Topics regarding layoffs at Goldman Sachs

Topics regarding layoffs at Goldman Sachs


Anybody here? Did you see what the CEO said about working from home? It left me laughing in tears. Is there anyone else who thinks working remotely is actually an “aberration”?

Here we go again

Layoffs at Goldman Sachs, hundreds of employees to be affected this week. Not sure if it's going to start today or tomorrow but we know it's going to be company-wide. Has anybody been notified yet? Also, does anybody know if there have been any... —  read more 

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IT Layoffs are coming 100%

Mark my words on this one.

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Compliance and IT layoffs

I noticed layoffs at Goldman Sachs Jersey City and NYC happening past several weeks with several senior people layoff, including those with decades of almost lifelong career with GS. If you want to save your job, you may be offered to go to Salt Lake... —  read more 

Jan 2017 Layoffs at Goldman

20 Goldman folks got WARN notices today... Sources are listed below: Many banks are going through similar situations right now... —  read more 

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Not really

3,260 jobs were cut in 2008 and 2009 - 10% of our total workforce - so, never happened statement is not accurate - GS is just a company, and companies do this. things are much better now. the company is well managed and with bright prospects.

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