Topics regarding layoffs at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Job outlook next 3 years?

I'm a software guy, thinking of trying to join the team. Basically my questions to you subject matter experts are: Am I stupid? Is there a high demand for developers at JPM currently? Are there layoffs on the horizon?

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Return to JPMC

Is it hard to get a job at JPMC again after quitting? I quit a little less than half a year ago and would come back, but I don't believe it will be easy or that I would get the same pay I had when I left. I know that I will mostly get advice here not... —  read more 

Reg F

Wondering, with the future mass reduction in calls due to Reg F, will that create a large layoff in Collections. Anyone heard anything?

Internal or external job status

I applied for an internal role and was basically told that the job was mine…all of sudden my job status is “your submission is in progress” my assumption is that means o didn’t get the role..does anyone know what this means?

Stay away from this site

Site deletes posts to control narrative Admin is involved in the site itself making not only posts but up and down voting posts Site is tied to google analytics and knows who you are what you’re typing before even hitting the button

Training replacements

Is it possible that people here often don’t want to give the most important details and teach their potential replacements the best they can????? I understand that there is resentment behind that, but the people who are there as replacements are not... —  read more 

What to do?

If you find out you are being underpaid compared to your colleagues who are doing the same job and have roughly the same experience, are there any steps to take to rectify that? How safe is it to ask for a raise and not risk getting your name on the... —  read more 

Just stop complaining

Double standard. While privileged employees who want to work from home complain about having to go into work there are many employees that have no choice and have to go in. There are many employees that work at (and drive to) MetroTech AND... —  read more 

The Great Resignation

Went back to the office before new rotation in September/hated it. Sitting in that cubicle was depressing and the people, uggggh! Some don't know to respect their surroundings. Last day will be August 31

Raises First year analysts will be making 100k a year. Any news on adjusting current employee salaries?

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