Topics regarding layoffs at Baird

Topics regarding layoffs at Baird

The 2 Brians are full of BS

Sadly the 2 "leaders" of GIB got the department to the worst state Baird had ever. Overhired for no reason in 2018 and 2019, poor leadership, not delivered the promise to keep employees over downturns. Overall, Paul Purcell is shocked in the heavens... — read more 

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Changes in IB

I’m very disappointed to see the list of investment bankers Brian Doyal has decided to terminate .It was clearly based on his friendships and neighbors not performance .what is more distressing is Mr Booth letting this happen on his watch ! This is... — read more 

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Forced Retirement - RS

What's the scoop about Russ Schwei retiring 12/31/19? A rumor said it was basically forced. I find that hard to believe when his retirement at the end of 2019 was announced as early as August,

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