JPMorgan Chase & Co. Layoffs

Topics regarding layoffs at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Are we being spied WFH?

I notice that once in a while when switching tabs from the Appsphere to another tab that is out of VPN, my screen flashes like it is a warning saying "Go back to work!". Does anyone feel like this as well?

JPM PAC and Contributing

Anyone contribute to the JPM PAC thinking it would help you not be on any layoff list or anything? I figure no one contributes out of fear but wanted thoughts. Now it says JPM will not favor or disadvantage anyone based on their contribution or... —  read more 

Jumping Ship to BoA

Nikki Acton, head of global liquidity solutions at JPMorgan is returning to Bank of America later this year as head of cross channel international sales. Jean Mah, an equity trading veteran who spent over two decades at JPMorgan

Have the RIFs started yet?

Layoffs or RIFs are supposed to be either this week or next. Has anyone witnessed or heard of anything happening yet? In my experience most often these types of things happen on I know this post may be a bit early.

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