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New hire at Morgan Stanley

I want to ask current or past employees, I just got hired for MS and I start soon. I currently got a decent job that happens to be safe during the covid 19 crisis. Im worried about being laid later this year if I move forward with MS. Is it a good... —  read more 

New Job since layoff

With this virus, how many of you were cut before xmas, and were able to land a job now that there is a virus going around. I'm in Montreal, and did have a job offer for DBA, but was cancelled due to the outbreak, so am still looking.

Etrade purchase - layoffs coming ?

With the news of etrade purchase surely several corporate job functions will be merged: trade surveillance, auditing , etc. this is the place to record all such news . Starting the engine to record important news related personnell...

Who else got a donut?

As expected, my 2019 bonus was a whopping $0. I expected this given that im "at risk" but still hoped i might get some token amount. People also at risk - did you get donutted too, or am i just a lemon?

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Lee Hecht Harrison

Anyone reached out to/knows about this agency for resume polishing/potential job opportunities? This was listed on the separation document as a consulting firm whom we can reach out to if we need any help with above

What Goes Around Comes Around

If it's any consolation, the MD who had me fired four years ago was bumped off himself last week. The guy was a blithering id–t who could endlessly blather for hours with no content that fooled the fools in upper management. Goodbye Mr Z.

This place is doomed

I've been at MS about five years, and I have to say : this place is circling the drain. Working here is like watching a terminally ill patient wheezing on the ventilator. A "to-all" email this morning laughably says that we're making huge progress... —  read more 

Double standards

Just wondering why no one is raising any concerns about misuse of travel budget across the region? If cost cutting is the sole motto of this layoff, then why no one from higher ups are monitor how some corrupt MDs and their EDs are abusing the travel... —  read more 

Tech: Thank your stars!

Those who're getting laid off on the tech side should thank their stars. The next few years for Morgan look pretty damn turbulent. The leadership doesn't even have a clue.. Alige will fail miserably.. as it has no place for MDs and EDs and the MS... —  read more 

The sad part of it all...

I haven't got laid off (YET) and I feel worse, I think if I was laid off I'd probably feel better, now I'm going to remember this as, this is how the company that I work for treats people, no matter what hard working and the timing kind goes to show... —  read more 

I am very sorry...

I know it may mean nothing but I want to say from the bottom of my heart how sorry I am to everyone who was made redundant. I am sure that if I ever had the pleasure of interacting with you, it has enhanced the last year of my life in some way... —  read more 


Some VPs in Montreal lost their entire team. I can't imagine these VPs sticking around for long, and wouldn't be surprised if they will be laid off in January.

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