Topics regarding layoffs at Morgan Stanley

Topics regarding layoffs at Morgan Stanley

The tides are changing

For those who refuse to come back to the office, you should be worried. Power is now shifting back to the employer as the job market tightens. Comp is the least of your worries. Your job is now on the line - it’s probably already been eliminated... —  read more 

Smart ones are leaving

If you don't see that things have been going downhill for a while you must be blind. This is not the same place it was five years ago and even more so ten years ago. If you have the skills that could be considered attractive to other companies, you... —  read more 

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All is not OK with audit

What is going on here ? Lots of constant flip flops . Methodology in a state of turmoil under a person with dubious credentials . Know the problem was created by the prior regime but the newbie crew may be worse

Registered Client Associate salary

Can someone share their East Coast (Mid Atlantic) salary and maybe even known range? Bonus structure? I'm fully licensed and have seen some postings, wondering if they are paying more than Merrill (also has a lot of postings..)

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Let's Pretend We Didn't See It Coming?

Is this another case of "let's pretend we didn't see it coming"? I took a look at the P/E graphs and it certainly looks like we are headed into dangerous territory--along with reduced resources and climate chaos. But it's hard figuring out how to... —  read more 

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It's time to leave

Indeed the market is hot. I’ve had 3 interviews since comp day and feel I’m close to an offer with one of them; oh and they’re paying 27K more than MS for the same job. People need to realize that this is the case and take advantage of it! I'm... —  read more 

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Layoffs under the radar?

They may have managed to keep it out of the media that way, but it is enough for us to know that small layoffs are happening under the radar. People talk about it and there’s no reason not to believe it’s happening??? If we add to that all those... —  read more 


I did it! Finally I can breathe a sigh of relief! Has anyone else put in their notice recently or have plans to quit soon? I was burnt out and just over the Morgan big firm suck up stressful culture. I felt like the stress sent me into overload even... —  read more 


Did everyone else land on this site because they googled Morgan Stanley Layoffs??? I'm searching for information, not a political debate. please, can anyone answer the questions? When are layoffs coming? Who will the layoffs effect? Will they... —  read more 

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