Topics regarding layoffs at Morgan Stanley

Topics regarding layoffs at Morgan Stanley

Water cooler talk

Towards the ending of June, there were rumors of impending RIFs. Since then I haven’t heard a thing. Is it true or just the rumor mill churning its usual BS? Have there been RIFs and people just aren’t talking about it? Or are there still some cuts... —  read more 

I consider myself lucky

A lot of people are not happy at MS and I can understand why to an extent, but I consider myself to be very lucky to have a job here despite it all. Have you looked at other banks on this forum? Our issues pale in comparison to what some of them are... —  read more 

Better to be safe than sorry

I know for the rest of the year there will be no layoffs - or so we’ve been told. But over the last few months I’ve seen too many financial institutions doing “cost reductions,” which usually amount to RIFs, to take anything for granted. Over the... —  read more 

New Job since layoff

With this virus, how many of you were cut before xmas, and were able to land a job now that there is a virus going around. I'm in Montreal, and did have a job offer for DBA, but was cancelled due to the outbreak, so am still looking.

Who else got a donut?

As expected, my 2019 bonus was a whopping $0. I expected this given that im "at risk" but still hoped i might get some token amount. People also at risk - did you get donutted too, or am i just a lemon?

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Lee Hecht Harrison

Anyone reached out to/knows about this agency for resume polishing/potential job opportunities? This was listed on the separation document as a consulting firm whom we can reach out to if we need any help with above

What Goes Around Comes Around

If it's any consolation, the MD who had me fired four years ago was bumped off himself last week. The guy was a blithering id–t who could endlessly blather for hours with no content that fooled the fools in upper management. Goodbye Mr Z.

This place is doomed

I've been at MS about five years, and I have to say : this place is circling the drain. Working here is like watching a terminally ill patient wheezing on the ventilator. A "to-all" email this morning laughably says that we're making huge progress... —  read more 

Double standards

Just wondering why no one is raising any concerns about misuse of travel budget across the region? If cost cutting is the sole motto of this layoff, then why no one from higher ups are monitor how some corrupt MDs and their EDs are abusing the travel... —  read more 

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