Topics regarding layoffs at Goldman Sachs

Topics regarding layoffs at Goldman Sachs

Acquire BK

GS should make an acquisition of bny mellon. Get cheap funding from deposits and create moderate risk between combined companies

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Time to look for a new job

All companies have layoffs but few do it as callously and uncaringly as Goldman Sachs just did. I have no intention to continue working here after what just happened. Not to mention, I'm all but certain that we'll be expected to pick up the work left... —  read more 

NYT Coverage If paywalled use: Will try to paste below… —— Goldman Sachs Begins Large Round of Layoffs The investment bank plans to cut up to 3,200... —  read more 

Walk out with your head up

Unfortunately, layoffs are not fair and it is not at all rare that some good and capable people are laid off instead of those who do not add any value to the company. Instead of blaming yourself, go out with your head held high, because some other... —  read more 

At least we know now

I just hope that they're done with it this week, at least for this round. I don't want to have to stress over this for who knows how long. Get it over with, rip off the band-aid, and let us all move on. The prolonged layoff will just serve to... —  read more 

Nobody is safe

Some seem to be under the mistaken impression they are safe from the coming layoffs. Don't make that mistake. If layoffs here have taught me anything, that's that nobody is safe. I've seen people who've been here for decades and those who joined a... —  read more 

Soft landing? For whom?

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And so it begins

I'm not sure how I'm going to survive the following weeks knowing what's coming. Why would the leadership be so cruel as to announce this so close to the holidays? They could have waited a few days and let us enjoy Christmas with our families without... —  read more 

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