been rough without income to pay rent. I resorted back to my college days dancing at the gentle men's club. It's tough... read more

Chase Outsources

I'm glad I retired when I did. Even in 2015 I was training people in Manila to do my job before I left. Chase outsources so many positions overseas.
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Commercial Credit Specialist

I was at the company for 20 years. I spent the last 7 years in the commercial card area as a credit specialist. The last 3 years at this company was nothing more than a nightmare. The management was not able to handle being audited. They were... read more
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Take off to be a caretaker, fired!!

My career at Chase lasted 4 years, my husband of a year was diagnosed with Leukemia, I took family leave to be with him as he died, my reward was to be terminated by Chase, losing his insurance coverage, my 401k, stocks, and JOB! Thanks a lot.....I... read more

Nearly impossible to move up

Anybody actually managed to move up here who's not Ivy League? You can move around lateral positions, but upwards, not so much. So basically, the pay you get when you are originally hired'll stay pretty much the same until you either quit or you're... read more
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