Topics regarding layoffs at Morgan Stanley

Topics regarding layoffs at Morgan Stanley

Upcoming period

Someone here wrote that a lot depends on whether the profit will drop or increase in the coming period. That's true. However, I am not optimistic about it. You?

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Support groups?

Anyone aware of online support groups (networking, resumes etc) crated for the class of '23 layoffs? Discord, etc... Are they even a thing?

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What is the culture?

Can someone actually use adjectives to describe the culture of the firm? I joined a few months ago and everyone just keep saying “the culture is great” or “you’re a great culture fit” and I honestly don’t know any words that come to mind that can... —  read more 

I've had it!

After 8 years here I’ve had it – I am ready to move on and no amount of money or bonuses can change my mind. My immediate group is very good but I am doing a lot of cross-team work and that’s exhausting as we are all siloed and each team has their... —  read more 

I wish I was so optimistic

Every day I hear a lot of encouraging stories from people who say they are much better off since they left this company and, similarly, those who say there are many opportunities on the job market for people with skills... All I can say is that... —  read more 

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