Topics regarding layoffs at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Flex work

3rd month offering this Flex 32 hours a week and the good thing you can stay home for the month. This is been offer on home lending no sure other areas ; but any inside if they are just waiting for layoff ? Normally happens around March.

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401k repayment loan

Hi for those who got let go and got outstanding loans from your 401k. My question is if I got layoff do I still need to make payment or they will deduct from your balance. Per policy got confused mention sometimes keep making payments. Please any... —  read more 

Bye bye jobs

I used to love to work here. The pressures on us now to not ever make a mistake is overwhelming. I pride myself on being a type a hard worker. But you're going to go back 90 days and implement failing us on something in all my years here we never... —  read more 


So, my wife's been working over at JPMorgan, and guess what? We've got a baby on the way! She'd planned to kick off her FMLA leave by the end of this month and even went ahead and applied for it. But here's the kicker - she found out today that... —  read more 

Concern over changes

They are Closing several branches, lots of bankers up in the air including me and I’m less than a year with this company barely getting any pvc from this dead branch. I still don’t know where I am going and we are closing this week. I am concerned... —  read more 

Slow again

Anyone hear of any CCS layoffs in Tempe? It’s so slow right now and upper management is finding us anything to do to keep us busy. With rates being so high and volume so low it’s only bound to happen. I really hope we’re all safe. —  read more 

Constant fear of layoffs

I am of the opinion that you should not worry too much ahead of time, however, I fully understand everyone who is feeling constant stress from the layoffs. Is it worth working in such an environment? I'm thinking of leaving even for a slightly... —  read more 

Advancing XYZ Pathway

If you are in line for ice cream, wait patiently for your turn. Cutting in line is unacceptable behavior. We've observed too many unqualified individuals cutting in line in this place. In fact, the entire staff running the "Advancing XYZ Pathway"... —  read more 

Layoffs Sept. 2023?

Has anyone heard of any layoffs yet? Around this time last year, there were lots of lay-off rumors. HL markets are being switched around due to business needs. Some CCS who were averaging 20 loans may now only have 5-7 starting soon.

Stolen ideas

It's become very toxic here. From what I hear, it seems that it is not a rare case at all that people find themselves in a situation where managers have stolen their ideas and presented them as their own?

Children in workplace…

Delaware location just sent a memo that prohibits children in office… that wouldn’t be an issue if you let employees wfh instead of forcing people back in the first place, now they are b*tching about an “issue” when you took away the solution by... —  read more 

Hiring Freeze

Does anyone have any information on why it is so hard to open new positions in CCB? Is this per department and team or across the board? When will the restrictions be lifted? Is there anything that can be done to get a new req approved?

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