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What Would You Do?

I know a manager who had an affair with a co-worker for months. When the person found out the manager was married, they threaten to tell the spouse. To keep quiet, the manager hired the co-worker's mother who was not qualified. Should I go to HR?

Onboarding for new joiners

I joined at the NJ office in Feb end and barely went to office for a week before started wfh(high risk, have kids and my parents at home). Feel my onborading went somewhat slow, given the face-face interaction was no more and everything was virtual... —  read more 

CIB Layoffs

I heard there will be another round of layoffs this year in CIB Change Management. I have no further info. They already cut half of MMBSI so I do not know where they will find more people to cut. Perhaps they are hiring in Bangalore.

Last survey COVID-19

I’m a high risk and did the second survey but now getting a new one is due July 31. To confirm if still higher risk and living with elderly. Stating if I don’t reply I will considered as available to return. No sure if fill out the survey but at... —  read more 

Any layoff in AWM?

My manager and director have started close door meetings and their is lot of anxiety in my team including me. Is there any news layoff in AWM?

id--t Dimon continues offshoring jobs to India

Jamie Dimon’s warning for the U.S. economy" nobody knows what comes next" REALLY? ...I KNOW...heavy offshoring and outsourcing. KEY POINTS The range of outcomes for the economy in the second half is incredibly wide: JPMorgan Chase sees no fewer... —  read more 

CCB Impacted

570 closure of branches 709+ people out the job, The TFAR PROCESS already removed all access but basic. report will be offboarded immediately


Is anyone that has been laid off or has info be willing to say what departments are getting laid off? I know I am seeing CCB and CB, but what specific areas? credit card, mortgage, purchase, auto etc? And other than NY, NJ and FL are there other... —  read more 

How many were cut yesterday?

I heard it was brutal, do we have the full number by now? I tried to find info online, but shockingly, there is no mention of JP Morgan layoffs anywhere. I guess we as a country are so numb to layoffs by now that it doesn't even make the news... —  read more 

And then we wonder why the company is sinking

I was RIFFED this morning, last day is August 29. 22 1/2 years, get 1 year pay. Cannot look internally because of hiring freeze through year end. Why would they do this during a Global Pandemic. Best part, 2 of 3 from my team let go, now they have no... —  read more 

JPM ran up big numbers today...

How can it be in a low interest rate environment??? People push this question the time. But JPM makes LESS than half its revenue from interest earning activities. Yes, the firm makes even more money when rates are climbing but this is not... —  read more 

Layoffs/Hiring Freeze

Is there a current hiring freeze? My sources in AWM tell me there is a major lay-off coming in the next few weeks. Why can’t we be like other banks and not lay-off until the pandemic is over?

I have one EEOC lawsuits; don’t go to HR

I have both filed and have won a EEOC lawsuit against one of the big banks for discrimination. Never go to HR first. HR will feign an investigation, but they are really looking to see what risk exists to the company based on your complaint. Also, you... —  read more 

HR-racist, uneducated, unconscious bias

JP Morgan HR & EDs actions breed discrimination and promote racism . I witnessed a team member that reached out to HR in concern to their direct manager and discrimination , concerns were dismissed. Employee speaks to the direct manager expresses... —  read more 

Salary range in JPM??

Anyone here knows the pay range for Associate/VP/ED in JPM? Seems like all black-boxed and nothing transparent in this company.

Hey Jamie Diamond

Stop pandering to the racist mob and stand up and show some courage. Stop sending out pathetic emails to your employees everyday lecturing us on race and culture. Your bank is the biggest fraud on the planet. Why don't we offer FHA loans Jamie? ... —  read more 

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AML/Fraud/Compliance Job Security

We were told recently that they hired a lot of people from India to do the work we’re doing. I’m thinking we will probably be let go by next year. What does everyone think?

This is how Racism is institutionalized

JP MORGAN Chase in late March, figured their new Diversity Push would make diversity training mandatory for all employees after a New York Times report about racism at its Arizona branches Racism is higtly embeded in JP Morgan Culture, it is like a... —  read more 

Boston layoffs

Boston layoffs occured last Thrusday and employees were notified by zoom.

'Being silent is being complicit':

Minorities at JP Morgan are “first fired, last hired”, They lose work early, it is really an elitist revolving door environment, why? Here we have a very competent professionals losing their jobs at a greater rate, based on my prior experiences... —  read more 

Changes in compliance/CCOR

Rumors circulated of changes or potentially cuts in Compliance/CCOR. Anyone have any info on which department or sites that may be affected, if any? Thanks!


Is there any HR in JPMC , where I can complain of unfair treatment and victimization . I see that HR is non existent

Jpmc severance package

What does Severence package look like for 6 months work . I am constantly harrassed , bullied and verbally brought down by the boss who hired me . I left offer at Google to join this company . Worst place to be in .

Covid Survey

Can I assume that if you somehow has a reason to not return no to the office(You dont want or are /have someone in your household in the risk group) and let this implied in the internal survey sent today, they will cut you in the next layoff and just... —  read more 

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